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Depression is a serious matter. A lot of people today tend to overlook this issue and not take it the way it should be taken. If someone fears or actually has depression, how much one deal with it?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers.

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A doctor recommends to a patient that they should consult with their counselor and their doctor about their mental health. The doctor explains that depression is not a sign of faith or lack of faith, but rather a symptom of mental health. The doctor also suggests that the patient should pray to improve their mental health.

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First of all, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for you. And depression is such a common, almost today, one of the common mental illness today. And it's well defined today by

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doctors and treated by medicine. And it can be defined through tests and so forth.

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It just depression is just not feeling. It's also a chemical imbalance. And I'm not a specialist in this area to go to that route. But definitely, this is something you should consult with your counselor and your doctor. I want to say in the beginning right off the bat, that depression is not basically the opposite of faith or it doesn't mean that if you are depressed it means you are a person who doesn't have a man or faith or don't believe in a law that's not true. You can be the most believe a righteous pious Muslim but you can have you can be depressed you can have depression, that's that's not true. It may be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sad sometimes of his life. And you

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know, and many stories tell us that so how about I get sad?

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My going to use the word depression because we don't know. But the sadness, that's something normal of the hakoah aapka I lost my data. He's the one who created both people crying, people love people being good mood and bad mood people get up and low and high and low and being depressed and being in and out of your depression and everybody been through things like this. So what I would recommend you to do is to make sure that you consult with doctor you mentioned that medicine is very expensive for you. I know there's a lot of ways that you can reach out to many clinics and many organization they might offer you, you know, help with that.

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There is a plenty of organization will offer you that but again, that's not my area as a as a Mufti. That's something that you look to some social workers to help you to find ways to find help with that area. But what I want to say also to you that I'm so happy and glad that you said that you are praying to Allah, that you feel that you want to improve yourself step by step, ask Allah Subhana data and remember, depression is an illness well defined. That is a medication can help you to balance that chemical in the brain to get back to normal. So don't beat yourself so much about that. But try your best and take it step by step at a loss panel tada inshallah to Allah will help you as

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He is the Most Merciful