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So alikum guys, how you doing? You know, it's only coming

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to me peace, peace be with you. There we go Peace be with you. I'm here in Orlando and I met

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Christopher Christopher. You know, there's a lot of security guards in front of Marsh now because of the and I'll let you explain that why did why is there more security right? Like for instance in front of the mosque we know there's a growing threat of Islamophobia. Right. Right. So we got our brothers here who are out, watching, making sure because there's been mosque vandalized bond firebomb. You've heard of these somebody's situation, can you? Well, pretty much after the radical 911 happened, they are now a lot more scared and fearful of people who think they're a part of that, you know, bad culture. They think that all Muslims are all the same. They're all evil, this stands

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third. And I want to say that that is not true. These people are very nice. They're very kind, sincere. And this is a place of worship. The place that I guard is school, and also a mosque, I guard both. And I want you guys to know that everything's fine here. Everything's nice, and they need security. Because people are trying to harden up there are people out there that are trying to take these people out, sadly, and I want you to know that that's not gonna happen with us on here. Isn't that beautiful? Thank you so much. Have you visited a mosque? Have you so now most people that come and they're around Muslims, they see exactly what it is to send some of the most hospitable

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kind, nice, generous people have you had a chance to actually I know, it's kind of too soon to tell, but have also people because you know, once people really get to know Islam, they really appreciate it. And it's every Muslims duty to share what we know, has anybody helped to you know, educate you on what Islam is all about? Now, that is an important question. I had the principal, his name is brother jamir. And he just basically brought me a little brushed brushed breeze on to be about the Nation of Islam and how, basically, you know, they could help me and how long you know, the truth, you know, it's basically about knowing, knowing God knowing the Prophet Muhammad. And how those two

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you know, can

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in my life and belief in by

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Yeah, so this is just one thing. Nation of Islam is something totally different. just confused. This is just Islam. Okay. Okay, nation. There's no, this is something this is what we this is something with Farah Khan and whatnot. We say they missed Islam. Okay, there we go. This is Islam. There we go. Because Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, they were part of this movement, but then they came to the real Islam, okay. They came to, you know, when they when NACA max when he went to Hodges, the fifth pillar of Islam, he was standing next to the white, and the black and the yellow, and people of all different nationalities and colors, all coming together to worship one guy, okay. So we usually tell

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people, you know, the main message of Islam is to worship the Creator, not the creation. That's right. That's the main message and God out of his love. Over time, he sent messengers, and every messenger including Jesus, Moses, the last eponymous, you'd probably have a piece of us would be upon them, they all came with the same message, you know, that message was?

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Don't worry.

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I'll answer if you can't. Go ahead, you've won and only one God, worshipping the Creator, not the creation. And then the second part is the belief in the messengers that God Almighty sent messengers out of his love. Jesus, did you know that it's an article of faith for Muslims to believe in love Jesus? Did you know that? Yes, the word out already, I'm not sure love to believe that he was a mighty messenger, he came with the same message, not a different message than Moses than Abraham. And the last, the fundamental problem a piece of us would be upon which was that call to submit your will to the Creator of the heavens and earth, not to worship Jesus not to worship a man or a woman

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money, fame, your desires, but to only worship God, one God. And they brought awareness to the hereafter the day of judgment that the we're all going to be accountable for what we did in his life, that there is accountability, that after we leave this life, God's gonna ask us what we didn't. Do we just go ahead and play forget

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that this life is a test. And then that after you pass the test, there's a paradise. You worship the one God, you do what he wants you to do you implement the submission to his world, and you know one word in Arabic, which means submission to the will of God. You know what that is?

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You're learning that's why you hear I'm sharing is Islam. Islamic? Yes. submission to the will of God. That's what Islam means.

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And a Muslim is one who does Islam. A Muslim is one who submits to the will of God. That's it. You see that? And anybody Did you know that anyone could be a Muslim? Anyone? Anyone you. You come from a what kind of background

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you could say

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Beautiful, that's it. And then, as Muslims we share, you know, and and if it let's say today right now you said, You know what, I like that I want to be a Muslim, a person who's just declared that there's nothing worthy of worship except the Creator. And Mohammed is the final messenger sent to mankind. That's it. And that would automatically include Jesus Moses, Abraham, in all the preceding messages that came before him with the same message was the message submission to who is to the submission to the will of God will of god that's it, and then he established a common establish the prayer, the mosque, or at home five times a day, right? And then they go ahead and pay the charity,

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right 2.5% of your, your access Well, after you've spent paid everybody off, you know, your workers, and then faster in the month of Ramadan, and then the hatch what I talked about Malcolm X, right, those are the five pillars. So that's that's really it. You know, that's Islam, if only belief in one guy believed in his angels, the books that were revealed phrases to Moses to, to proper Mohammed, the Quran? And, you know, to believe in the Day of Judgment, paradise hellfire. I mean, this is, you know, this is these are the simple concept that I tell you anything that's strange, you know, something that just doesn't make sense is absurd. What, what is your honest opinion?

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From what I shared with you, what is your honest opinion of the things that I've said, this is anything there that you can agree with? I do agree that I do believe in Jesus being the Messenger of God. I do believe that, that he came, you know, fallen from heaven, in the form that he knows his mission, his mission was to make sure that people would worship God. I do believe in that as well. And I do think that the nation you know, the whole congregation of Islam know, yeah, more community, a community of Muslims.

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I feel like they had they're very underrated. You know, I feel like people don't give them the due diligence that they deserve. You know, I believe that they think it's more folklore about you guys than anything. I believe that's that's not the case. I believe you guys are very serious about you know, your love and commitment to Allah, you know, God, and Allah just means God you know, in in other terms, and I feel like the way you guys share that the way you guys share your love for one another for brotherhood, it's it's unbreakable. It's a bond that even I can't really comprehend. Because I never had a close bond like that before. So that's what I love. I'm really amazed, you

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know, a lot. Look, I didn't even have to get into the word a lot. You know, Christians and Jews for Arabic speaking, they use the word a lot. And if people don't know that, because many people they think this is some like, you know, because of the false propaganda that this is some foreign God but right, this is in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, right. He didn't speak Greek and he speak English. He didn't say God, he said, Aloha. In Arabic, Allah, look at the the closeness that's so amazing. Tell me, you know, you mentioned something really profound. And I speak to a lot of Christians, our brothers and sisters in humanity. And they also they, but many of them, you know,

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when they think outside the box, and they hear this, they say, when I asked them, Do you believe Jesus was God or sent by God? They say, I believe he was sent by God like a messenger of God, that really connects with people.

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So you're pretty much if I asked you, do you believe that nothing should be worshipped except the Creator of the heavens and earth? Who created creation? Would you agree to that? I would, Yes, I would. I would agree to that. I don't and you believe that Jesus is a messenger of God. Yes, I do believe he was messenger. You know what the only thing left is for one to be a Muslim is to believe that Mohammed is the last in front of messenger and then that's it there are Muslim. Oh, wow. I did not. I did not know that. Do you know anything about Prophet Muhammad? Not Not yet. Now? Yeah, I have to do some more research on what what we're here for you because that's it. Once someone

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believes that there's nothing worthy of worship of the Creator of the heavens and earth, right and everything we say Allah, and that Jesus is the messenger of Mohammed is the last and final messenger. That's it. They declare that, you know, that belief comes out of their, their heart to their lips, and they're Muslim. They're ones who have submitted to the truth. Now, once they start implementing Islam, now they're going to grow in this belief, they're going to grow into love for it. But now when you recognize the truth, you know, that's why we usually give the invitation to people, hey, it's not our job to call her someone twist her arm and say

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it's up to them. You know, it's like inviting someone over for coffee dinner, correct. They can accept or reject. And I know the school also has an open house. Yeah. So people forget.

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What's the center of the great greater center of greater Muslim Central Orlando. Great school. I want to know that leave on Tuesdays and Thursdays I think they have an open house. And it's also to talk about the faith of

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Islam, Islam. There we go. And yeah, if you guys want to check it out, that's also over there as well.

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I might check it out as well, too. There you go. There you go. Thank you for letting me share some of this with you. Yes. And you know, it's about just being open minded. You know, for the mind to work, it needs to be like a great thinker said like a parachute, your mind is open. Now the heart is open, I usually leave people with something real simple. You know, it's so simple that it's like an aha moment. It's like, why not just think of that, for people to ascertain the truth, you know, upon using the faculties of the Creator has given us our logic reasoning is to what ask the creator the one up above you know, this creation who created creation say guide me, you ask the creator guide

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me? Why am I here? Everything has a purpose in this life. What about the human being? Right? That badge look right there has a purpose. You know, your shoes have a purpose. The gun the pistol has a purpose. But what about the one who's carrying the badge, the pistol the keys? Does he not have a purpose? So it's up to us to ask the Creator who created us. What's my purpose? Is the truth here. They're everywhere. What is it? And then keep our hearts open our minds open and see where we go from there. Be courageous also enough when the truth comes to accept it. I left you with the business card for the show. Yes. Continue. Continue.

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tuning in. Watch it. Thank you so much. Yes, definitely. It was a pleasure, guys. Thank you. Thank you. God bless you. Thank you so much.

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I started watching the show.

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And it changed my perspective.

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I saw like a bunch of new faces

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coming together.

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You know, we may be misguided at the time. No

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matter who you are, what background you come from, that we all come together to worship the One God one God.

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A sign that everyone has different races.

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