Ebrahim Bham – Hadrat Bilal RA

Ebrahim Bham
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I'm somebody like to ask them for salat wa salam ala Mala Ji about

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a mother who follows I'm gonna show you Tony what

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he Yeah, I'm actually not gonna tell you

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what Johanna Kosovo works

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for in our grammar community, nobody has power come in Allah

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says Allah will Isaac,

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my dear respected elders and brothers from time to time we speak about different Sahaba different great personalities of the past to be inspired and motivated by the noble and great life to be the sahabi and the personality I would like to speak about this someone today is no Muslim.

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Whenever we hear his name for days a swell of admiration and love that comes into our heart by hearing his name and that is none other than as a Bilal Radi Allahu

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belagavi Allah Who that I'm who showed us that how much we need to sacrifice for the sake of the lead. He sacrificed for the sake of the deal is legendary. He also demonstrated that there is no class or race barrier that can prevent the person from reaching the pinnacle of achievements and the pinnacle of heights. You can reach the greatest of heights through the means of your dedication and your resolute resoluteness, and there is no class for any barrier that can stop you reaching perfection. He also was a manifestation of Islam stands on racial equality. had extra safety viremia I'm Bianca champion Kaimuki. Nagercoil Mustermann was cannamd Zuken sonically

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known concerns Okay, was Qasemi Grammy apne. I think he attended min demand. My sous Naka down here has it been as a viola who

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he was amongst those who was born 10 years after the moon. He was born again years after proper to the power levels and the occurrence

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of a very interesting aspect of his history. His mother was known as Hamama Hamama. This father was

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his father was a black African slave. Now the mother, very amazingly, something that while I was reading came to also look at when Abraham came from Yemen to come and destroy the Kaaba. Then his mother was also part of that was taken captive. And she became a Muslim thereafter she, she, she was amongst those that you know,

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I'm not sure with regard to the Muslim but she was taken captive at that particular time when the Abrahamic imbue the conquer and destroy, or use attempt to destroy the karma and the Tula and because of this, because she was taken into captivity, the courageous to turn it loose soda, the son of a slave and the son of a black African slave, that was used to be taunted with that particular dawn. And when our beloved returning to Allah Azza wa sallam gave the Dawa, towards Islam, has it been out of your mouth, no was among the first to accept Islam. And it was something that was absolutely amazing that those people who are oppressed normally when Islam came, they were the first

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people to accept Islam.

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Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam, Islam Nick Yato as a beloved the Allah who must do monitoring which is a subset parallel to enter wall Islam, shoo,

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shoo, shoo Artemisia Sakura Walid Misaka, he was among the first to accept Islam. Well, I must say among the first nine to accept Islam. One amongst them was as a beloved, will you allow that? And it's amazing that the people who are oppressed, they immediately found a situation of protection in Islam, or our journey to really something that we are not doing. Why is it that the oppressed people of the world don't find, you know, Serko and protection within us. But then, of course, in the beginning stages of Islam, those people who are oppressed immediately they accepted Islam. So hello, Bill Alleria lauten was amongst those who accepted Islam in the very beginning and you

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No, it is amazing that after he accepted Islam, it seems that the people of Croatia wanted to make an example of him

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wanting to pursue them or suitable for her.

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They started torturing him and persecuted him, because he had no family background. He had no protection. You don't want to accept him, and they don't want to assist him. So they tried to make an example of him different types of oppression and persecution. First, they kept him without water. They tied him up, they kept him with a hot Arabian sun, you can imagine how difficult it was no water for several days. And then to make it even more difficult, they put some water on his chest, which he cannot reach, very difficult for him. Then when that did not deter him, they told him, don't renounce Islam, just speak good about our idols. And as a beloved he allowed us will say, I

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had one I had a had a hand only the one

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CPA wouldn't use going to pursue certain cognitive our dude, I said, belagavi Allah Who that I will kiss the band Mr. serums.

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Who used to say, then they let the hoodlums loose according they told the people take him and beat him. To what extent will you i external, to the extent that you will do whatever you want, and they used to beat him, and they used to drag him through the streets of Makkah. And this used to reverberate on the streets of Bangkok is called of 100 100 100. And then what they did was, they put on it put him on a desert, they put a huge boulder on his chest, and they kept him like that, and they beat him and they kept him like that without water. And while all this was done, he never ever showed any type of doubt with regard to Imaan in your theme of delight, he must have told me about

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them you should say anyone who was beaten and persecuted showed some signs of pain but as it Bilal never showed any signs of pain in front of his persecutors a pathological yet Nikhil, when they couldn't break him up, then they start alright, let us now sell him. So many I mean, you have his master, told as a woodworker who said, come and sell him to me, why are you persecuting him? So he said, and he thought that he will not accept Ken will be of gold temple.

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They used to be dyrham Dinantian. And then

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there was a higher percentage of gold in that particular coin 10 gold coins, then gold coins. And then when I google currency alone, we accepted and paid him out of showing to bring down the Allahu Turan who you know, to show that he is not very, you know, very respected in my sight. He told us that

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even if we had given me one day, give me one dinner, I would have given him to you. If it was 802 Maybe was based on a stick of cookie cutter.

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So as a MOBA could make what is a woman because

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if you would have asked me for 100 gold coins, I'm already given you 100 gold coins.

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You said that you are here, if you would have asked me 100 gold coins.

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This was a beloved woman have you allowed them I used to say Abu Bakr was our master, who freed our master

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woodworker was our master, who freed began our master, calling a black Africans sleep our master

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to help you want to hear about a secret, universal data. African America we do we have this we have racial and class barriers which have permeated our societies. Therefore we cannot progress. This was Islamic is best. So as a beloved of your Lautaro you know God freely and then Allah subhana wa Tada granted him such great, you know, respect and honor when he used to be the gatekeeper of our beloved reoccurring Salah lucidum. He used to look after the battle model, the Viet crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam Did you have a two month does it philosophy Allah hotel Okay, Marty Mehta. He used to be the one who used to give the charity on behalf of our beloved and he called him saucer. He used to come

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and wake up earlier Kareem salsa in Madina Munawwara for the future he used to come every number has to see the Vietnam Salah when he was selling his in the house and then he used to ask maybe a cream sauce permission

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you know to give us an

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so it hasn't been allowed to the became the gatekeeper. Even when the VA cream saucer was alone and one takes the solitude only beloved he allowed us to garden he was never to be

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in Madina Munawwara he made

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a creamy salad while he was still on wanting to know how to give the call for us and how to give the call for prayer.

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It may be occurring Salah when your Salam and other people showed the dream that you must give the other man with these words Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Allah Allah is Allah. So Nebia Karim salat wa salam then called upon as it belongs with the Allah who give the Assam he became the blessing of our beloved creator in Salah while he was Salam setaria Libya Khimsar Allahu alayhi wa sallam said as it Bilal suffer or hazard misapprehend the VA crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam is that in the Chronicle? The VA crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam can be tomorrow. Get your man had put him attack him later. Or a subset Bella was in Colombia, maybe a turning source from Komatsu.

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So maybe I tell him so allow yourself after he came, this is from Allah subhanho wa Taala how to give the call for prayer, maybe a Kareem Salah while he was still important, beloved, the Allah to give the Azhar and there was so much of wisdom. Yes. Firstly, the wisdom was amongst many other things was that hasn't been able to be allowed to to make so much sacrifices for the sake of the story I shared with

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substance Gerona major and it was Kibera I shall do Allah Allah in Allah Khaled Kobani to Nebia himself Salman Cobra CONCACAF as

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he gave him the to give the call for Assad. And then he had a very beautiful voice. And one very important point we known as a Bilal actually, he was from ever Celia. But although he was dark in complexion, people say that hasn't beloved the ultimate was extremely handsome. And he had a look on his face, that when he used to be amongst people, he used to stand out because of his attractiveness and hence surplus and is known. And it's not only as a philosophy of our clan who came from Africa who was a Muslim, there is a book that has been published by the German

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eminent personalities and eminent Sahaba from the African continent.

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Many people who came from Africa who amongst the Sahaba it goes to our beloved three extreme Salah while he was serving so as their beloved the Allah terminal was amongst them, so maybe a crimson Allah while he was still don't want him to give the Athan and he used to give the other you noted he said with regard to

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as a blogger the allowed to do used to come many times as Yara salaam was a give us and then we are Kareem salsa we should tell you

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all below give us give us comfort quick if the US omit the Sunday day as an assembly or dynamic segment assembly Mr. W occurring so seldom used too many times you say oh biller would give the call for sorry, we we are we want to be big communication with our Allah subhanaw taala we want to be comforted. I make the Stanley Chaya Jackson as I'm dead. So as a beloved you allow us to give the call and used to give the exam and it will give you and tell you something about unique with regard to racism later on in the in the in the talk inshallah has the ability to be used to be to be criticized in all the battles in whether there was an amazing incident that he came into contact

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with his master. Now, although we may even have was given protection in butter. Money as a biller say I don't accept this protection. Either he stays alive why stay alive, both of us won't come out of this particular battle alive. And look at the poetic justice in better as a beloved the Allahu Turon who killed his former master

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he stayed with our beloved Kareem Salah while he was sent up all the time. One special quality of as a beloved the Allah who won the interview he saw slimtone Immobilien telling me what actually you have done the pleases

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what action did you do that America is so pleased with you. I put your head up now. I'm Alberto just keep

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pushing to

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to settle below. I saw in Jana, I saw your footsteps in Jana. Many active pow Qian. Janet Missoni up Kathy Oh, just to

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whom the magma.

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What is the action that we have done that we have? It's such a great state that your footsteps are heard in Ghana. So the build up of your auto said, Yeah, I can't think of anything other than one thing. I always remained what

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my BA was. And whenever I make

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So the whole day I was in the moment I was will break and make another puzzle. And I need to record numbers. So I'm all the time in a state of spiritual preparedness. And as preached state of spirituality, because I'm all the time in whom every time I make was

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such an easy one, but such a great status. Then, of course, at the time of the photographer, you know, there are different methods there are different people who had special situations. But there was a day of us at Amazon as an alternative. Wuhan was the day of that happy domain to learn

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And the fact that monka was a DOP

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but I'm not gonna

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let the acronym so slim liberated and compact Maka Nebia crimson lotus and I'm told below, stand up on the roof of the cover and give us

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GABA to check to open up Carrie welcome.

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And he stood up on the top and gave that as you know as a biller is an amazing, unique distinction. The first person to give us an in but in a one on one in mastery, number one, the first person to give us an in Kaaba and Baitullah after it was liberated. So pelota by the first person to give us run in Makkah after liberation after Fatah, and the first person to give as an in between

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when the Sahaba came here, when you might might not matter in the first person but among the first people to give us up, first of all, give us

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when you stood on the top, I gave it Assad, the people of Makkah couldn't take it. How could he take it because they were people who had, you know, racism in them today?

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Is better documented? What is the integral Olga is covered? Is it was placed inside the black African state to sit on the top I'll give it a call to action. How is this possible? And they all made silly comments. How could Allah subhanahu wa taala you know, allow this to happen. And that's $100 in particular occasion reveal the verse you will notice in our Filipina for military junta, which I'll have to show but what

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we have created people in different races and tribes for the sake of identification not for the sake of superiority.

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to bloom on a Utah has it beloved enough to Allah subhanho wa Taala 100 Deuce Lococo to motif Kabyle nem motori frontman OmniVision

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to haruf Killian naughty poultry Killian for the sake of identification.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala shown one of the greatest harms of racism is you think that Allah has made a mistake in his creation.

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When you say that this person is not right or this person is wrong or this person is not is something wrong with him because of his color. You are saying that Allah made a mistake. Who are you to say Allah made a mistake Allah never make a mistake in his creation. Who are you to say a person with a particular race or a particular color? He is He is something that is wrong or is inherently evil. You are saying Allah Tala million mistake

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How dare you say such a thing? Do your guru Kattegat you notice karanga to walk Sadie Yeah, welcome, welcome saving to yet you Yucatec Allah subhanaw taala level Tiki Allah, I'm guessing.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala granted him that great status, that he stood on the karma and gave a Dharma and the poor fossa. And then he was amongst the people who was with our beloved Kareem Salah while he was still until they had mentioned his made that he threw water on the grave of our beloved near him so still have to perform one of the last rites of the funeral of our beloved Livia cream sauce, and he threw water on the cover of the new saucer. And then of course, after that, when the time came to give the poll of Azzam after the Eclipse also been passed away, he couldn't give the code up.

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He said Allahu Akbar Allah when he came to share Wanda Muhammad Rasul Allah, he started writing so much because that day whenever he used to session whenever

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you seem to be a dream source in a panic now when he saw this there's no W occurring so awesome board Mushkin said he completed the

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most Guillain Barre difficulty computers and after that he told us about never ever looked us manager. I can't give us an because every time I come to a show one Rasulullah I will be thinking of our beloved sorcerer, he asked us

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for permission let me go out in jihad. He went out in jihad. They left Medina because of the memories after six months

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is already occurring. Literally

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1000s of Sahaba went out of Mecca Medina, no one saw Audrey

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quad messianic. As a beloved contributor you saw some quiet memory.

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It belong in here, they will find it you're available within six months. You have not come to see me and you could have stayed out.

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So they belong immediately traveled to Madina Munawwara nama said he didn't stop for anything other than relieving himself instead, he came to Medina

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and when he came here really taken his view, you know, undertaking that he will not give us our Sahaba No.

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He said No, I'm not gonna give it to me.

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In Copenhagen, I said I will say you can

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up a marina Nana Killian as Uncle dated to her mother

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used to give us and for my grandfather, give us all for us. Only on the request of the grand children of Libya Kareem salsa became as

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and when he said as Shadow Erna, Mohammad Rasool Allah.

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The whole Medina started crying. Even the woman who were in their homes in Puerto, they came out of their homes, as if recording the days when our beloved when he was selling was alive. And they all cried, all of them came out. This was so beloved, once one afternoon he gave us on one more time, it made him look desperate human of your mouth and who was with the Sahaba over 20,000 Sahaba who had conquered, you know, Jerusalem. He told him to give us a day or two and he gave us a everyone cry. It's called children. So as it belongs to the Nakuru was almost attached to the reoccurring sauce from the moment people saw him the moment he said anything the moment he read as people recall our

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beloved to be a cream sauce. And that's the way you know, he passed away also in that particular way. The day he was passing away. Then his wife was saying, Wow, what did they have the sadness you are departing? It looks like you are going to leave. And what was he saying? Wow, for a Ha, I'm so happy. Tomorrow. I'm going to meet my my Debbie. I'm going to meet up I'm going to meet my companions of Libya Kareem salsa, she was saying he was happy. And in that particular way as our beloved the Allahu Turnell passed away Subhanallah he's buried in barbed Bible Seville in Damascus. He is such a great personality, so much of lessons that we learned from his life. May Allah subhanho

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wa Taala Give us the update of the Sahaba the level of the Sahaba and more important the literal love is no beautiful incident that we hear with regard to it is not only for us to be emotionally involved, emotionally we feel you know, moved by this particular incidents we need to learn these lessons lessons of racial equality lessons of I just give the example of how he read the state of his footsteps been heard in Jannah by being in a state of Buzu all the time, and the sacrifice for the sake of the Dean of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala as a result of people make an album

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