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Who Are Your Favourite Qur’an Reciters

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Faith IQ

Channel: Faith IQ

Episode Notes

There are several beautiful Qur’an reciters around the world. What are some of Ustadh Wisam’s favourite reciters?

Ustadh Wisam Sharieff answers.

Episode Transcript

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Who are your favorite reciters? Who are the reciters on your playlist?

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Peace be upon you. A lot of times people are wondering well, who's the best person to listen to? And should I be listening to someone who I want to sound like or someone who I like to listen to? First off, I'll name and I'll give you the core reciters that have really influenced me shaped Abdul Basit Abdul Samad Abdullah Bassett of the summit. And I'd like you to know someone who was during his time, someone who you didn't get to hear much, but was as great and some will say, greater shift. Bob Laue, Bob Laue, you'll find them on recycle rom com. I also would love for you to listen to the classic imams who days and imaams two days in the 90s and in 2000, the 98 that all we which is

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completely recorded, and the early 2013 we are fantastic. If you want someone who keeps pace with him, but is a younger, a younger reciter gives you a different flavor. His name's Salam Mahathir all of these names, so Imam Sudeikis and salobre clotet are similar Abdul Basit of the summon and Shave Club louhi. They're both similar. And I'd love for you to listen to Schiff mean, shall we mean, shall we? There's pop up and shall we and then the two brotherman showers. They're all amazing. And sometimes you'll like listen to one and be like, how they sound similar, but each one of them has an amazing, amazing control over their voice. Next I'd like you to and really the Godfather who's

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taught a lot of the names that I've that I've discussed. A teacher of all of these have almost everyone who we know and has been affected in some way by reputation is shaped Rossetti shake who said he was what we know is the godfather of the tweed, a giant in recitation, but also a scholar of his time. If I could just throw in that Fun fact, one of the very few scholars from the Egyptians allows her school to go to Muslim Naboo and when he was there, they they weren't having it that anyone else we're going to lead the prayer shochet Corsetti lead the prayer What a great honor. These are some of our favorite reciters look into them female reciters so Maya even Abdulaziz you

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can look her up on on YouTube. Also, a smart bentyl Hooda you can look her up on alhuda pk I dotnet. There are several other female reciters who can go ahead and just do a little bit of research. You'll find them more locally. I do make the call out there to all the sisters we do need some some more Sister reciters to raise the bar to favorites who are us or a milk and I know you all enjoy sorry asking