Dr Hakim Quick – Journey to the Hereafter 2

Abdullah Hakim Quick
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What are some of the benefits that we get? Because when we look at this subject, many people don't see the benefits. Because No, I mean, this, this, this will put you to sleep.

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It's not going to wake you up. But the understanding of the afterlife is one of the key elements of the message given by all of the prophets. Because if there was no hereafter,

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then people would be working for no reward.

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And there are some people who work and work all their life, and they never see the fruits of their of their work. They never see it. Other people hardly work at all. they inherit wealth.

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They steal from people using interest and usury.

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They change the values of currencies, and they gain millions of dollars in one day. But Allah tells us in Surah, Allah Emraan, verse 26, Thumma, to offer kulu knifes in Makassar, but wahome, la youth Lagoon,

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and then every soul will be rewarded for what it earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly. And so there is an ultimate power above us. There is an ultimate justice, which will one day come to pass. Also, if there was no hereafter, people would live in psychological torment.

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Imagine there are criminals. There are tortures, who kill maim murder people. And sometimes they die in their sleep.

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Some of the people that did the murders of the world look at Hitler, and other people who died, you know, committing suicide, the so called easy way out. And so you find many oppresses and people are living suffering, and they're crying out where is the justice? And the last question, if there is a God, then where is justice? So if everything ends in this world, then it wouldn't make sense. There would be no justice because of what we see happening in these short moments that we spend in this world. But we know that there is one who is ultimate in power and ultimate injustice and he has revealed to us in His glorious book in Surah facilite verse 46. Men, Camila solly handful enough.

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See woman Asafa la ha, well, Mara buka be Salam in Lille abit. whosoever does good deeds, it is for the benefit of his own soul. And whosoever does evil, it is against himself. And your Lord is is not at all unjust to his slaves will mean yeah mlms color that written hired on euro woman Yeah, Mel myth, kala rotten, Sharon Yara. If you do an atom's weight of good, you will see it. And if you do an Adam's weight of evil, you will also see it. Belief in the hereafter also protects people from doing haram acts.

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And it protects people from fighting over the dunya.

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And it helps us it is part of our shield of taqwa that helps us and keeps us in line.

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What is it that that's that that's making us pays the cat? What is it that would make you get up in the middle of the night in this dunya the protection of a society in a secular society, the protection comes through the police. It comes to the armed forces. And we can see now what is happening here in in Cape Town in South Africa. Without having a strong presence in the society. It's getting out of control. It's getting out of control. I can recall living in America in the turbulent 60s, and experiencing a riot when people are totally out of control, smashing windows, grabbing television sets, taking anything they want in areas where the police would not venture.

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It is even reported to us that in New York City A few years ago, the lights went out and went out for 24 hours. And that night, all * broke loose. Some people say almost $2 billion worth of goods was stolen in New York City in one night. They went crazy. Because there's no police no lights, they went crazy. So the only thing holding them is the fact that the camera will see them that the police can see them and shoot them. You take that away. And it would be just as they call society, dog eat dog. That's literally what it would turn into.

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And so the knowledge of the of the Hereafter is part of that control. It is a psychological control.

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it helps the human being overcome the animal desires, and is a crucial part of any believing society, in any believing family,

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any believing Masjid, it also gives people the will to strive seriously, in the short lifespan, because really, if you're into math, and you sit down and think about our existence, in this world, you might go crazy. If you really know math, right? Think about something which is eternal, we're talking about eternal life, right? So if you take eternity, and divided by 70,

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okay, the amount of time that we may live, or even 100, it's equal to zero.

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It's zero existence. If you look at the actual time, that this universe that Allah subhanaw taala, his creation, has been in existence and will be in existence.

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And it was the Sahaba, where they allow one who, who cultured this understanding of the aka until the all the movements that they did in this world were connected to the future. This is very important for everything that we are doing. Because we have problems in our masters. We have problems.

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We have problems in our community.

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But knowledge of the next life would help us to overcome some of those minor issues that divide one group from another. If we really focused on where we were going, we wouldn't have time to be fighting other Muslims because that is not my school of thought.

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He's not in my organization. He's not in my Islamic movement.

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He's not in my nationality. He doesn't speak my language. For some people, he comes from the wrong part of my village. We live on the hill and they live down by the river. We can't marry those people. We can't be around those people. If we realize where we are going. Then the words of the prophets Allah Salaam, that when you're marrying somebody you should marry for Deen.

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That is what will make you successful. Because it is ultimately the de it is not your money or your genealogy, or your physical beauty, which will save you on this journey. But it is the implementation of the revelation

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abou da da da da da one one of the Sahaba it was reported that he was a very old man he had reached the end of his life. And he was planting a tree. And when they came to them, they said What is this shedra shows? It's a walnut tree. What are you planting a walnut tree for when it takes years for this tree to be a fruit and he told them in Lambton, funny turn for our men body. While the Agile Ha. He said if it doesn't benefit me, it will benefit those who come after me. And I will get the reward for planting this tree. So that even at the end of his life, he was still working. He was still striving. And he was thinking about benefiting the people who would come after him. That is

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the understanding of the Sahaba. They think ahead. So when they're building a Masjid, when they're organizing a program, don't they didn't just think of themselves and we shouldn't just think of ourselves. We should think of the children and our children's children and our children's children, children

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when we are organizing our community when we are setting up our programs.

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This knowledge

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of the next life helps us to understand that there is a divine hikma a divine wisdom above us. It feels in the picture. We can see what's happening in this world. And it fills it in for us. It sort of tells you what's ahead. For some people they like to know and it's important if you want to reach your destination in the right way. Then you want some signposts even today they have in America I don't know if they have it here in South Africa, they have what is called a the American Automobile Association. And when you're traveling they give you triptychs. So they give you a map and they show you how to get all the way to where you're going. The great scholars of Islam were the first ones to

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do this. lm s od al idrisi even patea they may geographies and they could tell you how to get from India, all the way to Mecca. They give you a roadmap. They tell you how to get from Indonesia or to get from West Africa, but to get to Chechnya, all the way to Medina. So you will know what are the perils along the way and so forth.

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Similarly, this knowledge gives us an understanding of what we have to face. What we have to face.

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The believer lives between fear and hope. And that is the essence of our taqwa taqwa is a combination. It's not just fear by itself. That's the wrong translation. And it's not just hope by itself. It's a combination of fear and hope. You feel the punishment of Allah, you hope and the mercy of Allah and that gives balance that gives a protection around you.

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And we need to think constantly about this fear and hope. And naturally as human beings, we should realize that Allah is most merciful. And Alhamdulillah whenever we say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, we say Bismillah Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim that He is the Most Merciful he is the compassionate when he didn't tell us to say Elijah Bart Ullman taught him

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the irresistible The Punisher.

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The one who takes revenge didn't tell us to say that say, the most compassionate, the Most Merciful. That is our Merciful Creator. So part of what Allah and so this knowledge of an Akita reminds us of the power of Allah. It reminds us where we are going and reminds us of the greatness of our maker.

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And we can see how the court and tells us you open up your vision, open it up in a positive way. What Jonathan Otto has some awards he will out Latakia in and look forward to gardens, whose breath who's with is that of the heavens and the earth. beautiful gardens, which are prepared for those who have Taqwa for those who have the consciousness of Allah and fear and hope. Also, Allah subhanaw taala tells us is a bull in San Jose unland nedjma is Alma, Bella Casa de Rena Allah and the Sophia banana. In this case, he says, Does man think we shall not assemble his bones? Yes, we are able to put to put them together in a perfect order. Like the tips of his fingers of his very fingers. Now

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in using this, and saying that we are able to put together in perfect order, the tips of his fingers. What does that mean?

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This is part of what they call it a jazz. It is the miracle of the Quran. Allah is saying every one of you billions and trillions of people who have lived on this earth, I will reassemble every single one of you. So you say well, how is this possible? So Allah tells us, just like I do the tips of your fingers. Science has helped us to understand that each person has a separate fingerprint.

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No fingerprint is the same on Earth. Even twins have different fingerprints. Imagine this, there's no design, that's the same. It's a different design for every single human being.

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And so Allah tells us, while kulu, home to multi amati, Florida, all of them will come to Him alone. On the Day of Resurrection, you will be alone.

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He will assemble you and bring you back. And our Fathers will not help us. Our mothers will not help us. Our tribe won't help us the chef of the masjid. He can't help you. Nobody can help you. It is the deeds, the intentions, what we were striving for every person which will ultimately light our way and take us through these events that are coming up in front of us. But still somebody might say there's a danger in studying this is a danger man. Because it can lead to extremism.

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Because, you know there are some people who will just get so engrossed in this. They'll spend all their time studying about the MADI and dudjom and the ecers coming in and looking to see which one looks like the Maha D and one of them he said well, you know my foreheads a little bit high. Maybe I'm the MADI

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and you can see a number of cases in Islamic history. Well, he has a bunch of people who thought they were the Maddy. Only recently there was one in Mecca who came in 1979

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These young students of knowledge were deceived by the evil one, into thinking that the leader was actually the mighty. And they gave their lives for him and made a mess in the Kaaba. But Al Hamdulillah when that event took place, and I happened to be living in Arabia at that time, and just two weeks after the event happened, we went to Mecca, and look in the Kaaba was untouched. The building around it was ruined, but the cover itself was untouched. And it was a lesson for everybody. But what was heavy about this incident? When these young students start talking about the malady

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hardly anybody knew what they were talking about. They didn't even know what the malady was. Only some people knew what the Shia, the Iranians have some understanding of this. But Allah subhana wa Gema, what is our understanding, the common people didn't even know. And they were in a state of confusion. They didn't know whether to go to the right or whether to go to the left. And so this knowledge is actually relevant knowledge. And this knowledge will help us even when we're involved in banking, economy, in politics, in any aspect of life, it will help us but we need to have balance and not to go to one extreme or to go to another. The prophet SAW Selim himself was constantly

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talking about the last day all the way through his prophethood and a lot tells us and so it'll cost us verse 1777, webtv FEMA attack Allah data Akira wala Tanzania see Baka Mina dunya. But seek that which Allah has given you in the in the abode of the hereafter. And do not forget your portion of lawful enjoyment in this world. Don't forget it. Okay, so remember we say what a banner ad tena fit dunya how Santa will fill after that the hustler but pinata banner, look at that.

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And we say this when we're in between the Yemeni stone in the black corner for banner ads in a fit dunya Hi, Santa, have an affinity Hassan Ah, there it is. We'll clean that up a notch. It is so important. Every time we go between the Yemeni corn and the Blackstone say this to say it protect us from the punishment of the Fire.

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And so people have misused this, but it is the common Muslims I believe, who now need to be empowered with knowledge. Knowledge can no longer stay in ivory towers. It needs to be the property of the whole community. But in doing research in this in media studies, who is Imam and Maddy?

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You know, where the top? Or the strongest Center for Media Studies in the world is? It's in Tel Aviv.

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Why would the Jews want to know about the muddy?

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Why do they have documents, Arabic documents 1000s of documents, and they are studying about it?

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Why are they planting Thorn trees around their airports? in certain areas? Where would the Bible would would be why they plant in the thorn tree?

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Because they're reading our science.

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And they want to make sure that maybe if we're right, will, they'll still be okay.

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So that they have like a gambling mentality. You cover all all angles.

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And so we realize what is happening in the world today.

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The leaders of the world are involved in the knowledge of the unseen. And the more you study, people in power, you will find that they spend their time on their weekends. They go to their Masonic cults. They go to their Satan worshipping temples. They go to their guru, they do channeling where they stand, they sit together and hold hands and hope that a spirit will come to them. They focus on a force, which unfortunately is probably the shaytan coming to them and filling their minds with madness. But they're looking at the unseen. And so this is important for us to get a strong base. These signs of the last days will also make our Eman stronger, even Ibrahim alayhis salam, the

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Messenger of Allah he needed to have his immense strength and you know, he said our lamb took men when Allah said to him our lamb took min Kala Bella while our kin Leah Atma in Natal be.

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He's a lot told him, don't you believe? He said yes. But I want to make my heart My faith stronger, to make it more reassured.

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also, this knowledge teaches us about the fitten the trials and the tribulations we are living in right now. And there are fitness that you will see coming in these idiots. It's unbelievable how many things are happening right around us in our masters in our own homes, fitness walking up and down the streets. And the more we understand this is the more we should be striving because it was this strife that helped the Sahaba to raise themselves in a man to the point where the whole dunya submitted to them. And a lot told them and us in Surah Al e Imran verse 133, was Sadie ooh Illa Mother phillotson middle Robbie como genoten out of Doha some article out who is attacking and

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hasten to forgiveness from your Lord in paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth prepared for the pious. In another Hadith, which Hadith reported in attendance at Abu huraira rhodiola, who reports that the prophets Allah Salim said badly to Bill amalfitana in Calcutta Leyland Muslim, you spell Roger Milton, William C. cafetera. William C. Milan, will you spell Kavita? Joby? arducam Dena hoo Brr den Mina dunya This is a powerful Hadith, the prophet said hasten to do good deeds before trials, tribulations fittin come like a dark night. A man will wake up in the morning as a believer and by the afternoon be a disbeliever

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another will enter the afternoon as a believer and by the morning come he will be a disbeliever you will sell your religion for trifle things of this dunya you'll sell your religion out. So you have to get this knowledge.

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By Allah's mercy Alhamdulillah this knowledge has come to us.

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And it is reported that the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said about himself and what he had seen. He said how can I enjoy myself when it's sort of feel the angel who will blow the horn has positioned his horn and is waiting for the command to let out the final sound is sort of feel is in position. This was heavy on the Sahaba This was heavy on them.

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And they complained to the prophets of the solemn and he said kulu has spoon a law when near Milwaukee. He said what you should say is hespeler law. When near Milwaukee, when you feel that fear that danger, you should say has been a law a law is the one who will take account of us and He is the best to protect and we should also remember that Allah tells us insert to Zuma verse 53 cool Yeah, a bad deal Edina assalamu Allah unfussy him laptop not to me Rama Tila in La Jolla video the new budget me an inner who who will have a photo Rahim say all my servants

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who have harmed themselves to not despair in the mercy of Allah. Surely Allah forgives all sins. Surely He is the Most Merciful. And Allah has told us in so the first 156 what Mati was the Aquila, Shay. My Mercy surrounds everything. And so we enter into this journey, this series, and we pray that if Allah subhanaw taala gives us life, that we want to look at the soul and death. We want to look at the grave. We want to look at the signs of gamma, the minus signs the major science and understanding of the malady understanding of digital and understanding of Isa alayhis salam of yet a Jewish woman a Jewish, the Doohan adapa, the smoke, the creature, the fires that will burn all of

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the signs leading to piano, then the bath, the resurrection, the hisab the account, and then Johanna being brought in front of the people. And then the Sirat leading over jahannam and the ultimate pain and pleasure of * and paradise, and we will end inshallah with paradise with the hope that Allah subhanaw taala would give us paradise and will protect us from the fire akula Polly has a well stocked for lolly walakum wa salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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