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The trimming of beards by Muslims is a fundamental part of the Hadeal system and is not allowed in any conditions. Prayer is important and broken fasting rules are necessary to avoid social norm. Visiting privacy is crucial to avoid getting embarrassed and privacy is important to achieve. It is important to avoid getting into trouble and privacy is important to achieve.

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Out of need, that one should not loiter, you know that after having fulfilled was basic need that then one finds other needs or wants, which become needs, you know, but one does what has to be done and get back into the masjid. But the other part was whether the verse in the Koran referring to the believers in seclusion in the masjid, whether this verse seems to be a general verse is the basis under which are by which the scholars hold that the articles may take place in any Masjid

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brothers asked me if that was the case, I cannot say whether this is the basis of the arguments or whether there are actually other Hadees which may be of a general meaning also, and he asked if it was possible. Next week, I would bring the Hadith which specifically refer to Mecca, Medina.

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Brother, man, do you have something on that?

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Okay, question concerning the trimming of the beard,

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the vast majority of scholars or that it is allowable for a Muslim to trim his beard, I mean, I'm just holding that it is

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required of a Muslim to grow a beard, somehow that it is strongly required in the sense of it being a strongly recommended so now, another is all that in fact, it is compulsory, and that to shave one there is sinful.

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having fulfilled the requirements, of growing the beard, of course, those who say that it is Sunnah. And now that it is compulsory, then trimming becomes, you know, doesn't really make any difference because according to them, you could also shave it. I mean, you should it's better to grow it but you could change it. But those who hold that it is compulsory that they had these which command the growing of the beard are

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general command,

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which don't allow for any modification to shift that command from being a compulsory command to one which is a recommendation.

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Such war that position are themselves divided into two groups. Those who hold that the trimming is not allowed because the command is to grow your beard.

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And those who hold the trimming is possible.

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And those who allow the trimming

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also hold that the trimming would have to be in accordance with the way in which Eben Omar was one of the narrators of the Hadees on growing the beard, you know, being like a command of the prophets Allah, He trimmed his beard during Hajj, you know, when he was preparing for her arm, he would grab the beard, and whatever was at the end of his fist, you know, he would trim.

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So, those who allow the trimming,

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hold, I mean amongst those who hold that composite to grow your beard, hold that one metrium what is after the grass, other scholars hold that one may trim the practice of women Omar was indicating that trimming is allowed, whether you do so after the grass or, or or before the grass, as long as what you wrote on your face is considered to be a beard, you are fulfilling the commandment of growing your beard. If what you have on your face, now can be classified as stubble.

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You know, what they call 12 o'clock shadow and they have different names for it, which is when a person doesn't shave for a while, you know, there starts to appear that the hair is just started growing on their face, that is not considered to be a beard. And so, one would not be fulfilling the growing of the beard in that case, for as long as one has grown to the hairs on the face to the point where we classify this as a beard, then

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to trim after that, or to allow it to go to certain lengths and then trim is optional for the individual

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or as our brother said to eveness or to neaten it to make it what he considers to be tidy, because of course this issue of tidiness may be something you know relative, but we know the problems are solemn in his own practices. In our word groom himself would grow his beard trim is here and so and so and that he was particular about Muslims maintaining a certain level of tidiness. So if one sees in trimming the edges, you know, tidying his beard

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You know, this is his option. Another person might say, well, this is not really tidiness, you know,

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tidiness with a different?

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I think what you have to do is look at the evidence yourself, if you ask me, What is my opinion? What do I consider to be the stronger opinion that's different, and what may actually, in fact, be the stronger opinion, in my opinion, what I consider to be the strong opinion, based on what I've seen is that one is allowed to trim the beard, as long as what one goes on the face is considered a beard, that's one matrix, tidy.

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But gouging portions out of the beard, that is growing the beard and, you know, shaving out portions of the beard. And this is actually

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breaking the principle of growing the beard. And the beard should grow its natural growth, you may tidy in the sense of tidying the edges, etc. But what is considered better than your face

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should be

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grown. Of course, if the beard

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reaches a point where it's, you know, growing up your chicken is having difficulty to see if we need to remove it to be able to see, well, then I would say that, you know, you're doing it out of a necessity here, but just for, you know, chopping pieces to make, you know, like goatees, and you know, these type of other forms that we run is then cutting off portions of one's beard, and you cannot really say one is growing one's beard, but growing a portion of his beard.

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blood coming out of the body, does it break the fast, if you get a cut, and you bleed, it doesn't break the fast.

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You know, if you defecate and some blood comes, it doesn't make the fast if you're if you need some blood, doesn't make the fat as a male. However, for a female, if blood comes from her privates, that is the beginning of our menses, the minute that it begins, her fast is broken. So if she has 10 minutes left to the event, and blood come fast, as broken, she has to repeat that day.

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you can donate blood while you're fasting. Because the giving of that blood does not break, the taking of blood out of your system doesn't break your fast. It's the taking in it's whatever comes in, but if they were taking blood out in one hand, and they're giving you you know, glucose and the other hand, well, then your product is broken, because you're being fed in one hand as you're giving out on the other hand,

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if they if they have a

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question if a person is not praying regularly,

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and they make a sincere intention to fall

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with their fast the

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valid, rewarded by a law, it is possible. If a person you know is not praying regularly, meaning that they have not denied a lot, they have not given up for law.

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But out of laziness, you know, they miss one prayer here, I miss one prayer there they you know, they know they're wrong.

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But when Ramadan comes, they make the intention to fast and they hold the fast and they try to do it the best they could, if they are rewarded for what they're doing.

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As a result of that,

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would they be rewarded in any way?

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question concerning one who doesn't pray at all,

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but fat in the month of Ramadan? Would they be rewarded for that fat?

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I would say that if that person doesn't pray at all, believing that the prayer is not compulsory for him, then there is no reward for that fact. Because once he doesn't, he gives a prayer, believing that it is not on him to pray, he has become a disbeliever. So the fact is of no value to him in terms of reward from Allah. But if he is not praying during the year out of laziness,

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right, that means that he still has a mustard seeds worth of the man in his heart

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then is fat and Ramadan could be of benefit to him if this

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is a twofer. So this is we're talking now on a theoretical level, right in theory.

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We say yes, he could take the benefits, but in practice

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A person who does not pray all year long,

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is out of contact with a law all year long.

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Is it possible for him

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to establish a correct path?

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According to the spirit of the fast, which is necessary before you can get any reward, because we already said the ritual is not giving us reward ritual can make us thirsty and hungry. But it won't get us the reward that Allah has promised for the fast can that person now establish a fast in accordance with the spirit of the fast? I would say it is very unlikely.

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No, I can't say it can never be. But I would say it is very unlikely. So a person who would

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do such a thing as to give a prayer all year long. That person to me would be so far off the path, there is no way that he would be able to establish a correct fan.

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So although we may accept something in theory, we're talking about what is the Islamic position? Theoretically, you know, legally speaking on this man, we say yes.

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If he had not fallen into total disbelief, then yes, he may be accepted by a law if it is in accordance to the spirit. But could he actually establish a forest according to this spirit, practically speaking, I would doubt it very much.

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brothers leave, I just wanted to mention that

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this evening, there is a an invitation to breaking the fast

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with a

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couple of new Muslims, American military people who just accepted Islam or a week ago, and they will be with them, a group of others, Americans who are

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non Muslim, who may be interested in Islam.

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And those, particularly those who are from Western backgrounds, who may be fluent in English would like to take part in this breaking of the fast and wisdom and maybe try to offer something in the way of Dawa to them. They're invited to,

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to come to the call and guidance office in Baja, at five o'clock, because from there, we'll be leaving at five o'clock, to go to the location where we'll be breaking the fast, some somebody has arranged. And so all of you are welcome, who feel that you may have something to contribute, or if you don't have a place to break the fat and you just like to come break the fact that you are so welcome.

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Also Monday

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but also they'll be

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free Monday, Monday.

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Question, brother in the back.

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That one becomes

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a question, what is the maximum anchor, at which point are after which point your five becomes broken?

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There hasn't been any specified amount.

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In fact, there has been our I don't know of any statements of the partners that sell them in which he said if you get angry your fax is broken,

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for us to even go into that area to try to determine the specified amount. But the point the point is that

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if a person you know

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reaches a state in his past, where he is involved in cursing others,

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you know, speaking you know, spreading rumors, whether it is out of anger, or out of jealousy, or out of any of the other emotions. A person who does solve the problems as lm had said that such a person is fast is not

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acceptable to a law.

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That's just the general principle. So if one finds oneself in the states where out of anger one is cursed, somebody said something that one shouldn't say we ask make Toba. You go back you ask Allah for forgiveness. You don't say well, okay, I cursed now my fast is broken, and Miss will go out and eat now make up the day later, no, this doesn't break your fat automatically, you know. Ultimately, Allah is the one who will judge whether what you have done has broken your fast and there is no reward for you or not. And as I said, when you commit errors of that kind, what is required or recommended W is to turn back to a line repentance and allies the Forgiving, Most Merciful.

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Question here, can you explain the requirements for overrode which will not require us to sacrifice the sheep? Well, as far as I know, we don't have to sacrifice any sheep for making ombre. I this is a question I think, which came from the sisters. Maybe I think maybe they meant Hajj. As another thing, you know,

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we have three types of hatch into you sacrifice. And in one you don't have known as a fraud, where one goes where one does not join ombre with hatch, one does not sacrifice that is the one with go there and immediately begin the process of Hajj without going into doing omura before they hatch. In that case, no sacrifice is required of the person. But the best hatch is the one wherein we make the sacrifice that is the one with the problems that Allah made. And we should all try to do that. If we're not able or for one reason, either economic or timewise then we may do the fraud one without

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the sacrifice. But we may even make even though we may economically be unable to make the sacrifice, we may still make that hard which requires a sacrifice and too far in its place. So I would say it is better even if you're able to join the ombre with the hats to them together that it's better to go ahead and do it even though you cannot make the physical sacrifice and too fast in explain.

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Yeah, paying somebody to sacrifice on your behalf is considered like you sacrificing.

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Of course it is recommended if you know you can do it yourself. It is best to do it yourself. And just like those of us that don't make hatch here, we're also recommended to make a sacrifice. Those of us who are in our countries didn't want to make the hatch. It is better for you to make the cut the neck of the animal make the do it yourself. However, it is allowable for you to pay a professional butcher to Muslim butcher to make that sacrifice for you.

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No, it is not prohibited in some areas due to organizational purposes to to avoid the spread of disease or for whatever reasons where people might just be sacrificing and dropping the animals and people's paths and you know the to try to organize things and do it in a in a manner which is more clean and maintaining cleanliness and health and also to be able to utilize the meats properly after the Hajj etc. They've organized it to the slaughter take place in certain places. But if you particularly want to slaughter, you can find a place in Mecca where you will be able to swap yourself is not impossible. If it is a big issue for you that you want to make that body of stuff.

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If you want to do it you can find a way to do it.

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Because there are slaughterhouses throughout Mecca itself is the the slaughter does not have to take place in minutes on so there are slaughterhouses throughout Mecca, where they are slaughtering animals all the time people thought animals have their meals etc. So one can go to one of those slaughterhouses and perform the slaughter there.

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The hedge better where a person makes hedge on behalf of somebody else who's unable to perform it due to reasons of sickness or ill health. Some some reasons stop them from doing it. It is permissible for you to do it even though they are living if you have done for yourself already.

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The only condition that you cannot

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do is when you have not already done your own Hajj. And of course, when you're doing it for them, that has to be your intention that you're doing it, and the reward is going to them, you will get reward for the service that you're doing. But you would not get reward for a damage which you may perform

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inside the buses and trains as you walk in the street,

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half naked,

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healthy and try to control yourself.

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Well, for the fact, you know, where we have to those of us who fall in circumstances out of places like in Arabia, you know, obviously, the fact here in terms of the challenge, you know, in terms of the the looseness of the society where there is, you know, all the sexuality out there in the societies that we may find back in Philippines, or as our brothers asking in Madrid, you know, he's from Spain, or brothers from Spain, or, you know, in New York City, do you know, those of us who are coming from Western countries, where, you know, the the level of sexuality in the society is very high, you know, nakedness is all around us? You know, how does one deal with a fight there? I mean,

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here we can see it is relatively easy. In that sense, we don't have those challenges, does it break our fast, you know, if we see these things when we're fasting in these other areas? Well, you know, as the Bible says, elements said, in regards to seeing corruption,

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the first look

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is for ourselves. And the second look is for status. This is the general principle. In other words, in moving around the society, you cannot wear a blindfold,

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you have to function you have to exist. And you have to walk around with your eyes open. However,

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after having seen something, which is, you know, corrupt, you know, the point at which what you saw was not by your choice. And at the point that now what you're seeing is by your choice, you see when you're when what when what happens, you change from

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a glass, or a look to a sphere.

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Right? when it changes over into the sphere, where you are now taking pleasure from your look, then of course, you're destroying your fat, what was seen outside of your control, this doesn't destroy your fat. And of course, the greater the trials that you are on in your fat and the more patients You are the greater the rewards.

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So conceivably, it is conceivable that somebody fasting in Madrid could get a greater reward for his fight in Madrid though he's seeing all these things than a person fasting here and react without seeing these things. But it just depends on how he handles it.

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So you know, we know this is general this is why even making omura in Ramadan problems or selling said what who makes omura in Ramadan is like what who makes Hajj with me, because the trials of making the oma the difficulties that are involved in making Omer allowed fasting, you know, because of the trials involved here, the reward becomes even greater.

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So, this is a general principle that, you know, ally is going to judge us according to our circumstances, is not going to give you less of a reward. There's a sister with a some questions at the badnesses is not going to give you less of a reward because of the fact that

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you are exposed to certain things

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and give somebody more of a reward.

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Cause they were not exposed to those things because this is outside of your control.

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If you want to make a bike car

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with the intention of

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a first went to Mecca by car

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and they began the fast here, do they have to keep the fast?

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Yeah, you know, it's a 10 or 11 hour journey, are you required to keep that fast if you began the fast? No, as a traveler, you're allowed to break the fast. However, in the morning, you cannot say, I am going to travel at 12 o'clock. So I'm not going to fight today.

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Not begin the fact if you are here in Riyadh, when the time for fasting comes you have to begin it. Because though it may be your intention to travel at 12 o'clock, you may not be able to travel due to a lot of work coming into effect here. So as long as you're within the Replace your residence and you have the ability to fast you must begin to fast but once you start your travel in fact, in other words, a lot of destiny has allowed you to fulfill your will and you begin to travel. And once you start on your journey, then you're allowed to break your fast

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Okay, the distance or

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time period at which we are allowed to rectify or to shorten the prayer.

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There isn't a particular distance, though some of the schools of Islamic law have set this with distances based on different practices of the Prophet Mohammed Salah it has been understood by a number of scholars also that the ultimate determining factor is one's intention, that once one has left the boundaries of the town of residence with the intention for travel one is now on a journey, one may now begin to break the fast one may now begin to join and to shorten prayers, that it is ultimately the intention you know based on the different practices of apartments I sell him and that he did not in fact specify a distance that whenever you reach certain a distance, you can now break

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the fast or to shorten the prayer.

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Oh, this is a rephrased question.

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Does one have to sacrifice a sheep? If he makes some mistake in the ombre or did not know the steps of making O'Meara

00:27:54--> 00:28:07

making a sacrifice to correct an error in the ombre to make that Homer acceptable? To tell you the truth I'm not really too certain that was man you have something on that

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verify that

00:28:33--> 00:28:44

what you're saying there is a general principle that for some mistakes of ombre you may sacrifice an animal to make the Omer acceptable.

00:28:46--> 00:28:49

Hodges is clear well known but for O'Meara.

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00:28:53--> 00:28:59

To give us the specifics are we would have to say wait in Charlotte to next week. We will

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burden our brother with man to get the details for us.

00:29:03--> 00:29:11

Charlotte is going to be here next Friday to give us the exact details on what circumstance may one sacrifice and the ombre become

00:29:12--> 00:29:15

acceptable if they have broken some aspects of it.

00:29:26--> 00:29:26

I went to

00:29:31--> 00:29:34

what after I arrived

00:29:38--> 00:29:39

but I went

00:29:45--> 00:29:46

I went to

00:29:51--> 00:29:53

once I arrived

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

but I went for the data

00:30:02--> 00:30:02

And then

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00:30:15--> 00:30:16

my session was

00:30:18--> 00:30:22

initially, but I should have done that first.

00:30:26--> 00:30:27

So I have to sacrifice

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Okay, whether it's outlining a particular case which happened to him, in which he had gone to Jeddah with the intention of making ombre from Riyadh, following that, he decided to visit some friends in Medina meaning that he has now left the boundaries of the nice part is gone back outside of the new car, and

00:30:58--> 00:31:45

gone to visit his friends in Medina, then he came back making a firearm from the new part of Medina and came into make his own rounds. And that he was told that this was in fact an error on his fat part because once he has entered into the bathroom, the boundaries for for overcoming from Riyadh, once you get past those boundaries and gone inside of the the area, which is considered the inside the nucleus, then he must now make aamra, before leaving the new hot seat is not the point of whether he came using the new court of react, because you could leave from Riyadh and make your way around from the mid part of Medina no harm, but it is that

00:31:47--> 00:31:56

you should not go inside of the new car with the intention for ombre, and then come back out without making it and then come back in again.

00:31:57--> 00:32:05

So in this case, where he had done this, he was told by some of the leading scholars that to correct this mistake on his part, he had to sacrifice an animal

00:32:09--> 00:32:21

in Mecca sacrifice, yes, it should be done in Mecca. Either that the person may send the money down to somebody in Mecca to do it for them, you know, or they go back to Mecca next time they go back to Mecca, they make the sacrifice.

00:32:24--> 00:32:27

The new card being the boundaries

00:32:29--> 00:32:32

set around Mecca,

00:32:34--> 00:32:44

whereby a person who crosses them has to be in a state of the hub with the intention and the dress of the pilgrim.

00:32:59--> 00:33:03

workout is over. Now, what would be the correct way to

00:33:07--> 00:33:08

make the over

00:33:10--> 00:33:12

work? Well, the correct way

00:33:13--> 00:33:36

is that this is the case of our brothers that he goes to get them to for business purposes. His business sends him to Jeddah and he has the intention of making aamra where he goes and does his business first. And then afterwards, he carries it around with him and then afterwards he makes his alarm and goes to make ombre actually this is not acceptable.

00:33:37--> 00:33:38

is incorrect.

00:33:40--> 00:33:45

Because if you have left here with the intention of making hombre

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after your business, but with the intention of making ombre from here, then once you cross the neihart when you're on the plane, and they tell you you're over the knee apart. Now this is the place for those who are going to make home or to make it home, you must now put on your garments, lay her arm and make the intention for her. After having done that if you land in Jinja you complete your business and then go make your own right okay, as long as you are in that state of Georgia. But it is preferable if you come in when you first come in, you should go make your home and then you go into your business. The only time what you have done there becomes allowable is if you have gone to

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gender for business with no intention for aamra. But you finish your business early and you realize I have some time let me do a camera. In that case you make your firearm from didn't go and make your camera and that is perfectly acceptable. But according to the principle that our brother has pointed out here, you know, your ombre would definitely be invalid because you've made her arm inside of the niqab which is not allowable.

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He goes out

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See, then he has in the case of the brother, he has to make a sacrifice. If he, if he when he came, if he went to jail, they did his business, then he went back outside of the macaques, he went to five, that's the next one, he has to go to try to make a firearm from five and comes in. Right? If he does that, then he will still have to sacrifice for having come inside of the new class. with the intention for ombre and not making the ombre, but he's been sacrificing he will then be able to make his own bruh valid. But if he just did his business, when he finished his business, then he put on his different made intentions will hammer that home rays invalid.

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There are some scholars I should mention, who do hold that, you know, around from Judah, you're coming on a plane is acceptable. But this is a minority opinion. And it's not really supported by the the clear evidence from the center

00:36:03--> 00:36:04

on this

00:36:07--> 00:36:08

and before I do

00:36:10--> 00:36:27

that, I don't think that this is the best way. The best way is to come in with your home, make your own roof and then do your business. The second best way would be to come in with your intention for your business, where you're from and then go to your own room.

00:36:34--> 00:36:35

Okay, so I think we

00:36:38--> 00:36:38

shut down now.

00:36:40--> 00:36:47

We are allowed to accept our gathering here as one in which we have thought is pleasure

00:36:49--> 00:36:51

in understanding the hookah

00:36:52--> 00:37:11

and in learning some of the lessons that may be gained from Ramadan, that we would be among those who when hearing advice, act on that advice to benefit from it. So it doesn't become a source of punishment for on the last day of Hanukkah, Hanukkah shadow