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There's a humble request wherever there is a place in front please come in front and fill in the gaps. So people they after don't have to come over our next come in front Jazakallah mega one effort Come Come closer brothers, Kamala

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and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah he Allah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Cyril ambia. He wouldn't want to say who he was. He was celebrity Sleeman kathira because he wrote a module for the villa. Tony rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Mohammed Al rasuluh law when levena who I should

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ohama sakala, who loves him, respected elders and brothers. In last week's talk. We spoke about the facilitation virtue and some aspects of the life of hazard alley. raviolo dalla is a very great human being in someone we can learn many lessons from his mobile can bless his life. And last week we spoke about aspects of his life. In the time of our beloved Nivea creams, Allahu alayhi wa sallam obviously, has a little Yamaha Tron who was very close to our beloved Nivea cream sauce. The son in law of maybe a cream sauce, the cousin of Nivea cream sauce alum. He grew up in the house of nebbia cream sauce. The circumstances behind that we had made mentioned that why he grew up in the house of

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Nivea creme sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Due to this closeness, maybe a cream sauce Allah gave him special attention when the people of Yemen asked for someone to teach them deal and to administer the affairs nebia Kareem saw Salaam sent her a little dlo

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to Yemen. And he made him the administrator and he gave him valuable advice. One advice Allah villatoro said, I remembered for the rest of my life, something that you and I can always benefit from. He said, Oh Ali, whenever you dispute your arbitrate, and you make a decision between two people about any decision, then do not make a decision until you hear both the parties. Many times you and I will make this mistake we are one party we started to make our decision. No, you cannot make a decision until you hear both parties. You cannot make any judgment until you're both parties has a little yellow cream sauce for Maya YALI are going to quit tomorrow pass geographica Don't get

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me on fessler mud karna jeptha apne

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was waka fest

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and because of this closeness, because of this closeness towards the end of our beloved Nivea cream sauce, limbs life Olivia Loudon was the one who nursed and who looked after Nivea cream sauce lemon is sickness. And because of his closeness, after nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wasallam passed away as a leader of the ultimo is the one who was involved in the coffin, and who even went down into the cover. To bury our beloved via Kareem said Allahu Allah wa sallam. They were for people who went down into the cover has a little yellow Tron, who has it further been a bus pass and a bus of the allowed. I know for people who went down into the cover of heavier cream sauce, and a little

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mountain who says an amazing thing he said, you know, after a person passes away, the certain type of changes after he passes away when he's when he has passed on. He said nebbia Kareem saw Selim looked beautiful, both in life and in death, via Kareem saw some

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Zindagi maybe or maybe he looked beautiful both in life and in death. Now according to the wishes of our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum, let me a Creme De La Hoya he was Salam had given a Shara indication that after his death, I will walk around the mountain who must be the first Khalifa when Libya Kareem Jocelyn was ill and he could not perform the Salah, then Libya cream sauce in total and gave the command that a worker the amount of

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No must give and become the Imam when someone suggested that let it be Omar because Abu Bakar cries easily. So now via Kareem sauce Islam said, Let it be Abu Bakar because Allah and His Rasool and the believers will not accept anyone is a leader other than our worker the amount No one must accept the leader because we want our worker to be the halifa. So over the allotted when he became the halifa Alireza loutra, who submitted to that, and he gave him full support, Oliver villatoro gave all the hula far complete and complete support. Alina de lado de mom polyphaga Saqqara hair, or such a deal 70 Hema T, and many examples with regard to this, that we have to keep in mind that they were very,

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very close between Olivia molteno and our karate ultra. And, you know, just to give you a few examples I can I don't have much time, we have limited time. And it is such a limited time to see we speak about such a great personality when Abu Bakr villatoro you know, because of the fitna and the trials. You know, when it came to the people who did not want to give the cat

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the lotto took a view that I'm going to make jihad against them. Because if today someone objects against the cat, tomorrow someone will object against Hamas, it will be what will what would be left of the so this other Sahaba initially did not understand latos wisdom. So abubaker became angry and said, If you people won't go and make and make jihad against them, I will commit jihad against them. And he walked out of the gathering and literally allowed to know went after him. And when he was on his conveyance Alivia Latino said, Abubakar, wait, don't go we already traumatized by the death of

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drew traumatize us even further do not traumatize us and if any further You know what,

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this shows how close they were that one day was speaking to his you know his student and said man as Janice Oh people who is the most brave of people. So people said you are brave. You are known for your bravery you name is hater and, you know fulfill car and all of these beautiful Hader and he had this he is new known for his bravery. He said no, I was not brave, brave was a co worker. And he gave many examples in the life of our worker Vilalta. No. And you know three examples amongst that he gave I'll just give you one. He said at a time when the via cream sauce lamb in the initial stages of prophethood, when a cream sauce from told people to accept Islam, they did not accept him.

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And they persecuted Libya, Kareem saw cinnamon, and on one occasion, they were taking the life of a saucer and they were strangling him. We all knew about it. But we couldn't do anything because we were weak. And every worker came to know about it. He came running and he separated the people from the via cream sauce from did not allow them to strangle them via cream sauce. He was hit in the process. And he told the people I talked to Ron fuller Bella, are you gonna kill a person because he says Allah is my Lord. How can you do such a thing? Are you going to kill a person because he says Allah is my Lord. And this was how I was a little theologian who spoke highly about Abu Bakr radi

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Allahu anhu.

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And then, he used to say that whenever we hasten towards any good deed, iwakura villalta No, always used to take and he used to beat us towards that good deed on the death of our karate allow on the door of our karate allow our door on his on his door of his house. Literally Yamato gave a remarkable sermon. And one of the aspects in a sermon he said, I would not love to meet my Allah with a book of deeds of any other person, other than the person who has now died. I would like to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala with Anoma Yama and the book of deeds of this person, so much love and respect he had for him. And what he had made mentioned that when Kiva

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aka Mera Naam, Amal kisi, Olszewski, Tara, Buddha nature, yeah. So why is just key gene therapy, we're fat we're

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over karate ultra, and literally a lot of us who say, love for me, and hatred for Abu Bakr and Omar can never gather in the heart of the believer. And this was how maybe a little yellow two was was

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the same it was was as an omen of the Ultron who then became the alpha in a similar manner. There was this type of

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respect and great amount of consideration for one another over curvy mountain also had the very same type of respect for lithium. Otto. He used to tell me said you are more closer to me than my own relatives, because you are the relative of the nephew of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala

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karate ultimos wife a smart into mace, nursed as a Fatima the Allahu taala during her sickness at the time of Hazzard Fatima Ravi Ultron has death at the time of the janaza aleria matano. Put avocado tomato in front that you perform the janazah of my wife. This was how close they were. And such it was what as an owner of the allow Tran, who has frequently used to consult was literally allowed to do because of his wisdom, because of his greatness, because of his, you know, great amount of element knowledge that he had. He made him in charge of Madina munawwara on many occasions, when he had to leave Madina munawwara he made a lithium ion who in charge of Madina,

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munawwara and many times when O'Meara Yamato used to give sometimes, you know, a decision alira deal often on one or two occasions corrected that decision. And he said you made this decision, but this is my view, and omonoia loutra retracted his view, because of your mouth and who's Matura and this Maxim became very famous in Arabic It is used in Arabic grammar. When Omar has a lot of news to say, Lola de la Kamara if it was not Farley

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many occasions I don't have the time he went to three, you know, decisions.

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And he came to know about it. Meaning you have given this decision. This is my view. And Omarosa say Lola Leon Liana coma, if it was not family, who would have got destroyed, this was how they hate this respect. And it was also mutual. So you find that alira, the Allahu taala, on whom, you know, one day just to give another example, as a one day

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as a woman

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who said, Why don't you come and visit me more often? Why don't you come and visit me more often? So he said, inshallah we'll come. So one day, Omar Hussein, Tommy, and then after a while he saw he went away. So we met him again. So Hussein, you are on your way to meet me what happened? Who me Romanian I came there. I saw prominent people at your door. I saw your door I saw in your home or at your door. And I feel that they are not going to get a chance to meet me Romanian we are going to get a chance. So Omar said you are the grandson of Navy.

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When you come our live everyone. Don't worry who is at my door. When you come I will leave everyone to meet with you.

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Also had that same amount of respect. So when why he had a very old joopa oma a very old jumper. So one day someone said you are wearing this jumper for so many years. You are wearing the stupa for so many years, why don't you change it? He said it was given to me. It was given to me by my friend Omar. That's why I keep it with me. That is why I keep it with me. When Omar Ali really allowed to travel towards you know, he went to Iraq. Presently Iraq is a place called medallion that used to be the seat of the Persian Empire. So there used to be a very great palace. So someone told me when he was there, he was a halifa Why don't you go and stay in sleep in this particular palace or go and

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see it. So he said an amazing thing. He said, Omar didn't go

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in emulation of him. I also know Omar didn't go, therefore I also won't go. You know, he gave his daughter who may consume in nikka, Marathi ultra, he gave his daughter who may consume in nikka, Marathi ultra No, no. us to say this is so valuable to me. Because there is no one I would like to get married to them to get married into a small bar. I can bless a family that will be the means of my honor on the day of

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you know, and I'm relating this outcome and tell you why I'm relating one of these aspects that Maria Melton who passed away Abdullah busca de la San Jose, I heard a person saying I heard a person saying in the

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mellah report you given a

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person or a person saying Oh, Allah have mercy upon you. Whenever I heard him speaking, he used to say, me Abu Bakr and Omar. We did this

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Nia worker in Oman, we went here, Mia.

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We came back from here

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as a woman of the generosity

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capacity allow

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Informatica Germany Academy coup d'etat vokera

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the men and navy Copa una de una mirova Roma, hum nichia Mira Mira

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Mira Mira was a whopper Sarita or mucho kita

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam casabianca, Monica, Monica,

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I knew that you will be together with a prophet of Almighty Allah after you after you passed away. And your boss said, I look behind who was saying these words, it was none other than it was

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the same was the time of

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when the people came to surround with Mandela, who then when they came to surround,

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then it was a little man who, who came to mediate between them. And

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and then he placed his son, Hudson Hudson, in charge of people to look after and secure hazardous materials. And they came in from the back and they mattered was one of the ultimo. And when he came to know about it, he came in he showed anger toward his son as an asset and said, What is wrong with you, I put you in charge, and I put you to look after, to secure and to to keep us safe. How did you manage? And how did you allow them to go and kill it was one of your lotto tomatoes, one of your lotto. This was his relationship with Jennifer. And therefore they such a great difference between our narrative which tells us there was there was there was generosity, there was kindness, there was

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consideration, there was respect between the Sahaba and the Yamato and the sheer narrative, which tells us Alia to be letter the Sahaba were wrong. And they were after maybe a cream sauce lamb passed away when they went astray. And gelato was supposed to be the first halifa I mean, where is this narrative? How does it How does it mix, when you see these beautiful words set by both parties towards one another,

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this kindness, consideration respect to one another. Therefore, a such a great, you know, difference of opinion and such a verse

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in terms of principles between us and the Shia narrative, which makes it difficult to bring income closer towards understanding one another's narrative. Nevertheless, after the Latino passed away, a lot of the A lot of it became the halifa. They as I said, No these things are such that you can spend hours upon it, but I would like to conclude it into the scope. Now in the Scylla food of your mouth, Ron who, first of all, he was the proper sleeper at that time, he was the most appropriate person to be the sleeper of the time. And

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after the Yamato alira dlo to became a philosopher.

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And when he became a believer, he had to face many crisis many challenges. And the reason for the challenges was to smash the lotto shahadat had a tremendous impact upon the believers. It had such a tremendous impact upon the believers, that a person of such great nobility, a person of such great stature, have such great modesty. He had the known world, almost the entire known world. He had control over the entire known world. He had subdued the enemies of Islam. He couldn't deal with few 100 rebellious people he could have, but for the sake of unity, because they call themselves Muslims, that he didn't want to be the first person to shape his Muslim blood. He allowed himself to

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be sacrificed. He used to tell the people who wanted to protect him that I don't want to be a shield. I don't want to be a shield against Muslim blood. rather use me I don't want to be a shield. I don't want to be used for other Muslim blood to be to be spilled. Rather, my blood peaceful.

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So there are other Muslim blood can be protected. This was one of the Latinos we had a tremendous impact. So the people rose up

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in his army, the people who had killed off man or the Latino some of them were in his army. Now he wanted understand this very carefully who's

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You know, the American who wanted stability to be maintained and then he would deal with it. But the wounds were so fresh, that people wanted immediate action with regard to it. And sometimes it happened that one of the greatest tragedies of history happened that not when

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through fights falsehood, but when truth fights truth, and so it happened in the time of validity a lot of three major wars took place between Muslims in the time of literally allowed on the one between la de la tele and Roberto de la, de a lot on one hand, on the other end between the Latinos

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ago, and then the third one I will go on to explain. Now I don't have the time to go into all these details. However, one thing what we have to keep in mind is with regard to the civil wars is that we do not criticize any one of those parties. Because they they were Sahaba Nivea cream sauce them is emphasize the goodness of the Sahaba he etc and speak bad about the Sahaba they intentions were noble, they intentions were noble, they might have made a mistake in application Allah tala knows, but we will see our tip our lips and our tongues. And we will not say anything against the Sahaba because maybe a cream sauce limit said learn the soup who has hobby to not do not in any way

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criticize and speak better about myself

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as a

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very beautiful decision when you said that Allah tala protected us from the spilling the blood and being participants of that Civil War. Allah protected us from being part of that Civil War. So why should we pollute our tongues by speaking against those people who were there? They were also Sahaba Allah say, out of this alira the Latina was closer towards the truth. And he was closer towards the truth. But we don't criticize any one of us

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in this particular way. alira The Ultra, and it also showed us how to deal with these differences of opinion, despite the fact that it even went to a civil war. And much of that Civil War was initiated by a group of monastics led by evening Saba, who historian C was the founder of Shiism, he did not allow the two people to come together on the eve of the battle between tel Hans Rubin as I said earlier, on another hand, they were there agreed upon piece, they had said tomorrow, we will sign the peace treaty, and we will sign the peace agreement, they had reached an agreement. And on that particular night, on the eve of them agreeing and then going away evening, it was the same people.

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The Saba is the people who are certainly the founders of Shiism, who created where one party, one party of them went to attack us a little gelatos. Army, the other 100.

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Army, and they were quite perplexed. And despite the efforts of the people who are there, to bear and has rallied, the metal went out of control. And to show you how this is, when someone came in give the bad news of hazards were buried near the mountain or been killed.

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He thought that he would be happy because he was fighting with

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this particular person might have been GMOs, that maybe a cream sauce and me told me a time will come when a person will come and give you the news of Zubaydah the ultimate Shahada give him the tidings of janam. I give you the tidings of jahannam. How could you kill a person that is very near one, despite the fact that they were fighting with one another? When someone asked them with regard to how do we deal with these people? Who are they? So Oliver villatoro, said, our brothers, as a mafia has to tell her because that's where they are our brothers, who had unfortunately rebelled against us. One aspect that people do not make mention of is alera via moto together with this was

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also fought a war against the coverage and the coverage with those who are extreme, to the to the last extreme. They took literal meanings to another level. And they were the people who may be occurring saw some said, they made such divided that if you see the bar that you will regard your evaluators less,

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you will regard your evaluators less, but yet, Islam will go out of the hearts, the way the arrow goes out of the boat. So extremism does not necessarily mean you are right. As an American who made jihad against extremism, we must bear this in mind because it's part and parcel of our history. But this was their aspect. And I can you know, I can go on making mention of it, but it should not take us away from the greatness of Allah the ultra No, one or two of his qualities, which I will conclude with Allah Hill as he was such a generous person. You know, one day he complained to his companion and said, Allah is humiliating me seven days.

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No madman has come to my house Alize humiliating me that for seven days no guests have come to my house. One day a person came to him and he was a philosopher and he said I got a need. You know I want you to help me you as a philosopher, so I told him, write down your need on the same. Write down your need on the same write down your need on the sale. I don't want to see your humiliation when you ask me for something. I don't want to see your embarrassment when you ask me for someone. Today when we we get happy when someone grovel in front of us. In fact, we take pleasure we make him grow even further.

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I don't want you to I don't want to see the embarrassment on your face when you're asking write it down on the sin I will give you when alera de la gave him he said how much you are giving me he said you asked according to your status I gave you according to my status gave him so much he also got this was his knowledge. He was known when when he passed away. You know as I started crying, his wife said Why are you crying you fought against him? He said element hickmott has departed Hillerman Hickman has departed, I shall be allowed to say no one knew the sooner they will be allowed on the new The sooner. He was a remarkable person in every way. You know, after he passed away, I will

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conclude with this. When he passed away one day he is very close friends among Italy. De Moura. He came into Zamora.

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He came into the gathering of Malia and while we told him, Jose Zuma, explained to me that qualities of validity allowed to speak about it a lot. So he said, Excuse me, because he felt that Mahavira villatoro had a disagreement with a little you know, he might not like me praising me excessively. So mama said knows I'm not going to leave you. I want you to speak about the qualities of clarity a lot. So the mom gave a very beautiful, eloquent, you know, praise of Alireza Latino in the Arabic language. I will make mention with regard to some of it, he said, Shadi Rupa, Yoku, favela, Fossella Mandala, he was a person who was very strong physically, and he used to speak haltingly, that people

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could understand what he was saying, Oh, yeah, como hodler. Whenever he used to decide upon something it used to be on justice. We are different General illman Giovanni de tipo. Mata tentacle hikma minnewaska he, whenever he spoke, they used to be like jewels coming out. And your element eccmid used to flow from every statement and every action of his and he was such a person that your gebouw mina lipase Mahajan, Amina Tama Joshua, his food and his clothes used to be extremely simple. But despite it being so simple law to call him Oh, hey button. When he Asmath he, we couldn't speak to him out of all of him. And we couldn't start off a conversation out of respect for alira he

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allowed on any zimo Allah deal. When you pull Masaki he used to respect respect people have intimate knowledge of deal. And he used to love the poor. And many times he used to say, in the middle of the night, in the early hours of the morning, many times he used to when he used to get up for tahajjud used to say yada yada Nia Avi Tara, did you come to me to present yourself to me? Did you come in tempt me he had to he had to re re re go away from me, go away from me deceive someone else. But

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I have given you three talents. I have given you three flags. Don't come in deceive me, don't come and tempt me in the moment is the Buddha says I looked at as a mahavihara.

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And at that particular time after I completed this praise of gelato, he said I saw Malia crying so much that his beard, beard was filled with his tears. This was a layer of your mouth. Oh, no, no, no, he didn't. Listen and one day,

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he said, You are like he said memoriam, you are like a submarine to people will be destroyed. Because of you the way two people and two groups have been destroyed because of the siphoning money from one group is those people who made him the son of Allah. They were excessive in the praise of him. And the others were the Yahood and the Jews who Eliyahu Billa. They denied his greatness. They even denied his miraculous birth. In a similar manner. There will be two groups of people who will be misled, who will be on the wrong with regard to

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those who praise Him beyond what is his view, and those who do not praise Him sufficiently for what he had achieved.

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May Allah make us amongst those who find the right balance with regard to Allah. He remains one of the greatest persons in this ummah, and we will stay during the time of the football, family, Marcus will be liable. He was the one who has the most just in his rulings, the one who was most knowledgeable. The one who was most simple, the one who was not tempted by the dunya. And he was a person whom the Summa can be justly proud of. And we take it an honor for us to speak greatly about the qualities of Allah.

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May Allah tala Phyllis cover was no, we're not gonna elevate the status. We're not gonna give him a reward more than what we can make mention