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Sit on wanting to learn you are gonna go to Hungary, Hungary Latvia, I feel really bad.

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Why don't we buy the pathology was salat wa salam ala Mia Anyone wanna study while he was having was delivered to see manuka phenolic of Milan, Milan

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in LA

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Hassan watada Dinah waka Danika moto was

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my dear respected elders and brothers we begin by placing Almighty Allah subhana wa Tada sending salutations upon our beloved Libya. Kareem said Allah Allah

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has given me Allah who

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you know maybe mentioned what we got our beloved maybe uttering Salah Ronnie was salam, Lama haram Ave one.

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I have never seen anyone

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before or after equivalent to our beloved lady actually sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I shall be Allah Who?

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One day someone came to you after and said, Tell us something unusual. Something extraordinary about our beloved Libya. Kareem said Allah Azza wa sallam. He said amazingly, garden wouldn't know how many Agia

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every aspect of his was unique, amazing, an extra ordinary, every aesthetic of the life of our beloved, creamy sauce was extra ordinary, amazing and unique. Therefore my dear respected brothers, what can we say? What can we listen about such a personality

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deal to a human he left Korea Ronnie to suffer in South Korea. He our words do not have sufficient eloquence. The vocabulary plays our beloved Libya, Kareem Salah Abu Salam sufficiently, we just do so not to praise him, but to bless our speech and to bless our life. My dear respected brothers Nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam has been explained by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada s is to swear Hassan is a perfect example. Now that perfect example is not confined to any time. It is for all situations, and for all eras and all ages. And today, in the limited time that we have, I would like you to go straight into the topic. And that is the Syrah the example of our beloved Nebia crimson

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and as a as an example, as a solution to contemporary challenges. Now what is contemporary challenges, there will always be a difference. What is contemporary, what is a challenge three, someone might look at it differently. Someone might say, according to me, this is the greatest challenge. Someone else will say to me, this is a greatest challenge. But there are certain key words, passwords, that people today the medium, they look upon it as major challenges. And today, let me just give you a examine how our Syrah is a solution to even those aspects which are regarded to be contemporary challenges. Let me just start off by saying, one of the challenges

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today people talk about is that of racism. You hear it said in the media, you hear even talked about in resolution in South Africa in particular, it is constantly made mentioned the political discourse, that we are a nation that had suffered racism and discrimination. And in a recent survey, it was found that racial discrimination continues to be pervasive. Even

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if there are resolutions and they are legally binding laws with regard to when it is still pervasive. It is so common it is still found in societies. Now what did

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himself sort of do? How did he tackle him he showed us the way with regard to it are his teachings the teachings of Islam showed us Islam told us that we different races, different ethnic groups, different tribes, is not a matter of superiority. In fact Allah Tala in the Holy Quran tells us hierarchy Colombo, somehow it will was denied to other sin at minimum well worthy

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amongst the signs of Allah Tala creation of the heavens and earth, and creating people with different colors and different languages being different colors, different language

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just is not a means of superiority. It is part of the creative

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quality of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah Tala hasn't made people in different races, different colors, to be a means of superiority, and that Allah has treated us differently for the sake of identity. Look at how we never

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dealt with.

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One day ago, there was a party with me Allah who was stolen something by Milady, Allah who did it. And then he reacted. And he said, You the Son of a black Street, correcting me, I was

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someone who gave you the son of a blank slate, correcting me. So beloved, the aloud

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became very upset, obviously felt heard. So Beloved, we allow our beloved attorney, Mr. Lavoie, and maybe a cream sauce became angry. So when he became heavy, a user came to know that beloved, your loved one was going to our beloved who himself said he rushed it

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didn't give him a good face, the resources have turned away from him. So I must have said, Yes, Rula. What have you

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what is the reason that you are angry? So maybe I can say, I will reserve?

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Did you rebuke? Until you'd call Milan the son of complexation you are a person in whom these two reference will be equivalent? How do you say such a thing. So somebody with the ultra will feel very tremendous See, he had heard, it had great, profound impact upon him and his own life and his own understanding thereafter. So he went below the Allahu Dragoon, and he still hasn't been out with the Ultra, you are honorable. I am disgraced. I won't, I won't be at peace, and he put his own body and is phased out. I won't be at ease until you put your feet upon my cheeks to desperately and show that you are serious.

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And what it will be allowed to do. So

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beloved, will be allowed

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to come up, kissed his cheek. And he said that the chi and the face that goes down in Cisco, it is worth it. That I this is not that I put my feet up on it.

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Brothers, this is how

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I've dealt with discrimination. You dealt with racism. Today we look at it you know someone else's beautiful, he said he had made mention, if you today were to talk to me that I don't have manners. I can go learn manners. If you don't me and say you are unopposed, you don't know how to eat, you don't know how to you know, go

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vain. Wait at the top of the table. I can go in less table manners. But if you don't be

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because of the color of my skin, I can't change it going completely to the Treasurer who treated me like us.

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Brothers, how dare we win our beloved one, you're exhausted, which is today a common problem. How he has shown us what we got to it in the Farewell Sermon of you know football.

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What did our beloved military Mr Allah who it was for them tennis long before there are different resolution resolution 2686 of the United Nations that as recently as 2023, which outlaws any legally outlaws discrimination long before that, our beloved academics and Allahu alayhi wa sallam knows the world.

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In other words, there is no superiority of the Arab over the non Arab or the non Arab, Arab, and no superiority of the white clover the black and the black over the white, except on the basis of Taqwa in the basis of piety, my dear respected brothers, how often do we find in our community, people making use of racial terminologies? How often do we find people judging other people on the basis of the color of their skin, the honesty, the integrity, the intelligence based on race, it is not a race that is wrong. It is individuals that are wrong and wrong people would be in every race in every track. And whenever we see it, whether it be by our ankles, whether it be our elderly, whether

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it be on our whether it be by people, we have to put a stop with our beloved

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challenge, something that is very common and Felicia, and he showed us the solution with regard to Another common issue with regard to the common challenges and we have today and you see this Syrah is another

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Ending stream and a continuous source of wisdom and inspiration. One of the challenges is that of migration and treating of refugees.

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How do you treat people who come from other countries? How do you treat migrants? How do you treat refugees? This is No, no godly thing. It is one of the contemporary challenges of our age. There are 82 million people in the world today. Let me repeat that 82 million people in the world today who have been forcibly displaced, we have been forced to migrate. We have been forced to be refugees. 82 million people.

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How do you deal with it? And obviously creates great amount of tension. We see it in South Africa xenophobia we see in Syria. According to recent stats CBI has 13 point 2 million refugees.

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And we see it not only in South Africa, we see it in Muslim countries. We see it presently in Pakistan in Afghanistan. What did our beloved Libya Kareem saw Selim show us? He showed us the Brotherhood of the MaHA Tyrion and dancehall which is the best example of us in relating with people who have migrated from various parts of the world as refugees and people who have been forced to migrate. Our beloved Libya, Kareem saw Selim created a harmonious society in Medina when he migrated. He created a harmonious society between the people who came from Makkah and the people who came from Medina, even with regards to the local Jewish tribes. In Medina, he created a piece known

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as detacher Medina to live harmoniously and basically, he showed us that even to live within a society you will there are ways of living harmoniously and peacefully rather than living with tension maybe occurring saucer I'm sure the US has had more interest.

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In receivable Mustafa wrote, so

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he says the Mahajan came the agitation brought about by the dramatic departure from Maccha. He replaced it with the love affection and care of the Medina, the dramatic departure that they had from Makkah, he replaced it with the love care and affection of the answer of Medina, an American himself still in pain and created a brotherhood.

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Environment Malik and I will read a review Allah who ran on WhatsApp in Wuhan. And the most amazing example with regard to it is between Abdul Rahman in the house and sat with me. So when they paired them together as brothers, so sadly, in Lebanon, our beloved friend he agreed to serve in Ramadan, you know Abdurrahman, if you have you are my brother, let me salsa, maybe your brother, here is my well take out of it.

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Take 40% of my wealth, who can give today 50% of the wealth. We can even give 1% or half a percent it will save. I'm not saying it what I'm not giving a judgment, we'll spend half a million on a holiday we'll find it difficult to give 5000 for the sake of charity. And this is our reality with regard to the second half of my wealth, this half of it. And

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he said unlucky but a failure his Allah give baraka in your, in your wealth, show me the marketplaces. The next day, he went into his marketplaces. And we all know that Baraka, ALLAH SubhanA, WA Tada granted

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that he became amongst the wealthiest Sahaba, and perhaps one of the wealthiest human beings in human history. And it also shows us two things. One is the ability for people to help people who have migrated

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and the willingness of people who have migrated to become independent, and not to be a burden upon other people. One of the beautiful barons, himself sort of taught us and you know, what a beautiful brother wouldn't be a cream sell. So, you know, establish, has done mutation.

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Quran makes mention of this incident,

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although cannot be emphasized, that one needs to be occurring starts to make some well, he created the Brotherhood, he told himself to look after the people of Makkah, one day somewhere in the Vietnamese social importance out of Medina. And he says,

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I got some Well, it is not sufficient to give everyone but if I give everyone 10 You still have to look after the people of Makkah because it won't be sufficient for them to be independent and stand on your own fish. Or I can only give it to them.

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And I don't give it to you. But if I give it to them, then you no more have to look after them. They will be independent. They will be

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You want to stand on your own two feet? Do you know what they said? Yeah, I was gonna

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give it to them. We would still come today

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where you will

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see him well Oh Carnaby him has Sasa, they gave priority to others even if difficulty case they lost. Brothers, one of the great challenges that we are facing, it is a great challenge. And that is today in our life, we don't have balance. We don't have balance. Sometimes we fall short of the limit. Sometimes you go beyond the limit. Sometimes when you do something, we go in one direction, we go in the extreme direction. Sometimes when we go this way, we go in that particular direction. It is a constant problem and a challenge. And I was reading that the wellness deal for us Foundation did a survey, they found two thirds of the world complain that they don't have proper balance in

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their life.

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In the highest water that

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we have made you are just see better.

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Morticia PISA brown Kalani, it is Mariko Quran in the English version, from page 366 of volume one till 375 to nine pages devoted to that, and it's

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not one or two pages, nine pages, yes, devoted how you get the right balance in your life. And Allah Allah says, We have made you adjusted that is, and Oh, mother does not fall short on the limit that does not go go beyond the limit Suhana that is the thing that we have to strive towards. We don't fall short. We don't go beyond the limit. Now, it is a very

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difficult thing. How do you find what is the right balance? What is the middle path? Let me give you an example. Now you got this, I got the small desk in front of me. If I know the two extreme points, I'll be able to know what is the middle point. So this is now the middle point between the two extremes. But if for some reason,

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this one particular extreme is hidden for me, I won't be able to get the right talents. I won't be able to get the middle part. The middle part comes about when you do the two extremes, then you'll be able to know the right parents to look at our beloved crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and everything about Islam. Everything about Islam, it is about balance. It is about the moderate path.

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So the reoccurring source and said between not believing in Allah, one extreme, many Allah us in between his extreme you believe in Allah but to believe in one God? What is atheism? And one is you have many lords besides one several, in between the parents, I believe in Allah but I believe in what is the balance in prophethood? On one extreme, go to the extreme of making your NaVi.

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And masuleh, the son of Allah subhanaw taala. On the other extreme, what do you do that you have to choose the bunnies slime, they killed them, they did not show regard to them, they disrespected them in between is a beauty of Islam. We made our Navy to object of our love, the object of our teachings, the object of obedience, but we never made him the object of our project.

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What a beautiful balance between the two extremes, which has been part of the history of religions. Look at the dunya look at how to be a trim salsa providing the balance. He was wondering going in, he saw a dead ship. And he told us I have a wound by the stage ship.

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It is worthless. Oh my Oh my beloved competitors, the words of this dunya in the eyes of Allah, he's given less than this and he and he made it to our to Almighty Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah don't make this material world that we all have the end goal of our existence, and the end all of our desires, and to make it the reason why we gain knowledge. That's on one hand. On the other hand, he said tell them will

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allow them to acquire knowledge, this is a religious duty upon you. This is a balance.

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He even taught us balance in E. And you want to see what I say yes, he told us barons indeed, he taught us don't fall short of the limit. Don't ever say that I don't have to read five times daily. Even if I read three times is enough. Let's call him short. Five times it's compulsory to make to practice upon the intelligence of the Holy Quran. You can do see if you have to do it. If it's out of weakness, you don't do it. You ask Allah for forgiveness, but you don't justify that is falling short of some

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terms I find it amazing people they talk about, you know, extremism, look at how some of the woman or the extreme how they cover themselves. We talk about extremism in that sense. We don't talk about the extremism of some woman who's who saw the example dressed in such a way, almost nude in the safest manner that is falling short of minimum. So we don't for shorter than a minute, but we don't also go beyond the limit. Now you will see what is beyond the limit. Let me give you examples, maybe a creamy sauce at the time of had asked people for tables to make Jamara belt the Chimera, someone brought small tablets, or three we always fight every actual fight one clip, someone coming there

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with a C or taking something and hitting something there but in a particular way, every time you see the beer can exhaust themselves canola. This is the pebbles who are supposed to do chamara and Bella Tamara.

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I warn you not to become extremely excessive in your religion, the people of the past they were destroyed by extremism and access the philosophy of religion.

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They said in a hadith in Sahih Muslim Hala Cal maternity home How do I translate maternity when perhaps maybe the best way I can say those who need a peek at the story.

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Those who find fault in everything they are destroyed.

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Hadith in Sahih Muslim imam never

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explains it by saying those who go in extreme in the thoughts in the actions in the utterances, they are destroyed.

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Told the Sahaba he says don't fight what religion lay you shadow.

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Deal will overwhelm you. Don't try and compete with religion is also said

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be moderate, be moderate, you will

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be moderate, be watered you will enter

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the entering source from wonders with regard to being too extreme and part of them. Why why is extremism wrong? One of the reasons is it is disagreeable for human nature to endure. When you become extreme you won't be able to enjoy. Then another reason is short really cannot be sustained.

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Let me give you an example. Now one day as a model of the ultimate location of your Consortium. Yasuda Allah these a person in our Masjid he's an African it hasn't been homogenous. It hasn't read namaz with us that time not read salad in a German was regarded to be a sign of hypocrisy. He had a super he doesn't read numbers with us. So let me

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call this

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call me

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telling me what is it why don't you read them as we're gonna be back the

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explanation he gave that

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we are people of agriculture's we go on the feast we leave we come back at night, has it manually allowed that

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he read

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he read surah baqarah

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and he needs to resign

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became angry and he called

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the word fitna equal to an error in Gujarati means corruption in in Arabic it means try. Oh my god, are you putting people to tie?

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Are you putting people to die by religion?

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Because extremism cannot be endured.

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on one hand, it says the besides Trump said it three times for eternal maternal, paternal was a difficulty aboard people.

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Look at the balance. Our beloved mother came Salah Patty was brought this dish Every second was being balanced if you don't have balance,

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a book on unity. And I'm coming towards the end of my talk few very important points. So he said in this particular extremism craze, bigotry and intolerance, it creates this. And then he gives the example of Chicago Cardinals.

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He says he had a marine for many, many years. And then as he was going up to Calgary, he came to Chef he say give me parting advice.

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So chef aplicados Gilani told him that don't claim to be Allah, and don't claim to be levy of Allah. He says chef, I stayed with you for 10 years. How can I claim to be Allah? How can I be claimed to be a prophet says

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only a nurse view and only a nurse

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decision is final and challenge. Whoever feels his decision is final and unchallenged.

00:25:17--> 00:25:22

He is in a way claiming to be Allah don't ever do something such as

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that he said only in a nanny only speaks the truth and He can never be wrong.

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You have if you want to say that I'm always right and I can never be wrong in a way you are bringing

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matches on us.

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This is the parents to the attorneys on

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the ultimate got married to father got married to a very wealthy, very influential woman she used to ask him how is my son beating you so when he complained he is all the time making you bad? He's all the time making

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all of us up to love what is this and adhering to this one rewire that says

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call him and when he didn't listen to Mr. Austin went to his house and then the occasional sunset how much you bought into I'm making

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this really long is coming to the end of that we just spent two minutes and he said Abdullah cut down your Ibadan Can you imagine

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Sahabi saying I want to do more Ibadan and an ABC NBC do less and then the reoccurring is awesome said in the remodeling rally what is owed to HUD resolve regarding the HUD elite Alex Opalite in your body has a write up on you the wife is a writer for you and your your neighborhood has right upon you your health isn't right upon you balance the balance in Islam the balance to be a creamy sauce. Many years ago I heard you know a ban of mana at Sherman toolani No I was fortunate that I used to go to this by now this by and I couldn't do it directly. I heard it in the cassette. So that cassette I still know it was cassette number 14 This incident was being mentioned. So you said was

00:27:15--> 00:27:15

ADP is

00:27:17--> 00:27:20

when his son or his child passed away

00:27:22--> 00:27:27

and last Amana Allah has taken him and he didn't show much grief

00:27:28--> 00:27:29

he didn't show much grief.

00:27:30--> 00:27:31

And then

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Ibrahim we are standing by your departure our eyes and hearing our heart is said but you will not see anything with our tongue which shows disapproval to a large degree. So the Buddha said now look at this for a minute I asked looks apparently and using the word apparently deliberately so much stomach

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and Nabil Kareem so I was gonna miss cry for a living as you say no Allah semana. What did

00:28:07--> 00:28:08

they say pathetic.

00:28:09--> 00:28:14

Actually, to you and I is greater than our action, but compared to

00:28:16--> 00:28:18

it is incomplete.

00:28:19--> 00:28:28

It is completely possible to get the right balance. He became so engrossed with Allah subhanho wa Taala that he forgotten to write it off, he says he

00:28:33--> 00:29:02

was full of parents, he showed respect and sadness, the departure of but you also did it in a manner that was not again is the word and he says oh Allah will not say what my done anything that is against your command. But others there are many things I would wrote some points with regard to environment. History is a major thing, but just I want to say it with whatever the challenge you want find a solution in the Sera, let us put in

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one of those