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The hedge is a consistent practice for thousands of years, and it is crucial to avoid getting into trouble and stay strong during the journey. The importance of hedging is discussed, including setting out to see the beast and learning from hedge's parents. The conversation emphasizes learning from actions and connecting to their religion to build a strong foundation. The speaker also mentions struggles of their generation and the importance of learning from the Messenger of Islam.

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In an hamdulillah Nakamoto who wanna stay you know who want to study he want to still feel when I was in LA he Manchuria fusina sejati Marina de la Maddalena Who am I you believe and

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why should you Allah you know in Allahu la sharika Why should you and so you then I will have even a Mohammed Abdullah who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa and he also have you send them? Yeah, you have Latina am an otaku LA to Kati Morton Illa one to Muslim moon. Yeah, you Hannah so tappara como la de la comme enough su wahida to hold up I mean haza obasa mean humare jan Cafiero one Isa, what type of La la de de una be one of him in La Cocina de como la peba Yeah, you holla Nina Amano Chappell la pulu Colin sadita usaha kamada como la cama de novo come. la hora Sula, hufa faza 1000 hobbema. First is once apologize for starting a few minutes late I flew in this morning from Dallas, and part

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of my fatigue and in the travel I got delayed. So I apologize to you for that. And I thank you for your patience, I just want to share with you some thoughts about the hedge of the profits a little low it was setting them and not so much the hedge the hood was lower than the famous whatever the Messenger of Allah says and M gave on the day of alpha, but rather the journey itself. The journey the person took with us the habit itself and some of just one theme for many things we can glean from this aspect of the seal of the Messenger of Allah and I think sometimes gets overlooked. The first thing I want to share with you is actually preceding Hajj in the sixth year after hedge on the

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messenger of a loss I set them set out with the companions with the intention of performing Amara, they have left Mecca six years ago, they haven't seen the house of Allah, they haven't been to the house of law, they haven't prayed at the house of Allah, their hearts longed for the house of Allah. Those of you who've gone to hedge before you know that feeling

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of just going through these waves of emotion especially during head season or you want to go to see the Kava again. So the messenger of Allaah, sentimental Sahaba set out to perform Amara, and a long story short, they were prevented from doing so the Treaty of davia was signed and as part of the conditions of this treaty was that the Muslim should return the next year, the seventh year after his law and to perform Amala.

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Now when the Messenger of Allah sent him when the next year

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and they reached the harem, he commanded those that were with him after two weeks of travel in the desert. Now they get to the Kava, you can imagine the fatigue that they had. He tells the companions he sees or mono Li or el Masri kona quwata come. He commands them to

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make ramen around the Kaaba. ramen is when you don't just walk during your life but rather you you jog or you almost like a not running but a slower than running but like a like a strong jog

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around the gamba. And he says the reason why I want you to do so is so that the disbelievers will see your strength. Even after this long travel, you have the strength to do so now, if not basketball on him. Now he narrates in Bahati that when the Messenger of Allah and his companions came to Mecca, they the machete Kuhn had circulated this news amongst themselves, that the Muslims were continuing to be weakened by the diseases of Medina. And although they were in the harem, the next is the house of Allah within those boundaries of the home there is no fighting, there is no carrying of weapons and all these special rules apply. The thought had entered their minds that

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maybe this is our chance.

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They've kind of come unarmed, they've come for a better and if they're weakened by the travel and by Medina and whatnot, we can take them out. And so the Messenger of Allah commanded the Sahaba to do the ramen to run around the garbage to show the machete comb that they actually still are strong. Now what does this have to do with Hajj? Well, those of you who have been to Hajj before you know that even when you and I go for Hajj now,

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we start out often our initial toss around the house of Allah with the Roman

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was running was jogging the first three circuits and even if you can jog because of the crowds or because your with your, you know, your elderly parents or your wife or your daughter or the lake, you at least make the movements of your jogging. So let's just show your strength

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when the positive and performing

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hedging the 10th year after hedge it on a few months before he passed away. There was no fear upon the believers anymore but that Mecca had already occurred.

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Yet the rules stayed that oh believers when you come to perform hedge you will do this.

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And it's a continued tradition

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to connect the Sahaba then, and us now

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to a time when the omo was in a weaker states before the victory outcome and what they went through and the struggles they went through, and the principles they stood by

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that allow them to get the victory of Allah subhanho wa Taala you fast forward after the laughter messenger of a loss I said then he proceeded

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to perform this sign.

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And when you perform to say you go between Safa and Marwa seven times in the son of the Messenger of Allah, I sent him as he would stand on Safa, and he would say this, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Allah is greater, Allah is greater, Allah is greater, and he would say this three times. And then he would say, La ilaha illa Allah, there's absolutely no one worthy of worship of Allah subhana wa Taala the word hola sharika he was one and he has no partners. Now when one COVID I will hand To Him belongs all the praise all the kingdom and the praise you he will you meet he gives life and he gives the Malala coalition and he has power over all things. And then he goes on to say

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that you know in Allahu wa there is absolutely no one worthy of worship Allah He is one and just awada he fulfilled his promise. Well, not Sora abda and he gave victory to his slave Wahhabism. Allah has a BA and he destroyed the Confederates. Now interesting, understand the messenger of a loss. I sent him this Sunday as he would stand on sofa and stand on model and say this three times each time looking at the Kaaba.

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And then he would make dua after each one. But can you imagine what's going through his mind

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as he is there and hedge looking at the Gabba with the idols now removed with 100,000 plus companions with him all saying that tells me you're all making Vicar of a law establishing the religion of a look. And what's he saying that you know, illallah wa, and just awada he fulfilled his promise. Just a few years ago in the shadow of the same gather.

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The companions were tortured.

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Maybe he's as he's saying, Allah has fulfilled his promise he's remembering the the memories and

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standing in front of the disbelievers or walking around who's standing frontispieces giving dalla reciting the Quran and being punished, praying that their face they couldn't tell the nose from the rest of the face.

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And just awada he fulfilled his promise well not so to have done he gave victory to slave was him and azova and again, you and I, when we perform Umrah or Hajj and we go into society between Safar model and we say these things, we should try and put our mind we should try and put ourselves in the shoes of the prophets on them

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to see what he saw and try and feel what he felt. And then you move on in the journey of the hedge, and you fast forward to the last day in the 13th of the ledger.

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On the 13th night and the night precedes the day the last day of the hedger the last day of Hajj, the Hajaj all they have to do is stone the Jamaat often they leave, but the night before that day the Messenger of Allah I sent him he said in as you know nahata anfi hifi Benny kena. Tomorrow after we stone and we leave the MENA we are going to go to an area where benaki Nana resided.

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Now why is this interesting?

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Do you have some busted romulo? tala, he was once asked by he was once told by someone that I performed hedge and has some busted. He asked him you know, when you did this offline model, what did you think of your your, you know, your mother has it it has set up and the struggles she went through and trying to enter desperation to look for food for his smile. He said, No, I didn't remember that when he's still in the gym rots. Did you think of the challenge of well, he made a face and being commanded to slaughter his own son said no, I didn't think that.

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And he asked him when you are in Mena.

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Did you remember the boycott that was placed upon the Muslims in the early days in Mecca?

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And he said, No, I didn't think about that.

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Then he said you haven't performed hedge.

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But why did he ask this last question?

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Because better

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kwinana the area where benaki Nana lived is the area where the kurush had signed, agreed to committed to this boycott against the Muslims, that for three years, no no business interaction, no social interaction, no weddings, to Muslims, not just the Muslims By the way, even the non Muslims who were with them, himself being the leader of, of the of the tribe, and other non Muslims were also boycotted there, to the point that the narrations say they were eating the leaves from the trees to survive.

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Let the combination of this boycott and its severity

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these are the long

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the Beloved of the Messenger of Allah similan he was setting them the mother of all of his children save one

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passed away.

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And Abu Talib, his father figure from the age of eight, up until that point, in the Sierra 40 years, he was a father figure to the Messenger of Allah. He also passed away

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as a direct result of the severity of this boycotts.

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But this boycott was agreed to and was signed upon in the area where bento kina and I live so the messenger of a loss I send them he sees on the 13th night before the day when they would stone the jumbo rod for the last time, we are going to go there, we are going to settle there. And so after stoning the jemalloc He didn't even hold on acid and Mena as he did the previous days. But he went to bend Okinawa, that area, and he prayed the hassle Madrid in Asia,

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he established the religion of Allah, the Salah, and the same place, that the religion of Allah was attacked by the disbelievers. And to a point just to give you an idea, there's a very minor opinion amongst them I have actually held that as a part of hedges Muslims should do the same.

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They're actually mentioned this in, in their some of their opinions. Again, a very minor opinion, but just to show you the importance to the person and placed on this, to go there and pray in the same place that the Dean of Allah had been attacked. Now what's the lesson from all this?

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Why the theme that we see throughout the, the, the journey of the Hajj of the Messenger of Allah Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says the sort of unfiled verse number 26 He says, When caught Oh,

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Connie Mustafa funa feel

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Allah commands us in the aura

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to remember these days was kowtow into Corinne. remember a time when you were very small and number was tumbler funa filetto. oppressed in the land.

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Couldn't you know the Sahaba mentioned in Medina they couldn't during the Battle of Azov, they couldn't even go to the bathroom without fearing for their lives.

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When the the the siege on Medina at reaches its peak, the law says that you're you know your your your hearts even reached your throats and the eyes were wandering and fear

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was telling

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us that you fear that people might abduct you. But Allah says,

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Our come

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to Allah, Allah. Allah says, But Allah subhanho wa Taala he sheltered you, and he supported you and you gave and gave you has victory and provided you with good things. opened the doors of interest to you. Why Allah Quran so that you may be a people who continuously give thanks to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So the Messenger of Allah I sell them was very keen on instilling this idea in the minds of the Sahaba and by translating that to every generation that comes after until the end of time, then one of the greatest Pillars of Islam the only one that is done once in your life because of the level of what difficulty it entails.

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That these themes are ingrained within the journey of Hajj so that we learn

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to read

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Also the time of the Sahaba, to connect ourselves to the Messenger of Allah and His life. So when I send them

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they say that to destroy a nation, you cut it from its roots. Right? How much do we know about the life of the Messenger of Allah and I sell them? How much are we familiar with the lives of the Sahaba.

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And we find our crisis of faith

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amongst our young generation,

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and one of the key things that will build a strong foundation and build that connection to the religion of a law is to have a relationship with the book of Allah, and with the seed of the Messenger of Allah and I send them

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the view as someone who's having doubts, well, when's the last time you've read the seed of the Messenger of Allah.

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And they'll give you a blank stare. Because that connection to the life of the Messenger of Allah, learning from his, his o'clock and his Lion, the miracles that he had in his living miracle of the Quran, reading that connected to that keeps anyone who's searching for the truth firm on the religion of Allah.

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Right, so connect ourselves, connect your families make it a point that we'll have seen our time will have Story Time will. So how about every every night, sir, after after a sought after motive, for example, read five minutes from a book together as a family. It's very important for ourselves and for our next generation to come. And we also learned that the Muslims went through what they went through. And we can go on and on about the struggles and the difficulties, but they never sacrifice their principles. They didn't give up for some political points here or there, they didn't sway in the wind, whichever way the political winds blow will go. If it gets us some sort of favor.

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They didn't do that. They stayed firm on their principles. They stayed firm on their religion, they knew that what Allah gave them is better than what anything else anyone could offer. And the poor amongst them.

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The destitute amongst them, the oppressed amongst the society, they saw that that's why they flocked to Islam. That's why I was soufiane when he was asked by Hercules, who are the followers of this man that's that your, your your warring against? Are they the rich of the people or the poor? They said in support of the people.

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And he said in response, those are the followers of the profits, the loss of the followers of the profits.

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Right, so they stayed firm on their principles in sacrifice, and they may remain strong in the face of adversity. And we have much to learn from the life of the Messenger of Allah send them and the companions. And one final comments is that

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it also kept the oma connected to one another,

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connected to one another. You know, we are a minority here in America and with all the challenges that we face, we sometimes lose sight of that we are just one part of a huge body of them.

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And the hearts should all be connected.

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The La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah Bond's us together like no other and it has you see so many manifestations of that, but that should live with us as well as we come back home guru Kenyatta was salani Welcome, first of all number four right

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now ame de la hora de la dimino salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad mossadegh Sabina, Muhammad Ali, he was a big man.

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Amen. Hop on who he said in the very famous statement, which I think perhaps summarizes

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one of the key ideas of this hotel that I wanted to share with you today nanoco Manas and Allah Hogan Islam, that we are a people who Allah subhanho wa Taala he gave us honor

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from where they were to where they became for Islam and Islam alone. And if anytime we seek our honor and our dignity from other routes from other ways, and we leave Islam on the side, Allah will forsake us lol humiliate us. So it's a call of brothers and sisters a reminder for myself and everyone else, to come back to our roots to connect ourselves to the seat of the Messenger of Allah in the early days of the lives of the prophets lie Selim and the Sahaba and learn from the lessons that they left and imparted with us in the lahoma, Ecto saloon and nebia you already know amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis NEMA Aloma Sanjana, Mohammed, Mohammed came out so late Allah Bharani

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maderia Brahim in Dhaka, hamidah Majeed, Aloma baddeck Allah Mohammed Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim phenol Amina in Dhaka hamidah Majeed allama Philip Muslim Meanwhile, Muslim adds many minutes and I mean Hamamatsu indika robina Samira Karima Mooji without Allah masa Hannah Dena lady who asked me to emelina was the HANA Giuliana latifi Hamas una was that

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Mr. Luna was

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equally high was alota Rotterdam incognito. Alomar Hammond Massimino, Mazel Tov enough equally McCann fee Yemen, Murphy, sama, Murphy, Iraq Kofi Ivana Stan what he couldn't even Kenya Mr. Amin Aloma

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Jiang Gian felt Imani and fxcm her thoughts on family home.

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Jonah aka Aziz, Pfizer home aka Mamma mia Hamada Rahim in a bad Allah in

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Cordoba, Han and fascia you will muncul belly, the eyes acuminata come to the karoon Pina Sana