Friday Jumuah Khutbah – September 4, 2020

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AI: Summary © The importance of choosing friends and encouraging their children to be around people who are "positive influence for them" is emphasized, along with the need to show respect for one's own values. The importance of staying safe and praying for one's children is emphasized, along with creating environments for them to grow and feel accepted. It is crucial to not let personal values influence their own lives and to pray for them outside of the pandemic.
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now we'll be learning to wait and to see now

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enough for

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one minute live really

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want to shadow

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We'll see

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ya as it

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was coming

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in Canada,

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my brothers and sisters

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with school beginning

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and with children going back to

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meeting their friends

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in the school setting that doesn't mean they haven't been meeting their friends I know I see a lot of them chilling outside in groups of much more than 10 and 20. But they are now going back to school and will embark upon that jerky that they weren't on before. But there has to be times in life where we reset and we learned about this last week. And so today's lesson is about the importance of choosing our friends wisely and encouraging our children to be around people that are a positive influence for them. The ones that we had off was a time that we can reflect and we shouldn't have been and we were reminded of doing that constantly.

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But now is the time when we go back into society, we see ourselves as adults, we may have returned to work or going back to somewhat of a normal lifestyle, meaning friends and family and relatives and so on. But we need to understand that there's a long term goal in the life of the believer. And it doesn't just end, when a person leaves this world, we lead up to it. And we have to make sure that we are taking the right steps every single step of the way. And so my brothers and sisters, the prophet SAW along the lines, so this is the only heavy that we will take for today.

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And it's very short and very simple. In fact, most of us probably already know it's where the prophets Allah

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says, Allah Dini funny, amen is upon the religion or the way up there friends,

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for the yellow book.

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So choose your friends for the book, one should look at their friends, and be aware of who they choose to be close.

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So the province of the long run, tells us first of all, that we are upon the way where the Dean of our friends, now a lot of us will say, Well, wait a second, North America, a lot of our children are friends with people that are not Muslim, does that mean that they are going to become Muslims, as the apostle kind of protects all of us and all of our children and our future generations to come.

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But we also will look at something different to the second part of the football with regards to this. First of all, as human beings, we adopt the way of the people we spend the most time with. So you'll notice for those of you who are never married, and that you got married, and after 10, or 15 years of marriage, a little bit of your spouse has rubbed off on you. Right, you might have been someone who never woke up for fudger. But now that you've got married and 10 years into your marriage, your spouse, or someone who is encouraging you to wait up for budget, or vice versa, I don't know, right, everyone has their own situation at all, where that person's lifestyle becomes

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your lifestyle, or that person's food or likes and dislikes becomes a little bit about your life as well. And the same thing happens to our children. And we should not fool ourselves, my brothers and sisters, let's not fool ourselves to think that Oh, you know what we came from other countries and our you know, our own lifestyle is set. But we don't realize that we're putting our children in a scenario where they're encircled by people whose goals are not similar to yours, whose goals are not similar to mine. Now, that doesn't mean that other human beings whether or not don't have good values, not at all. In fact, we can probably debate all day long, how some are many,

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much better values that they've instilled in their lives than the Muslim Ummah has. And when I say that, I don't say I don't mean that Islam does have good values. I mean, that has Muslims, sometimes we haven't instilled those values within us, being patient is part of our team that we find that we, you know, are so quick to judge others or to say something or to say, Oh, this is my rights, and I'm entitled to this.

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The patient, right, speak nicely.

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Greets people in a good way.

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And so the non Muslims have amazing views that we can also acknowledge. But what we're trying to say here is that our children had this opportunity to refresh the people that they hang out with. And we as adults should be the first ones to show them that.

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We say that again.

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We as the adults should be the first ones to show them that example. What do I need?

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For these few months that we were off? From the regular routine of our children and family and so on?

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Did I cut certain people out of my friends circle as an adult as parents? And I look at my circle of friends and say some of these families or

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did I look at my friend circle or my community and say some of those families are better for us to hang out with?

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Did I analyze that and sometimes it's even family. Sometimes family members are a negative influence upon our children. And so like brothers and sisters before I even speak to the youth

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As adults go and speak to our children, we should be checking our friends circle is first.

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Good afternoon.

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And sisters.

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One of the reasons why I chose this topic

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was actually something that I observed last week.

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Last week at jumaane,

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we ran out of paper that we would give to community members who forgot or did not bring a prayer mats with them.

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And I thought to myself, was standing at the door after I finished reading the first, our prayers, I was there with the volunteers watching and observing. And then realize so many Muslims don't have a prayer mats in their report.

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And I started to think, Well,

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me as an individual dealt with, I've traveled many countries, and I never took a subject with me. Because it's bulky, it takes up space, and an imprint on the grass, and I can put it on the floor. And I can create so many different things, I can take off my jacket and put it on the ground, and so on and so forth. But then I started to think, at a time when there's a pandemic, at a time when there's germs that are spreading at a time when we are being extra cautious and careful. I don't think many of us are really ready right now to continue doing what we used to be doing. Just go outside and pray on the ground anywhere in a shopping mall on the floor. Right, just pray on the

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floor. That's not something that people are more ready to do now than they used to be. Which means we should be ready for a lot more than we used to be ready for

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and have the things with us that prepare us to send me for a month. Now when I was standing there thinking of this, I thought, well, exactly. That's the condition of us isn't oma, and let's not fool ourselves, we all know that we've all sorts, our prayers, it is the first thing that we will be questioned about on the Day of Judgment.

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But we fall short in our prayers can we can we just go off for forgiveness, if we pick up those prayers, that's fine.

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But our children are watching us. Our children are being told by us going through your home for your grandma's.

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But the mother and father not praying.

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Or they're being told, you know, when you're at school, you should pray for home, when they go out to the park with their parents on the weekend or go to the beach, and they see that their parents miserable. And it is so and it is because they're at a restaurant eating and they come home at a shot and no one mentioned anything.

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Brothers and sisters, it's time to wake up

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our children. Yes, we can tell them to have good friends, but they're looking at who we make friends with.

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And we have to have friends that are not only super strict aesthetically, we don't want to make people run away from the younger generations run away from them. Because everything is always you have to do this and everything else is wrong. I have some friends that are cool that your children enjoy being with. It'll be like, you know,

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I want to I want to learn he's fixing his car I want to you know, play around with this part as well. You know, sister's going out and playing softball or basketball or something. You know, our daughter says

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that's the type of people we need to be. That's the type of environment we need to create for our children. And if you're not doing it by brothers and sisters, watch out. Because the people our children are hanging out with

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are the people that they will take from

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and the people that they will become one

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and we asked

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them to protect.

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What matters is

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not enough.

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Except from us and protective.

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Services haven't added to make us feel as important

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To make us stronger in terms of long when the time calls up to us, we are supposed to strengthen us and our team to make us whole on our family first before the rest

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so for your children and

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online classes, offering your

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