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The speakers discuss the use of the United Front methodology and the "stedler" approach to achieving Islam in one's country. They stress the importance of unity for establishing Islam and the use of "risality" in promoting "arson" and "moneted media" to motivate people to take action. The speakers emphasize the need to learn from past experiences and acknowledge that history is a reflection of one's own culture.

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Along the

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Ashley, is what revenue amount?

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his family's not well delayed getting here.

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I was informed about

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everything you were

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needed the apps and so on.

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So, to be very honest, I have not very prepared

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very much to add to the topic, except that

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there are two issues which I had wanted to deal with in the presentation which we gave on deviation lines,

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which are directly related to this topic, and above which I will

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call the communistic approach to Islamic movement.

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communistic why, because

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I've learned

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after I lost Christianity, I became a communist

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and worked to the Communist Party in America and Canada for almost four years.

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And the methodology,

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which they taught,

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and which they apply,

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in the course of their revolutionary movements in Russia and China,

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high power after becoming a Muslim,

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that these methods, especially in more recent times,

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have also been adopted

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some of the modern exotic movement

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seeking to

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effectively establish Islam in their country

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utilizing the methods

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and, in fact,

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these methods

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to the establishment of Islam,

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which go against the way of the

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shows us

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that the building of the foundation

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is essential for the establishment of the foundation.

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The foundation with regard to

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our feeder

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correct beliefs

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were given 30 years

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before Allah gave permission

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set about the actual construction of

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a couple of

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super trusses and to be engaged in often conflicts with those forces that sought to destroy.

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That Foundation was 13 years

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ago, which came after was only

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eight years.

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If we look at the methodology used

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by some groups,

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which I call the United Front methodology, where

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it is an issue of unity for the sake of unity.

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We are strong when we're all together, and we are weak when we are separated, divide and conquer

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which makes sense in certain contexts.

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when we're talking about establishing

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we can unite

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regardless on what may consider Islam, so,

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there has to be a clear cut program

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of really basic things.

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The basic concepts which are shared by Muslims across the world, those foundational concepts,

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we can help people who disagree on these.

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We cannot unite, for example, a people who declare the map of the harbor to be apart.

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We cannot unite with people

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who believe that we should only pray to Allah to intermediary

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in approach to Islam,

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we can only united with those who are very clear on who Allah is.

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Man's relationship with Allah

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that each and every person has to be 100%.

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Or in agreement about all of the finer points around the foundation.

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That is, we have an inquisition board. Half the people have already accepted our basic

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questions, question about certain finer points. You know, for example, where is a lot?

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You know, somebody says a lie is everywhere.

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And are they Well, not a lot is above

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the final, somebody who doesn't live everywhere, doesn't mean

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you did everything else. But you are that alive everywhere.

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This doesn't mean that

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you should be doing it by yourself.

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Because when you're going to understand what does it mean, when it says allies everywhere, you find that the vast majority of people

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they mean that a lot is everything.

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That is power is everywhere, but not that a lot. It is everything and everywhere. I mean, it's a different person, first of all of that, like in the hobby, you know that everything is along the lines everything okay that type of person, okay, we have to draw a line here, but is the person and his concept or her concept applies everywhere, meaning that a lot of power and control is,

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is within and without everything, nothing Escape is knowledge is power and control seems to happen.

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So we should be very clear eyed what points that division has to take place. But if

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we unite, just because we say we're Muslims,

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then we end up with a situation like we found in a world

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where she is

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a harsh, harsh, you know, Warlord, you know, all kinds of individuals were all thrown together to deal with a common enemy.

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How however, right the combination was dealt with,

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then made sure that upon each other.

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And that's what's been going on trying to dig in and

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struggle Muslims, killing other Muslims

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for an extended period of time with no hope or solution in the immediate future.

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Because the basic concepts

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were unclear.

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And they United for the sake of friends, that is immunity.

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That approach in contradiction to the prophetic approach

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did not compromise with the pagans of Mecca, with any segments amongst the Vegas of Mecca.

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a must. For all those who sought to follow the problem,

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he made no compromise.

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The second deviation that

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I have observed the banquet under the communistic approach is the coup d'etat approach to

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Islamic Revolution or climate change.

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That is establishment of Islamic government,

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by force upon

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laying again, the proper foundation amongst the masses of the people.

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This approach is exemplified today by the Jihad movements in Egypt. And those

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are the groups that have run off from the si es and Algeria,

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and also the Islamic group in Trinidad that attempted to take power there,

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years back, all of them carry the same

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the kilo

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earlier, had begun this program of terrorism,

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which became identified as Islamic terrorism.

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We're bombs are put on airplanes and healing these

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airline encounters in buses,

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this approach to get the attention of the world

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to draw the world's attention, people, innocent people who are not involved in the summer or whatever were massacres.

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Now, what we find in this coup d'etat approach in the movement within the PLO,

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is more outlets in the sense that it's yellow from its inception was not really Islamic

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men, they're a hodgepodge example in and of themselves,

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United Front, which goes beyond even malaria, including communists and Christians and

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real harsh flash.

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So that left is a much more often utilized entity.

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more reasons, those that have sprung up like jihad in Egypt, that Empire

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is one of creating economic

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economists in creating revolution, they saw in order to politicize the the masses of the people, the lumpen proletariat, who are ignorant, you know, they really weren't aware of the dynamics of what was going on in the country, the capitalistic systems and how they're being exploited, etc. The way for them to be realized was to sabotage the country's economic and

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create a state a police say, you know, where the

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country moves on the masses of the people very harshly. And this will cause them to turn away from the government look at the government of the entity and then be open to be to receive the teachings of the communists.

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Now, what we find is that

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none of these movies are using the same methodology to try to promote islamic

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They try to bring predominate of Egypt, Egypt with me economically, by attacking what is the key

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figure in economics tourism. So we had a half the tourists

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bombed in a machine gun, a button, you know, massacre, the tourists drive the shorts away, so they will come in the country and help to bring the country to its knees. And when

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also resigned, for example, in Algeria, the foreign workers or

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people were from Philippines, from France, or wherever, for he in the country and their governmental projects. These people are shut down, simply because they're fine. And then the fund is all fine and the soldiers get out of the country. Otherwise

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why are they talking about

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So that the economic situation the country would worsen in both cases, in which case,

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he would lose confidence in the government, and then turn to

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Islamic quote unquote, movements for silence.

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this approach is not in keeping with the prospective model,

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it is a shortcut, and attempt to, to get to evolution without taking the necessary steps for planning, change, instead of educating the masses of people

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in a circumstance where one has relative freedoms, who come to educate, and

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they create a state of recession, which then forces people to be on the ground, very little Islamic education to now take place. Common people simply because they have beards or whatever their attack, some of the common people under attack that causes them to raise question marks on the government. However,

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many of the common people, many more of the common people, when they see a policeman shot, this policeman is one that

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is a good guy, he has a wife and so many children, he got involved in any kind of, you know, oppressive actions towards them and proxies defending their and protecting them from criminal activities in their area, whatever. And then somebody arrives by and loads them away, simply because he has a uniform on the policeman,

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the maximum the people in the village cannot be drawn towards that she has not be drawn towards a struggle, girl be turned away from that struggle, because they can only see the hero.

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And surely,

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these rules

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are quite clearly laid out in Islamic Sharia

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which, for those involved in Spanish struggle to take the lives of innocent women, children and old people.

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they have neglected the responsibility of educating the masses of people and infiltrating the various organs of government

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with the chronically conscious individual, so that when the time comes to change, that leadership,

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the leadership cannot call upon the military

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to attack the masses of people, because they will not find that support.

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And in this way, shame takes place without a right to bloodshed.

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these two approaches are the two that I wanted to just mention to you briefly.

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As a warning for those who consider them,

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we should learn from those sides that

00:18:33--> 00:18:34

recognize the failure

00:18:36--> 00:18:43

and at the same time know that it is fundamentally wrong, because it is not in keeping with the methodology of profit.

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And at the same time,

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know that there are no shortcuts to change.

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There are no shortcuts to climate change. The ways with climate change is in accordance with the methodology the proper Foundation has to be made. The people have to be educated, when enough people are Muslims in in in Medina that

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there is no problem

00:19:24--> 00:19:27

because he had a sound base amongst

00:19:28--> 00:19:32

the Jews, even though the shoes are the ones who founded Medina,

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Medina and the other

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side that that joined and measures out in 100 lonely remotely havens and they would have accepted the leadership of the Jews

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among them, then the Jews had

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no more support problems that could be installed as the leaders and everybody else had to submit. There was no physical suffering.

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But it didn't mean that before the anti Islamic person died out.

00:20:06--> 00:20:13

It was considered a subtle but it would not be an open struggle would not be, you know, massive bloodshed taking place in the community.

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So, we need to learn from this era.

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Understand that this era,

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maybe history, historical facts that we learn and we recite to our children as a storage, no, you know, facts on our culture. Know that history that

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The only way