Daood Butt – Jumuah Khutbah August 7, 2020

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The importance of distraction and not being distracted from social media is emphasized, as it can lead to loss of words and negative emotions. It is also important to focus on one's own well-being and not allow things to happen around the world. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to be focused on their own well-being and avoid social media. Additionally, a person named Adam uses regular handkerchiefs to clean and drink water.
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When you're dealing

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someone long Where are they?

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He was he was

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on the sea for water.

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Yeah, I

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was one of

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them in Germany German.

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My brothers and sisters

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lays everything else for us in

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the Simplicity's in the complexities of life are mentioned in the signal for profit, so the longer I need to sell them

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at any point in time in our lives when we feel that we are lost, or we feel that we don't know what to do or how to react, we should always turn into a loss of words at

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first and foremost with your out with asking a lot to make things easy to change things for us to grant us the ability to move forward in life in a way that is comforting to the heart and easy on the soul. And soothing to the mind.

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What can we see that things are happening around us in the world

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through instant messaging. In a world where at the click of a finger, the whole world is aware of something that is happening in a small village

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at a time when the news travels faster, and phone calls, as we used to use in the past. And so that we see my brothers and sisters that

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Many of us can easily get caught up in wasting our time reading, researching, studying things that at times have no purpose to us whatsoever.

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no benefit to us.

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New change will come to us in our lives in and if it does, it will be so small, it will be a change that is my news.

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And we see as an example of what happened in Lebanon, just a couple of days ago.

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He are sad, and our hearts hurts. And our minds are distracted from everything that's happened. And you'll notice that people who probably never knew where it was on the map before now are focusing on what happened.

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But I'm using this as an example.

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I'm using it as an example for us to recognize the fact that at times, what is really most beneficial to the people there. And to us, is our connection with almost

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seeking help from a law as it was done. And not simply trying to figure out what was the purpose? Or what was the motive of what was it that actually made this explosion happen.

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When brothers and sisters many people have reached out to me asking for my opinion on it, asking me to post something on social media about what happened in London. And I will tell you, my brothers and sisters, the very first thing that we should do is make drama.

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I don't have an opinion, I don't live there. I don't work for a government. I don't know what's happening behind the scenes almost

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best and this is where any government any authority, any person of wealth, any person that status any people or tribe or nation or you know group who has power in their hands can lose it, before they even recognize they have it with the power of mindset.

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Also can avoid to add it also reminds us

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of not being suspicious, not assuming things of others. For almost cannaboids Allah reminds us that the most of what we assume most of what we assume to others is nothing that is true and has no value to it. And the prophets of Salaam says we are from one

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era Yakumo one. Beware of suspicion, beware of assumption,

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but in the fundament

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for suspicion or assumption of things that are happening around us that we don't have knowledge about most of what we say most of what we think most of what we spread is nothing but false tales.

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That statement in itself, my brothers and sisters is so powerful, that if we were to think of it really and truly, and apply that in a big example that just happened around the world, in our own personal lives. I don't know what is happening in the parking lot right now. And none of you know what is happening in the parking lot right now. Unless if you're sitting on your phones right now, when someone is tweeting about it or putting it on Facebook or tik tok, then you know what's happening. And we're not listening to the football, which means you're distracted.

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And that's an example of how we need to be focused isn't

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enough of being distracted from what is important to us. My brothers and sisters, there have been people in the last few days who have spent time on trying to figure out what is going on in Lebanon, and why did this happen. And while they're doing that, their children are doing whatever they want. They're watching whatever they want. They're reading whatever they want. They're speaking to whoever they want on the internet. And the parents are so focused on what is happening in another country trying to figure out the motive behind it. We don't realize what's important to us is right.

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And the number of friends that

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I'm referring to.

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So my brothers and sisters, educate our children, educate your children, educate ourselves first, that what is most important is our connection with a wall for a wall has the power and ability to save every single person within this

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vicinity of an explosion

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in our eyes might show us, every single person within that area would not survive. A one has the ability to save it to protect and to shield, every single one of the

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sisters. A reminder for today is do not get caught up

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in social media, and what's happening at the click of our fingers, while at the same time forgetting what is so important to us at that point in time.

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Brothers and sisters related to possible related to spread rumors are spreading news that we have no knowledge about. The prophet SAW along with some of them was once walking by the graveyard by the cemetery. And he passed by some graves. And he commented about the punishment of the people of those graves. And he mentioned at one point in time, that these people are being punished. And he pointed to two graves.

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And he says that the punishment of these two people are not things that were difficult for them to avoid. Meaning their punishment in the grave is because of something that was so simple and so easy for them to do, but they just did not focus on a priority to them.

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And so the prophet SAW the law of gravity, points of the first grade. And he says, As for this one is punishment is because in this in this world, he was not careful of urine spilling on his body, his cleanliness was not important to him. And so that is the first thing that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam points out of the first grade. And he points to the second grade right next to it. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, As for this one, it is to walk around and spread gossip and rumors

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of punishment to the brain and come to us simply folding things that we have no knowledge about. Our brothers and sisters a muscle tells us

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up here have some news we should verify.

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We are not told to spread things around we are told to verify the news that comes to us, which means we can do our due diligence, we can check it we can go research, we can go and verify. And we should that's important, but it should not be the focal point of our lives. Don't let what happens around the world control our lives. If we think of it throughout this week. How much time do we spend reading things that really has no benefit to us.

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And compare that with how much time we spent memorizing one page.

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And I'm pretty sure the comparison in our minds.

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We are so awesome. with Adam provides us the strength to be able to get through this life in a way that is pleasing to almost

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almost kind of added to certain Peace and blessings upon profits. And

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as you mentioned in the end, the end

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all those that are suffering due to a competent limit on a root Guess who is added

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was added to send his health around the world. Those that are suffering and struggling those that are starving those that hospitalized, those that lost their loved ones those that have no food or water to drink

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and safety and protection. I mean it was permissible for you to save I mean when a draft is being made in the football as the last panel was added to protect us and protect our children. That's also can was added to bring ease to this world. We also also have to open our hearts to him and to Him alone. So was added to because from amongst those who are closest to the end or walking talking example.

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Longer I think that's which is the end of the

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So I was added to this community to make this for home schoolers who are a perfect and prime example of the life of

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me so it was

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nice to all those in our community that are struggling, those that are going through health issues and problems and we do remind everyone one of our brothers we all know very well. He actually used to clean and vacuum mustard very regularly for limousine. He's actually going to undergo open heart surgery this afternoon shall Mississauga please do remember he

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was added to every single one of us in the world.

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