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Syrian Refugees Ramadaan Appeal

Bilal Dannoun


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Okay, just a reminder inshallah to Allah about a very important project for Ramadan, talking about just being generous and talking about and in fact, and talking about the excellence of generosity on the screen, as you can see an excellent opportunity don't turn this opportunity into a missed opportunity. $75 your contribution of $75 will feed a family for an entire month. Okay, that has

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one of our families from Syria. Okay, one of the refugee families in Syria. And so you'd be contributing to eat 75 of those will cover one family. And then you can just multiply that by the number of families that you want to feed. And that means that if you, for example, ended up you know, giving $750 meaning 10 families that's like it's as if you have fasted 10 Ramadan's now actually 11 because there is the 10, plus your Ramadan, that you fasted for yourself, plus the 10. That's 11 trauma bonds by $700, or two Ramadan's by $75, the one that you spent and the one for you, our brothers from edca have set up this initiative, but you must if you're going to deposit you must

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put in the description that deposit their Syrian appeal so they don't mix it up with other money that is coming into their bank account.