Tafseer Al Falaq 13

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Nike is a symbol of a goddess and the most experienced person unlike section is our brother sn Jacobs. Masha Allah has researched and studied Soma so where he is needed the handkerchief to take his foot off his first after his research and the conclusion was and Charlotte correct me if I'm wrong shahana that night is a symbol of a goddess like a god. Right? It's a god, I think to the Greek to the Greek,

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Greek gods or whatever. Regardless, it's a symbol of paganism.

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No matter what it is what kind of God God has bought us. It's a symbol of paganism. Whether we believe that or not, that is the essence of that tick. It is hot on for every single Muslim to wear like haraam. No weather well I bought it two years ago cost me $2,000 I'm not gonna get rid of it now.

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Grab all your night material. And you'll be rewarded for this whole line. Grab it all gathered together while labor costs 1000s of dollars grab it all make a big fire.

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A big fire, let your neighbors attend discovering

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and say if you go any night planets given to me as well.

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And get rid of it all and you will be rewarded wildlife for this.

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You will be rewarded and you haven't lost.

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address is not looking at different different different different subject altogether. If you have a shoe for example, and it is possible to remove the logo off his shirt, t after you have bought it now you're not going to find out more in charlo hamdulillah we are all accepted we accept it now that not because not all Muslims dress or fashion. So we do not buy it now more hamdulillah but we've got clothes that we can sort of change. We can transform it into another thing if you can take the mic logo off. Beautiful do that. If you can do it, genuinely you can do it. Do it. And surely you can save God the rest of the material. If you cannot destroy it,

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gathering it.

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Likewise cabinet is not a problem. But you never ever buy it now more but if you have bought it in the past and you've gotten like mad material, do this, if you can do it longer said burn it, bury it, feed it to the animals.

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Give it to me, I'll give it jack to jack the Ripper. That's my goat and he loves the shirts.