My Imam Recites Surah Al Fatiha Differently

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Walking into the masjid… You hear your Imam reciting Surah Al-Fatiha, but it is being recited differently from the way you are used to hearing this surah being recited. Is your Imam making a mistake? Are there other ways that are correct to recite Surah Al-Fatiha?

Shaykh Mohammed Mana explains

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I heard my Imam recite Psalm 30 differently than the way I learned it. Is he making a mistake?

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So on has very interest citations. One example of this is how to pronounce certain vowel letters. Like for example, said before the smell of bacon,

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or said in his model of Mikaela.

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It's the same verse, there is no difference or change in meaning. And sometimes even when the letters change, they are complementary to one another in meaning with regards to sort of Fatiha one way of telling if the Imam is reading in a various citation, or if he's making a mistake, is in his pronunciation of the verse Maliki omit. Then, if the member cites many kiyomi, then then you can be confident that he is reciting in a different citation. But if other letters are completely changed, without you hearing the man recite Melaka Medina for example, then it is possible that a mistake is being made.