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AI: Summary © The importance of finding a spouse is emphasized in Islam, as it is a pestilting habit. listeners should focus on their own goals and not let their spouse do too much. Shaytan is used to increase one's wealth and practice praying before dawn. It is important to practice fasting and stay true to shaytan to increase one's wealth. It is also suggested to get a journal to keep track of good deeds and get good books to practice.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Dear brothers and sisters are Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. And welcome to Islamic law. I'm your sister Fatima barkatullah. And I'm here at your service to help answer your questions. And to give you some pointers, you know,

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I thought today, I would start by reminding all of us something that a friend of mine who is a Christian was actually having a discussion with me about. And she was describing how

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in Christianity, life is characterized as a place of suffering, this world is a place of suffering. And we were discussing this, and I explained to her and I think it's a good reminder for all of us, that Islamically this life is not is not characterized as suffering. Yes, there will be suffering in this life, you know, there are good times and there are bad times. However, the in Islam, this life is characterized as being a test, a test. I think that's hugely empowering. If you think about it.

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It's more empowering than suffering. Because suffering, you know, it kind of denotes that there's nothing really you can do about it, right? There's an element of like, doom and gloom and lack of optimism in that.

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But Allah Subhana Allah tells us in the Quran

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he says one hon one Norcombe che in mineral healthy will do a Wanaka sim mineral am Whalley Well, I'm fussy with thermal rot. Well, best share is sabe Dean, I love levena either Asaba Tomasi button Kalu in LA he were in LA he Raji own. Allah tells us in Surah Baqarah, That we as in Allah, we will have assurity test you, we will have a surety test you with something of hunger

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on hand and one that can be shaming on jewelry.

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And lots of loss of wealth, loss of the work of your efforts. You know, the fruit of your efforts, lots of lives.

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Fear Allah subhanaw taala tells us all of these things Allah subhanaw taala will test us with and then he says, What Bashir is Siberian and give glad tidings to those who have patience, who patiently persevere

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those who, when a calamity hits them, when something difficult when this, when this test hits them, they say, indeed to Allah, we belong, and to Him, we shall return. In other words, they remind themselves that this life isn't forever, that I've got to live my life in the best way I can, and respond to this calamity in the best way I can, so that Allah Subhana Allah will be pleased with me. And brothers and sisters subber this word, you know, sometimes we think of it as a passive word. We think patience means being passive, passively accepting whatever happens. But actually, it's a very active word. It means steadfastness. It means holding firm, it actually means that you carry on

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obeying Allah, no matter what is happening. And it means you carry on staying away from Allah subhanaw taala has prohibitions, no matter what is happening. And that's true SABR isn't it? Cyber isn't just about sitting back. It's about doing your best, but carrying on, not losing hope, and continuing on the straight path to the best of your ability.

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So with that in sha Allah, I'm going to go straight to your questions. I have a quick question here. And it says

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after relations with one spouse, does one have to do hustle? Or can they have a bath instead? Well, can they have a bath instead?

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I think this is about you know, obviously it's obviously intimate relations with the spouse. Do you do hosel afterwards or have a bath instead? I think there's a bit of a mistake in the understanding of the questioner here. Be because allsole can be above right you can actually have a bath that is also listening means the major

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A way of cleaning oneself right in Islam. So when you when you want to clean yourself from major impurity, we make muscle. And so as long as the elements of the hustle are complete, whether one does it in a bathtub, or whether one does it in the shower is fine and Sharla. And so, in order to be able to pray again, after having intimate relations with one spouse,

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you know, I mean full intimate relations, not just kind of foreplay and things like that, I mean, full intimate relations when when one wants to get ready for Salah or to read the Quran or anything like this, then they have to have a full bath, you have to have a full bath, and make sure water reaches every part of your body. Right? And also your mouth, you know, and nose.

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That's a very simple way to make muscle. Okay?

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But technically speaking, if you want to do it properly or the way of the Sunnah is that you, first of all you make a will do, okay, within the shower or the bathtub, you can make wudu

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wash all the elements, all the parts of the body for window, then wash your hair, and wash all the parts of your body. And once that is done, then this is the muscle. And of course before you start, you must have the intention that you are making listen. And intention is something that you don't have to utter on your tongue. You just have to know that you're doing this, you know intended and know that you're about to do this. So hope that clarifies. You know insha Allah after the break, we'll answer some more questions. Is akmola Harun Salam o alaikum until then.

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Welcome back, salaam alaikum. Brothers and sisters, I'm going straight back to your questions. I have a question here. That's come in today. As salam o aleikum. I'm Fatima from Nairobi, Kenya. I'm 27 years old, turning 28 Next month, and I need a dua which can help to get a real spouse who can pray five daily prayers who can guide me to the right path. A man who can teach my children how to read Quran does that Allah Ferran sister Fatima from Nairobi, from Kenya, masha Allah thank you for, for reaching out to us.

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It's really nice to see that that's what you want, you know, you want a pious spouse, somebody who prays somebody who can be a leader in your household, right? Somebody who can teach your child to read Quran,

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there isn't really any kind of formulaic blah, or anything like that, regarding this that I know of, really, sister, the best thing a person can do when they want to make dua, is to just make dua in their own language, to call out to Allah, in your own language, in your own words, from the bottom of your heart.

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If it's something that you really, really want, wake up in the last third of the night, you know, pray to rock out of the 100. And then ask Allah, this is the time when you know Dausa answered, make dua in your such that when you're in your, you know, no, I feel prayers. These are the times when we are the closest that we can be to our Lord. And Allah subhanaw taala loves it when we call out to Him. In the meantime, my dear sister, I would encourage you to also seek the means, you know, seek different means to help you to find a spouse. So, as Muslims, we make dua, and we also seek the means, right? And then we leave the result to Allah subhanaw taala, we do our best in terms of

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action as well. We don't just make dua and then sit back, right, action and all come together. So I would encourage you to reach out to family members to reach out to your community find different ways of perhaps letting people know that you're looking for a spouse. And also, in the meantime, I always say to our younger brothers and sisters, instead of focusing only on what you want to find in the spouse that you're looking for.

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Ask yourself, am I the sort of spouse that somebody else will be looking for? Right? How can I better myself? How can I learn Quran so that when I have children, I will be able to teach them Quran rather than thinking you know that my spouse will teach them Quran. You know, there's nothing wrong with thinking that but I'm just saying, you know, why don't we think about ourselves and how we can better ourselves in every single area and every single way. So that uh,

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We will be better spouses and better parents as well. Anyway May Allah Subhana Allah make it easy for you I ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless you with the pious spouse, just as you have described in sha Allah, if not better,

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I think we have a caller now so I'm just going to go straight to the caller. A Salam Alikum. caller please tell us where you're calling from.

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Can you hear me? Yes, brother.

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Very low current. Allah bless you.

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Does that call a fair question questions that I couldn't be wrong with my observation? Is this these WhatsApp messages because I hear all the time day and night as long chairman.

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They are repeated by yesterday that are the same question as on screen. So type needs to be checked.

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You know, how the works? questions?

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Thank you.

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I have to go have a difficulty in getting up for tahajjud so what is the best way I can deal with

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having a difficult life sleep issue, etc. So it's difficult to wake up

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there are no Neucom I do fuzzy scroll very close to the time etc. right close to sunrise. Yes. This is first second is reading a booklet.

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So very useful Islamic. Okay. And

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in surah

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IRS 168 169 which says eat what which is lawful and good on Earth and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he's to you a clear enemy. And then he says the only orders you to do evil, immoral, immoral immortality and to say about God, what you do not have knowledge. So he is if you're going to explain Please, darling order us or is it was was a I thought I thought that we just get obviously encouragement from him. And we if we should try to abstain. But what does it mean order I'm just trying to fatten.

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I'd be grateful if even explain that please.

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Is that

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because of health issues? I cannot fast and I want to give on these cards.

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Is it a fixed time? I can give it

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to zero Ramadan. I can do it now.

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Did Suzuka

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Yeah. I said I do charity, which I'm talking about Zika itself and predominantly sort of trying to do all these things more in Ramadan? Yes. So doesn't matter. I do reject now, or asked to be you know, I postponed to Ramadan.

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Okay, does that apply Farren brother?

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Thank you for your questions. So, the first question that brother was asking was about waking up for that job. Of course, these things are very personal and very subjective in terms of like, what a person can manage right in terms of waking up, especially if somebody has a sleep problem. I think one of the ways that we we can do it is if we could, at first get used to straight after praying Aisha, you know, you can make some extra Salawat when we pray after Isha, this is tahajjud, right? Because it's prayer of the night.

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I'm assuming that you're asking, you know, how could I wake up in the last third of the night, which is a very special time right as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us again, I would encourage people maybe in the winter, so this is a good way to start in the winter when

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when you know

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Isha is very, very late anyway. Okay.

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If you can try to wake up

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before Fajr then, okay, it's not so difficult. It's not as difficult. Maybe that would be a starting point right to stay up until then, if you can't go to sleep and then wake up, or, you know, just

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put an alarm and wake up

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Oh, just before Fajr starts, yeah, just before the beginning time of Fudger. In the winter, that kind of ends up being an easier time right? To wake up.

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And another alternative could be that

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you ask a friend to call you at a particular time some people do this for Fudger, even right? That you pair up with somebody and ask them to phone you, right in the middle of the night, basically,

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to wake you up at at a particular time. That's another way that we can do it. But I would say, look,

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any Salah that you pray after Isha is considered the 100. Right? If you do it with that intention, so that's a good way to start one more thing, I think a lot of us we go to sleep very, very late. And that's what makes it hard for us to then wake up, right. But if we were to go to sleep, you know, if we pray a shot early, as soon as a shock comes in, we eat earlier, right? Because I think also eating has an impact on your sleep, right? If you eat late, then it's very hard for the brain and the body to kind of go to sleep properly like have a full sleep. It takes at least three hours for food to be digested and for you to be in an optimum state for sleep. So I would say we should

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make our meal times earlier Okay, not not so late and go to sleep earlier and that will definitely help a person to wake up for tahajjud I'm going to ask answer the second question so you asking about

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okay, we have a caller so before the caller goes away

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answer a Salam alikoum call please tell me where you're calling from

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remote worker to

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some other people you

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know wanting because I do my suppose in the morning Potter that sets both 45 or something I just wake up pop on your default and do my house and work portfolio nama visits. All right.

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Please forgive me for that. I couldn't hear you properly. Can you please sister? Sorry, can you please repeat? A bit slow? Yeah, because I do my time does mama in the order Namaaz Is that what you said? Yeah.

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That I woke up before half an hour it was a stump that then I do my part Good. Then our portfolio normal. The analogy

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is is alright. Yes. That's perfectly fine. Yeah. So in other words, you wait before dawn before the beginning of

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the year? Yeah, you wake up then you put Yes, this is this is the best time to pray. tahajud actually, the best that you didn't mean to come do not was material. That's what does before for the half an hour before? Then I do my targets and wait for

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them to eat.

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Yeah, does that color Ferran thank you for your question. So essentially, what I'm saying essentially what I'm saying is that any Salah that you pray after Isha, okay, is the hardship. Right? If you do it with that intention, you know, so, but the best time for the Hadoop is the last third of the night. Okay? So if you divide the night from, you know, into thirds, the last third of that period, which is basically just before Fajr starts

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that is the best time to pray that injured, right? And that's exactly what you're doing sister so you said you pray, you're the head just before Fajr starts. That is exactly the best time to pray for her job, which is the last third of the night. So, you know, masha Allah, it's great that you're doing that. So the second question from brother was about Shavon. Does he command us or does he whisper to us? I think really, you know, it depends on how strong che thorns shaytans influence is upon a person, right? Some people like the prophets,

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like pious people, you know, the Sahaba the prophets and other people even in our times, it could be right. They have such a strong resolve, and they have trained themselves to fight shaytaan and his whispering so much that the influence of shaytan is very weak upon them. So when shaitan you know, whispers to them?

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Or you know, is it has hardly any effect because they have gotten so used to being strong and fighting off those whisperings and those negative suggestions, right. But some people because they've been Obiang Schaffer hunt all these years right but

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Basically any any suggestion that Trayvon gives them. And we know that each human being has a shape on with them, right? A shaytaan is assigned to each human being,

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to whisper to that human being, right. And so, when a person gets used to always obeying those

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suggestions of shaytaan, in fact, they kind of every impulse, they will follow every thing that will cause them to have self gratification, they will follow, these are all whisperings of shaytan shaytaan ends up having such a stronghold on them.

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That when shaytaan even says one thing the person obeys, so it says if he's commanding, and the bank, you see, so, I think that's how I would look at it. Allah Subhana Allah knows best. So the point is that we don't listen, and we shouldn't listen to the whisperings of shape and the commands of shape or whatever, you know, strength of influence shaytan has upon us, you know, sometimes we have a suggestion in our head, you know, don't give Zakah or don't give sadaqa because you'll end up being poor, for example. It's a type of command, right? Like shaytan is kind of really having a strong influence on us.

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We should reject those commands we should reject. Those are such, you know, suggestions, and we should be strong in that. And that's what that IRA is telling us you know, that he shut down promises you things that he can't fulfill shutdown promises, you poverty shutdown promises you that if you follow his way, you will be happy if you reject Allah subhana dialers way, then you know, it will lead to your happiness. No, we reject that. And we try to fight off every suggestion, every insinuation from shaitan. And that's how we become so strong that Chopin and Sharla has no or very little influence on us or less influence on us. Allah Subhana Allah knows best

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brother was asking about Zika Well,

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the thing about Zika is that you give Zika after one year has passed over, you're owning a certain amount of wealth, right? If your wealth is over a certain amount, and one year has passed over that wealth, then that means it's still within your possession. And it's still over that amount, then it means that you have to give zakat So really, the correct time for the guy if you want to call it that is or when it becomes obligatory is when one year has passed over that wealth. Now, what people prefer to do a lot of people

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is instead of having a date in any time of the year, you know, when they know that okay, that was when you know, I had a certain amount of wealth over over the you know, the amount that is necessary for DACA they would rather give there's a cut in Ramadan. And that's okay, you know, if you fix a day, every year and that's what really is the best thing to do just fix a date or fix a period. And so you know, that's when I'm going to give my sucker every single year. Okay, and people prefer to do it in Ramadan because of course deeds are the reward for deeds are multiplied in Ramadan. So if you choose a day in Ramadan, or if you choose a period in Ramadan, you say, okay, that's my time

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every year for giving zakat then Sharla. That's, that's perfectly fine. You can do that. You don't have to do it in Ramadan, though it can be outside of the year. So you know, if something comes along and you realize, oh, this is an opportunity to give my zakaah

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then you can do that. Right. And you can calculate it so that it's as accurate as possible, if not more. So I hope that answers those questions. I'm gonna go back to

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okay, we actually have another caller I believe, so. Salam, Aleikum, Kula

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Hardacre Mashallah. Where are you calling from?

00:24:20--> 00:24:26

I am calling from Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes Masha, Allah. How can I help you, sister?

00:24:28--> 00:24:30

I have a question for you.

00:24:32--> 00:24:47

How can I prepare for my badly Sharma is 20 days away. So please advise me how to prepare for it. In sha Allah says can I find if you don't mind? If you don't mind sharing? How old are you?

00:24:48--> 00:24:59

I am 12 years old 12, Masha Allah, masha Allah so it's so nice to hear from you. I'm so glad that you called in. Does ACULA here and please do call in again.

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So, I'm going to answer your question in sha Allah, you said, Thank you so much for reminding us 20 days to Ramadan, you know, Subhan Allah is come about just it feels like last Ramadan just ended, right.

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So we better get ready. And you're asking what's the best way to get ready for Ramadan. Some of the things that the seller used to do the you know, the Muslims and the early generations is they would start preparing, you know, they would, they would start preparing, they would make Ramadan the month of Quran. So I would say to you, if you can start you know, making some space in your house that you're going to keep for your for Ramadan, you know, like a masala nice space, make it very nice, have pourront have everything ready, you know, so that when it comes to Ramadan, when we want to read Quran, it becomes easy for us, you know, one of the things that you can also do is to start

00:26:01--> 00:26:12

making fast now, like you know, some of the stuff that used to increase in that fast just before Ramadan. Why because then you can practice you can, you know, get you know,

00:26:13--> 00:26:19

you can get ready won't be such a shock for you, you'll, you'll understand how it will feel during Ramadan as well.

00:26:20--> 00:26:50

If you can make a Ramadan plan, some people they have a nice little journal that they keep for Ramadan, and they list all of the good deeds that they would like to do in Ramadan. That's, that's something that you could do with a like a checklist or something like that. That's what I used to do when I was younger, you know, have a little checklist, have your little daily things that you'd like to do maybe three good deeds every day that you'd like to do. Of course, this is over and above the five prayers

00:26:52--> 00:27:10

but the main, a bother for Ramadan. Okay, apart from the five prayers, which everyone should be doing anyway, is the fasting. So, I think you know, trying your best to fast in a way that is as excellent as possible. In other words,

00:27:12--> 00:27:57

staying away from using foul language, staying away from fighting, arguing with your brothers and sisters, right? Things like that. Being staying away from being disrespectful to your parents, if you start preparing mentally, that you know, I'm going to actually make sure that I'm making my fasts as good as I can. Right. I think that's probably the best thing. So I would encourage you get a journal start writing you know, all of the good things that you'd like to do in Ramadan, anything special you'd like to do to get ready for Eid make an a plan and an outline for each day you know it's good to have a routine in Ramadan Of course sometimes takes a bit of time to get used to the

00:27:57--> 00:28:38

routine. But if you plan out for example, I'm going to be going to the masjid Are you going to be doing extra prayers you know what time is if they are going to be are going to be preparing for that all of that you know if you can write it down then inshallah Ramadan we will go more smoothly. You could also get some nice books, get some nice books, you know from ask your parents to get some nice books so that during Ramadan, you're not wasting your time. You know, watching things and reading things that are kind of not beneficial but actually instead you're reading things and benefiting from you know, good nourishing books. We do have a last call and I really hope I can fit this call

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in a Salam aleikum Kula Assalamu Aleikum. My name is Cara and I'm 11 years old, masha Allah, I want to ask when you do recall, and then you feel blah after in the mosque, I saw girls praying Maghrib and then after this is dwad. They don't do a lot of work. But I do see a low worker and I wanted to know if I'm doing it, right. Okay, so let me get this right. You said Can you repeat the question, please?

00:29:13--> 00:29:17

So when I do real school, I say send me a lending money with a rubber.

00:29:19--> 00:29:27

I say a lower budget and then I go down. That goes at the mosque. Don't say Allahu Akbar. I wanted to know if I'm doing it wrong.

00:29:29--> 00:29:29


00:29:31--> 00:29:33

So you mean that they don't say it aloud?

00:29:35--> 00:29:50

Yeah, well, they don't put their hands up. And I just wanted to know if I'm doing it wrong. All right. Oh, you mean they don't raise their hands? Yeah. Okay. Yes, yes. Okay. Thank you for your question. So look, the thing is, dear sister,

00:29:52--> 00:30:00

there are different ways to pray. Okay. There are different ways to pray. And you know, within Islam, we have different schools of thought. We have diff

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

from schools of law, and they all have their proofs, they all have the justifications for different ways of praying. Okay, so some of them, you know, they will emphasize raising the hands, and some, they don't. Okay. So the key thing is that these types of little differences, their differences in flip, flip is Islamic law, you know, like Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic opinions. So you're also praying correctly, and inshallah they are praying correctly as well. So you don't need to worry. Okay about that.

00:30:39--> 00:31:18

Of course, different schools of law will say that they have stronger proof for their opinion, okay. But the point is this, you know, Alhamdulillah, you're all praying, that's very important. These types of things like, you know, raising your hands and things like this. These are not things that we want to cause arguments about. Yeah, so be careful not to have any arguments with people about these types of things, is more important to be thinking about, am I thinking about Allah in my salah. Right, but it's really wonderful. It's really wonderful that you're being so careful. I understand. You're trying to be careful and you want to do the right thing. And I know it can be

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confusing when you see people praying in different ways. But just understand that there are different ways of praying.

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They all have their reasons for doing it that way. So in sha Allah, I hope that was useful. With that we've come to the end of the show. Does that come allow Farren brothers and sisters do call in next time? Thank you to the younger callers. Subhanak Alomar behind the cache Allah Allah Allah and a stuff verruca what attaboy like