Ebrahim Bham – Backbiting – A Major Sin

Ebrahim Bham
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hungry love

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and Hamdulillah he was Serrata was salam ala Mallanna V Avada

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Amara Ruffo Villa Humana shaytani R rajim. Bismillahi Rahmani Rafi who ally of the gods will come back.

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Are you a hippo? hydrocone AR cola left Murphy made fuckery como. What taco law? Allah

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says Allah will awesome

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My dear respected elders and brothers

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amongst the favors that Allah has granted us. One of the most amazing and great favors is that of the tongue

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and the communication with other people. Allah Tala in the Holy Quran says colorful inside a llama will by Allah. We created humankind and we taught him by and we taught him speech. We taught him how to speak to another person. This tongue in the speech is one of the greatest favors of Allah. It is a greatest name but but yet amazingly, it is also one of the greatest test. There are so many good deeds that are dependent upon the tongue. We cannot become Muslims. Until we profess the Kadima worth our time. I'm Erbil maruf Nafion in Boonton, advising people making seeker of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. All of these is to do with a time but yet at the same time, many of the common

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and many of the great Gunas incense that we covered, it's also because of the tongue. So the tongue is a double edged sword. It can bring about great goodness and it can create a great amount of fitna and this is the reality Subhan Allah Tala ki baat but

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they can use kiss outside egg but i NT Han or Abdullah Islam Zubaan SIP punch Neverland, Roxanne se but sneaky 13 Allah Tala Nicaea or Smith says sepsis yada and Roksanda sub set of set of fairies. Okay, but now out of all the Gunas and sins of the tongue,

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one of the most serious

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and one of the most harmful in terms of the consequences is rebut

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backbiting gossiping

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and today despite the fact that everyone says his bed

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everyone says they don't partake in it. Everyone says they are distanced from it. But everyone enjoys it everyone who is partaking it. To this extent even people who are

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pious are not saved from this particular guna insulin. Her a caretaker Jenna we get the butt naked Natalia booty butter, they can join a Cebu smuggler was Jada gammon Santo Hammond son, John EcoCAR. Here will be Will Smith.

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The first thing that we start off when we speak about the Hebrew Backbiting is what is the definition and you will be surprised and we speak about the definition. Can you find it here now what we are thinking that is not the ribbon this is also part of

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the vehicle you saw Selim was asked at the Gruner Mala Reba sobs asked me this awesome as a suburb you know what is given a copper tire.

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So they said aligners are SunOS best. So that is awesome, said Vic Ruka. Hawk Pima Yatra to speak something about your brother. If he comes to know about it, he will just like

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maybe a cut himself from the Sahaba say puja PCAP Papa Heba ahead to allow us will better than to maybe record himself himself as a part can be a play by kebari Man agroscope potential J twos corporality.

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So then immediately the question comes, you know, Jana Sula. If what we are saying is true, Hunter Kerry was searching, whatever we are saying is true. We know that the person is doing this doing this doing this and it makes speaking better about him.

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Is that given that how many times you and I will say but I I spoke I told him, I know is a truth. So the VA claims are awesome said if it is the truth, it is backbiting and there's such a

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To the better, if it is not the truth, then it is both done for cut perhaps, then you have slandered him, which is worse than backbiting. To speak the truth about the wrongdoings of someone to speak, the truth about the bed of someone is rebut and backbiting, jovial and this is not only confined to speech, it includes even making the Sharrah even even indicating one of the whys of Nebia Kareem Salah Salem, while indicating to another wife made mention that she is short, she is short.

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So maybe I can install some said you have done such an such a deed, if it was mixed in the ocean, it was quite in the ocean. It was boil the ocean. So even indicating to someone that is also Hebrew. And Hebrew, it will include speaking about the errors of a person, the guna of a person, the sin of a person, the bed habits of a person, his appearance, and he doesn't like you must refer to that appearance. So we say he's gotten very fat, all of a sudden, have you seen he's got all of a sudden very fit. Or he's gone very wealthy, and he's become very proud and arrogant. And saying you something about his appearance, or about his family. This particular family comes from a village

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which is not very high.

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And he doesn't like that. Or you call a person by his his situation that he doesn't like, like, for example, the key word.

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If a person doesn't like it, the person whom you are referring to, it's easy, but because he doesn't like it.

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So can you imagine the widespread definition which you and I perhaps in our gentler conversation, nearly every aspect is crippled.

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So just imagine what how he but he's become so, so common in our situation. And this is the aspect and the definition of evil. And then in today's time, he becomes even more serious because of social media. So if you put something once personally, we had to talk to someone and tell him something, therefore it became only between people who we spoke to now you put something in social media that reaches more the good is more. That is why you will see Facebook, for example, Facebook has forbidden and limited the times or number of times you can forward messages. Why because of the harms it causes. In our WhatsApp groups previously, you could take a message and you could sell it

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to 100 people. Then they brought it down to 20 people now we can only set it to five. Why? Because the harms of social media so much. Now all of a sudden this becomes a situation even to listen to, even to listen is a Buddha and his

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and Mr. Mayo. Dr. Ben oh come to listen to the but it's also part of the month. There was one of our great scholars Mamoon APCR anyone spoke rebirth in his present he says stop. Will Amma have written if someone speaks he but in your present it's your duty to stop him. If you can't stop him, walk away from the gallery.

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This is the this is a ruling. And Palama in the series actually says one day I said something which I felt was very insignificant to a person. Because of that Allah put that upon me. I became a cruise. Many diseq of blue fleece ca discovered sa makers Darbhanga just by me saying cuffless That you are bankrupt person because of that Allah Allah made me Allah made me that I had tremendous amount of debts. This is the harm. Therefore in the Quran, Allah Allah says, Are you hippo? A yaku Mahaffy he made that

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you are eating the flesh of your dead brother. First of all to eat the flesh of something dead. Immediately. It is something Republic. This is us eating the flesh of your dead brother. This is a divot Are you a hippo gossip person hang up there. By Kimbo dar ghost up Kai was Kim was an alternative.

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And let me tell you something very important. The root cause Salvin Abdullah, one of our great scholars said, if you want to stop yourself from rebirth, stop yourself from suspicion.

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The greatest one

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One of the greatest ways of stopping yourself from ribbon is stopping yourself from Shell ribbon. Or how we say, hey Dalma Conroy, you know, wherever the smoke is fire, so we we we bring suspicion, Allah Allah says in the baptism the suspicion is gonna answer. So today you make suspicion, there must be something in something two plus two is level, no more two plus two is five.

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Two plus two is level. So this is the root cause. Now why does Allah Allah take such a strong stance against Lippard?

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To score 200 It knew what he did to add Quran or Hadith to rebut kibarim at what he did to him, let us look at some of those particular aspects. One of it What am I have said, the transferal of your good deeds. When you make the bid of someone and I've given you the definition, you speak badly about someone, whatever good deeds of yours it will go to the person whom you are making a bit of his evil these will come upon you according to the addict. So can you imagine the person whom you detest, and you are making Ebert about he is taking your good deeds. I was disabled Korea, or who have been neki or up in Natick or Katrina, who later to record I've been able to adjust. This is one

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of the one of the arms secondly

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nebbia Kareem saw Selim one day pass the cover.

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And maybe a cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the people of this cover this person is getting a gap in the cover or you aggravate him in Korea. And he's not getting a gap for something that is a very great son, something that he could have avoided. One is he was not careful about his Uriel is tinjauan A naked Islam was called.

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And the second thing there are two rewires imagine rewired because

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he is getting punishment in the cupboard because of backbiting others in one addict makes mention of an amoeba and may basically it's very similar similar amoeba means carrying tales from one person to the other to make him fight and as expert people like that in our community,

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expert people go to another person do you know what that person said? Did he come back and tell you Do you know what he said? And this is the vehicle himself some sit here keep as an

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umbrella with you take the tales of one mother getting deals. This is also part of the but second reason the means of the punishment of the cover. Third, third reason to pass Hermia everyone has got false who is there that isn't evidence other than there'll be

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a and the Sahaba were Mahfouz they were protected and we surpass me everyone has got false now how is it that you have got false take pleasure in speaking about the faults of others aka Hammerhead leaking out do sneaky hammy okay bye

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bye up the habit common political detail. So when you Air Force How do you find it within you to speak about the faults of others?

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This is also one of the reasons why Islam is prohibited by it and then if everyone has false How do you deal with the faults of others? Do sneaky family or granade up historicity to maybe a cream sauce kya el momento murottal movement? A believer is a mirror for another believer now what does it matter to when you put yourself in front of the mirror? Mara doesn't go and tell the entire world okay this person has got this particular fault there is a there is a mark here on his on his chest there is a mark on his chest there is something here there is a black mark on his there's a birthmark here tomorrow doesn't tell anyone the murder shows you your faults. It shows you your

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cruise, it shows you your cat but he doesn't make mention of it in front of anyone. In a similar manner. If you see the force of someone a PCT gonna go take a burger Kasich accommodated to

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chapter 20 was killed Nishan the increment is unique and unique kneecaps up to some ninja battery, juice, coconut juice, okay, now

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what would you do?

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How is it possible? How How does it make sense that the person who's got the fault you don't go and speak to him? We don't address it with him and you can tell the whole world how someone has so beautifully said if you see a faulty me tell me don't go and tell the world. The world has got nothing to do with a fault. They don't have to correct it. I got to correct it. So try it rather than vilify guide rather than fully fine. So that's the third reason The fourth reason is since when did Allah make you the guardian of other people's

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cup see Allah

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and Allah do sneaky

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When I will

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do sneaky Latin apps it puts me Portugal Tiamat kitty, and no one asked me on the day of Yarmouth. Why so and so made Gura Allah want to ask you, and not only her for

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years year two animals who Kathy's metabo Quran musica for my mama and daddy in Bucha. Allah has not made you a person who looks after the faults of others. Why are you why are you worried about the faults of others worry about your own faults. Someone has very beautifully said today.

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Log Allah Siddhartha do slow kick banality what's happening?

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Today people are afraid of Allah with regard to the sins of others, not their own faults. You Allah you afraid about other people,

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and not about your own corners.

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And Allah didn't make you you know, the guardian of other people's faults. And I don't want to ask you why this person committed false. So if you have to see someone, then you have to guide rather than vilify. To see someone's faults, you go and speak to him. You don't go in, you know, per smitch his character and reputation. Then another reason why Islam has taken such a strong stance against rebirth is Allah does not like

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the publicizing in speaking about evil.

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Letters a nine letter lacunae person, Keough, Johanna guna Kibera Mojacar SIPTU somni Bianca,

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la your hip Bula Giada de su immunol Kol Illa

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Allah does not like the publicizing of evil except the person who is wrong and I will come to that and another place in the Holy Quran. In Medina your hip bone Anta she Alpha hisher fillerina ham and hula hula muda when it won't fit dunya Well,

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whoever likes to publish publicize immorality. Whoever likes to publicize immorality, for him is a severe chastisement and punishment in the soil in the yard.

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again and we would like it to notice only at such and such a thing. He may be walking around like this and affair and counterfeit. Allah doesn't like it. If you tell someone that he has done something like that we have to pro produce for witnesses, otherwise you wouldn't be punished in Islam. And that doesn't like because the more we speak about evil the more evil becomes rife. My dear respected elders and brothers This is the there are certain exceptions when you can speak about the evil of another person but these are exception. Chen sh is a healthy Smith Kushner could go Jewish. He can get good Jaintia as a Muslim as a cell Muslim he hated it but haram um general

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changes and up to some nuclei on a khaki aycliffe tighter, Maryland Pisoni their Hambidge to agar was kebari ML to push pata. Pata Aditya if you know about a person someone comes to you and said, This boy has proposed to my daughter Do you know anything about the boy now in that particular situation Elmo special room autoimmune, you can make mention with regard to it, but only to that person or to anyone because he has come to ask you and someone has wronged you, someone who is oppressing you so you can go not to everyone yeah which is me. Go to the person who can do something about oppression go to the authorities go to someone who's got influence. So there are these

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exceptions but I won't make mentioned because the real thing It is haram and the most important thing my the respect of others, Allah Tala, when we start mismatching and speaking about the honor of other people, and we degrade and we bring down the honor and dignity of people. This is very, very serious. That biting tarnishes people's reputation and kill the dignity. It implants the seeds of hate and grudge amongst people. That hypocrisy. locater is Alana deer, who smell will Pamela

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or orange Semaj Mayer at our Berta and because of that in the community, there is graduate self hatred, they will never ever be peace they will never ever be will happen, they will have never been loved. They will never be an atmosphere an environment of good in a community where backbiting becomes common. This is a reality with regard to and if anyone's reputation is addressed Nemea Corinthos limits it whenever you see a person reputation being mismatched. If you protect it, Allah will protect your reputation on the day of cabinet. So these are the some of the harms that we make mention off with regard to the limit as a whole make a firm commitment inshallah. But nickering

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Inshallah, we'll try and stay away from it because it is tremendous repercussions for us in this world and in the yard.

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It was good

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