Haifaa Younis – Allah loves His concessions to be taken

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concession of concessions in the context of the culture of peace. They explain that concessions are an exception to the rule and are necessary for normal life. The concession applies to travelingers and is not something that is harder to accomplish when there is the opposite. They also mention the importance of avoiding concessions and learning from mistakes.
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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh from Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen More than half of Ramadan has passed so quickly Alhamdulillah May Allah accept from everyone, today we can learn something very unique and the Hadith says like this in Allah your Hibou and took to or hasa Kumar your Quran and tota Marcia at a lush panna Horta. hada loves that we take his concessions, the same way that he dislike or hate when we disobey Him. So there's two things here, he loves, for his concessions to be taken, and he dislike for his disobedience to be done. What is concessions and this is very relevant to Ramadan.

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And in general in life. Concessions is exceptions to the rule. When there is an obligation obviously in the Quran, for example, what do we need to do it with water, for example, Ramadan, we have to fast all these are verses from the Quran. These are called the Isaiah and this called obligations, something you have to do it you we have to do it. First. Is there exceptions to the rule? This is what's concessions. Makes my life and yours easy. So in normal Vaughn, if someone is a traveling, then there is the concession of not fasting. That's a concession. If there is no water available, or there is but I cannot get to it. For example, I'm in the plane and the seatbelt is on and I need to

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pray and I cannot get to the bathroom or so that although there is water at that point I can do to your mum, meaning use the dust to wash wipe on my face and my hand and that will replace will do so if I cannot get to water or there isn't or the water harmful to me. Then the concession is to move. Same thing normally we pray before for Rocard we pray for Rocard if we are travelers, then the sooner is also shortening it. That's concession. So in general concession in our beautiful deen is a concept of making things easier for the Muslim when difficulty is anticipated. What a beautiful thing. Not only it is available, not only it is there but Allah loves for us to take it not to make

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our life harder. And we see this a lot especially in Ramadan. And we say we can't break our fast I'm a traveler but it is Ramadan. Then the response is don't feel that you are doing less. If you can fast Alhamdulillah but if you cannot fast or fasting is harder on you when you're traveler there is the concession immediately remember that Allah loves that we take his concessions is not something he put it in when you when you want he said he loves it. And very interesting point that will make it very clear in sha Allah when the verse about shortening the Salah, which is in the Quran in surah to Lisa when 15 with a lot of time filler, the filler Jana ha Ali come and talk so we know Salah T

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in crypto when you are going are traveling and then you were you start feeling afraid, then there is no harm in making the salah shorter. So a Sahabi asked, say no more. Well, this verse if we are afraid, but now we are not afraid. So why should we shorten the salah? And say no more said this question made sense to me. So I went to LA soiree salatu salam. And I asked the same question that we are not scared and this applies to us these days. Why should we shorten the Salah and Rasul Allah He saw to us around, look at the answer. He said, This is an act of charity, Allah gave it to you. Take it, take it. So don't let's not make our religion harder by not taking his concessions and

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remembering Allah your hip and tota Rasul Allah loves that we take his concessions. Having said that, also, we have to be a little bit careful. Do not look for the concessions to make things easier when there is no need for it to be easier, because then we are I want to use the word abusing the concessions of Allah. So let's look at it do take them when Allah subhanaw taala allowed us and wanted us and remember you're not doing less than the other person who don't have the same situation. So the concession doesn't apply to him. So somebody is not a traveling

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Nice fasting is lots of better than somebody who's struggling and not fasting. Let's take the concessions of Allah subhanaw taala before we even take them, we need to learn them. May Allah subhanaw taala teachers what is concessions? May Allah Subhana Allah make us always look for the things that Allah love, not what we love and want rather what he loves your Obiang which is Kamala Harris was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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