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Why IOU offers Islamic Psychology

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Bilal Philips

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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I would like to introduce you to our course, in Islamic psychology.

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Islamic psychology is a new field.

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It is something which is lacking in most Muslim countries.

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We have psychology, yes, Western psychology, which has its own

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basis and approach to understanding human beings. How they think, how they

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react, how they interact.

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Islamic psychology

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is based on the fact that human beings have a soul.

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Western psychology don't believe in the soul.

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They observe animals and the way that animals operate, they've drawn certain conclusions. And they've applied that to human beings. But we are more than just animals. So

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Islamic psychology seeks to bring human beings into the holistic picture of life on earth.

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And this area of study is vital for the development of our institutions.

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Even in businesses,

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even in

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the military, or in whatever field, psychology has to roll.

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we invite you to join the international Open University, and to enter into this new field of Islamic psychology to make a difference in the future, for human beings in the world, in general.

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It is a new and challenging field,

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which I'm sure those of you who have this inclination would greatly enjoy. So

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commit yourselves to study from this Islamic perspective.

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Psychology needs this guidance, be the leaders in this field to create a new world vision for understanding human beings and how they interact.

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So my brothers and sisters, those of you who have this inclination, we welcome you to join the Department of Islamic psychology in the international Open University.

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We welcome you on board to share with the great

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scholars that we have connected to us, as well as with the younger new scholars who are graduating in this field.

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Thank you for giving me of your time. And we hope that this time will have served you well.