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Bilal Dannoun
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Authorised Marriage Celebrant / Islamic Lecturer and Consultant / Arabic and Quran Reading Instructor / Justice of the Peace for NSW

Bilal Dannoun was born in Lebanon on the tenth of November 1973 and arrived to Sydney, Australia, when he was just three months old. He had a burning desire to learn Allah’s religion from a very early age. This desire drove him to attend almost all of the limited number of lessons that were on offer in Sydney at that time.

Bilal completed high school education locally, and thereafter gained entry into a Bachelor’s degree in languages, where he majored in Arabic and English. Bilal complemented this knowledge of the Arabic language by putting himself under the direct tutelage of some of the most respected Sheikhs (Muslim scholars) of Sydney.

Bilal completed his degree with exceptional results and was held in high regard by his professors and peers alike for his ability to understand and apply classical Arabic. His drive to gain Islamic knowledge led him to travel numerous times to the Middle East where he benefited from a number of its scholars.

Bilal has delivered countless lectures and have authored numerous pamphlets and publications for the benefit of the wider community. His lectures have sold hundreds of copies and he has earned him the reputation of being one of the dynamic and gifted speakers of Australia.

Bilal’s unique style and popularity among the masses has resulted in being frequently asked to lecture in various venues in Australia.

Bilal’s passion, eloquence and professional manner in conducting marriage ceremonies has also made him a much sought after Islamic Marriage celebrant in Sydney and its neighbouring cities.

To ensure that the current generation has the opportunity he never had, that is to gain Islamic knowledge locally,he has prepared and delivered several intensive courses on Jurisprudence, Tajweed and various other Islamic sciences.

In his spare time, Bilal has also developed a beginner’s course for learning the recitation of the Quran and as a result he has helped hundreds of people to recite the Quran in Arabic. He is also the co-founder of Al-Firdaus Quran College which caters for students of different levels and age groups who desire to learn Arabic and Quran.

Bilal is currently the Islamic Studies coordinator and teacher at an elite Islamic College in Sydney.

Al-Hamdu lillaah, praise be to Allah for what He alone has endowed him with.

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