Friday Jumuah Khutbah – February 19, 2021

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in Ottawa How can I raise

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my brothers and sisters? Well,

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we also kind of want to add and make it easy for every single one of us to continue to come to the mustard. And they'll also kind of want to open our hearts to the importance of being in the mustard and gathering together as a community as a coma. And we asked the last point to add never to let us lose sight of the importance of Jehovah and the importance of the congregational prayer. For one thing that we would see in the past as many people sitting throughout the football, playing on their phones, surfing the internet, looking through or swiping through Facebook and Instagram. And now we haven't been in now we hope that we've learned a little bit of a lesson of the importance of being

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here and the importance of submitting into a wall all together in congregation in the masjid and we ask almost always adults make that a reality for us.

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Looking forward, to return to the way that things used to be with our humans stronger and better than it used to be. I mean, today we're going to look at the name of a muscle pointer either as he is. And as he is, which we will find, if we read through the entire or an almost 100 times in mentioned,

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allows us if we were to simply translate it in English, we would translate it to mean the ever Monday

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when we talk about weights and strength, any one of us who goes to the gym regularly and none of us have been going to the gym regularly, so we feel very weak. But also cannabinoids are added is the ever mighty, the most mighty, always able to do anything, and never diminishes from us. And so Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah is the one who is all strong, all dominance. And he reigns supreme over all of his creation, as an apostle kind of want to add is above everything. And those of them in his creation who have subjugated to Him, who submit to a loss of Halloween to Allah, who humble themselves before also can have more data and have total submission to his

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understanding who he truly is.

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What we find when we look for examples within the bar, and like I've mentioned before, it comes multiple times, for example, who alone

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usually home. So it was the kind of things that we as we've learnt in the past are there. But how does this apply to us? Let's look at three things very quickly. inshallah. First of all, the creation which is us as human beings, every single one of the creation, not only humans, insects, animals, plants, trees, cars, buildings, carpets, everything is from a loss.

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And so no creation has the mic and power of a lawn.

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And none of us are humans. That's the first thing that we learn. We don't have the power and light to the loss of power. But we try to aspire to be better all the time. The second lesson is Allah as he is not in need of his creations help. The one who is Mighty No one who is strong is not a need of anyone, you go to the gym, you workout, you come home, if your wife asked to carry this, you know, 24 pack of water upstairs, no problem, you take one of each hand and you go, right, your children tell you in the middle of the night, thirsty, can you get up out of bed and get it No problem, you're strong, you're going to get it right, every single one of us we exert

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strength when we do think you're stronger than we used to be. Or we become weaker than we used to be on a loss of cannabinoids and an ever becomes.

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So and Aziz is not in need of the help of a one of his creation.

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Our family members sometimes ask us because they need us to do it, but our mothers need us.

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And the third thing my brothers and sisters that we'll look at with regards to as he is, is that we are fully dependent upon his to do

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I cannot blame me. without the permission of azeez I cannot raise my finger without the permission of azeez I cannot speak without a boss. And as he is expressing or allowing me to express myself, none of us can do a single thing without the permission of a boss.

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And he has all power all whites to allow or not to allow things from happening. And when we tie this in with what's going on in the world nowadays, because that's what we want to do. We always want to learn one name of a law and tie it in with something that's going on in the world. What do we see happening around us COVID-19 every single one of us things to ourselves, we can eat this, we could beat this we got it, let's get the vaccine we can be it.

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But if every single one of us gets the vaccine and doesn't want it to be it won't be

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every single one of us refuses to get the vaccine and wants it to be it will be.

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Now we've learnt already in the past the importance of taking initiative to try to combat evils try to remove things that are harmful in our lives. And we learned that in the past and today's topic is not about that. But today

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topic is about learning the power and bytes belongs to a loss of power.

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So when we feel that we are in control of our lives,

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we are really fools thinking that we can do it all by ourselves.

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You have to learn how

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to be

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a, b, and

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c. see

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another example my brothers and sisters, what we see happening in the United States, not politically but from the power and might tell also cannaboids we've received in the last week about a foot of snow more or less, and I'm having today we are still eating we are still able to go to work, we are still able to do things we shovel our driveways, we still have heating, we still have cooling if we want to write, we still have food, in the grocery stores at home, we have electricity as well. But many of our neighbors down south in Texas have no water. They're putting plastic bags in their toilets to relieve themselves because they have no water. They can't flush. They have no heating.

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They're taking their furniture with wooden furniture that they are cutting it up using

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something whatever ratio

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and Aziz has the rights to bring something so small, two inches of snow that destroyed the power grid

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and as easy as that to Microsystems. That is the power of a most accountable

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we can prove us in a decent lessons upon the profits from a lot of it or some kind of analysis.

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able to see that a lot of you are selling or buying

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or selling a lot of magazines.

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A lot of

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a lot more.

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A lot more.

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Name is colossal, can we remove this pandemic from upon us So allow us together once again to continue together. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make a reality for us in the masjid this year as colossal counterpoints added to allow us to stand shoulder to shoulder in prayer,

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to forgive all of those that are going through hardship and difficulty in different regions of the world. And not only to forgive them, but the ease and safety and protection and removal of the oppression from upon them regardless of what country they live in. As for most of our Rico brothers and sisters, we have also added to allow governments to recognize that Muslims are being tortured and punished in different countries or different areas in the world and to remove that from them because only has the power to do so.

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center ready for more

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so we can

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for a while as the regular Friday donations

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