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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful, would like to welcome their viewers to our program, contemporary issues in which we like to examine some of the new issues which are in people's minds and their thoughts in the newspapers etc. You know,

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what do we do as Muslims? Or what is the Islamic position on this? Or does Islam have a position. And as you've pointed out, in many programs, Islam has a position, it's from God, there's guidance in it, regarding everything, human beings cannot bring anything into this world, wherein there is not some guidance from Islam addressing it. The issues we're going to look at first today is that of euthanasia. Following that, we will also look at issues of the aliens.

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euthanasia, which really is a Greek word, which means the trolley a good death, a good death.

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And it has been defined as the act of killing a person for reasons of mercy, that because of that, they call it also mercy killing

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relative husband or your wife that suffering in some disease or whatever, put them out of their suffering, you know, just like we have animals, when a horse breaks it lays leg or whatever, you know, some animal hurts itself such way they put it out of its misery just kill it.

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So similarly, you know, your wife, your son, your whatever relative, your good friend,

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they're suffering, there doesn't seem to be an end to their suffering, okay?

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inject something, kill them, or withhold water from them, or food or whatever, let them starve and die. So, the most killing can be either active or passive active, meaning you inject something in them, they actually do something to kill them, shoot them or whatever, or you.

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You do it passively, that is you don't, they need such and such to continue to survive, and you don't provide it for them.

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Now, those the supporters of euthanasia basically argue that it gives relief from pain and suffering. Furthermore, it emerges from the human right, to control their own lives, and then die with dignity. They also argue that by ending the life of a hopeless case, another his life, in need of an organ could be saved. Sounds good.

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That sounds good. But

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it is the product of the secular view of life, that if you can't live life without pain, no point in living really.

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There's no purpose beyond enjoyment. The purpose of life here is just to enjoy,

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to do enjoyable things to live a life which is pleasant, etc. So if you can't live that pleasant life, which is all your purpose is, then why live? This is the kind of rationale behind this approach to euthanasia. Whereas from Islamic point of view, life has a purpose. The purpose is to worship God, to live a life, which is in the worship of God, it may involve pain, it may involve suffering, it may involve good times, most aspects, we continue to worship God. So, basically,

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we are not allowed to take a life to take that life is murder.

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The so called mercy killing is just plain killing.

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From the Islamic perspective, when a person suffers in pain, if they're patient with it prompts us and I'm said, It purifies them of sin. For those who allow loves, it will put certain trials on them at the end of their lives, etc. So much so that they emerge from this life pure from sins from their sins, their past sins have been eradicated by the suffering.

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It's a general principle problems are seldom said that the believer

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if he is only pricked by foreign he's walking on the road and stuck a thorn sticks in his foot to his patient with that, so simple thing, it removes from him, since this is the nature of suffering from the Islamic perspective, if one is patient with it,

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one is rewarded by the purification of sin. So therefore, the idea of a person suffering in the end of their life to go just fail.

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finish them off, put them out of their misery No,

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there is you're denying the person the chance to purify themselves before leaving this world. So from the Islamic perspective, we encourage them to be patient to hang in there. Remember a law and it is good for them.

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Even wishing for death from Salaam forbade it, don't wish for death, not allowed. If you really feel, you know, in such dire straits, you need to express something of this nature, the only thing you're allowed to say is, Oh Allah.

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If living is better for me, let me live. But if dying is better for me, then let me die.

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That's all is still leaving the affair to Allah. But to say Allah, let me die, I can't stand this life anymore. This is forbidden, not allowed in Islam.

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the other topic, which I mentioned, was that of aliens, of course, it's become, you know, very, very popular today, whether it's in the X Files or in the various other programs have developed, you know, talking about alien life, you know, you have the Star Trek series, and all these different things all focusing on human beings living in a universe loaded with other meanings that are very equivalent, sometimes greater than them, because they believe life could have evolved elsewhere. So you have millions and millions of dollars to spend spent on the SETI program, which is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, where they've set up these huge, you know, electronic microscope,

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telescopes, and islands in the Pacific islands in the West Indies, etc, listening pointing to the heavens listening in and on more and more being set up, they want to hear they want and waiting for some alien being to finally make contact. They've been doing it for years, millions have been spent time our energy and all this kind of stuff, which could have been used to benefit human beings here on the earth. But instead, now they're driven by this desire to make this contact. So what so they couldn't do it, they made a movie called contact, you know, which is about one of these

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programs set the program to people listening in, finally, they heard it, and they got some, you know, plans for some spacecraft, which will take them out to the university gets set of nonsense anyway, the point is that

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that's the only place that's going to happen in the movies, we are not going to make contact with any more intelligent life right now the big thing is, we have seen these new other so many millions of stars out there millions and billions of stars, millions of billions of billions of stars, trillions of stars out there.

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So many of them like the earth, surely there must be planets around them. And if there are planets around them, then the chances for life to occur on earth must have occurred there. So they're busy now trying to find planets around stars, and they found 70 odd planets, the latest count, I read in the papers a few days ago, 73, or something stars, they found love stars, which have planets around them, of course, they can't see the planets too far away. But, you know, from the effects, the movement of the

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star itself, you know, they detect this kind of wobble in this movement, which is the product of having bodies around it, and they can sort of detect, like the shadow of the planet as opposed to the actual planet itself. So, from this another identifier, we found 73. And there's many more. So the chances for life is they're obsessed with this going to Mars, you know, trying to find life on Mars somewhere, you know? I mean, why? Why is this obsession, because they have denied God. They've denied God's existence. They said, we're here by accident. And what is the nature of an accident that it can be repeated. As the nature the accident happened one time it shouldn't be able to happen

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again. The idea

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we're here by accident, so

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accident somewhere somewhere else in the universe must be producing other beings. That

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that's their, you know, enthusiasm. But you know, at the bottom of it, they're scared. We are in fact, alone in this universe is nobody communicating with us.

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There is no other life anywhere else. Or if we do manage to find it, it'll only be some microbes will not find other beings which come here to us, you know?

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Because then it's very scary thing to be all alone in this universe. And there be no God.

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What then is the point of life

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they say this, this this situation which causes them to be so obsessed with finding life externally, and why the whole alien issue pops up, you know, pops up when basically in the in the 40s the 50s This is when

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The atheist view is starting to really pick up in the in western civilization, whether it is in communist Russia, China or in America,

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atheist views became very strong, very prominent people speaking it openly, you know, programs developed for the television called say God, you know, others

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carrying on the atheist tradition.

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So, parallel to this was people since, you know people searching for extraterrestrial life, people have found it, space flying saucers have been coming to the earth flying around the Earth, picking up human beings experimenting on them, and all these kind of things that people have seen them that the Green Man, you know, slit eyes and big heads, walking around stunning bodies and these type of things. You know, this is a common phenomenon Well,

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if there is a reality to it to the UFOs because much of the sightings and all these kind of things can be explained away. natural phenomena fakery, all kinds of things. But there is an element, which there really doesn't seem to be any explanation for. Okay.

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We'll say that some people actually saw

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what appeared to them to be alien beings. How was it? What did they see me? Is it really alien life? No, it's not alien life, if anything, this is from the world of the jinn.

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The parallel beings that have a choice just like human beings that live along with us in this world,

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these beings have been called a variety of different names in different societies, they have appeared amongst the people, and they have been referred to as fairies. leprechauns, demons, spirits, right, the different things have been names have been given to them. But this other parallel world to us, is something which all human societies recognize, but they've given it a variety of different names in Islam is clearly defined. They're referred to as the jinn, the genie in the lamp that we see from,

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you know, Aladdin, rubbing the lamp and the genie pops up and you have three wishes, Master, whatever this type of thing. This is a distortion of the idea of the jinn that they can take forms. And those I mean, of course, they interfere with our world. And it is the evil amongst them who do so because the among them are believers, and among them are disbelievers evil amongst them. And Satan is from that world. The evil amongst them seeks to draw human beings into disbelief, corruption,

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idol worship, and a variety of other things. So if there were, in fact,

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they were, in fact, real sightings, then it is from the world of the jinn. Because it confirms for people their belief that they're not alone in the universe.

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You know, super intelligent beings have come here, maybe they're responsible for the inextricable developments in various societies, whether it's the building of the pyramids, or the, or the Aztec temples in Central America, productive structures around the word was, they can't seem to find explanation Where did on how these people did these things, you know, the Alien Theory is the easy explanation. And actually, it has become a sort of replacement for religion, people, the early the idea of, you know, gives importance again to human beings. So the idea of, of beings coming from galaxies, traveling light years through the galaxy, to come to the earth, to circle the earth into

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curious about the period people on the earth, you know, taking them up into the spirit, spark crop crafts, and checking them out, etc. It gives us again, a sense of importance in the universe, you know, without which, once people denied God's existence, then we became nothing, just a nothing, having no purpose, no, nothing. You know, that vacuum that people then felt was filled by the idea of the aliens. So many movies have been made about them, etc, etc, you know, and this thought is revolving in the minds of so many people today, but it is part of the tricks of Satan, or some of the satanic tricks to keep people away from God.

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That's the bottom line. So, from the Islamic perspective,

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the idea of life existing beyond the earth

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not acceptable, that is intelligent life, meaning that they

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have a

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chance to choose between good and evil just as we do so and so on. So why, why does this sound reject this idea because profitable

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Mohammed, may God's peace must be upon him, as it states clearly in the Quran. And as he stated himself was sent to all the worlds.

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He gave us information to deal with whatever was to come in this world, the prophesied the ending of the world, the signs of the last day, all these different things. Where did he get that information from, we don't believe that he made this stuff up, came out of his own head, it's revealed to him by God, through the agency of the angel, Gabriel, and all the detailed detail information of the ending of the world and the signs, etc, that he gave, surely, if human beings, we're going to run into aliens, aliens, coming in dealing with them, etc, you know, who never came in contact with the religion of God, etc, then, or if they had their own revelation, or whatever, then the Prophet would

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have given us me God's peace be upon him information, information of this this world, you know, and what would happen, this type of things and how to deal with the situation. So, for Muslims,

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this is

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that there may be some other form of microbial life and on a micro level of microbes, you know, cells and so on. So, it's quite possible plant life this happens, but other intelligent human beings? No,

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this is unacceptable.

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So the whole Alien Theory, alien beliefs which are based on denial of God, Islam rejects totally, and it's plays gods. Well, our system is focused on God base based on God and belief believe there is a God that we are created here with a purpose. Yes, there are, quote, unquote, alien beings that do exist in this world along with us, this is the world of the jinn, invisible to us for most parts, but sometimes some elements among them do become visible, visible in different forms, in our world, they do interfere their parents visions, etc, they might even enter into the idols of the idol worshipers, you know, the family phenomena, which happened here about three years ago, and all in

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different parts of the world in India, etc, where the elephant head god of the Hindus, Ganesh, you know, started to drink milk appeared to be drinking milk all over the place, what was happening here? How did that happen? You know, scientists tried to explain it, this capillary action and all this kind of stuff in the store, but no rejected, no explanation for it.

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For the Hindus, that was confirmation that they, what they believe in is really true. Ganesh really is a God. But for Muslims is just confirmation that you know, this is the jinn will possess objects, and

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cause certain funnel phenomena to take place, which will give the impression to those people that these are, in fact,

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true objects of worship, just as in the case in the time of Prophet Moses, when he went out to receive the commandments, and he left behind his people, and an individual among them made this golden calf from their gold jury, and he claimed to have cast in the mix a dust from the footprints of an angel. People didn't bow to that calf, until the calf load to the calf said move,

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made a sound, the sounds of calves Do

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you know, this is what led them to the worship of the calf?

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Where did that come from? Was it the calf moon, of course not. We believe it was the calf, his golden calf was possessed by a Jin Jin went into it, and gave that sound in that impression to the people and led to their worship of that calf, golden calf. So this kind of phenomena has happened in different parts of the world, you know, all of the various religions which involve idolatry, worship of statues, and, and humans, etc, you know, you will find different phenomena taking place in their worlds stories, which they hand down or things that may have happened today, which tend to reinforce their beliefs and their practices, because this is what the jinn, the evil amongst them want, you

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know, as they're involved in disbelief in God and, and worshipping others besides God, you know, and evil and corruption they want others to share in the mischief of that world affects our world. And, unfortunately, people have fallen into this trap of believing or thinking that this is in fact, true, and that their beliefs and their practices are in fact true. And as such, it becomes much more difficult for them to find the real truth, the real truth of Islam. This is where the truth lies, all of the answers

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the method of dealing with the

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Things of this life, whether ancient or modern things to come. The answers lie here in Islam, Islam, the religion of God, which encompasses all things, because it is ultimately from God is a religion of reason.

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Where the human intellect is not negated and canceled as to believe in things which are unbelievable, like God being three, yet being one.

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This is

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nonsense. This is confusion. This is not the religion of God, religion of God is that God is one God is the religion that you taught Adam, all of the prophets taught the same religion, there is only one God, and that one God is the only one who should be worshipped. worshipped without any intermediaries, anyone between oneself, and God. And all the explanations people give for why we should have some between ourselves and God, these are all unacceptable. They all make God like human beings. For example, people argue, well, you know, if you want to see the president or the king,

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or the head of the country, you cannot go to him directly, you must go to somebody who's close to him, and then he will carry your request to the leader. Similarly, you want to go to God, you are a sinner, better you go through somebody who's closer to God, one of the righteous people, so it becomes an intermediary. This way, we have intermediaries between human beings and God, and the jinn will support this intermediate see, by putting phenomenas phenomenon into the hands of these some of these people where they may do certain things, which make people convinced that how they have powers, divine powers, etc. But all of that is misguidance.

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There is only one God, human beings were created to worship that God, they are alone in that sense in this universe.

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The other world, the world of the Djinn, which is parallel to them has also human beings which are able to have freewill. That is the alien beings though these are the true alien beings, all of the others that people are expecting from other planets, etc, etc. This is all false.

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That their viewers like to thank you for being with us in this segment of our program, contemporary issues in which we've looked at the issues of the aliens, very popular today, as well as the issue of euthanasia.