Contemporary Issues Part 9 (Marriage To Non-Muslims)

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim in the name of a lot of benefits at the Most Merciful. I'd like to welcome your viewers to our new program, contemporary issues. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Allah Peace and blessings beyond each and every one of you. For those of you that have been following our program, since its beginning, you know that we are looking at issues concerning marriage in Islam, the controversial issues, polygamy, arranged marriages, The Guardian, child marriages, today we're looking at marriage to non Muslims.

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Islamic laws governing it. Well,

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as you may or may not know, a Muslim male is allowed to marry

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two categories of non Muslim females.

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a Christian, or a Jew, is the only two categories that Muslim males are allowed to marry.

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These such marriages would be considered legal marriages. I know some of you might question. There was an article in the paper

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a day or so ago, in which the grandson of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan was talking about his father, and the liberal ideas of his father and about how his father married a Parsi. Zoroastrian,

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right. Oh, he also mentioned that he ate pork.

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And he drank alcohol. He loved his eggs and bacon from living in England, he became a habit for him and he stuck with it.

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I mean, of course, these raise big questions about this man's Islam.

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But that marriage, from an Islamic perspective for a Muslim man to marry a Zoroastrian woman, this is considered to be illegitimate. It's not marriage in Islam,

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for a man to marry a non Muslim, Muslim man, he's only permitted to marry a Christian or a Jew.

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Now, even in the marrying,

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of a Christian or a Jew, some people raise that issue saying, well, it's not the Christians and Jews of our time, it's the only of those you know, the time of the Prophet, may God's peace be upon him, of course, is not correct. Because the questions and the belief, their beliefs by the seventh eighth centuries is same as the beliefs now, beliefs in the Trinity and all these other kinds of things. So it's not the issue of the timeframe, as long as somebody is a Christian, they claim to be a Christian. They have Christian beliefs, that's their claim. argue, then it's permitted for us to marry them. males. Why?

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Why when Christians believe that Jesus was God,

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the Son of God, some Christians, who say, We don't believe Israel, God did something. Yes, you believe is God. Christians believe that Jesus was God, God incarnate, God became a man was born.

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He had a son who was himself.

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I believe.

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God had a son who was himself, because the belief is that God the Father, God, the Son, God, the Holy Spirit, three gods in one, God, the Father is God the Son, God, the sun, is God the Father. So therefore, God had a son who has himself

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something ludicrous. That's a belief. And so Jesus is worshipped as God.

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How can a Muslim marry somebody with this kind of beliefs? Isn't this schilke? Is this the greatest possible sin?

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Yes, it is.

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However, an exception has been made for Christians and Jews.

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An exception has been made, why the exception was made, because of the fact that there still remains in the books in which they believe

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elements of Revelation, the revelation which God revealed to the prophets, to Prophet Jesus and to those before.

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Portions of that revelation remain in their books, their holy books, and in honor of that portion, which is their Islam allows Muslims to marry

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non Muslim Christians, and Jews.

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This is a special permission given

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nobody outside of that for a Muslim man to marry a Hindu, that marriage is considered invalid. It's not marriage

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or a Buddhist or disaster.

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Or a Mormon, you know, or any of the, you know, non Christian sects, which may claim Christianity, but it's rejected by mainstream Christianity because they don't actually hold Christian beliefs.

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Such a marriage should not be considered marriage according to Islamic law.

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on the other hand, that is permitted for males, but not permitted for females,

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Muslim females must marry Muslim males alone. So Meredith raised the question Why? Well, first and foremost, we should consider that when the Muslim male

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is allowed, according to Islamic law to marry a Christian or Jewish female. It's not just any Christian or Jewish, female, you know, unfortunately, many

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Indian Pakistani men also will go to Europe and America and due to the influence of the Western media on their minds where the image of beauty now for them from these beauty contests and everything is blond haired, blue eyed, you know, goddesses.

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This is the image of beauty so these young men they go to America go to England this what they're looking for. And where did they go look for them in the nightclubs and the bars, etc. Now they find some dancer, whatever. They fall in love. This is

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paradise, the Wonder Woman of Paradise who's ready to get married?

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And well, she's Christian, I can marry her. Well, guess what? according to Islamic law.

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A law describes those women as a more solid.

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Those people who were masana those people, women who did not have sexual relations outside of marriage, chaste woman.

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Ch St. Not chased meaning that people ran after them chased that ch St. Which means a woman who is virtuous. She's not had sexual relations outside of marriage. And she was she has she She previously had relations. It was in marriage. She was either married and divorced, or married and widowed, or she was not married at all, she was a virgin, such a woman. Amen. Muslim men may marry if she's Christian or Jewish. And guess what?

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Such women are few and far between in the West today.

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virginity among young girls is considered to be something as you know,

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a sign that you're ugly.

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You know, nobody wants you. virginity is a liability, it is not considered to be an honor. And modern society. The whole idea of you know, having sexual relations is something promoted, children are being taught, you know how to

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have sex in quote, unquote, sex education classes, teachers are bringing in dolls, which, you know,

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which are anatomically correct, and demonstrating for the children, 12 year old kids, 10 year old kids, demonstrating for them sex movies, and all this kind of stuff. I mean, this is what is happening. Out of that. They're even I know, they were debating in New York City A year ago about distributing condoms to children in primary school.

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end result is that virginity is like, finding, finding virginity find a woman who's a virgin, is like finding a needle in a haystack. It's a rarity. In that society today, Western society today, which has opened upon itself and promoted sexual relations, free relations amongst everybody. It is a rarity. So for you to go to a bar,

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you as a Muslim man to go to a bar or a nightclub or whatever, and find a woman there.

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And think that this is a woman appropriate for marriage. You're sadly mistaken. You will not be marrying in accordance with Islamic law. You shouldn't be there in the first place anyway. Okay. It was a place of corruption,

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drinking of alcohol, all these other kind of things. It shouldn't be there is not where you find a wife.

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Now, leaving that aside, if we go over to the other

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picture, the picture concerning why Muslim women are not allowed to marry non Muslim men.

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Right. Is there an inequality? Is there a double standard here? Why men are allowed women are not allowed? Well, primarily, this has been instituted by God

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To protect the religion of the women and the children to protect them, protect their religion. Why? Because a Muslim man if he marries a Christian woman, or a Jewish woman,

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and he says to to her, for example, you know, I don't want you to bring any alcohol in the house.

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She doesn't

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bring any alcohol in the house, drinking alcohol serving alcohol, this is not a requirement of being a Christian or Jew.

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So they can give it up. He says, I don't want any pork in the house, of course, Jewish woman, they're not gonna have pork anyway. But a Christian woman who's eating pork, if he said no pork, she may like it, not want to give it up because she likes it, but she can give it up the religion doesn't say she cannot, is there is no threat to her religion.

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Similarly, if he says to her, for example,

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I don't like you going out, you know, exposing yourself wearing a miniskirt type clothes, you know, showing off your body, I don't like it that you know, I feel, you know, this is you're my wife, I, you know, I don't want people staring at you this way. So please wear something loose, unnecessarily having to wear the complete dress of the Muslim woman when she's outside of her home. But at least wear something loose, cover yourself up, you know, don't expose your body. Well, again, you know, neither Christianity or Judaism states that a woman when leaving her home must expose your body.

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It's not a requirement. So for her to comply, it's quite legitimate, quite reasonable. Even in Christianity, when you look at the religious art, images, the icons of Marian, the woman around Jesus, etc. They're all wearing loose cloth. loose clothing at a time when the Romans and the Greeks you know, work clothing which expose their bodies.

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we can see from that, that the man Muslim man and asking his wife to comply with Islamic law, she will not be doing anything which is against her religion. He cannot tell her, don't pray, to Jesus know, if he married, she may she marries her, she's a Christian, she has a right to her prayer. Don't go to the church, she can stop her from going to the church, she has to allow her to continue her religion.

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Furthermore, if he goes to visit his friends, if he tells her for example, hey, when we go visit our friends, I know it is your custom, that when couples meet

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the male's kiss the women and the females kiss the man on the cheeks, maybe other lips, you know, friendly, it's part of friendship. And

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this is part of Western custom, a number of places in the West. So if the husband says Hey, listen, I don't want you to go kissing anybody else. Understand, you know, my wife, the only person who kisses me or our kids, or your father, your mother sounds okay. But men, other men know, it's not a good idea. I don't want you shaking their hands.

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I'm not gonna shake any woman's hands. And I don't want to shake any man's hands. Why? Because these things this in this context, though, we may say, Oh, it's passing contact with the shaking hands.

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You don't know what can be conveyed in a handshake.

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People who have lived that life been out there much can be conveyed of desire, etc, in a simple handshake.

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Not to, you know, to consider kissing a man going and kissing somebody else's wife, you know, putting his hands on her body in one way or another? Hey,

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I mean, though it has become custom is a very dangerous custom. It is promoting feelings which can lead to the breakdown of families.

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So the most demand says, wife, I don't want to do these things. It's not against religion, Christianity, Judaism does not say you must do these things. So her religion is intact. If he asked her to comply with basic social dietary laws of Islam,

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and she will likely comply because she's does the wife etc. She wants to come, you know, to go along with it. She loves her husband.

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Now switch it around the other way. The Muslim woman married to the Christian man.

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Christian man says

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I like my alcohol. I know you don't drink it. But I want you to get some. Go to the store. Buy some alcohol, bring it home, serve it to me pour it Give it to me.

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She's in a dilemma. Because it is forbidden in Islam for her to purchase alcohol to pour it to serve it. Even though she doesn't drink

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To get all of that is forbidden, sinful.

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She wants to please her husband.

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Her religion is threatened. He says, pork. Go buy me some pork. Cook it serve it. Give me your love to eat it. I know you don't believe in it. You know, your religion says you can't eat it, but give me I want it again. She's in a dilemma.

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forbidden for Get up, serve it. Buy it for me.

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He says to her, Well listen, when we go outside, you know, I like to feel proud. I like my woman. You know, when she walks with me everybody's looking at her and saying, whoa, what a looker. She's really beautiful. Where'd you get such a beautiful wife, so and so I want people to have this, you know,

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view of my wife. I want to feel proud of you. So when you go outside, take off that scarf. I don't mean scarf that you hear out.

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We're a tight top,

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tight clothes short, expose your legs, high heels.

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Of course, all of this is forbidden in Islam sinful for her. She wants to please her husband.

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Her religion is threatened. He says when we go to meet our friends or neighbors.

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You know, Don't feel shy. Kiss the kiss the guy.

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Let him kiss you don't fight against it.

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If we're sitting with him, and he turns on the music, he wants to dance you get asked you to get up and dance with him dance with him?

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Well, all of this is forbidden in Islam.

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So for the sake of that woman,

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her her religion.

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Islam says no, you as a woman should only marry a Muslim man. Because your nature is to compromise. Your nature is to facilitate. You don't like conflicts, you want to make compromises to make things workable, you know, you want to keep harmony, that's your nature. And if you do that, in the context of being married to a Christian or Jewish man, you are liable to compromise your religion.

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And this is forbidden. So for the sake of her religion, and the religion of our children, because then easy the Christian man will say I want my kids raised as Christians, I want them going to Christian Schools, etc, etc, etc. Quite possibly, he may not. But the point is that, if he does, she is threatened, her religion is threatened the religion of her children is threatened. I should point out here that because of the fact

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that in non Muslim societies today in the West in America and England, France, Germany, etc.

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Every Muslim man marries a non Muslim woman.

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And they get divorced, the courts will give those children to the mother.

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And in such a case, the mother is going to raise those children, as non Muslims, Christians or Jews.

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That is the greatest likelihood on the basis of that many Muslim scholars today hold that it is forbidden. It's not permissible for a Muslim man, to marry a non Muslim woman in those environments in those circumstances. And a Muslim country is different because a Muslim country, the children will be given to you, as the Father Muslim, the child will be considered to be Muslim, and your right to raise them. But in the non Muslim countries, that you will be given to the wife. That's the common practice.

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Normally in the Muslim country, amongst Muslims, that should only be given to the mother,

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there before below the age of seven, etc. After that, they're given a choice whether they want to go with the father or the mother, but before that, they give it to the mother, but if the mother is a non Muslim, then they will give those children to the Father

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to protect their religion. So, what is permissible in the Muslim environment, where the society would support and protect the interests of the children in a non Muslim environment? You know, the scholars, a number of scholars have ruled that this is really not permissible, you know, doing it on a general level, yes, the permission is there, under those circumstances, where the harm, the great harm that can come out of it is quite evident, then it should be avoided there. And this has led this kind of breakup of marriages have led no four husbands kidnapping their children in America and England, other countries and fleeing back to their home countries to protect their children's

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This is not a good situation. And we should consider when marrying non Muslims, these considerations have to all be taken into account. With other viewers I hope that this point of marriage to non Muslims has become

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that Muslims was the males may marry non Muslim females, Christians or Jews if they are virtuous in a Muslim environment.

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Muslim women may not marry other than Muslim men for the sake of protecting their religion and the religion of their children. With that, their viewers, I'd like to thank you for being with us in this segment of our program, contemporary issues. And I hope that you'll be with us in our coming ish coming program, which we'll be discussing a recent phenomenon in western law, rape in marriage, where a man may be accused of rape, be put in jail for having sexual relations with his wife without her consent. Without their views. I'd like to thank you again, and bid you farewell. So I want to LA Hey barakato