Should I Confront/Turn A Blind Eye To Someone Spreading Lies About Me – Sh. Omar Suleiman

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Speaker 1 discusses the importance of letting people know if a behavior is concerning and mentions a video about a person named Missy. They also mention a book and encourage viewers to subscribe to their channel. Speaker 2 responds by saying they will be watching a series of videos about the topic.

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Should I confront a person who's spreading lies about me? Or should I turn a blind eye to it?

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So the profits will allow us that I mentioned namida, which is slander someone saying something that's untrue altogether, or someone that is quoting the words of people to each other as a means of sowing discord. And generally speaking, if someone comes to you, that is an amount that is doing those things, then you're not supposed to give them any weight, you're not supposed to take them seriously. You should actually express some displeasure with that person that you don't want to get involved in this. However, if it becomes known to you that something is prominently being said about you, and it is slander, it is a lie, and you have the opportunity to to quell it, then it's not a

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bad thing for you to speak to the person who is clearly the source of if you know that the person is the source of it. And to rectify things in Charlottetown, you could still forgive them, but at least to stop it from spreading in a way that would cause you further harm. Longtime

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