When Should I Start Speaking To My Kids About Sex

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As parents, it is our duty to teach our children about sex and all the related matters. It never is an easy task for many parents. When is the right time? How should children be approached?

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim answers.

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The speaker discusses the development of sexual behavior in children, including the prevalence of sexualized behavior and the need for parents to coach children in developing these behavior. They also highlight the importance of reading and listening to children to improve their behavior.

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When should I begin speaking to my children about sex and sexual behaviors,

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there really isn't a particular age that a child approaches that now they become ready to hear or have the sex talk the birds and the bees that will be relevant to different kind of regions that you live in the type of atmosphere and behaviors that are displayed by those who are around you, and the maturity of your child and understanding those things on a cognitive behavioral and spiritual level. Definitely, you want to know that your child number one knows a lot more about it than what you actually assume. And think. Number two, that sexualized behavior is now much more prominent than it was in the generation that I and you grew up in. Number three, there's so much sexualized behavior

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that is flooding through

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internet media, social media, Snapchat, even in things that might not be given to them by their, their, their friends and fellow classmates. But by that the society that surrounds irrespective of where you live, some of the number one search results for countries where Muslims are in majority are things that relate to sex, sexual behavior, and porn. So don't have that perspective. That no way my child has seen that no way that they've heard of that. The second thing that I want you to keep in mind is that speaking about sex, and inclining them towards sex are two totally very different things. So you want to find a level of training that equips you with what it is that you

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want to say. And of course, in this short clip, there are just three things that I would remind you of one, sex is a beautiful thing when it is done in a pleasing way. It is something that earns us a massive reward with a lot. Number two, we have to know that there are things that relate to protected behaviors. And sometimes our children can be groomed by fellow peers by adults to do things that they don't want to do. sexting and sending photos and lewd behavior are all examples of it. Number three, warn them not just about the people who are standing in front of them, but the virtual world which is which are wolves in sheep's clothing. The very last thing that I'll say to

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you is read read, read, listen, listen, listen. Listen to what your children have to say and read to find out ways that you can equip yourself with the answers that are necessary. If you need to attend a parent course parenting course. Make sure to do that in chop