Farhan Abdul Azeez – There is nothing here for you – Outward Religiosity

Farhan Abdul Azeez
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the reputation of Islam as the creator of the world and how individuals can be forgiven for their actions. They also touch on the idea of "good de regards" and how individuals can be forgiven for their actions. The segment then touches on the secret of Islam, where only Allah has the power to judge behavior, and the upcoming event, including the return of the Hadith and return of the woman from Japan. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of having a record of one's deeds to avoid future negative consequences.
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Oh, all work

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lives matter Jimin Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Futterman the beam. What imaginable saline. Have you been on Mohamed while Ernie he was so happy as remain as Salam Alikum worship Allah Who barakato

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Okay, how many of you guys have a pen and paper?

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The rest of you mashallah Buhari memory, everything is

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alright pen, those of you who have pen and paper, take it out, if you have a smartphone, take it out, open up your notepad. And if you don't have either than I want you to make notes in your head.

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You can either if you have if it's easier to pen and paper and make two columns, if you're using your iPad or iPhone, or whatever it is, I just made the conversion that how to put a label from Android to iPhone last week. And it's been a struggle. I'm in detox right now.

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If you take out your notepad, you can't make columns just make, you know, just make one list and we're gonna make a second list. Okay. So on the first list, or the first column, I want you to write on the top that headline of that column is good deeds that I do, that people know about.

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good deeds that I do, that people know about. And then the second column or underneath, go ahead and make a second list of good deeds that I do that only Allah subhana wa Taala knows about.

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So the first column good deeds that we do that, that you know, people know about. So if that's your wife, your husband, your friends, your mom, your dad, that all counts, all right, if your cat knows about it, only then I let it pass. Okay, but if it's, if it's anybody else, that goes to the first column, number two good deeds that you do that only Allah subhanaw taala knows about. Now, I'm not going to ask you to do this. But maybe when you go home tonight, if you're willing to take an assignment, go ahead and make two more columns, and write bad deeds that I do, that people know about. And bad deeds that I do that only Allah subhanaw taala knows about.

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I think if we look at our columns, for the most of us, myself included when I first did this exercise, and even now, not just when I first did this exercise, but even now we find that the first column is very easy to fill. It's very easy to fill tarawih and msgid Fasting this fasting, Mondays, Thursdays, Hajj, Amara, all this good being good. Everybody knows right? Go to the second column. And and I think a lot of us may struggle to write 123 things down. Right? And if we take it a step further and go to the bad deeds, right, the bad deeds that we do that people know about.

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Usually very few, hopefully, very few. Because that reflects something else we'll talk about in a second, and good deeds that we do that only bad deeds that we do the only Allah subhanaw taala knows about. If not, I'll be like, no, no, it's either one of the great scholars you know, he says, he says axon ha serine man Abdullah NASCI salejaw IMANI Fabiola, Seville, kabhi Haman, who are probably the human habit worried that Allah he says The Biggest Loser The Biggest Loser meanie on the Day of Judgment, the biggest loser will be the one who shows all his good deeds, the people. He appears to be this amazing person. But he he almost wages war with Allah subhanho wa Taala or with the one who

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is more closer to him than his own and Tuggle his own internal jugular vein.

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Right if you look at this list, this this these columns that we have, it gives us a reflection about something and that reflection is or reflects how we view Allah subhanaw taala truly, how we truly view Allah subhanho wa Taala right because if we're more concerned about our reputation amongst society, our reputation with my family and my friends and my co workers and my colleagues and the people that the message and the people at the gym

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then we are about our relationship or our our our reputation with ALLAH SubhanA wa Santa our reputation with the angels in the semi what then there's a problem because Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Hadith Rossum tells us that when he loves someone he calls to be not a sinner. You see we all have reputations both in this world and amongst the people and we have a reputation with some our hearts

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and if Allah loves someone, he's he's Yeah. Gibreel in New Haven, bufala and Fahad,

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Allah calls the debris that Instagram and says, Oh, God, I love this person. And he mentions your name, human he can mention your name Soumya Fathima, Mohammed Abdullah, he can mention your name in front of all the angels among the high in the seven heavens. Right when when the promise is that I was told by Allah that I told the person him to go to obey your new cab and recite him sort of a you know, go through but you have no cab

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Certain beginner has certainly been by the way it's very hard SUTA I think it's harder than sort of the bucket up personally I think if the other ones you know that will keep me from becoming a half of the canal that's probably a millionaire you know you never hear anybody reciting in Salah Do you you'll hear somebody will say sort of the bucket off you will never hear sort of Vina you know actually wants to mention the in the sweetness of Salah course I teach. And so the brother who was in the class said, You know what, I'm gonna do it. So he he recited sins in vain and so often look at him and he made mistakes.

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As a hard Euro representative, he says go to he says I was commanded by Allah to go to go to you away and recap and recite to you Susan begginer How does it make you feel man like a vagrant guy was one of the people with the Quran right? He was talking about the people of Iran when if you get ijazah and tilava, you know, in touch weed, and the Rabbi of Huff's a chain that takes you back to the process and I'm in your recitation of the Quran, they will go through the Sahaba one of those habits will be listed in your chain it will be you look at who's a person of the Quran right and so obey even look out when he's the Prophet of Allah the one who is Revelation is being sent to is told

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to go into recite to him how would they you know saying like thank you very much yeah, I must be bothered status shouting Russia you know I'm saying like, like that level he just you when he when Muslim so you just pause for a second he's just like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, timeout timeout.

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He asked him one question. He said what's the money?

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Did Allah mentioned that he mentioned me by name? Did he say you recite to obey IGNOU guide? And he said yes, he mentioned your name and fabric obey the nurses he just broke down crying that Allah mentioned who might? Allah mentioned his name? Allah everyone who Allah loves we have a reputation with Allah Allah says in new head before Langfang but I love so and so's Audrey love this person.

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And then Davina listen I'm calls out to the all the angels in the in this amount. How many angels are in the summer? What you know what's amazing is the president he says up but this summer we're gonna have the skies have laid out the size of of like distress. The skies that heavens, the skies above us have a lot of these these cries of distress and he says they have every right to do so. He says there is no space the width of a hand except that there is an angel prostrating making sujood and praising Allah subhanaw taala. And how bigger the summit was when you see the skies? You know, the summit of dunya that we know the summit the lowest heaven? How big is it? The furthest I looked

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it up a while ago and I've forgotten now maybe somebody can help me the furthest star that we've ever discovered. I don't know. It was like some whatever billion trillion light years away, right?

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That's all part of the lowest heaven. Because Allah says one out God is a sama dunya be Xena teeny, little kava kibble, we have decorated we have beautified the lowest heaven with the beauty of stars. So as far as we have discovered, this is all the lowest heaven, we know what the size of the lowest heaven is compared to the second heaven, like the size of a ring in the desert,

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and the second to the third and the third to the fourth all the way to the seventh like that, compared to the courtesy of Allah subhanaw taala it's like a ring in the desert, all of these amounts are full of angels and the angels are made calls out to these angels saying Allah loves Soumya

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so all of you love some of you.

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So all of them love somebody yet. So you will die with Ebola, Ardennes, then the acceptance for this person will be placed in the hearts of the people. Similarly, if somebody was bad and Allah dislikes them, the same thing happens. But the point being we all have reputations both in this world in the Hereafter. And if we make our priority to rectify our reputation with the people of this world

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at the expense of a reputation with Allah subhanaw taala then we've lost. Now we have learned the biggest losers. And

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here's the thing though, you see, we tend to try I hope we tend to try to hide our bad deeds and if we do that's a good sign. That's a sign that there's still some shame left in us that we're hopefully turning back to Allah and repentance. What's worse is someone who openly sins openly since

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they will do something and they'll tell their friend the next day you know, you know what I did yesterday night? Or you know what website I went to or what club I hit up or what you know what I did with this person or this person or that person.

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When you publicize your sins, and this is how serious of an issue it is because the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala what was he gonna say it has enveloped every single thing the President receives in a hadith sahih Hadith Kulu OMA Timo Hatha, Enlil mudra hero.

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Every single individual from my ummah, is apt to be forgiven. He has the potential to be forgiven, except for one group.

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Who is this one group?

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The group of people who they spend their night in sin.

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They spent their night in the cover of Allah subhanaw taala a setup the one who covers us and conceals our sins, and in the day, they uncover well

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lot has covered by exposing what they've done so the posts on Facebook their pictures of what they're doing how are their posts on on Twitter what they're doing haram or they'll go out openly and haram and commit haram. They'll have a boyfriend at school, a girlfriend at school and it becomes normal now on the high school so Muslim kids coming up now ninth grade come into high school say oh, wow, all the Muslims are doing it. Why don't I do it? You make haram normal. And because of that, the doors of forgiveness are closed. That's terrifying if you understand the Mercy of Allah and how wide it is. That's terrifying. Right? But what about our good deeds? What about our good

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deeds? My talk today isn't about bad deeds. My talk today is about good deeds. What about our good deeds? You see many of us

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we don't have the same concept that we do with the hiding our bad deeds with our good deeds because they're good, right? We don't mind being known right? I'm trying to get married man. When I go to the masjid I'm going to pray my tutor because sunnah, like sunnah. Bacara so the uncle who's there whose daughter I want to marry he sees me and when it comes to salaam say I'm fasting today too, by the way, right? You want to be known? You tweet out Oh team federal hashtag Oh yeah. Team federal right. And I mean, it's cool if you're encouraging I'm speaking generally terms of your but we public we like to be talking about our good deeds. Abraham wondering the water on fasting today.

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Yeah, that's fine. You're You're not lying. You're fasting today? Well, you could say I'm good.

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I'm alright. Right. And then you kept that secret. Now you see the the jury behind of Allah, they keep their good deeds secret, just like you and I would keep our bad deeds secret.

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They will keep their good deeds secret, like you and I will keep our bad deeds secret. And

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I want to share with you some examples, you know, believable about Hello, I know the pastor and he comes to me, and he says, You have been a barony? biologia I'm an Android for me. So I'm here to defend Albania even when he says Oh,

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tell me what it is that you do. Tell me the deed that you do that you have the most hope in? For I have heard your footsteps in front of me in paradise.

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Now understand this. And my focus today isn't the answer to the question. My focus is what am say about today's response. Bilal, he told us that and what that what he's what his deed that he does, that he's most hopeful about.

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And if you want to know what it is check out cnet.com.

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I'm not going to tell you today. But what they say is if the questioner was anyone other than the prophesy sending them banana would not have answered the question.

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If the questioner was anyone other than the Messenger of Allah, he wouldn't have answered the question. Because there's something between him and his best friend. Something between him and his best friend, ALLAH SubhanA wa. You see, you know, there's so many stories of scholars in the leg, you know, people who would fast setup who would fast their wife would prepare for them some breakfast, and he would take the breakfast and some lunch and his wife is thinking he's eating the lunch at work. But what he does is he he gives it to charity on the way.

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And so when he comes back home, he eats dinner thinking the family doesn't know that he was fasting, but he fasted all day. Right? The Sahabi? Who would who would who would get up and are this from the setup, even from today, people who would get up and pray at night, quietly sneak out of the bed, quietly go to the bathroom so their mom doesn't wake up with their wife or their husband doesn't wake up or their cat doesn't wake up and they make their will do they go pray and they come back to bed. So when the federal alarm goes off, they act like they're just waking up for the first time.

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They keep their Deed secrets. Right? And there's so many examples of this. But you know, it's

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here's the thing, and this is beautiful you know, we it's amazing what fascinates people you know, just with Twitter and Facebook and stuff like the tweets I get a lot of retweets and tweets I get a lot of Facebook posts a lot of shares and stuff sometimes the most like, like inconsequential silly things, and some of the stuff is just like wow, just shakes you man. Reasons again, whatever. Right? This is one of those things that all of you on Twitter should tweet this is you know, this is this is something like nother level powerful, right? This Sophia and Evan Are you as a human hello to Allah he says about this verse about the verse that you perhaps all have heard and so often the

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Jamaat the hookah oftentimes a Habib ends up hurting by by saying,

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in Allah yet modal will addley when the sun when it's idle proba when Han and fascia you will mancha you will well he either Allah come to the Quran, you've heard that before. You've heard the verse before it's familiar to you. What does it mean? It means Allah orders you to and I didn't axon and eata evil proba Allah commands you to Adam justice. Well, Sam and excellence, what he taught you that to put about and giving to relatives and forbids immorality and bad conduct and oppression. And he reminds you so that you may be those who remember, you know, subpoena him Allah he says about this if he says, What's what is an adult Hassan

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adolescent justice and excellence, he says Aladdin and testily and Alleria was study era.

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Justice is that your public life and your private life are one in the same. That's been just your public life and your private life are the same. And he says, well, the sun and the corner sodium ion battery out of them in Albania.

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And he says, In SRM and excelling, is that your private life is actually better than your public life.

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You see, nowadays, if you're trying to get married, you're looking into you know, spouse, potential spouse, you got to do mad background checks, right? You got to send like spies into the mission, you gotta like, you know, saying, Facebook, stalking and Twitter, stalking and everything to find out man, what, who is this person really, right? Back in the day, it was different. Back in the day, after you get married, then you find out your wife is someone who does this, this and this, and your love for her increases more and more and more. I was different. It was just a different paradigm. But now so many people live these double lives, right? But Subhanallah if, if we if we,

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if we wanted to know

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what our life in the grave would be like,

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the first step of our era is the grave. Right? After our starts, when the angel of death comes, it's not the day of judgment. And if we want to know what our life will be like in the grave, then the scholars say that, to know your life in the grave, simply look at your life in private. And that will give you a good reflection of what your life in the grave will be like.

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For some people, that's scary for some people, that's awesome. Right? Which group do we fall in? And you know, if we if we truly loved Allah subhanho wa Taala we would love to do deeds solely for him. Right? Just like, you know, when, when our brother and sister getting married, right?

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I'll say go, I'll go ahead and say a new couple, right? Because maybe after one month or one year, I don't know what it'd be like, within the first month at least, or the first two months or hopefully, their whole lifetime. There are so much in love with one another that they're they'll love to do things for the for the one they love, right?

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They'll love to do things for the one they love. And they It's a secret. They don't want anybody else to know, like if, if, if, if I did something for my wife, and then my wife goes and tells her mom that oh, you know 400 You know, I'm like, you know, like, that was just kind of between us, you know, it was a special connection that you share. Right? And similarly, that Heba ramen, they share this special connection with Allah subhanaw taala the deeds they do, they don't want anyone to share in that is between them and Allah subhanaw taala right. And that's the definition of a house that every sincerity every single thing we do, what we say how how we move, how we dress, how we act,

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every single aspect of our life is solely done for Allah with no other gain in mind with absolutely no other gain in mind. And if you're doing good deeds, you know what, you know I'm working in the ICU this month is a tough month every day when I make I'm going on the way to work. I'm making the Kado Sabha I'm saying Allah many how to become an Ebola Zilla Oza lovely moslem Allah mon Sol haram if you have any ovulate on my bad, I'm asking I'm making all these dua because it's scary in ICU patients are dying. And I don't want to be one to kill one of these patients. Right? I want to be able to save them right? I'm making this ticket every day I go to work when I'm in the ICU. But you

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know, when I was working in the ER is not as as critical as ice you can be but I wasn't making this ticket on the way to work. So part of my mindset, what am I I'm not doing it solely and I'm reflecting I'm preparing for this talk. I'm reflecting on this. My My thinking is not solely for Allah. It's partly for it couldn't be a good reason. It could be to save someone right? I couldn't be giving charity because I want to cut my wrists I can provide for my family. That's fine. That's part of your intention, if that's there, but I'm saying the true a bad man. No matter what it is. It's solely for Allah with no strings attached. No strings attached, is truly solely for Allah

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subhanaw taala right.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala if you live a life like that, where your whole life is guided by this philosophy, that you have this special connection with Allah and you have these secrets with Allah subhanaw taala, Surya, Allah Allah says, you know, in Allah or God you know all the young woman to burn us all. Allah says most definitely he has full capability to bring these people back right on the Day of Judgment. Then he says, Yo Mama to Bella Salah SLI on the day one on the day one the Sarah era will be exposed and put to the test what is Sera Sera, the Arabic word study it refers to something that is, you know, that is intentionally made a secrets intentionally made hidden. Allah

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says on this day these secrets will be brought forth. These secrets will be exposed. These secrets will be put to the test. Right? And so what are the scholars

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What do they say?

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Matt kind of he said it'll out the good you'll get Allahu Allah watch Allah is gonna bring whatever the secrets of this person was an expose on his face. It will be exposed you will it will be seen clearly evidence who will be who whose secret life was power was was righteous and whose secret life wasn't right? Allah subhanaw taala he says

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Can nama all she had to do home Amina lady mother Lima about those who did bad deeds he says it is as if goodbye Amina Lady Of The Night is dark, it's black, right? Allah gives a description he says as if a piece of this darkness came onto their face. So they'll come on the Day of Judgment, you could see their limbs and everything else but they their faces blacked out their nose, their eyes, their facial features, the unique characteristics that separates you from you and you from you. It will be gone. Just have this this piece of the as if a piece of the night is covering their face. Right and the other people who would you who Yoma Elon Musk Vera ba HCA to establish yo, yo metabo

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Buju with us what do we do, Allah will make other faces bright and shiny, right. And so on this day, one of the secrets will be exposed, it can be

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a terrifying proposition for some of us. All our secrets are exposed, all of our secrets will be exposed. But you know what's interesting, and this is this is from the justice of Allah subhanaw taala. This is from the justice of Allah subhanaw taala, that he did not make the judging of mankind in the hands of any other person except for him.

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Because we may think we know things about someone and we don't, right, we may think smaller, we may think somebody oh, this person is not righteous. This person is not this person doesn't do this or doesn't do that. But in the eyes of Allah, they're there. They're very powerful. The Sahaba wants to get into Mr. Woods, he was on the climbing the tree getting some miswak. And they began laughing at him because his legs were very thin.

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And the President said you're laughing at the legs of administration? And they said, Yeah, because it's kind of funny. President said by Allah, his legs on the day of judgment are more heavier or heavier than the mountain of boyhood, not to know his huge mountain like 12 kilometers long. Right? You may you may think insignificant of someone but in the eyes of Allah, they're powerful. Right? So it is from the justice of Allah that he kept judging to himself. Why? Because for the one for some of us, maybe when we're hearing this, when our secrets will be exposed, we're scared. Right, but for the better or human, the true slaves of Allah subhanho wa taala. When they're hearing this, they

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feel a sense of satisfaction. That all these things that I'm doing now that only Allah knows about this coming a day when Allah will reward me for it. That day is coming. You know, the best, the best moments is when you get to be alone and meet with the one you love the most. The one you love the most when you get to be with them and meet them, that's the best moment. So for the believers, their best moment is the day they get to meet Allah subhana wa Tada and all these secret deeds are expose all the tragedies expose all their serving their mothers expose, all their being good to the creation of Allah is exposing and it's not just fasting and this and that, you know when you're

00:23:17 --> 00:23:26

walking to campus and you see a squirrel, you know, chillin on the side grabbing some some whatever he's looking for and doing his thing. You could walk right by him and you ever you have every right to do so.

00:23:27 --> 00:24:03

But knowing that this is a creature of Allah and the Creed this creature of Allah is scared of these tall things with two feet that walk in there like they're like they're always on looking at some like device in their hand their whole time. They're walking right? Out of mercy for this squirrel, you choose to cross the road Wait 10 seconds for the car has crossed the road or walk on the other side. Nobody knows what you did. Nobody will think about it for a second. But Allah knows that out of your out of sincerity to Allah and showing mercy to this creature of Allah you chose to walk a different path. That's what I mean by you this true relationship with Allah that you ever envelops

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your life. Everything you do now has a meaning and a purpose. Right and when you live a life like that you prepare for the day you meet Allah subhana wa Tada Allah samsara he says,

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Tata Jaffa Juno boom I needed my god you know, the rune out of bedroom home fellow, want me mountains upon whom you people moon. Allah says, some of these righteous slaves of Allah, they are those who get up from the bed at night. And again, we were giving this example but can be anything. They get up from the bed at nights.

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They call upon Allah Subhana Allah and fear and hope and from what Allah has given them they spend in the way of Allah, so they do things secretly, they hid their deeds in this world. So Allah subhanaw taala he sees in response, Werner Darla Mona

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Fiona, whom

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Dr. Yan Jezza be

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Malecon maroon Allah says they hid their deeds. They woke up quietly at night and prayed. They gave what the right hand what even their left hand didn't know. They were so sincere, and they hid their deeds to Allah says in response, and so no soul knows what has been hidden for them as well from their reward from the coolness of their eyes. Does that be my can we act as a reward for what they did? They hid their deeds in this world, Allah hid the reward a special, absolutely amazing reward for them in the hereafter. Right? And on the Day of Judgment, brothers and sisters, when we meet Allah subhanaw taala. Having lived a life like this, it will be a day of happiness. It will be a day

00:25:38 --> 00:25:46

of happiness. Right when Abraham Ali Salam, the angel of death, they take permission from the prophets before they take their souls.

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And so when Ibrahim Ali said on the Angel of Death came to him, okay, it's coming the narration that he sent to the angel of death, he said, he said Arata hollyland You need to Camila. He's like, whoa, timeout man. This This doesn't this doesn't jive with me. So he's out. But Rahim is the best friend of Allah, the Helene of Allah, we know him as the best friend of Allah. So Ibrahim is saying how is it how is it that

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Allah will cause death to his best friend?

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Right, I eat honey new me to kalila and he sees the Angel of Death season response or sense Ebrahimian response? Yeah, Ibrahim, are eight a heavy burden. Yeah, Caronia Ka, habibi. Oh, Ibrahim, do you understand the scenario in which the one who is in love hates to meet the one who he loves? Right, the one who lives like this, to look forward to the day of judgment when the angel of death comes a janitor ah, now's the time to rest right Allah when he describes the three different people and citizen walk out the only out of Allah and the people of Ghana and the people of hellfire, those who are closest to Allah he says

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can I mean I'll make up lobbying for Oh, for oh,

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those who are close to Allah. Their first description Allah gives is that they have rest. Now they have rest because they were working in this world. For all what I had no agenda tonight. They have rest and they have rewarded they have a great paradise now and the time is up. I'm going to end with this hadith doesn't book to you. I'm telling you this authentic hadith. And the prophecy to me says You saw how the Raju didn't mean Almighty Yeoman pm Allahu Sinhala for you in sha Allah, what is it what is known as the children? Quran? Lucy jialin, Medan Basa. He says it will be called on the Day of Judgment billions of people there you saw who will be Raju, Min OMA Minamata yeomen. Okay, am

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Allah Rosell holla at one person? Yeah, Fudan even for lunch is that the new coffee beignet Allah in front of everybody one person has called forth stand up and prepare to stand before Allah subhana wa Tada.

00:27:58 --> 00:28:06

And all his bad deeds are brought and they are as long they fill up 99 scrolls, each scroll as so far as the eye can see.

00:28:08 --> 00:28:35

Each scroll is so far as the eye can see and the Hadith says to my Hakuna Allah azza wa jal, Helton, crewmen hada Cheyenne Falcon lierop Allah asked him to look at his justice. Do you deny anything that's in these 29 scrolls of banned that you have done? And he says no, oh Allah. I don't deny it. What can I say? So Allah says, For your code of Allah Metzker Katha you'll have your own

00:28:37 --> 00:28:42

capability at home half you don't have those the angels recording your deeds wrong. Do you in any way?

00:28:43 --> 00:28:52

And then he will say Hola. Hola que hacer una. Do you have any excuse? Do you even have one good deed that you brought forth with you?

00:28:54 --> 00:28:58

For you have Rajan fire cola. The man will become terrified

00:28:59 --> 00:29:11

because he knows he doesn't and he says no, I have nothing. I have no excuse and I don't even have one good deed to break that Allah says fire coal burner in the locker Indiana has an arts. What in the who loves wood? Malaika Leo.

00:29:12 --> 00:29:20

Allah says no, you do have some good deeds. And most definitely there is no injustice today. No one justice today.

00:29:21 --> 00:29:40

For tomorrow julabo Beta aka FIA a shadow Allah, Allah in Allah. One number Hamedan Avenue water soda. So a card is brought out and all it sees on this one card compared to 99 scrolls is I said to Allah, Allah, why should we know Mohammed and Abdullah Sona.

00:29:42 --> 00:30:00

So he will say, Yeah, I'll wrap my head he'll be top of my head the CG lads. For coal in Nikola Tesla, the man will say Allah, what's the point? What is this one card this card compared to 99 scrolls for us as far as I can see. And Allah says

00:30:00 --> 00:30:08

is you will not be wronged so the card will be put on one side of the skill and the scrolls on the other and the car will outweigh it

00:30:09 --> 00:30:21

now what's the point I just talked about all these secret deeds we need to do and that's what we need to be successful that I'm saying one card will save you what's the point this is the point it will claim Rahim Allah to Allah he says that deeds

00:30:23 --> 00:31:04

are not given credence one over another based on their number or based on how they look we're in no matter the file a little bit of file duty Mathilde Kulu. But they're given preference based on what's in the hearts and he goes on and I have my time is up. So I'll it been saying that from Allah to Allah, He says, This is what this is the point he says, Take for example, there's two Hadith. I'll share one just for sake of time, the Hadith of the woman from Benny as Robin who is a prostitute, but she saw a thirsty dog and out of mercy for the dog gave it some water. Allah subhanaw taala forgave her all her sins and granted her paradise for that one deed, one deed, one

00:31:04 --> 00:31:18

deed all his sins for all her sins forgiven, and she's granted paradise. Right? What's why? Why is it that she was granted Paradise because what we're talking about that sincerity in the hearts, that you know what this is for Allah.

00:31:19 --> 00:31:42

This is for Allah. And that sincere moment that enters our in the de that's performed based on that can be enough. Now if we live a life like that, if we live a life like that, then imagine the roared. Allah says, Hi there, young woman, young fall saw the thiness we do boom. Jana turgidity muta de

00:31:44 --> 00:32:16

Haan Ed Nephi ha. Robbie, Allah who I know whom what are the one that he can focus on and only Allah says today, on the Day of Judgment, those who were truthful, sincere, they had this true relationship with me. This is the day their truthfulness will benefit them. For them as guardians underneath which rivers flow they will stay there and forever. Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Allah and that is the greatest reward Allah who not only had merciful honey when it comes to suffering, Rahim Zakon later on Santa Monica Monica Bearcats.

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