Can A Woman Spend From Her Own Salary On Her Parents Without Informing Spouse – Sh. Omar

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Speaker 1 discusses the benefits of working from home, including being able to enjoy the outdoors and work at a job. They also mention that working from home is beneficial for mental health and work-life balance. Speaker 2 explains that working from home is a workout for everyone, regardless of whether it is for personal reasons or work-related.

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10 a woman spent from her own salary on her parents without informing her spouse.

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So, in our Deen, what the woman earns is her own money and she can do with it, whatever she pleases with it and spending on her parents is one of the most rewarding things, if not the most reasonable thing that she can do with it. And this is something that allows parents has allowed for her, there should not be any, you know, type of of doubt in regards to that. And in fact, you know, this is something that should be encouraged that nutana for a woman to do to use her own salary to spend on her household to spend on her parents, whatever it may be. Ultimately, again, it is for her to decide what to do with her earnings as long as she spends it and Helen, it's okay and if she spends

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it in that which is men do that which is recommended, then within it, there will be a reward in that for her and no one can dictate to her what to do with her own earnings in that regard. Subscribe to this channel, share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at faith IQ