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ICNA-MAS Convention 2018

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along with

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another one

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are you guys feel that it was okay

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can you see me in the back?

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Is there enough light on me?

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You like this jacket

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it's fly right? say hola hola oh

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you like my shoes do ah Okay very good don't get me out and say mashallah I'm gonna walk in this is a chip on the way out

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is everybody here from Baltimore?

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Where are you guys from? Who hears

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okay okay let me ask Is anybody here from New York

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New York is in the house okay what about New Jersey

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the same people just clap what's going on

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you either one or the other and he picked picks was pick which side you want

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anyone here from Philly?

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Where else where else east coast

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I don't think anybody cares about Pennsylvania sorry about that. I don't know. It's not me it's the people

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Hey, anybody here from Canada

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there was one person in the back and they were so polite. They said yes brother.

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And they apologize. Sorry. Sorry. Yes, I'm I'm from Canada. Sorry about that.

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Where's my East Africans that

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you all came late you all in the back? What's going on?

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Let me guess January 1.

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Okay. somebody's birthday. Yeah, that's your birthday. I knew it.

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is great to see so many people here. Well hamdulillah las pantallas blessed us to be in this beautiful gathering. May Allah subhanaw taala make this effort heavy on our skill of good deeds say I mean

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you know, it's actually really great to see so many young men and young girls here young so many young give a round of applause for all the young people who came out today

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Allah protect them because you know, they could have been many other places but Allah subhanaw taala bless them to be here with us today. And