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Alhamdulillah hear Abdullah Al Amin

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Al Hamdulillah. He heard your call as many well Amar

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Alhamdulillah hit the WebU Ashok Kumar Alhamdulillah Hill Holly mo Cebu nama de who Subhana wa star you know who one is still a futile one I will be learning him in theory and fusina women say Dr. Molina may be the healer who fella Medela one minute little fella her de ella

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what a shadow hola hola hola hola hola hola Cherie Keller was shadow anna Muhammad Anna Abu Hora solo

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Bella Risa what Adele Amana? One also Hello Oma. What are akana Allah Maha Jatin by law, Leila Kenya hurry her layers he has won her Illa Herrlich

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a MOBA odo for in the called Hadith he Kitab Allah wa Hiral howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or shahrul Ohmori Maha dasa to her. What could LaMotta set him free hair that de vida Wakulla without him fit Dini Darla, what could not Allah let him for now?

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I bet Allah it top Allah haka, Ducati. Well atta moto Illa into musli moon. Yeah, you have ladina an otaku? Allah well tongues or Neff some malcode dama delivered. What duckula In Allah Azza virum Bhima Tama loon

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about my brothers and sisters,

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fear Allah subhanho wa Taala in the true form that he must be feared, and do not allow yourselves to die except as true believers and Muslims.

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The best of all speeches, the speech of Allah the Quran, and the best of all guidance is the guidance of His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who left us on the clear white page. It's night is as clear as its day. And nobody can be led astray, except he or she who is soon to destruction and neglectful my brothers and sisters. Allah subhanho wa taala. He has created the night in the day. He is the One who created our lives and the time which each one of us is going to live from the moment our mothers conceive us, our time life is written for us. How long are we going to live? How much time do we have? How long is our youth going to be? And who of us will reach old

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age? And who of us won't? My brothers and sisters? Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us in the Quran in surah, that Hashem he says to us, fear Allah, fear Allah and look at what each person has put forth for tomorrow. What is tomorrow, tomorrow is the hereafter. Tomorrow which Allah subhanaw taala talks about is the time of our death. What have you and I prepared for the time after our death? My brothers and sisters time is very short. Time is limited.

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In fact, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam reminds us of a crucial reminder, he said

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on the Day of Judgment, Loretta, Zulu, Kodama Abdeen, had to use ello had to use Ella and Romare he female if now we're unsure baby he female Ebla were unmannerly mean a nectar server who were female and *a. One enemy he, female and *a. Okay for Jaime Levy. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us on the Day of Judgment, nobody will be permitted to take a next step, not even one step until he or she is asked about five things about their life, and how they spent their life about their youth. In fact, the Hadith says about the Youth First and foremost, and how did you use your youth? And about your wealth? Where did you get it from? And how did you spend it? And about your knowledge and

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how you use that.

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In fact, the Prophet peace be upon him reminds us that three people on the Day of Judgment will be questioned, and with which Hellfire will be ignited, he said, a scholar, a donator of wealth

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and a person who fought in the path of Allah. The scholar will be asked for what how did you use your knowledge? And a scholar will say, Rob, I used it for your sake. And I taught it for your sake. And Allah will say you are lying, and the angels will repeat you are lying. You only taught it so that people can call you a knowledgeable man or knowledgeable woman. Then the one

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And who donated will ask be asked the same thing. Allah will say, I gave you wealth, what did you use it for? And he or she will say, I use it for your sake, my lord, I donated for your sake, or use it in your path. And he will say you are lying. And the angels will repeat, you are lying. You only donated and use your wealth so that people can praise you. What a generous man, he or she is, what a general swim and she is. And the third person who fought in the course of Allah, what did you use your health and your body for? And he will say, Yeah, Rob, I donated it, and I sacrificed that for your path. And Allah will say, you are lying, and the angels will say you are lying, you only did so

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so that you can be called a brave hero and monuments to be built out of you. And so Allah will say, for each one of these three, you have received, what you worked for, you received the reward that you did it for today, you have nothing. And that is where Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, where Allah is in 78 learners

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were en Yahoo. So your thumb May or June is when an agenda.

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Man will not receive except that which they worked for your intention, your goal, your purpose of why you did what you did. And then Allah says, and their work is looked at, in particular, Allah says I'm looking at everything. And then that will receive exactly as they worked for my brothers and sisters.

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Our time is precious, and that is running out.

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And on a day of judgment, one of the biggest regrets that a person will have is the time that they wasted. I know a lot of young people are here with us today. And it makes me so proud to see them. Because back in my days when I was a child, you wouldn't see people in the masjid more than or less than 30 years old, at least. And most of them were from overseas. But now we see young people who are raised in this country, and they're coming to the masjid and looking up to people who remind them of Allah, I have great hope and great pride Wallahi to see young people who are moving and going along the way for this new generation. Insha Allah, Allah, Allah, they have knowledge, they

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have the language that is needed, and from a young age Masha Allah, they're looking up to role models, people who remind them of Allah Wallahi I see the future bright in sha Allah Jota Allah. So welcome my young brothers and sisters especially, but I have to give you a reminder, your youth and your knowledge which Allah has given you, the time which he has given you is precious, how are you going to use it? Don't waste it. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he used to remind his young companions the following things and who do you think the young companions were around the prophets, Allah salah. When people talk about Sahabas, they think old people, they think 40 5060 years old. 40

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is not that old, but they think older. But when you look at the Companions, ages, majority of them were very young. They were not even past 20 years old. Many of them were teenagers. Would you believe that? Many of them were teenagers. You have a number of them that I mentioned so often, like Abdullah bin, our best, Abdullah bin Massoud, for example, Oliver the Allahu Anhu. All of them were usually about 1012 1114 years old. And also Salah Salem, when he talked to his companions, he loved to guide them, these young companions, and he's to say for example, he said to them, man, son, Phil Islami, so Nathan Hasina Ferla who has Rojava as Roman army, Libya, Lira and as Rahula young co

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Salman O'Shea. Rasulillah Salam, he said that whoever starts a good initiative, something good that benefits people feel Islam in Islam, meaning that in accordance with what pleases Allah subhanho wa taala. What did we learn in Islam that pleases Allah, whoever after Islam starts and initiates something that is beneficial and good, he or she will have its reward. And they will have the reward of anybody who copies and continues in what you initiated until the end of time. And another Hadith it says, so long as people are acting on it, you will still continue to receive the reward of people acting on it until someone stops, except that your reward and their reward will not be diminished.

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Meaning that just because somebody did the action which you started, it doesn't mean that their reward comes to you and they lose out. No, they get the reward, you get double, triple quadruple, it's like an investment that you invest in, it continues to grow for you even after you die. So think brothers and sisters, not only in this world, but what will you leave behind? What is the legacy that you leave behind? Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, in Kenosha in my water when Aktobe uma demo or

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What's wrong? What's wrong whom we're correlation in? slain houfy Man the movie in Allah says in surah T has seen, it is us it is way meaning ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, who gives back life to the dead on the day of judgment. And we write and record everything that a person does in their lifetime, and whatever they left behind, and whatever they left behind your legacy, you'll be dead in your grave, and you've left something amazing behind good or something, whether you have to build a bed, it continues for you even after you have died. So what kind of legacy do you want to leave even something very small, as simple as teaching your little brother or sister to say Bismillah, before

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they eat a little thicker dua before they go to sleep, you taught them some good manners, you taught them how to treat their neighbors, for example, you taught them that just merely moving an object off the street, which will harm other people, you get rewarded for it, you taught them that meaning looking after an animal giving the reward for a cat, for example, or moving away from an aunt's house for the sake of Allah gives them rewards these little things that you teach someone else, and they continue to act upon them to you, they might seem a little bit but to Allah, they are huge, they'll continue for you, so long as they learn it and teach others a little sadaqa little charity

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that you gave, maybe it's 10 pounds or, or it's one pound or whatever it is anything that you left behind for the sake of Allah than it is for you. And Allah subhanaw taala will multiply it for you on the Day of Judgment, every single one of you who is sitting here, you don't have to be up here giving the hotbar you don't have to be up giving onstage long talk some amazing motivational speeches, each and every one of you can do something, what are the skills which Allah gave you think about it? What are the skills that Allah gives you? Even in martial arts, you're good at fighting. When you teach Muslims, you teach someone how to fight, and you teach them the etiquettes of

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fighting, and you teach them manners of that, and you teach them about how to discipline their ego, and how to discipline their anger. Yet learning self defense, do it for the sake of Allah, and that will be a legacy for you. Anything that you do brothers and sisters, there is a legacy for you. Insha Allah, Allah, whether you're a mother, whether you're a father, subhanAllah, leaving a righteous child behind that makes diet for you, what an amazing treasure. And my brothers and sisters, remember

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that Allah subhanaw taala looks at the small date as big depending on one thing, what your intention was. So your intention could be bad, while you're doing something amazingly good, but only to impress the people. And that action on the Day of Judgment becomes a mantra, it becomes like the dust in the wind. So everything is based on the intention implement our motivation yet actions are by their intention. Remember, you could be praying with another person right in the front line, you're still out in there. So that could be exactly the same on the outside, but one of them there Salette has been lifted to Allah the other one is not even going beyond their heads. One was doing

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it out of showing off. One was doing it truly for the sake of Allah. One was doing it with widow, the other one was neglecting they will do it for example, some people take it seriously. Others they don't and each person receives as they worked. My brothers and sisters, finally a little tiny story. There was a woman. Nobody knows her real name at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. She was an Ethiopian woman but nobody knew where she came from. All she was is a nice Muslim sister. Everybody knew she was their sister in Islam. And she couldn't do much. The only thing she could do was clean the Masjid. So she used to clean the mustard and pick up a bit of rubbish and, and

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whatever there was making it nice for people to pray there. Let's also send them noticed her and then one morning, he noticed that she hadn't arrived. So he asked about it. They said well, La Jolla Rasul Allah, she passed away last night. He said, Why didn't you call me I've told you that whoever passes away, let me know. They said they are so low, you're asleep. The weather was hot. We didn't want to wake you up, said go and show me where her grave is. They took him to her grave, and he prayed salata Janessa for her. He said, The graves are full of darknesses and misery, and my prayer and my salad for them opens at wide and fills it with blessings and Nora. And also our prayers for

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our brothers and sisters does that to something so small as picking up something in the masjid gave this woman such an importance to Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so brothers sisters as Rasul Allah assassin and said, Let the Koran nominate ma roofie Sheikh do not take for granted the smallest of good deeds while oh and telco hookah be watching and Tolik even to meet your brother with a cheerful or delightful face. All of this insha Allah Tala OB Kalamata Yabba, all with a nice word. All of this counts in your good deeds and insha Allah as a legacy. So look after your time brothers and sisters.

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and it is precious. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill it with blessings and to give you the energy and the remembrance to do so. I'll call Lokali Heather was stopped for Allah honey welcome for stockfeed ovo forms and Mustafa eating

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Alhamdulillah he Allah if Cerney or chakra Allahu Allah tofi He wants the nanny or salatu salam ala Milena, BM embody here while early he was so happy here as your main woman sir Isla de la yo Medina, my dear brothers and sisters,

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as we are talking today, and as we live our lives, but also sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the believers are like one body. If one of them is in pain, one of one part of your body is in pain, the rest of it stays up in the middle of the night, as if it is stricken with fever, it will not be able to sleep. This is how we are as brothers and sisters with our compassion and our mercy no matter who we are around the world, what ethnicity what color, what gender we are male or female. We remember each other and right now, we all know that our brothers and sisters are suffering and Philistine. Our brothers and sisters are complaining about they're not complaining. Our brothers and

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sisters are calling out to Allah subhanho wa Taala and we see their atrocities happening Wallahi anyone who sees it, only a person with a hard heart will not be moved at all Subhanallah Muslims and non Muslims are moved for them. They are all calling out to save them and help them and we as believers should be at the forefront it Anita Isla although we are restricted with what we can do, the least we can do is make dua for our brothers and sisters there and around the world. So let us insha Allah make dua for them as they're going through their turmoil right now. Although Allah subhanho wa Taala is taking their souls and putting them in a beautiful place we consider them

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martyrs but even the hater Isla and their children as birds in paradise are waiting for them at the doors so let us make dua for our brothers sisters and for ourselves

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Allahumma in Nana sir Luca be asthmatic and Husna will suffer tickle Hola, hola, Houma Herrera Philistine while Masjid Al Aqsa, I'm in Kadena Martin, what Konya Allah who only when in a few Philistine Allah Han Solo home what is the common core what our server what are both Allah called will be him Wednesday night at him mirror hermetic Allahu muda which our home was three Medora home with a cup Bell motorhome, Allah humara de la him Shiva Bahaman Astra Allah Yeah, Rob Bell al Amin, Allahu Mahara Masuda. Laakso I'm in Dennis so hyena la si bien en Mata Deen Allah Mafalda Allah Philistine when Masjid Al Aqsa, I'm in K divinely mean where you don't be no slicker. We'll call

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what AKA a chromatic Grameen hola hola hola como una wanna see your Yara Bella ILM in Allah mela to Eva Raja and enter hamara mean, nessa Luca, Leah Holika Leah Holly Philistine and muscle Allah Manhyia homology and Chilean ear Rob Belisle Amin hola manana Luca Bismillah R them anti Jalan Masjid Al Aqsa fie Haifa Vertica Fela Yoda nisu la Sivan Well, Teddy Hermeto la anemone Yasha bout a similar to a lot of the era but I have them in Allah mananas Allah kabhi Luca be a smoke be be Speaker alcohol and talk horror monka Hora when NFE Philistine when Luca Anton superhome Island calm imagery mean hola Madonna, Mia him, but then was Salah ammonia or hamara he mean, Allah Missourian

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Warabi Athena and mustafina mean the Philistine allah how much I didn't learn more obviously in on Missouri, when

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when hypertrophy called will be anemia chronic acromion Allah Maha motor home will help Combi shahada which are at furlough Ferrazzano Dhokla home Allah hamara Donna misdemeanor Illa de una camera done Jamila Amin Amin Yeah but I mean about Allah in Allah Allah Yamato gladly, what Eater is unclear about where and how and in Russia he went mancha weldability yo, calm La La Quinta de karoun Firth Corolla has come was Kuru Ha, he has it come. What are the Kula hiya Cobra was Salalah Han and Amina Muhammad in while early he was sort of big mind welcome Sana.