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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of eating bacon and not eating pork products. They also suggest finding a job where people are not working in a non- Muslim country where eating pork is allowed. The speaker also mentions the need to purify money with sada and increase charity for non- Islam countries.
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This question says, I work in a coffee shop that offer bacon sandwiches. And I have to make these sandwiches and serve them to customers is that Hello.

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Obviously, in our religion as Muslim is not allowed to consume bacon or any pork product, as well cooking it, selling it

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farming pigs for this purpose. And all this things I'm not hold on for us as Muslims. But if you serve majority if your work is basically include serving bacon at this work something that you should look for another type of job that has no harm type of service in it. But if the vast majority of your work in that coffee shop is held on, maybe maybe 5%, or less than 10% of that sandwich that you make, or the service that you do to customers will not involve bacon. In this case, I would say it's just highly not recommended for you to be working in a place like this. And that's number one. Number two, that outside as well. There is another thing we look at it here that the person should

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increase their setup and purification because in the VSL someone told businessmen in Medina that time that this business will never be 100% pure, there will always be question little things and transactions. So purify your your money with sada and I'll say you purify your income with charity as well to increase your charity if you are a worker in such place. And I asked Allah to help you to find

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a better job which is shala 100% pure on how not because we take in consideration being in a non Muslim country, taking citizen also how hard it is, for a lot of people to find job, especially in the food business. None of Muslim country that it will be completely free from any pork product. And I do believe that this is a middle position between those who said it's absolutely haram and you have to quit your job. And those who said it's okay hold on because pork is allowed for the people of the book or helot for them in the non Muslims. So we're not basically helping them to do something haha. I do see these two opinions

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on the opposite of each other and I hope this as well be a middle path in between Los Alamos.

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni explains

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