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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in Alhamdulillah Muhammadu monastery you know who want to sell Pharaoh whenever although we learn him in short order and fusina woman sejati Anna Lena Maja de la who fell amobee lella woman yo bill follow her the era when Ashley will either in namaha hola Sherry Keller wanna shadow under Mohammed an avid oho Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to Sleeman kathira are you by the law? We'll see Come on FCB takoma here as our karma call Allahu subhanho wa ala barrows. We'll be learning in shape on rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim yohannes it Dakota Docomo lady Hala Kakuma nursing wa Haider. wahala caminhada jaha well bet them in

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Houma region and Kathy Iran when he saw what tequila lady Tessa Luna be he will or harm in the law her kana Ali come Atiba, my brothers and sisters, a setup where it Kumara to LA he or about our cattle.

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I hope that everyone is doing well in sha Allah Allah. This is the second Friday after the month of Ramadan, a week of the month of Shadwell has already passed and as a reminder again to those who are motivated to embark upon the journey of fasting an extra six days and I call it a journey because for some people fasting is not easy. And there may be some days of fasting that needs to be made up. And it may be a little bit difficult for some of us to you know to fast those extra days. So as a reminder once again, that the month of Shadwell is ongoing, and the rewards for fasting are great. Having said that, my brothers and sisters today in sha Allah to Allah, we see what's going on in the

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world. And in fact, we heard just yesterday that there was a seize fire that was happening between the

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Palestinians and Iranians, sorry, Israelis, Palestinians and Israelis yesterday.

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And already just fast forward, not even 24 hours later, we see that that was not really this. We saw on you know, media outlets that you know, many of the Muslims were being targeted and being shot at using rubber, you know, ammunition

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at mustard, aka at mustard oxide, a place where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would turn and face a direction where Allah subhanho wa Taala legislated for the Muslims to face in their prayer in their swana in their a bada until that command was given to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to turn and face for one leverage hacker shop all masjidul how

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to turn into face musty them how long now my brothers and sisters, what are we seeing happening in the world? Not only in Palestine. But what are we seeing happening to

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our brothers and sisters in Syria?

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What are we seeing happening to children and orphans whose parents were killed and murdered? What are we seeing happening in East Turkistan? What about in Myanmar and Burma?

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What about in Central Africa?

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What about in Kashmir? What about Afghanistan or Iraq? Pakistan? Many countries around the world where there are so many injustice is happening right now? Brothers and Sisters Today's topic is about I did justice. Allah subhanho wa Taala I listen we hear this usually at the end of every Jamal hotbar when we're standing in the masjid for the hookah or the Habib is standing and everyone is sitting down listening to the hookah. Just before we start the prayer we usually will hear that Imam quote from Surah two verse number 19 where Allah subhanho wa Taala says in law the moon will be largely well if

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carry well Bobby Yeah, you

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Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says in Surah two verse number 90.

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Indeed unlock justice in the La Jolla movie loudly. Well, son,

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what ether is in Korba? Allah Subhana Allah mentions three things here that as Muslims we need to uphold, we need to focus on and today I want to focus on I did justice, Justice in the La Jolla Manuel de langue Allah subhanho wa Taala commands, justice. What is justice? Now when we look at justice course, as human beings, especially in the world that we're living in nowadays, we will very quickly respond online on social media and try to do justice as best as we possibly can, given the circumstances and given the tools that we have to use, for example, phones or tablets or devices or computers, right? It could even be smartwatches that we use to connect with the world we use to

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share a message we used to send or deliver a statement message to others. But Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the law, what will be loudly, will SM justice and grace as well as courtesy close relatives. So my brothers and sisters when we talk about this topic of justice

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it's not just justice for human beings around the world, Justice in every shape and form. Let's take an example of justice in our lives with regards to our own selves. In fact, let's take many examples insha Allah to Allah justice is to do what is right and what Allah subhanho wa Taala encourages without taking the rights of others without harming someone else without causing any sort of destruction.

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ultimately, is in the hands of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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But when we think of doing what's right,

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we have to remember what Allah subhana wa tada says about doing justice. He says idi Lu wa Acropolis taqwa right? Be honest, be fair be just

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that is closer to piety that is closer to taqwa. Now, what is tough? Well, we know very well if we're talking about just talking about tequila, then tequila in itself, we could say that it is like being conscious and aware of Allah subhanho wa Taala, at all times, doing what Allah Subhana Allah wants from us at all times, making sure that they're not going to harm the rights of others or do anything that is wrong.

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And displeasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala at all times.

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Which means if we're going to

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have tequila,

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and it's linked to justice, bear with me for a second here. And justice is closer to piety. That means, in every shape and form of everything that goes on in our lives, we need to be thinking of a law and not taking away the rights of others.

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And just because the rights of others are taken away, doesn't mean that as Muslims, we have the right to take away the rights of others as well. Now what I mean by this is,

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my brothers and sisters,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has shown us in the Quran, as well as the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how to be. And when we, when we see what's happening in the world, that's a higher level of justice. A lot of the time it's not in our hands. But let's focus first off on ourselves, because we always say that Allah subhanaw taala will not change the condition of a people until they change that which is within themselves. And Allah subhanaw taala says that not us, right? It's Allah who teaches us that now, if that's the case, then how is my Salah?

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Am I doing justice in my preparation for Salah for prayer? You see, my brothers and sisters when we want change in the world, I have to ask myself, am I submitting to Allah in the way that he wants? So that when I do raise my hands and ask Allah when they do bow down and make or make such that and place my head down to the ground, and submit to Allah azza wa jal to the creator of all of humanity.

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Am I doing what's right? In preparation for that in order for my daughter, my

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Prayer my supplications to even be accepted.

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You see when I think of preparing for prayer

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Am I just rushing through it?

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Am I washing myself properly?

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Am I making sure that the elbows are washed? Am I making sure that I'm doing my massage properly? Right? Am I making sure that I'm washing my hands according to the way of Muhammad? sallallahu alayhi wasallam? Am I making sure that I'm not wasting too much water? Am I making sure that I'm not taking away the comfort of another person who may be waiting outside of the bathroom door in order to use them? Sometimes people only have one washroom in their home, and a child or a parent or sibling needs to use the bathroom and we're like, oh, too bad. I'm in here and weak our time and we take away the rights of another person to go into the bathroom to relieve themselves. Right? Are we

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actually fulfilling the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala in preparation for prayer.

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So we start with Sadat, and the preparation for Salah. Now when I'm standing in prayer, am I doing justice to Allah subhanho wa Taala is my mind focused on my prayer

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is my body cleaned and purified?

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Is my heart clean and my thoughts pure from evil? As I'm standing in prayer, I might be thinking bad if someone else I might be thinking like going and doing something. That's how long I might be playing out to go somewhere that I'm not even allowed to go to or meet with someone I'm not allowed to meet with or do something or consume something that I'm not even allowed to consume.

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So in the prayer itself in my doing justice to Allah subhanho wa to add

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our recitation of Salah of Quran insula in prayer, I might doing justice, how many years of our lives do we live? Same tomorrow I will start to learn to recite and better tomorrow I will open the Quran. Tomorrow, I will try to perfect my Tajweed my recitation of the Quran Tomorrow, I will try to become a better Muslim. And tomorrow turns into the difference 65

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or 70 or 75 years old, or the day we're diagnosed with some sort of illness or disease, or the day that we feel we may be returning to a law very soon. And then we realize

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I waited too long.

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It's too late.

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My brothers and sisters

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inshallah itself, there's so many things we can focus on. So I'm not going to go any deeper. Let's transition.

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Sorry, I have the window open because our AC isn't working so well. So the noise in the background forgive it.

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Let's transition justice related to us.

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Our own health when you think of your health, when you think of your stomach, for example, how much food do we put into our stomach now that Ramadan is over? How much are we eating that is harmful to our health? How much exercise am I doing? That is encouraged in the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala and my action actually fulfilling that upon myself? Am I doing justice to my health? Am I doing justice to my family and looking after my health, making sure that as I live throughout this life,

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I'm helping my family to be healthy and helping myself to be healthy to look after them. Am I doing justice in that way? And you know, my brothers and sisters something really important and really interesting. When we think of justice for other human beings. There are many protests, there are demonstrations, there are rallies, there are social media posts, there are videos, there are things that we could send and share all over the world. Human beings will gather in masses when we see that others are need of some sort of justice, that human beings will not gather in masses, when we are not eating healthy.

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When we are not praying our prayers correctly, when we are not doing justice to our own selves, when our children are suffering our children living in our own homes, who we may be providing for and we as parents say they're spoiled. Are we doing justice to them?

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are we speaking to them in a correct manner, a way that we want them to speak to others.

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Similar to that, to that method in the future

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Am I saying and using words with my children with my family with my spouse?

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That I would appreciate them to repeat to others? Am I doing justice to my tongue?

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Am I doing justice to my ears by only listening to what is permitted and what is halal and what is good? Or am I sitting listening to gossip?

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am I sitting listening to backbiting? am I sitting listening to how long

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and then with the same ears, with the same mouth with the same hands that we consume things that may be how or do things that may be how long maybe in our earnings, our wealth that we are seeking for ourselves to provide for our children, we might notice that the same ears, the same mouth, same eyes, the same ends, the same arms, the same legs, the same body, we turn to Allah after doing so much how long we turn to Allah subhanho wa tada and expect Allah to grant justice to who

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we are not doing justice in our submission to Allah.

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We are not rallying and petitioning to do justice to out and to Allah subhanho wa Taala to our Creator.

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And we then in return, expect justice to come from Allah,

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for ourselves and our family and our relatives and friends.

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It doesn't fit.

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It doesn't match. And this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says de leeuw will occur a bullet taqwa.

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When you have that justice in every aspect, every component of your life that is closer to piety.

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And when we have that level of piety, that taqwa that Eman that is increasing within us, it takes just one of us. It takes just one of us

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to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And to beg, and ask and request and state and point out in justices around the world. And like this, Allah will bring that change.

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It takes just one.

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But the question is, is my heart pure enough?

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My brothers and sisters, we will never be 100% pure. I know some of you are sitting there. Some of you even messaging me. You know what? hamdulillah good. But don't forget the people of Palestine, I see the messages. We're talking about the people of Palestine and all the people of the world that are being oppressed. My brothers and sisters, that change begins with us. We can't just keep pressing buttons on our phones. We can't just keep sending messages to others. We can't just keep swiping non stop.

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A simple tip that I put on social media a few days ago and I will share with you as well here.

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My brothers and sisters, the time that we spend watching videos about injustices happening to other human beings. The time we spend posting and typing out and forwarding messages on WhatsApp on telegram on signal on Tick Tock on Facebook, on YouTube and snapchat on Instagram.

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Add up that time.

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And as a tip, make dua to a law

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for at least an equal amount of time that we are watching and posting and typing and forwarding on social media accounts. spend that time in dwara begging Allah for that help.

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We can't expect to just share things with the world all the time. And then just say Allah will help us. Allah is looking for our sacrifice. Allah is looking for our submission to him. Allah subhana wa tada Allah is checking who's waking up for 200

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who's waking up for 200 and I say this all the time and I'll say it as a reminder to myself first, when we are truly in need of something when we need just this for our health to come from Allah because we were diagnosed with something we turn to oil in the middle of the night when we need justice to come from a law because we lost our job.

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We turn to Allah in the middle of the night, when we need justice for help to come from Allah, because our children need to go to university need to find a good spouse are going through hardship in their marriages, or you know, there's an issue with the grandchildren or whatever the case is, we beg from Allah subhanho wa Taala in the middle of the night.

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If what we see happening to human beings around the world

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doesn't wake us up at night, then maybe it's just not important enough.

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And we could say and post the most powerful messages on social media.

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But something's missing.

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Justice towards ourselves,

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in submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala had

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fix the way that I speak.

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Fix the way that I listen to things. If I hear something that's wrong, and how long for me to listen to, I should

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fix the things that I look at, and only look at that which is handled for me.

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How many times do we hear the example of mammas Shafi or Hema? Hola who complained to his teacher walk here?

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Shut Shaco to Isla work here is so heavy, right? He complained to his teacher about his memory being weak.

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And what did his teacher tell him? Look at this look at this example of a teacher and a student. He Namah Shafi Rahim Allah we know who he is, right? The famous scholar of the deen. He complains to his teacher about his memory being weak. He remembers that he saw something of a woman that was not permitted for him to see what

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just above her ankle, just above her ankle, a simple example. something so small that affected his memory.

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Why? Because the nor of a loss of Hannah water that comes to those who protect themselves from the harm that's in this world.

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If you want to hide and goodness in your life, if you want to see your dog being accepted, if you want to recognize the help of Allah happening in our lives, we need to cut out the thing that are held on around us and repel them by putting up a barrier between us and those items.

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So he saw the leg just above the ankle of a woman

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who is not Muharram or he is not madam for

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and that affected his memory

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that affected his memory. Someone who would look at a page of writing and memorizing it, and memorize it. He had photographic memory. He saw something that affected his memory. And that was because the news of loss of Henry Tanner doesn't come when we let them into our lives, whether through our eyes or through our mouth or yours or our actions, our thoughts, our heart

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and soul, my brothers and sisters, when we're out and about and there are things that are held on around us. Don't go towards it. Don't go towards it physically. Don't go towards it mentally. Don't go towards it. It spiritually and emotionally in our hearts wanting what is how long No, don't desire it.

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Don't go towards anything that is wrong and head on protect yourselves. And then you'll be doing justice to yourself. And then you'll be able to seek justice even more efficiently for other human beings on earth. Because the duala

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of the ones who are closer to Allah is no doubt more powerful than the doer of those who commit sins day night. And we all commit sins, but consciously willingly knowingly. making an effort to go and commit a sin is very different than someone who's committing a sin.

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By mistake or not intentionally not premeditating it. So my brothers and sisters in Allah, yet Moodle be loudly well, Essen will eat either. corba Allah indeed commends justice, Grace as well as courtesy to close relatives weigh in her annual fascia you will moon carry well Bobby

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And he forbids indecency, wickedness and aggression.

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Yeah Are you locked into that?

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And he Allah instructs you. So perhaps you will be mindful, love. Perhaps we will be mindful, the next time that we use indecent language, the next time that we are wicked with someone else, the next time that we are hard and use aggression with others, whether in our speech and for some people, whether yours will be Allah, may Allah protect us all from being physically hard upon others.

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Allah reminds us so that perhaps we can keep it in our memory, perhaps we will turn to Allah with Better Behavior, treating other people in a nicer way.

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My sisters, we need to purify our hearts, remove the hatred in our hearts towards others. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I will end with this, the problem where Allah your sanlam

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would wish for goodness towards others,

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wish for the defense of others wish for the strength that people use against Islam to be used for Islam.

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wish for people's intellect, further knowledge and wisdom to be used towards conveying the message of Islam towards others. The same way that people use things in this world to do injustice. We should make do and wish that they use that wisdom and knowledge and strength and power and might in ways to do justice.

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My brothers and sisters, may Allah subhana wa Allah have mercy upon every single one of us and every single person that is going through hardship and oppression of this world. We conclude by sending Peace and blessings upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah on my Sunday Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed cameras on later, Allah Ibrahima were early Ibrahima in Hamid and Majeed or Baraka, Allah, Muhammad Ali Mohammed, come about Dr. Anna Ibrahim, our early Ibrahima Indigo hamidah Majeed,

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Allahu McPhee, Lana one now what is up now? What are feanor Allahumma barik lenor fue de Nino we're done Yana yo Valhalla mean en la methylcobalamin hermelin. A slightly higher on her miroir he mean, we ask you your Omar to shower your peace and blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his children and his close companions. We ask you a lot to be to be merciful upon every one of us and to forgive us of our sins. And to make it easier for us to increase in taqwa and increase in justice and increase in goodness. Yeah, Allah we know that at the end of the day, at the end of this world when we stand before you justice will be in your hands and your hands alone. Allah

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please make it easy for us to learn from your example, to be from amongst those that seek justice and set out to work hard to bring justice to this world to Allah We are here in this world and we live here and we are around others, neighbors, friends, relative countries, borders, humans, animals, trees, plants, all of your creation is surrounding us. Law allow us to be from amongst those that respect your creation allow us to be from amongst those that seek justice for those that are being oppressed. Allow us to be free amongst those who purify ourselves first so that we can turn to you and ask and you will answer yeah Allah please make it easy for us to purify our hearts

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and our actions. Yeah Allah please make it easy for us to stay away from sin and evil yeah Allah please strengthen our memories so that we memorize this quarter earn and learn it and seek out to implement it in our lives. A lot Don't make us from amongst those who simply do lip service to your deen yeah Allah please make us from amongst those that learn and implement your deen along with us make us from amongst those that learn and implement the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah please make us from amongst those that seek out your pleasures and your bounties of this world by seeking to sacrifice from some of those bounties and pleasures so that others can

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benefit from them. Yeah Allah please make it easy for us to continuously do some court of all different forms and types. Yeah, Allah please make it easy for us to do another call using our words. You know a lot these make it easy for us to do sadaqa using our hands and our legs. Yeah, Allah please make it easy for us to do sadaqa using

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Our wisdom a lot please make it easy for us to do Southern using our wealth you know a lot please make it easy for us to help those that are going through hardship and oppression around the world to help them and to bring them out of to culty and hardship yeah Allah we have very intelligent very intellectual very wise Muslims of this ummah yeah Allah use them in the right ways yeah Allah use them so that they can benefit this oma yeah Allah don't make them be from amongst those that are greedy and seek out for their own for their own wealth for their own benefit and their own pockets. Yeah, Allah please make it easy for us to use our wisdom that you've blessed us with, to use our

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knowledge that you've blessed us with, to use our wealth that you've blessed us with, to use our health that you've blessed us with to seek justice for all humans of this world. Yet Allah please make it easy for us to seek justice for our Palestinian brothers and sisters who are going through hardship, upon hardship upon hardship, who are going through tests that we cannot even imagine that we can't even understand and comprehend do Allah please make it easy for us to seek justice for them? Now Allah please take them out of the hardship that they're going through yeah Allah please help them and free must do the UK saw Ya Allah please free the people of UK saw Ya Allah Please

00:31:22--> 00:31:45

allow the Muslims to pray and to be there in the masjid the masjid that the prophets have among us seldom use your prophet and messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his companions would turn to Allah. The prophets on a long rally who are sending them tightness lead to lead they should recall in early Salah 13 massage either that we should not seek out

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worship in any place except three mustards must be the axon and must be a neighborly and Masjid al Haram. Yeah Allah please make it easy for us to visit those places. Yeah Allah please make it easy for us to constantly inhabit those places of worship that you have requested the Muslims to constantly frequent and and worship you yeah Allah please make it easy for us to go to those lens and to visit and to be from amongst the people who can stand as witnesses of being in those places yeah Allah please make the land be a witness for us and not against us not against us. Yeah Allah please make the massage to be a witness for us and not against us. Yeah, hello please make the earn

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be a witness for us and not against us. Yeah, hello, please make our bodies and minds and limbs and and every action be a means of testifying for us and not against us. Yet a law please make it easy for us on the day that we stand before you on law. Please don't don't allow us to do injustice to ourselves of this world. So that on the Day of Judgment we stand and our question for injustice is that we've spread on this earth now Allah please make it easy for us to turn to you always. Yeah Allah please make it easy for us to wake up in the middle of the night and to pray to you. You know Allah, please make it easy for us to purify our hearts and our souls and to cleanse the evils that

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are within us. Yeah, Allah please make it easy for us to beg from you. In the middle of the night. When many people are sleeping when those who worship other than you are sleeping in comforting Allah please make the Muslims wake up and beg and cry to you. Yeah, Allah, we need your help. And we know that we are not successful except with your help. You know a lot. Please make it easy for every single one of us to go through times of this life of ease and joy and happiness, in a birder in worship. Allah, please make worship be something that we love to do a lot. Please make worship be something that we enjoy, we are pleased with and that we worship you and you alone yet Allah

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Please grant us the strength to do what is right. And to sit in the face of injustice and to speak against it. You have a law please make it easy for all of those in various different countries and regions of this world who are being forgotten because the focus is being on many other places. Yet a law Please allow us to focus on what is right and what is needed. And not to be deluded and distracted by pleasures and luxuries of this world. Allow please make it easy for us to teach our children what is right and for us to teach them what is wrong so that they stay away from it. And yet Allah Please allow our children to embark upon the journey towards seeking what is true and what

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is good of this world for them so that they seek out and reach the highest levels of Paradise in the hereafter. meaning out of behind, I mean in the law here are

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As well as any white eater either Korba wion her annual fashion he will mon kariobangi Yocum, La La Quinta Kuru was a court of law he of Qualcomm where the rule who yesterday Blackcomb what a decree law he Akbar, one La Jolla Alamo. myrtus neroon my brothers and sisters Joseph competiton for attending, may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept all of your Dora and all of your good deeds. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to gather once again soon. Please do remember.

00:35:32--> 00:36:22

And that's the night we continue. And yes Someone is asking when do we continue the Friday night halaqa and the Sunday thick classes tonight in sha Allah huhtala Okay, so tonight in sha Allah, we will resume our online classes. For today we will have the classes start right after Salah to muffle it. So Salah, tell Madrid, add 15 to 20 minutes and then come online. So we'll give about 15 to 20 minutes for everyone to pray their Muslim prayer and there's some prayers. And then so 20 minutes after the Zen time for Madrid, we will be online in sha Allah who to add. So we hope to see you tonight for our etiquettes class our Friday night etiquettes class and for Sunday night as well. We

00:36:22--> 00:37:07

will continue this Sunday. Our Sunday programs learning thick, essential thick, and we are if I'm not mistaken, just finishing up the chapter on business transactions insha Allah Allah so don't forget to join us tonight and on Sunday, and we look forward to more online sessions. barakallahu li comm which is Akuma la halen. And lastly before I forget Jeddah como la who haven for all of your donations this month of Ramadan to the Asana community center of Milton Alhamdulillah. And I'm going to make a video very soon to to send out thanking the entire community. We're just waiting for some more of those boxes to come in. I don't have my box, I earned it. But we're waiting for those boxes

00:37:07--> 00:37:17

to come in. So for those of us who still have our Ramadan sprint boxes, please feel free to pass by the masjid either a lot of times, so between 1230 and two o'clock

00:37:19--> 00:38:07

or in the evening between six and 7pm you can stop by the masjid or you can come there right now and drop off your boxes and donations, but just Camilla Hayden, we reached approximately just about just missing shy of 300,000. But we will insha Allah who to Hannah, send out a video update with all of those details. Just like Camilla Hayden once again. You know on behalf of the salmon community center of Milton, to the entire community and the entire world for all of your support. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it very heavy on your scales. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow this to be a sadaqa jariya for every single one of us. I mean barakallahu li calm, which is Akuma love Haven

00:38:07--> 00:38:13

and I'll see you tonight 20 minutes after Salatu was Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.