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Shaykh Yaser Birjas answers


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of focusing on one's Salah and how it can lead to a loss of health. They also mention the need for practice and observation before achieving success in the field. The speaker advises against focusing too much on the current "safe of staying in the same position and not doing anything to change it.
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Focusing on salah and alcohol.

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So many people who are audited handler they do their Salah regularly they complain about the same thing over and over again. How can I focus on myself? Why am I not benefiting from my Salah? Can I close my eyes if I need to focus in my salon salon these questions related to the subject of OSHA and the loss of Hannah to Alice saying a certain woman, but after the honeymoon alladhina homefree salata, impassion success for other believers, those when they pray, they have khushu under Salah What does that exactly mean? You see everybody communicates but few people connect. If you don't connect in your Salah you won't benefit from the relationship between the last soldier which is why

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people just have been praying for 1015 years. I haven't seen the benefit in my life, because maybe they're lacking the connectivity not in the connection itself. They're not the communication itself. And Allah says cut off lol mommy no successful all the believers, those when they pray, they connect. He didn't say those who pray because it's already implied in the title success for other believers. So they should pray but what's wrong with their prayer that's not connecting because we don't have that for sure. For sure or connection and focusing on Salah is very, very important. How do I obtain that it's not something that you do overnight. But with practice, you'll be able to

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adapt the shala and achieve it but alas, there are certain things needs to be done before you start your Salah like you know, preparing ahead of time, dressing up nicely to it finding a nice space for that and going away from distraction and so on. And then things you need to observe when you make yourself when you start your Salah, like focusing on what you decide looking down you know the position of servitude and so on and many other things that you do in Salah to keep you focused and then there are things you need to do after you're done from your Salah, like making with cardio, tsp and so on. So you stay in the spirit of Salah for as long as you can. By doing so, you obtain a

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shallow data for sure that you're looking for the one that is missing from yourself. But in Shaolin divine link class vanilla will mention that in details but Allah azza wa jal the question many people ask, can I close my eyes in order to focus in my Salah? Well, it's the perfect way is that you look in the position of Sergio that's what the son of the Prophet Salah Salem was. So as much as you can you keep doing that in sha Allah but if there is no way to focus, because you know other than just closing your eyes, in this case, it will favor him Allah Allah, he mentioned that you know what if this is the only way a person will have kosher kosher is more important than keeping your

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eyes open. So in this case, I would say yes, I don't recommend that though because you need to battle these thoughts and shallow data. But if this is the only way to do it, then you could do it now. I know that it gives you a crush on your Salah that you will enjoy it when the last on regular basis. well loved Allah