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AI: Summary © The importance of proper knowledge of tower heed in Islam is discussed, along with common ways of achieving it, such as using animals and animals with signs of impending evil. The treatment of people with intellectual disability and potential negative consequences is also discussed. The speakers stress the importance of finding a cure and finding guidelines on practice, as well as the use of reciting the Quranic verses to cure suffering. The segment also touches on the issue of possession and its potential for psychological factors, as well as the use of dean's influence and demonic intervention in the world.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Peace and blessings beyond each and every one of you. I like to welcome your dear viewers to another in our series,

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the best of tower heed, in this series we're looking at the best evidence is to support the correct understanding of tower heed in Islam. The proper knowledge of tawheed is essential to ensure that our worship is legitimate, that Allah would accept it from us, because we're doing it the way that he had prescribed for us to do it. And we're not doing it the way that satanic forces have introduced, which violate and contradict, the essential principles of worshiping God alone, which is the basis of our declaration of faith, La Ilaha Illa law, there is no god worthy of worship, but Allah. So, we have been looking at that, and looking at also the various common ways in which the

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principles of tawheed from these aspects are violated, we looked at charms to omens, how this involves, depending on other than a law, believing that a charm, a bracelet, a necklace, an object has the power, to prevent evil and to bring good that is the realm of Allah subhanaw taala, he is the one who can do that. So when we depend on a charm,

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we have given the attributes of Allah

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to his creation. Similarly, omens where people take from animal movements, birds, variety of incidents, which happened in the home, breaking of mirrors, spilling of salt,

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signs of bad or good to come,

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by attributing the coming of good or the coming of bad, evil to these incidents is to give, again, what is in the realm of law, to his creation,

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where the events have taken place, that is why the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him on one occasion, when there was a lunar eclipse, which occurred on the same day that his son Ibrahim died, the people

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felt that this eclipse was the consequence of the death of his son. So he called the people together and told them

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lunar eclipse or solar eclipse, these natural phenomena which take place have nothing to do with human lives and human affairs. There are signs from God, they are not the result of what happens among us. So he clarified remove that thought from their mind because of the coincidence of the eclipse happening on the same day that his son died.

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So this is the point the point that we don't take from events which happen in our lives, signs of impending good or impending evil, what we call Good luck, or bad luck, there is no such thing. Whatever happens is in accordance with the will of

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Law, Nothing happens without his will. And that's why the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him frequently used to say, La hawla wala quwata illa Billah there is no movement, no power, except with the permission of Allah. Now, what we have been looking at in terms of the practices and principles which are common in the world today which violate this principle of our head is magic. We looked previously before that at astrology, and before that fortune telling before that yet, at the charms and the omens, etc, magic, we looked at in our previous episodes, and from magic, we went into magic related area, where the magician is involved in calling on the jinn, and agreeing with

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it, entering into a contract with it, that it will do certain things in this world for whatever is requested of the magician, have sacrilege in inviting other people to sacrilege. So, when this occurs, people are touched

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by the evil elements of this world,

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that touch can go to the level of actual possession. So we've seen and we've discussed in our previous session, that the symptoms of possession may look like medical symptoms, also common medical symptoms, which are known epilepsy, you know, split personalities, bipolar

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disorders, etc, etc. A variety of names have been given to it in the medical profession. Though mostly these are names without understanding what's actually going on. There is a body that can be treated, and is a body that just doesn't seem to be treatable. In that area of the untreatable, we find that those who have involved themselves what is called Rukia, reciting the Quranic verses that the prophet SAW seven prescribed over people who are suffering, these people have been cured. You know what, seemingly miraculously, they have been cleared, I have myself seen cases of it with psychiatrists who are able to do anything with an individual. And due to the reading of Quran over

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this person, continually, he started to get better. And the only thing that psychologists could say was just keep doing whatever you're doing, you know, it's working. And sure enough, this individual who had reached a point of a vegetative state, he had to be carried, put in a wheelchair to be brought for treatment, his he was in the psychiatric ward, indoor hot air. And psychologist said, we can't do anything more for they gave him medicines, and it just became worse. nothing they could do, could benefit him.

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So they had to stop giving him the medicines. They just gave him small doses just to sedate him. That's all they could do.

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When he was read over on a continual basis, he improved to the point that he's now back in work, nobody could have imagined that he could have been in that vegetative state and made it out of it to normalcy again. I mean, when I saw him, and then I've seen other cases, I thought this was a hopeless case. It was gone. No coming back, he'd gone beyond the point of no return. But Allahu Akbar, with the recitations etc, he came back to normalcy. So, we have this treatment of Quranic recitation is referred to as Rukia. visitations over people who are apparently possessed or having spiritual

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And of course, you know, the Quran describes itself as being Shiva only math is sure.

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As a cure for what is in the hearts. It could be a cure from a psychological perspective. Or it could be a cure from a spiritual perspective, or when a law doesn't define how that cure takes place. But we know it should be within the realm of what the prophet SAW Selim did. Because you have some people when people are brought to them in the

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States etc. They will take Quranic verses, and they will write it on a plate in saffron, they'll get saffron, like ink and write Quranic verses, then they will pour water on it and give it to the person who is possessed or whatever to drink it. We say, well, where did that come from? Well, you know, a lot of said in the crime that the crime is a cure. So, but it doesn't mean cure, meaning you do whatever you want to do, we already said that, you know, to take the Quran and roll it up and put it in and lock it and wear it around your neck. This is not legitimate. It's not going to cure anything. You know, it's just like taking a prescription, which the doctor gives you for your

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illness, rolling it up into a ball and putting into polish and tying it around your neck thinking you gotta get cured from that. It's not gonna happen. So what are we dealing with here?

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This treatment should have some parameters. It's not a free for all, that once we say this person has been possessed, we can do anything. Anything that will work will do it. This is not the correct way. islamically now we're going to take a brief break, before coming back to look at what is legitimate, and what is illegitimate. So we will see you after the break.

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salaam aleikum, welcome back from the break. Now before the break, we were looking at other methods that people have developed for dealing with humans, Muslims who are seemingly possessed, we spoke about the fact that the Quran is a cure.

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And the prophet SAW Selim taught us recite the last two coils to give us to see this a haba used the fact that had he approved it, this is what we have, he also gave to us we mentioned before as a bill bathra bidness. And other drugs which involve Rukia Bismillahi r tick, Minh colada in music, for example, by the name of Allah, I

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recite over you, to cure you from whatever is harming you. You know, this dries like this, the Prophet Muhammad Salam thought. So the point is that we have a clear body of practices, which the prophet may God's peace be upon him prescribed. Now, we have practices that people have

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begun and now become commonplace, where they're claiming that word curing with the Quran, the example I gave prior to the break was that of writing out the Quranic verses the same Fatiha or the same goals, whatever, in suffering, right? expensive. Make it like ink and then write with it.

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And then pour water on top of it and then give it to people to drink. They drink it, we say, what is that? Where do you stop with this? You know, shall we also take though, and you know, you have this like the bakersville put the door in different shapes, you can squeeze it out slowly and write a verse from the Quran, then cook it and eat it. Where do we go?

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Where are the limits? For all of this, the limits have to be what the prophet SAW some of them did and what he didn't do, we need to stay with what he did. So other practices where people are now reciting Quran and blowing it on bottles of water, you know,

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on oil, you know, they tune you know, the virgin olive oil blowing on it, reciting on it, you know, you can go to Islamic stores where they selling, you know, black seed, of course, recommended by the prophets and some of the selling honey wonderful. Then they also have bottles. They know they said this bottle was recited on by, you know,

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so and so he recited over it, it costs so much. Here's another booklet which cited by another shift in mom's wants all of this. And here's another bottle. So it's like you're going to a pharmacy, you know, they're pulling medicines for you. Where do we get this from? We have no example of the prophet SAW Selim doing that. Or of the Sahaba doing it. Yes, later on, people did it. And, you know, it seemed to work. And so people said Well, okay.

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Since it works, we can do it, you know, but we got to understand also that there is a psychological element here. Some people,

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when a person comes to them, and they say I'm possessed, etc, they will say, okay, you know, look at your foot, stretch your foot out, and then their foot starts to shake, see that, that's where the possession start comes in your big toe, then it works its way up your foot. So they chase it up your body up your foot,

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until your head interior, here, they take up some of your hair, cut it off, put it in a bottle, and they burn the hair, and we've burned the gin.

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You see people who are in the States, and that this happens, and

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they feel

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they feel obscure.

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And they seem to be cured.

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Just, this becomes a method, we put it in our list of things that we can do. But this is psychological. You know, we know very well, in the medical profession, in a way you can when they're testing medicines, what do they do, they have a control group, one group, which they give the medicine to pills, for example, then the other group, they give them sugar pills, they tell them, it's the same medicine. And you will find

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every time that they do this, the people who are taking sugar pills will get cured with that medicine. As the people from the medicine are cured, who are actually taking the medicine, people were taking sugar pills are also cured. Now, if they see that the people taking the sugar pills, their cure rate is almost as good as that the medicine they said is medicine is not good. It's just psychological.

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So it's only when the medicine is bringing like 80% 75% cure. And then the placebo they call it or the sugar pill is bringing like 25% they say okay, 75% means this is really working 25. But if you see 25 30%, in both cases, you said this pill is useless. So why they know that because half of the treatment they'll tell you is your faith in the doctor, you believe the doctor is going to cure you. That is enough, in certain cases to actually cure you. There, whatever they've done after that didn't do anything, it was just your faith in the doctor. So we know that the psychological element is there. And many cases are what people think to be possession and not really possession. Even

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amongst the others, like the Christians and that Catholics, I remember reading some articles written by those who are engaged in this on a basis Well, time basis, is saying maybe only five to 10% of the actual cases that come to them are real possession. The rest of it is psychological things happening with people, it tends to be more among women than among men. And you know, so much of it is problems in the family that are brought out in this way and that way, and it's not positioned at all, you know, the greater proportion of it. So we have to be aware of those who are selling the dean actually, because it becomes a business selling the dean now for this price. It's is really not

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fair. And people need to know what constitutes treatment of possession from a Quran and Sunnah perspective, and what does not. Now we have another issue that we raised earlier,

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whereby we find people possessed among Hindus, among Christians, for example, and they go to their priests

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and the priests will do different things. In the case of the Catholics, they will hold up cross, they'll read the you know, Roman ritual, and you know, they will make

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burn incense the walk around them, and they'll say this and get out in the name of Christ and all these other things and people get better.

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They're cured.

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Some cases it may be that psychological thing

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other cases, it may very well be because we have to how do we explain it happening for the Christians, the Hindus also do it and there are people get cured too. And then Muslims do it and they get cured. So when you look at it all you start to question well, is there any reality to this? Or is it all psychological? Well, reality is that it isn't all psychological. There is an element which is actually involved the jinn. But why would Christian

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who is following

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idolatries calling on the wrong God, because Jesus isn't God or a Hindu is calling on Shiva or Vishnu, which is not God also, and yet people are also cured when you call on Allah, and

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your people are cured just as there are people are cured. So how do you explain that? Well, the point is that in the case of the person who is treated with the Quran, the jinn will leave, because the Koran has that impact on the individual, which will drive out demonic

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sources or demonic entities from a person. In the case of the reading of the Roman ritual of the Catholics and Protestants are also many evangelicals are involved in this and the Hindus in their case, the possession of the individuals was a means of drawing people into further shirk, further elements of idolatry, which affirms for them, that their faith is in fact correct. So, when the shark, the idolatry is done in the presence of a person who has been possessed, the possessing jinn may leave that person, the person seems to be cured, while ship has been used to cure that individual. So one of the goals of demonic intervention into our world is to draw people into shirk

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into ideology, by one way or another. So that has been accomplished. When the shark is mentioned over that person was possessed. The demon leaves and the people see that person cured, then that convinced them that Jesus is God.

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Vishnu is God, whatever.

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So, in the case of the Slavic side, it is the actual Quran which drives them out. This is the reality that we should understand with regards to possession from the Islamic perspective. And whether we're treating magic or treating possession. It should be utilizing what the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him had prescribed for us. We stay within those realms and avoid the extremes which are now very common in different parts of the Muslim world. So with that their viewers would like to thank you for being with us in this segment of our series,

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the best of our head, and we hope to see you in coming segments in sha Allah. So now why they come to LA he over a cattle

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