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Today I'm going to give you one tip for Ramadan. And that is the for seeking a last forgiveness. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to seek a loss forgiveness more than 70 times a day. So at first at a time, when you wake up before you go to sleep, say to yourself, I'm going to say a star for the last 70 or 100 times, a great young man by the name of Imam Hassan Bosley was asked, What is the better to do to make as the father have to do more acts of worship? And he said, Well, if you have a garment that is very dirty, would you wash it first, or integrate it with perfume and make it look good? They said no, wash it first. Then decorate it. So wash yourself from the scene and then

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in the rest of the day, decorate yourself with worship. Start with this the thought and with is the father My brother and sisters. The doors of heaven are open revive