Friday Jumuah Khutbah – February 26, 2021

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In Alhamdulillah

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monastery you know what I still feel when I Ruby learning in Shui and fusina on Soviet era Lena mania for Lena warm letter

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one is

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someone who is a

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he was

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talking about the

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camera model

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that they are relying on and what we will learn walking around and walking

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yeah yohannes

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akumina Sema either one of

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them in Houma region.

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Me What are

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my brothers and sisters

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I want to share with you a story

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a story of a girl

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in one of the Islamic schools here in the GTA, who is in grade eight.

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And her parents are originally from Palestine.

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Their school had a speech competition yesterday.

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And they acted as one as one of the judges of that competition.

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And this great eight Muslim girl originally from Palestine

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at the end of her lecture, which lasted only about three or four minutes, began to shed tears.

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She began to shed tears thinking of her family.

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her relatives

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her parents, always

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their neighbors

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who lost their lives or whose lives were turned upside down.

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And the topic of her lecture was, if you could go back in time, what would you do with that.

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And this girl showed

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as to how she felt because of what's happening to her loved ones back home.

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And this ties in with the name, and

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the name of Hannah

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who along with

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alimony will

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allow you

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to have

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a job outcomes, or an all in one time in this form,

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as a lot on jump off, and also have a word to add up being a Jabbar is the, if we were to translate it in English, the ever compeller the one whose power and weight supersedes all others, the one whose authority is above everything else and anything else, the one who's plan will certainly come to happen. And above is also the one who heals the broken hearts. The one who fixes or heals the wounds that we feel or that go through that we experience in life. Forgive brings comfort to the weak, and to those who turn to Him.

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And I thought as I was preparing this, quote, for today, that the example of that grenade in her four minute lecture

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shines so great with the definition of agenda, that someone whose heart is broken, who's a little girl in grade eight, who feels the emotion of the pain of her parents, family members and relatives back home,

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where she hopes that change will come. And that hope will come where that change will come from.

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The first

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question, who has all ability and all strength in all months, the second definition of a jumper is that he is the most tired above everything. And the third definition is exactly the emotions of that girl and the hope that will change things for the better.

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Every single one of us has pain in our hearts. Every single one of us

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might have gone through some difficult challenges in life. Some lost their loved ones due to COVID-19. Some will experience loss of loved ones in the future. We will all have some kind of difficulty that we're faced with. For the prophets of Allah Allah usnm says he does have a lot of African intellia. So when you go through those tests, when you go through those indices, raise your hands and call upon a jumper on long

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akula coming out I was comfortable, warm

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and hungry love adenine whatever I have been

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eating and eating a form of solid.

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Brothers and sisters. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would call upon above in between his two senses your performance. We also teach one another that it's important to ask

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for forgiveness along maturity, what happened what brought me right I was the kind of guy that we call upon him for forgiveness. So a prime time and asked him

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part two here

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to remove those disease may

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be affected

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for a loss

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use it

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Level upon the people on the streets, but then

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we'll take revenge upon will do justice.

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So the profits

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in between the two sectors.

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What happened

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it wasn't

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a one off event.

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Secure Wi Fi and through heartbreak,

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loss of handle data to remove the hardships of this work to remove this pandemic and to replace it with something that's

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compatible with

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its ease and comfort throughout. Today

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is a time of mercy from time to time that we are encouraged to raise our more and more

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Send me

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a lot

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Center I'm a

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law a center

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sisters your cooperation

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please remember to be generous on the way out

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away from the mustard constrain that make up for that. And also please do continue to make

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things easy for the community members that are going through hardship but also brought us together

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