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So we were just mentioning the difference. There is only one God

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Lord about the earth and sky who knows all the answers to why there is only one God

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Whoa, I've seen the perfection of all creation and every creature in me and I don't understand any woman who denies the ones who believe there is only one God

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not hamdulillah Ramadan who was trying who want to stop you want to be like him surely fusina amin say Dr. Molina de la bufala Medina. Woman you will follow her the Allah.

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Allah Allah illallah wa the hula Shadi Kala

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shadow anessa Donna wanna Vienna Mohammed Abdullah hora solo brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome again, to the best of stories from the Quran. Brothers and sisters in Islam, the story of Adam and Satan ended with him and his wife, accompanied with Satan brought down to earth, Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded them to come down to earth

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to be tested again. Satan is in a mission to deceive us, as the offspring of Adam. But Adam and his offspring are in earth for a test again, for another trial for a second chance. And if we succeed in the test, we will be then

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taken back to the everlasting paradise. Gentlemen, our, the place where we will dwell for eternity. Brothers and sisters in Islam, if we fail that test,

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the test of implementing

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ilaha illa Allah and as we explained, implementing the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is what La ilaha illAllah means that when Allah subhana wa Taala send us a messenger, commanding us to do certain things, all we say, is what

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we hear, and we obey. If we do this, then we'll be taken back to Jenna.

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If we don't, then the punishment is also a hellfire. Brothers and sisters in Islam, we are in earth to be tested. And as we explained in a previous episode, that we get tested in two areas, the area of the things that Allah subhana wa Taala ordained the bonus, if it is good, being grateful, is to pass the test. If it is something that we consider that being patient is the way to pass the test. But the most difficult test is the test that has to do with the implementation of La ilaha illAllah y, as we explained before, because we have the freedom of choice to we have three enemies who are after us in this dunya in order to stop us from submitting to Allah subhanho wa Taala our neffs our

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knifes shaitan of the gin and the shaitan of the ins, the human shaitan, your bad friend, and the jimny shaitan, which is Satan. With this introduction brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Let's find out the first failure

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in earth and why it was committed. Brothers and sisters in Islam, you will find out that the main reason behind that failure behind the first crime ever committed in the face of this earth which is killing

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and who killed who have brother killed another brother

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and Sons Of whom sons of Adam alayhis salam why brothers and sisters in Islam because of the enemy of the neffs the enemy of the knifes and of course I can use that too

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without consuming any more time or more time or let's go into the story.

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And the story was mentioned in Soraka. Narita. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What la de nada.

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to be lamb in a hottie Hema Muta Khan meenan. How call Anna portolan call in

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the recite to them oh Mohammed, the story of the two sons of Adam.

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That's the names in the sun. The two sons of Adam, but from the Israelites is slightly yet

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authentic chain of narrations to Abdullah have never sold and Abdullah is not best that they name them or be unhappy. But again we do not believe we do not belie

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as we explained in the first episode, how to deal with the Israelites. Once we are we explained the Quran, but we'll use the names for the sake of understanding Calvin and hubby. Those are the two sons of Adam, from Adam alayhis salam.

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Both of them offered a sacrifice to Allah subhana wa tada

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one of them his sacrifice was accepted. And the other It was not. He envied him.

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Envy was the reason one,

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and he threatened to kill him.

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What is the story behind the whole thing?

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According to other live novelists, and Abdullah have never sold out of the laquan

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that it was the Sharia the lows during the offspring, the time of the offspring of Adam, that the brother would marry the sister in order to maintain the offspring. Because remember, Adam is the Father, the only father in earth. And in order to carry on the offspring of Adam, a brother must marry a sister.

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And this is the story of Adam. And this is what we stress before that the religion has always been Islam, which is in the area of La ilaha illAllah. But the Sharia li coolin jalna minco Sheraton woman hija the Sharia at the time. Adam Deleuze at the time of Adam, the laws of marriage at the time of Adam is to allow a brother and sister to marry from one another. But this is abrogated now, and it was abrogated later on when the offspring of Adam increased. Here's how they did it. Javi and heavin. They used to swap the wife Adam Elisa Randhawa fuse to carry in every time a boy and a girl

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and the boy in the first delivery would marry the girl from the second time from the second pregnancy, from the first pregnancy would marry the girl from the second pregnancy. And the girl from the second pregnancy would marry the boy and the boy from the second pregnancy would marry the girl from the first pregnancy which is swapping. Now, having had a sister had been is the good man here. The man who was killed the son who was killed, had a sister who was not so beautiful, meanwhile, that when of Parveen, which is the one who killed heavy, his sister, his twin was extremely beautiful. Carville refused to marry that one of heaven.

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And he said, No, I want to marry my twin because she's more beautiful than the twin of heavy and both of them want to add him and he said, I'm the father to basically arbitrate.

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Adam alayhis salam told them, offer a sacrifice to Allah subhanho wa Taala. If your sacrifice is accepted, then we can go ahead and you can marry your twin and have you will marry his twin. If it is not accepted, then we're going to stick to the rules that we already have in existence.

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So, copy leads to be a farmer had been used to be a shepherd happy having chosen or chose the best sheep he has and he offered it as a sacrifice to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Calvin picked up some of his harvest, which is the Malaysian says not a quality one, and you offered it to Allah subhanho wa Taala assigned at the time for a sacrifice to be accepted that

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Fire will come down from the sky and burn the sacrifice. Even when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to Venezuela. They told him in Allaha Elena, Allah Mina de la su Lin had a tea before bed in coluna. We are used not to believe in any messenger or to believe to any messenger unless he offers a sacrifice that will be burned by the fire that will come down from

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the sky. So, the sign then for a sacrifice to be accepted was a physical sign was a physical sign, and it ends up burning the item or the object that was sacrificed. Now, the sacrifice of of heavy was accepted, but the sacrifice of coffee was rejected. What happened to Habib brothers and sisters in Islam? In the he invaded his brother, Paula portolan neck color in Taco Bell Allahu minalima talking, he threatened his brother. And this is something that is haram in Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala says whoever makes his brother fear in this dunya I will make him fear in the day for the Russian brothers and sisters in Islam. Look at the attitude of having very peaceful

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he told his brother

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la betsoft de la caja de Cali taco tolani

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La Cali upon to lock in me a call from La Bella and I mean, in the UI do taboo. If me What if Mika takuna Minh

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warning me your Allah what a compassionate brother righteous one. He's telling his brother, if you extend your hand to kill me, I'm not gonna fight you. Look, he's trying to get the best out of his brother. He's reminding him to feel Allah subhana wa Tada. He is trying to, to cast into his heart, the compassion for him. He's telling him if you threaten me with killing, I will not come back to you. I will not get back to you in need redo and taboo. Why I'm doing I feel a loss of Hannah went on in the audio do unto me What if Nick? I want you to bear the sin of killing me.

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And you sin, the sin of your sacrifice not being accepted for the coolness having now what alakija obala mean? And then you're gonna end up to be at one of the hellfire. And this is the punishment of those who are transgressing. Brothers and sisters in Islam in spite of this compassionate reaction of hubby to his brother, yet yet brothers and sisters in Islam, Papa Luna fu

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t putana whoo ha ha Amina call Siri. Remember the enemy the first enemy than us. His knifes prompted him, allowed him why the envy brothers and sisters in Islam to kill his brother.

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And he ended up killing him and he became amongst the losers.

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Let's take a short break brothers and sisters in Islam and come back and find out what happened to have been uncovered. The two sons of Adam a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. There is only one God, the

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Lord about the earth and sky who knows all the answers to why there is only one God