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The importance of forgiveness and mercy in achieving success in life is emphasized in Islam. forgiveness and mercy are also crucial for avoiding major sins and apologizing for past mistakes. A woman who experienced loss of her job and sadness in her heart is also highlighted. The speakers emphasize the need for fear and forgiveness, and advise the audience to use their emotions and behavior to make their lives easier. They stress the importance of avoiding negative behavior and not giving up on anyone.

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Lena bathing

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oh he

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For those who are here tonight for the Muslims around the world, the brothers and the sisters, wherever they may be to relieve them from any discomfort, into comfort from any hardship into ease from every calamity into an opening and life and from every hardship, anxiety and grief into happiness and tranquility in their hearts in this world and in the Hereafter, and to give victory to the people who are fighting in the cause of justice for the sake of Allah, defending our brothers and sisters, where they are oppressed anywhere in the world.

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And I asked the boss of Hannah who wants

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to bring down his mercy upon us and to forgive us for our sins and in your

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brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Tonight I bring for you a very intriguing topic

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that will ensure a lot shift of the hearts and then return back to the humble state which will Once created upon in our natural instinct then we will go on that state which is free from pride, free from hardship

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In our house, free from

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hatred, free from not knowing, our Tyler to bring ourselves to a moment in this night insha Allah to return back to our Creator, who almost died is is missing is forgiveness for all of those who have been seen sinning all their life have disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala most of their life. So those who now sit before before us, and when they get in front of Allah, they are thinking about how many things they have done in their life. And whether or not that is going to forgive them or not. Those who have disappeared and lost hope, because they have done so many things. Therefore, they've done or they have stolen or they have cheated, or they have lied, or they have

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caused bloodshed, or wealth, loss of other people who might have brought hardship into other people's life, or might have done many minuses in their in their life or missed out on their praise or mister or fasting for this event, penetrated

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boundaries which Allah subhanaw taala has been distributed. tonight.

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I will bring your hope not from myself, but from the one who created you, Allah subhana wa tada and commanded things, and the one who accepts your repentance and acceptance to forgive you. If you turn to my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, we all fall into mistakes, and we all sin, and how many times many of us have seen them return back to Allah and then sin again and then return back to you and then sin again. And how many times have we fallen into mischief, and fall into disobedience and penetrated boundaries of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then returned back to him and then repeated them again. How many of us have done so I need you to understand, first of all, that for everything

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and every disobedience there is a mischief. There is a misfortune, there is a bad calamity that will follow for every single Muslim commit.

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And misfortune later on brothers and sisters, even if it were after 40 years, the misfortune of essential surely reach you.

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This is a man at the time

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he was with his children of Israel, 70,000 of them after they had been faithful.

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And then they were out in the desert without water and

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give us water.

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And Solar City prevented you from the water because there is a man amongst you who has disobeyed me for 14 years because of him. I have not used the drop of water from the sky.

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Tell them to leave the people and I will give you some Yup, I'm a weak person. How can I make my voice reach amongst the 70,000 people? He said cold help our team are converting. So hold on. He said

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leave us for this because Have you ever been denied the drop of water and say this man had this. And he looked around and found that no one had left. And so he acknowledged that it was him. They couldn't do anything except to grab his clothes, and to place it in there. And then he cried out to a last minute and said Allah if I were to leave the people that I will leave in shape, and I will expose myself I will I have come to you after you seeking your forgiveness and seeking your mercy. He told us that you will forgive us. I've come to you after 40 years asking for your forgiveness. So forgive me up and then all of a sudden the clouds begin to gather and the rain begins to drop. And

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everyone began to drink masala cement was astonished.

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The man has not left and then Allah said

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the same person who I denied you the water because of him. I have now given you

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ask Who is this person Show me. And it was the most miserable said by I haven't seen up for 40 years when he was disobedient when he was my enemy. And now that he has become repenting to me, he has become my beloved. Now you want me to expose him when he has come closer to me.

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I will not

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my brothers and sisters in Islam

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and know that for every minus thing. If you are a person who prays and the person who fasts and the person who donates and gives a charity now and again or a person who obeys their parents or is good to their parents.

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Or is good to the neighbors denisha these good acts will surely wipe away your bed

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So perform your prayers in the day and part of the night for sure we could do is wipe away bad sins. If you pray, and you follow everything with a good day, then the prophet SAW lies and then said,

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then follow your sin with a good day whenever you do bad see brothers and sisters, then follow with a good day, but it will be wiped up. So what does he think avoid the major things. So as you can avoid the major things that he shall give you all your minor sins. If you're a person who prays and seeks the pleasures of a lot of our time every now and again. Because the prophet SAW love it he was

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born, all the son of Adam surely can see his brothers and sisters in Islam. But the best of the best of those who commit sins are the ones who repent to Allah. So repent to Allah brothers and sisters. And this means that when you commit a major sin, or a minor thing, can you ask Allah for forgiveness, especially when a major sin is committed, such as the drinking of alcohol, such as committing Zina, adultery, fornication, stealing from your wealth seeking Riba from the banks, swearing to the Muslims taking their wealth.

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Also exposing or talking bad about a Muslim woman who is chased and martyrs to say that she doesn't

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align constantly or slandering or backbiting. Then if you repent to Allah subhana wa tada that Allah will surely forgive you. You must first of all regret for the greatest sign and the greatest sign and miracle to Allah subhana wa tada for a person who has committed a sin for him to accept your repentance. The greatest time for their brothers and sisters, is

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the regret the regret when your heart begins to shiver, and feel fear and feel anxiety and feel great.

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one of the greatest signs of that also is to find your Eman reach the highest state of the community to see you regret and then all of a sudden you repent and then you find your Eman rise higher than what it was before. This is one of the greatest science almost better data says

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this will Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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those who do they remember Allah and when they remember a lot, they asked a lot of forgive them a lot. That also says

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that about those who commit sin, you will find that the man rises. And when a man rises, you find that the hardship or fear from above.

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And then suddenly after committing a sin, brothers and sisters, this is a part of training that when a regret, when you find that you begin to cry, when you find yourself beginning to return back to Allah and thinking will He forgive you or not? And then he asked you to forgive you and then follow with good sin with good deeds, then show this is a sign of tricky man in yourself. You're not feeling the show, God wants you to leave it. And so he says to you, you have too many too many sins, Brother, you have committed too many sins, sister, how would one simple prayer, make a law forgive all these things, this is what the show tries to tell.

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Brothers and sisters, also a quote from within Tamia.

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They said, all of those who commit who do good deeds, then all the dead minus things are forgiven. So one of those you can avoid the major sins and this is evident from the last one our data says. And I mentioned in the first

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allotment, Allah says,

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the greatest use of what we have for bidding against mankind, against our servants, all except for the minus ends, they show the allies of forgiving, Most Merciful also says what it says in the

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If you can guarantee that you will avoid the major sins of what we have forgiven.

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Then Allah is Forgiving and you will forgive every other person and have

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a hope for life.

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forgiveness from Allah and mercy from the Most Merciful thing, the prophet, some of

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them said, in number

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a was was more merciful

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than the mother to a child. And can you imagine brothers and sisters than anyone being more merciful, anyone wanting the best, and you're wanting to stay away from the path more than the mother towards a child

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and themselves, or any number other

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than the mother towards a child. This is

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because of

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your age,

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and about surely wants to figure

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and he wants to follow the path of the shape bar towards Xena and adultery and fornication and Fantasia. He wants them to stay away from that act so that they will not fall into greater harm against themselves.

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However, and allow us to make this easy for you, however, mankind was created to be weak amongst the brothers and sisters in Islam. Don't ever despair, no matter what you have done, even if you have killed

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100 souls, as the story tells us about, even if you have committed adultery and fornication before did not disappear from the mercy of

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Allah. This is what the province of Alaska and from here I bring you a story from the past, from the light past from the past, which fills us like a crown on our heads on the tongue of the province of the Lavalle usnm. about a woman who was married a nice time and committed adultery with the man and she came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she came to the province of Aloha and he was sent them and said to me, oh, Lola, I am a woman who has committed sin, and I am married. And I am now pregnant from scenarioswall la. Brea purity to me as a law in capital punishment.

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So Panama strange isn't the measure of this woman. She knows that the punishment for a person, male or female, they can sinner when they are married, is none other than to be stoned to death until they die.

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She knows this. She came to the province

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where she could have avoided and asked the Lord to forgive her. But because of the intensity of the sin which had reached her and

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her heart, she came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah purify me from my bad sin which I have done.

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penetrating, how am I going to be alone? And so

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he was sitting there, he turned his face away from the decision, returned back to him and said, and then he returned the space away from her a second time, until the fourth time, why? Maybe she is drunk, maybe she has gone mad, maybe she'll he was trying to give us the opportunity to return back and ask the Lord to forgive that alone, forgive her in another way. This is not the end result. However, she insisted. And when she insisted the

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return until you give birth to the child, what is the sin brothers and sisters of the child?

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One of us they come and go, when when our men and women today they go out and get abortions and kill this innocent child, we have no right to do this by the system. You have no right to do this, or husbands of your wives. They're alive which Allah has ordained to be born

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until you give birth to the child. So she went and after nine months, she returned back to the province of the US. And of course, he was thinking that maybe she'll forget. But she returned back to the process with more intensity than she was before. And she said to him reminding him

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I am the woman who came to you pregnant because of Xena allows you to prove purify with the capital punishment of a lot. But then you return me to tell me give birth to the child. And here I am I've given being given birth to this infant

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purified me from this bad sin, and then the process and then return back until he has become independent of your breast until he's independent, who is going to look after after you. So she returned back

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down towards the children. She returned back

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to Germany. After two years of breastfeeding, she returned back to the province

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and she says

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I am the one who can see who was pregnant of Xena. He returned me until I came back when I had given birth to him. Then he returned

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Until he has become independent of libraries. And she came to us with a child with a piece of bread in his hand with this piece of bread, to prove to the province of a lot of us that he has surely become independent of her breast, why

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it is said that she can prove to the turn of the province of a lot why they will not return the back.

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And after he made one of the companions, or a group of the companions to look after will take custody of the child.

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They bought her

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the time to close on them.

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And then she was still

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until we would have the minister was done. So

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when he made the blood seep onto his clothing, onto his clothing, it was as was so happy, as though he had done something so good. The problem,

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his face and wanted to discipline the man and discipline the people. So we stood up in anger, and he screamed in front of the people and said,

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follow me, this woman has done such a repentance, repentance so valuable that if you were to compare that to the repentance of all the people of the Medina, then her repentance wouldn't overcome them all. If you were to place them on a scale, then her repentance alone would have been far more heavier than all the people of the material. If all of them were to drink alcohol,

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in this woman's repentance alone, would have overweight them. And the processing of them prayed solid upon him, and asked Allah to forgive them. And she was raised as he said, seamless the same way that brother gave birth to them.

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And from here,

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the image of repentance brothers and sisters, returns back to us. The teaching of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam comes back to us, some

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very eminent shining in front of us in our time.

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The Promised teachings did not only exist, but they also came back to our time. 1400 years later, brothers and sisters, I bring to you a story from this time of ours, in this time of our era, in this generation, which you and I now live in, only not more than 10 years ago, a story which brings about the image which the province

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raises, and his nation upon, which still exists to this day until this time,

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I bring to you this story. And before I begin brothers and sisters,

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I will have to warn you

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that the shaitan may come to each and every one of your minds. And try to whisper to you to say the man up there on the stage is only merely telling us the story just to make us cry, or to make us feel compassionate. Over there is a fake story.

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But I said to you

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that this story is not a made up story. Lisa

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an associated kasasa

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lot of people say

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man Kevin,

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tell them the stories of Mohammed, the true stories of the past and that they may remember this or they may reflect but do not tell them stories of lives.

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14 years ago, from a shake, his name was

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delivered a speech

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which he heard from another man. And we call this man a shake

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the shake.

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He tells us the story of an event which occurred with him when he was on one of his trips on his business trips in Syria.

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And the story begins like this brothers and sisters.

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A chef tells us

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he said

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I was once out on a business trip in one of the neighboring countries,

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namely Syria.

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And I was on this business trip for only two or three days.

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Desiring and intending to return immediately afterwards.

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I went into this land and after completing my business trip, I wanted to return back when I had finished early. And there was a whole day before my plane would depart.

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And this country was full of heroin whatever I went and whenever I stayed

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so I went looking for a place to sleep in because I was extremely tired until I found one

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The hotels, and they will not enter into one of these hotels with my cynical,

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or the custom clothing that we know. And we might be so long. I look like an eminent chef to all the people, I entered into this hotel, when all of a sudden, I saw nothing but alcohol and nothing but bars, and nothing that people with women on their lips drinking away and becoming drunk and laughing away as if the shaitan was writing upon their shoulders, as if I could see the shadow with my own eyes, everywhere I went. And definitely there were angels in that room. Women, prostitutes, is everywhere. And so one of the People's holding a bottle of wine, noticed me and said to me, I say, Go away from here, get out of this place, this is not a place for you will not allow you to come

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into here. I said to him, he says, I said to you, where am I to go, and the night is approaching, and I've nothing we're nowhere else to sleep, they said this is not a place for you Do you not see all the hieronder is available, I will not allow you to come in here. This place is not where you want to where the This place is not worthy of having a person like you in it. He said, so I went around everywhere I went to sohara, prostitutes, pimps, alcohol, women.

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And then finally, I found the path to sleep on one of the benches. I slept for a long time, and then in the morning.

00:31:21--> 00:31:47

And then I went to my area to the airport. And my flight was after about two hours after. So I went to look for a place to sleep in, I could not find except for a little Chrome. So I went into this period and slept. Because I was full timers. I slept in despair, because I was extremely tired. And then a short while afterwards, I woke up to the crying of a man

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I can see was barely a man standing up though and frustrating and crying, crying so badly like a child as if a woman had just lost her only firstborn son, or is it a husband and wife who loved each other and just departed and lost each other in an accident. It was crying so deeply so immensely, that always he could not even take bread. I cannot even take I said, so I went back to sleep because I was so exhausted. And then over almost before

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when I was being called out, I hear I felt like somebody was trying to wake me up. I looked ahead of me. And then there was a blur in front of me. And all of a sudden I see, to my astonishment, the same man who was praying hours ago. And he was trying to wake me up like this, and trying to wake me up, signaling away and touching my shoulder and shaking me. And then he looked at me and his eyes were full of tears and his face.

00:32:47--> 00:32:53

And he said to me a strange word, which I did not understand why he said, Hello.

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are you able to sleep at this time? Are you able to sleep at this time, as if I I am not able to sleep for a single week, I cannot believe how many people are able to sleep for three nights, I haven't been able to sleep or drink or ate any type of food.

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and then after that insha Allah you can discuss what the problem is. So we prayed. And after that people had lived, he sat with me. And just before my flight is about to depart. And then he said to me, my name is Ahmed. But

00:33:37--> 00:33:38

my name is

00:33:43--> 00:33:47

My name is Ahmed and I'm from a city called Rio from the same city, the shape that that comes from.

00:33:49--> 00:34:12

I come from a very wealthy family. Everything is brought to us. Everything we asked for it is brought in front of us. The slave people in the seventh bin are in front of us, the maidens are there to serve us and our feet. Anything and everything we asked for we reclined on sheets of silk. And we from the most exquisite food. However,

00:34:13--> 00:34:30

I became sick and bored of the daily routines which we live in. And I wanted to escape from the times from the routine which we live in, in our life over there. So I wanted to try something new. And I am a married man who has children. So I thought to myself in the shadow came to me and said to me, brother,

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

where are you going to go to try a new way of life? When everyone here knows you go out to one of the countries outside. Go and go on a little holiday with your family. Go and do things we never could see you have brothers and sisters a warning. This is what the shutdown says to every person shall not come to you and say to you go out and drink alcohol because he knows if you're a Muslim, you won't do that. Oh, it doesn't say to go out and commit Xena or does it say to you go out and do so and so.

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

Buy prostitutes and sleep with them. No, no, no, because the show God is smarter than what you think. However, Allah says.

00:35:09--> 00:35:27

He slowly takes you step by step into ways and plots and plans which you yourself did not anticipate, you will get your choices. But he takes you step by step until finally you reach the hammer. And he can be the worst of things. And it seems as though you have not done anything.

00:35:28--> 00:35:39

He says, look out into the world of tourism, we never could see you. Because we are ashamed when someone sees us, we tried to look for a place where no one could know us. Am I right or wrong?

00:35:40--> 00:35:40


00:35:42--> 00:36:01

Imagine yourself when you're alone inside the room, and no one could see what kind of benefits do you get? What kinds of things do you commit, think about how comfortable you feel when you are alone. how comfortable you feel when you are in a land or close when nobody knows you. And you forget that Allah subhanho wa Taala to see,

00:36:02--> 00:36:05

this is how I came to this country, which you and I are in.

00:36:06--> 00:36:10

And then I was out when all of a sudden, a group of people came to me

00:36:12--> 00:36:54

and then became a quantity. And then one of them who I liked his face began to smile to me and assist me and help me and take me around to show me places of nice tourism, and having fun with all these different things which I've never seen before. slowly and slowly. He brought him into me. And then we hung around with women and girls, not knowing what my fate was. And then all of a sudden, my a man began to diminish. And I forgot that speaking is funny to a woman is Haha, I forgot. With my desire and my temptation, and my woman's sexual hormones, which was the man they came in over took my mind and my mental state. Until all of a sudden, this man who I discovered later on to be a pimp.

00:36:55--> 00:37:35

He made me go out with one of these prostitutes and took my money. He took my money. And I'd forgotten every shame that existed in my heart. After a few days, this woman began to smile to me and let me smell their bread. And let me smell the beautiful fragrance which was on her. And she began to walk from side to side and took me alone away from the people until I was safeguarded. So I cannot be shameful, sorry, I can't feel any shame or embarrassment in front of the people. And then we rented an apartment and took me up with my heart until we entered into one of the rooms. And then she displayed herself to me with all the beautiful clothing, which I've never seen before in other

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women, and in a wonderful figure which she had prepared herself for. And then all of a sudden, I didn't find myself except that I was right on top of her. I was on top of her. And then when I emptied what was inside of me and

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created, all of a sudden, I felt the pain come down my spine from my head right down to the bottom of my feet. And then I felt pain in my feet. And in extreme pain and heat in my head. It was the pain, of agony of what I had just done. My senses all returned back to me like a flow of blood. And my senses all returned back to me like a fountain, like a stream which had just exploded from within a rock.

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And then I began to cry. I began to cry, and cry. And we and then I got off the woman. And I screamed as far as I could reach with my voice and said

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can you present a game?

00:38:36--> 00:38:37

He said,

00:38:38--> 00:38:41

for the first time I've ever competed, Xena. How could I have

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penetrated the boundaries of a mob?

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That I have gone crazy. But I can not care about anyone anymore. I wore my clothes immediately. And then I opened the door and washed outside and ran away, crying away and going down the stairs. And then I saw in front of me at the door of the hotel, the friend the pimp the luminous crib, the shame for the evil pig who had brought me into this and he was holding a bottle of wine. And then he said to me, what is wrong with you? Why are you crying? And I replied to him with agony.

00:39:20--> 00:39:30

I have committed adultery. Do you not know what adultery is? I have committed adultery. Say me, let me go. What did this learn is to say he said to him

00:39:34--> 00:39:38

take a bottle of wine and you will forget all the state that you're

00:39:39--> 00:39:53

selling a bottle of this wine and you will forget all the state that you are in. And then he said to him, he said after taking my wealth and preventing me from opportunity to drink opportunity from sleeping with a woman

00:39:54--> 00:40:00

of paradise. Now you want to prevent me and Fitbit me from drinking from

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

The wind the paradise. What did the evil pimp say? He said to him in

00:40:10--> 00:40:12

his forgivable allies forgiving the merciful,

00:40:14--> 00:40:15

forgotten, that

00:40:17--> 00:40:20

is also severe punishment.

00:40:27--> 00:40:38

He prepared for those who oppress themselves in life, and tormenting, blazing out fire. Only the oppressed people, people who oppress themselves, the criminals entered to

00:40:41--> 00:40:45

it will be brought in with a judgment with 70,000 leashes.

00:40:51--> 00:40:55

There will be 70,000 angels dragging out fires.

00:40:58--> 00:41:08

when it sees the woods remain the criminals, the heat from it, and inhalation and exhalation are breathing in and out, wanting to consume everything inside.

00:41:09--> 00:41:22

And then the man is shoved him away from him. And he ran away out of the hotel. He ran away, he said, and now I've ended up in this same prayer in which you and I are in right now in

00:41:24--> 00:41:27

our friendship. After hearing this.

00:41:29--> 00:41:30

He said, I grew up

00:41:31--> 00:41:32

and I did not know what to say.

00:41:34--> 00:41:38

And this brother of mine repenter. He said to me,

00:41:40--> 00:41:41

I don't know what to do.

00:41:42--> 00:41:43

I've lost my Eman.

00:41:46--> 00:41:51

And I cannot eat or drink or sleep. What am I going to say to a loss of time?

00:41:54--> 00:41:57

I said to him the shift says, I said to him,

00:41:58--> 00:42:00

all I could remember right now

00:42:01--> 00:42:16

is the plan which gives the greatest hope of what I had memorized our assigned to you and remind you of it. Maybe that will give you some hope in Allah subhana wa tada insha Allah. He said, all I could say to him was this good

00:42:18--> 00:42:19

to see him

00:42:21--> 00:42:22

in the

00:42:23--> 00:42:23


00:42:26--> 00:42:45

702 My servants, those who have blamed themselves and found sorrow and despair, and agony, regretting this, do not despair from the mercy of forgiveness of Allah. Allah forgives all sins. And you know what the other inventor replied. He said to me,

00:42:47--> 00:42:49

Allah will forgive for everyone else except for me.

00:42:51--> 00:43:00

How can I forgive me? Yes, that is true. But Allah, I cannot imagine in forgiving me, but he will forgive for everyone else. Except for me, I've committed too much of a bad scene

00:43:02--> 00:43:26

says because it must have been a law. But because of the agony of a single jihad, which had entered his heart, I don't know what to say to him, he said. And then I gave him my phone number. Because the announcement came out for the departure of my airplane. I gave him my phone number. And I said to him, maybe inshallah we can meet again, back in the city of Riyadh, if Allah wills

00:43:28--> 00:44:08

and I climbed on and went back to my homeland, thinking to myself, surely this person will forget all that which is in shortly after two or three days, or four days or five days, he will forget the state that he is in, and then he shall go on in his normal life, that the rest of any other person, he said, but when I arrived back to my homeland, after two weeks, I received a phone call from my friend. And my friend said to me, I need to quickly meet you, at the local mosque, immediately come over brother. So I went to the local mosque, and then I met him. And as soon as he saw me, he burst into Christ, and he hugged me, and he was shivering. And he said to me, my dear brother, I have not

00:44:08--> 00:44:14

come to you to visit you again. But I've come to you to feel welcome. I have come to you to fail you and maybe

00:44:16--> 00:44:17

insha Allah.

00:44:19--> 00:44:35

I said to my brother, where are you going? And so I said to me, maybe inshallah we'll meet you engine Anisha. Mercy makes us I will meet you there after this. So I grabbed him and grabbed hold of him. And I was shocked about what he was saying.

00:44:37--> 00:44:59

He was telling you the truth. And then he replied to me, maybe the shallow meeting agenda and I am going to get myself into the government. I am going to get myself into government. And as we know, in Saudi Arabian brothers and sisters, the capital punishment is applied the punishment of one who commits adultery when they are married. Then there is the stoning today in the court of law if they give them

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

In order the witnesses come forth

00:45:04--> 00:45:07

in fear, and I speak to him and I said to him, you

00:45:11--> 00:45:12

got yourself

00:45:13--> 00:45:26

crazy. I've lost your mind. Do you not know what the punishment for an adulterer is starving until death? Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha children, save yourself, there must be another way.

00:45:27--> 00:45:36

By saying, all of my family, my wife, and my children cannot save me from hellfire. And all I want is for a loss of data to say before

00:45:39--> 00:46:21

I go to the pilot, and I said to him, all I can say to you is this, at least give me one more thing for a friend. He said to me, ask for anything you might exempt from asking me to not get myself in. I said to him, let us go to the most honorable and most knowledgeable shows that you and I know in this country that you will agree upon, and they will ask him for the first one. And if he says, let himself give in, then I will take you with my own hands and give you two into the government. He agree, we shake our hands to this, he shook his head. And then they went the next day to the rest of the school shows which venue and then the chauffeur client with a variety of knowledge and evidence.

00:46:21--> 00:46:43

And he said to him, Do not let himself he did not let him give himself into the government a lot and forgive him in another way. The shape the game itself, this man, he kept on calling me over and over again. He would call me in the night and he will call me in the day and then he will call me the next day. And he would say to me,

00:46:51--> 00:46:55

I will be held on your judgment. And I will say

00:46:57--> 00:47:30

I wanted to get myself into the government and this show, he is the one who preventively so blame him today. And he would send it to the shame. And the shame would say, I have not given you this verdict out of ignorance. But I've only given you this very kind of pure knowledge and evidence, until finally he agreed, and he went back. However, he did not stop their brothers and sisters, the agony and the pain remained with him. the sorrow of the sin remained with him. The crowd his face remained with him in a smile after that for a very long time, as his wife says.

00:47:31--> 00:47:44

And then after that, he went back. And he said to his friend, I need to meet you once more. And then I met him and I asked him why were you talking this time? And then he said to me, I have come to fair when

00:47:45--> 00:47:55

I asked Mr. Egan this time over the show has given me the verdict. I said that he said to me, I have come to fair value. And inshallah we'll meet back with you after I have gone to hell.

00:47:57--> 00:47:59

I feel like I want to go and meet.

00:48:02--> 00:48:26

This is the son of a man, brothers and sisters. And so the house was always there. And I said to him, Well, maybe Shall we can go with our group. But then he replied to me by saying no, no. So I thought, maybe a law changes our labor here, some other group that she wants to go with. And then we went to Hutch, and I'm the third day when we were standing, you know, standing on the third day against a nice, this is the day on the third day which you

00:48:27--> 00:48:46

carry out. And that is the day when most of the people are getting even some people becomes standard. So we said on the third day while we're standing, I looked around and all of a sudden from a distance I saw, I saw and then I screamed out and yelled at him. Yeah. Yeah.

00:48:48--> 00:48:57

He saw me but then to my astonishment, he turned away and ran. He ran away from me. I said so Pamela, what has changed is her towards me.

00:48:58--> 00:49:16

And so we will return back to real estate. I contacted him when I met him. And then I asked him, when I saw you in hundredfold lt when you saw me, why did you run away from me, and I'd done something to you, and he changed your heart towards me. And then he said to me, he said brothers and sisters, he said to me,

00:49:17--> 00:49:32

I am not sad with you, nor am I upset. However, I was too busy on that day asking him not to forgive me. I was too busy asking Allah to forgive me. And then I would look around. And I would say, Hello, ma except my

00:49:34--> 00:49:40

accent these people's heads when I could feel the person amongst them. When I interviewed the person,

00:49:42--> 00:49:51

I am afraid that a mob may deny all these people that have because I am there so you can cry and cry. And then sometimes I will call and say to myself, maybe

00:49:53--> 00:49:57

because of these wonderful people who are so powerful

00:50:01--> 00:50:12

changes the hearts, all of a sudden, from the lowest state through the great state to the highest state, even until they reach the state of the angels and the prophets and the messengers.

00:50:14--> 00:50:15

This is the way he thought about.

00:50:16--> 00:50:21

And then after that, into memory, memorize the old man.

00:50:22--> 00:50:34

And then he began to fast one day one and one day off forever. And then he would praise five praise at the mosque in congregation, it would never leave him. And then he would pray the night presents and he never lifted.

00:50:36--> 00:50:51

And he would recite the Quran every day, until he would complete it every month, he would donate from his child for charitable from his money. And he would look after the orphan until he even donated to an orphanage and opened up an orphanage backing up

00:50:53--> 00:51:02

all the wonderful x until one time I recall one of the shapes that we met, he said, I met up at the rec center one time, and he was praying.

00:51:03--> 00:51:06

And then he came and sat with me and he began to cry so much is another shape.

00:51:09--> 00:51:37

And he began to explain to me how sorry, he said, he feels he began to cry. And so I said to him, that Allah is Forgiving, and asked him to help him when he got up and prayed in front of the shape. The shape says I've never seen anyone pray like to hold, which took half an hour to complete. It was crying and weeping all the way through. I thought to myself, if he were to die praying, this will come to show the intergender guaranteed.

00:51:39--> 00:51:40

So this,

00:51:41--> 00:51:42

he spent his days like this.

00:51:43--> 00:51:48

And everyone would call him alive. He's the one who's depressed.

00:51:49--> 00:52:07

Until one day I shaved my head because he would stay with him all the time. It was his best friend. He said at one time, he was sitting at the mosque, listening to one of the famous lectures from one of the shapes in the land. And then the shape was telling us about one of the companies that existed in the time of the Prophet. His name was Jose,

00:52:09--> 00:52:17

who is a young person between the ages of 20 and 30. And by the way, this was the age of apitherapy, who was above 25, but below 30.

00:52:21--> 00:52:27

The people on the coloration of the machine, they found that he had that they had, he had

00:52:29--> 00:52:36

a good effect on the people or the maturity and a lot of people were becoming Muslim because of him. They thought we want to show

00:52:37--> 00:52:49

them the way he is. And the business of doing so is to go to one of the most beautiful prostitutes, the most beautiful women that we could find the monsters and pay 1000 dinars. So she said that she may get or make

00:52:52--> 00:53:29

kissing ones. And then when they came to, they said, we'll give you 1000 dinars to dilute it to kissing you once she said, What 4000 dinars, I would make him do everything, not only a kiss, but also do this and do that and sleep with me. So she went to him and off the train. Luckily, she monitored him when he left the mosque until he was walking back home. And then when he came to a place which was designated, designated, where no one could see him, only Allah subhanho wa Taala she came out in front of him. And then she was wearing a cloak. And she took the cloak. She was completely naked underneath brothers and sisters. And then he

00:53:32--> 00:53:35

will be the opposite of one of the one of

00:53:37--> 00:53:39

a common man in our time will do

00:53:40--> 00:53:42

immediately to display story

00:53:43--> 00:53:44

and history.

00:53:46--> 00:53:46


00:53:48--> 00:53:51

da da, da, da,

00:53:52--> 00:53:58

da da will happen to your view after only changes in your brain.

00:54:01--> 00:54:18

So right now, how would you answer to warm up what if this happened? What happened? And he began to screaming until he made her cry. And then she put her clothes on and ran away crying in regret. And she repented to Allah and began to pray until the colder

00:54:20--> 00:54:30

the silver plating of the city of Kufa and the 1000 dinars began to say, dumbfounded and they would call out and say

00:54:34--> 00:54:52

on our account, instead of us deleting him or her and we paid him to go for him to deliver. So Panama, when all of a sudden when the shake completed this story, they heard a scream and cry. And then they saw a man stand up from amongst the crowd and run away and scream out

00:54:57--> 00:54:58

returns her away.

00:55:01--> 00:55:06

frequents online create a new way, I go with my own feet. Now we've had, what would I say to what law.

00:55:07--> 00:55:08


00:55:10--> 00:55:15

if I had learned that Pinto was sitting amongst us, I would have told the chef to take it easy stories.

00:55:17--> 00:55:19

Time passed brothers and sisters,

00:55:20--> 00:55:23

until one day,

00:55:24--> 00:55:27

a very famous and knowledgeable chef came and visited them, then

00:55:31--> 00:55:45

he went and visited. And he thought to himself, maybe I can ask the shape the story of this app of the repenter, maybe you will have some solution for him, because he was feeling now afraid for

00:55:47--> 00:55:48

welfare and being

00:55:49--> 00:55:51

he said, so I went to the shape.

00:55:52--> 00:55:53

And I told him the story.

00:55:56--> 00:55:58

And then the shank looked at.

00:56:00--> 00:56:01

And then he said to me,

00:56:02--> 00:56:11

there is a solution in the Quran, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, a verse, God said, This verse to your friend, and inshallah, life will be solved.

00:56:13--> 00:56:16

I said to him, please, tell me what this verse is. And

00:56:17--> 00:56:20

we have been waiting for years and years for this solution.

00:56:22--> 00:56:25

And so the shift began to recite the verse,

00:56:26--> 00:56:29

he said, and this is the brothers and sisters, there is

00:56:31--> 00:56:46

a lot Allah subhanho wa Taala, says, 111 is known.

00:56:51--> 00:56:51


00:56:55--> 00:56:57

knew the fee mohana.

00:57:04--> 00:57:05


00:57:11--> 00:57:15

And the meaning of this verse is, and those who do not call partners alongside with Allah,

00:57:17--> 00:57:22

and do not kill the soul without just cause. And do not commit fornication and adultery.

00:57:24--> 00:57:27

And whoever does any of these acts, who made the terrible

00:57:28--> 00:57:29


00:57:30--> 00:57:36

the punishment will be multiplied for them. And they will be entered into Hellfire humiliated,

00:57:38--> 00:58:04

all of them, except those who repent, except those who repent and ask you for forgiveness, and then follow it, and then follow it with good deeds, and then follow it up with good deeds. Then for those people, Allah will exchange and transform their bad sins into good deeds, all of them. And a lot of things forgiven, forgiving Muslims.

00:58:05--> 00:58:09

This is just I could not wait until I go back

00:58:10--> 00:58:11

and do research.

00:58:12--> 00:58:16

For it shows the solution. And I thought to myself, this will be a great opening for

00:58:17--> 00:58:44

a new life for him and your awakening for him. He said, I went to the mosque where he would always sit in. And then as soon as I approached the mosque, I slammed the doors open. And he was like there was nothing from the end. And then I looked at him with an open face and a smiley face. And I said to him, I have come to you over and over the globe, tiny, I have come to you with the best view that you ever hear. Are you ready to hear it? Are you ready to hear it? And then my brother, please tell me?

00:58:46--> 00:58:49

I said And so I began to recite the poem and he said

00:58:52--> 00:58:56

I begin to sing it to him melodiously and so instead on

00:58:58--> 00:58:59


00:59:04--> 00:59:06

de la

00:59:11--> 00:59:13

ronda, long in

00:59:30--> 00:59:45

the sins he said will surely humiliated as soon as soon as I write to half of this verse were lost as he will enter hellfire. I looked at him. And it was as though like I started with a dagger into his heart. So I completed the verse and then I said

01:00:00--> 01:00:00

was a

01:00:08--> 01:00:15

tricky thing. He said, as soon as I finished this, as soon as I completed this verse, He stood up.

01:00:16--> 01:00:20

And he began to hug me and kiss me on my forehead. And he said to me,

01:00:22--> 01:00:32

for the first time, I have memorized the whole plan. And it is as though this is the first time I've ever read the book. And you have surely opened the signing for me, brother. And I think

01:00:34--> 01:00:43

it was the most merciful, most forgiving, they said. And so in that night, as soon as approached, it was

01:00:44--> 01:00:46

a coincidence that the Imam of the mosque was away.

01:00:48--> 01:00:49

And so they entered the fray.

01:00:51--> 01:00:53

And then as soon as he prayed, he began to resign.

01:00:55--> 01:00:57

As soon as he finished, the first book,

01:00:58--> 01:01:00

he began to recite when

01:01:07--> 01:01:11

he said, he completed this verse to when he reached the power of Moses in

01:01:13--> 01:01:37

it except those who repent, he began to cry. And he tried to repeat it. But he began to cry again in prayer, and he could not complete this. So he did not do anything but go down to bowing and prostrating. And then in a second ruka, he recited the third. And then he repeated the verse, maybe this time, I was able to complete it. But then as soon as he reached the point where Allah says, except those who repent and

01:01:38--> 01:02:05

do good acts, he said, it began to cry again. But he could not repeat the verse at all. And he had no other means, but to prostrate and bow. And he finished the prayer without being able to complete that verse, because he was so overwhelmed. So one brothers and sisters, that he could not repeat it, they began to cry, and we let the child but this time he was whipping out of happiness. At the same time, when he was weeping when he met our friend in the airport in the prayer room, out of sorrow, sadness.

01:02:06--> 01:02:07

Time passed.

01:02:09--> 01:02:15

And about five months passed. And our friend says to us was telling us the story.

01:02:16--> 01:02:18

I had heard from my dear friend of the repentant

01:02:20--> 01:02:23

until one day I received a phone call out of the blue.

01:02:25--> 01:02:28

And this phone call was his father.

01:02:29--> 01:02:40

And his father said to me, please come, my dear friend, you do not know me, nor do I know you. However, I need to meet you, by interest, so and so and come to my house.

01:02:41--> 01:02:52

He said, so I went to his house. And as soon as I approached the large gates, the enormous doors, the world, he goes, the Palace of my dear friends

01:02:54--> 01:03:00

are knocked on the door. And then immediately his father answered the door. And as soon as his father saw me,

01:03:01--> 01:03:08

birth into the immediate crisis, he began to weep. And he grabbed hold of me really tightly, and he began to

01:03:11--> 01:03:13

calm down, calm down.

01:03:15--> 01:03:18

Tell me what the situation is, tell me what your story is.

01:03:19--> 01:03:20

And then the father said to me,

01:03:22--> 01:03:23

my dear brother,

01:03:24--> 01:03:27

he was a friend of my son,

01:03:28--> 01:03:32

and my son, farewells you and it gives you this

01:03:33--> 01:03:36

hidden part of this world last night, and assaulted with a loss of

01:03:40--> 01:03:49

his father began to weep and cry, and I did not know what to do, what should I do come the father down, or cry with him for the departure

01:03:51--> 01:03:52

of my beautiful and wonderful friend.

01:03:54--> 01:04:09

I sent the father come down and talk about the situation. So it took me inside. And brothers and sisters in those countries, usually the body is delivered to the parents for one night, before he is buried the next day.

01:04:11--> 01:04:13

And so it took me into the room with a buddy of mine

01:04:16--> 01:04:19

was lying down on the bed, but he was covered with a piece of material.

01:04:21--> 01:04:26

And so when I approached my dear friend, I took the material and walk away from his face,

01:04:27--> 01:04:29

and to my happiness and delight.

01:04:32--> 01:04:35

I could not see a dead face that had passed away alone.

01:04:39--> 01:04:44

That was shining and glittering with light. I was looking at a face.

01:04:46--> 01:04:59

I was looking at a face that had lifted this world with happiness with extreme delight with comfort. I could not see the signs of sadness. I could not see the signs of agony.

01:05:00--> 01:05:09

I could not see the signs of pain in the space at all. And I noticed a beautiful thing in this room, I noticed a wonderful fragrance which I could smell

01:05:10--> 01:05:10


01:05:12--> 01:05:15

send them who said that

01:05:16--> 01:05:40

before he dies, or a Shaheed, before he dies, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives them a unique and special and distinctive smell which they could smell. This smell is from the fragrance of Paradise brothers and sisters, there is the mosquito paradox. And it exists with them until they are buried. And until they are resurrected once more. They said I could smell this fragrance in the room.

01:05:41--> 01:05:54

And so I kissed his face. And I cried a little for the departure of my dear friend. I covered his face. And then my father took me into the room. And then he began to say to me,

01:05:58--> 01:06:02

it was last night, and my son was voluntarily fasting.

01:06:04--> 01:06:09

And then the time came, and he prayed. And then I looked at him and said

01:06:11--> 01:06:13

that we may break fast together.

01:06:14--> 01:06:33

But then my son looked at me for the first time with a smiley face, a case that I've never seen for a very long time for him. And he said to me, yeah, but I feel something today, which I've never felt before. I feel an overwhelming happiness in my heart as though a voice is telling me stay in the mosque.

01:06:35--> 01:06:49

And so I said to him, okay, but then please hurry up and return. so that we may eat together. And then the father says, I can't. And then after about 10 or 15 minutes, something struck me in my heart,

01:06:51--> 01:06:52

the father intuition,

01:06:53--> 01:07:26

the father the intuition, something struck me in my heart, something did not feel right. And so I looked at my young son, his little brother, who was only about eight or nine years old. And I said to him, my son, government immediately see why your brother is late for we are waiting for him and I feel something strange in my heart. And then the young son, the young brother, the young boy, only after about two minutes, he returned back running and screaming and crying and saying, Yeah,

01:07:27--> 01:07:28

Yeah, I bet the

01:07:31--> 01:07:31


01:07:34--> 01:07:38

is not speaking to me, is not replying to me. And so

01:07:40--> 01:07:46

and then as soon as I entered into the loss, I found my son reclining with weakness and,

01:07:47--> 01:07:52

and he was reclining on the steps of the member, which the which the man calls upon taking the sermon

01:07:54--> 01:08:00

and grabbed his head and placed it onto my bed, and his soul was coming out and departing from his body

01:08:01--> 01:08:02

can eat.

01:08:04--> 01:08:13

And then he was mumbling some words, so I put my ear close to him. And then I could hear your name being mentioned to me, give myself a chance to shake

01:08:15--> 01:08:20

people's hands to shake off the toy, my friend, as I record this.

01:08:22--> 01:09:12

And this is why I've called you. And then as he was in my lap, and as he was smiling, and as he was dying, and as his eyes began to lose focus, and as his eyelids were about to close, all of a sudden, his face completely change. And his face began smiling and laughing. And his eyes opened wide. And his pupils, his pupil inside of his eye became so narrow, and it began to move up into the sky. And he began his voice began to change into a very clear, melodious, beautiful voice. And then while he was in my arms, it began to recite a verse which I've never heard before, in the most beautiful voice which I've never heard before. And then he said, when he

01:09:30--> 01:09:30


01:09:34--> 01:09:36

he mohana

01:09:56--> 01:09:59

as soon as it's finished and completed, is sold.

01:10:00--> 01:10:03

escaped from his body, and his eyes followed his soul.

01:10:04--> 01:10:09

He had completed the brothers and sisters, he had completed the ayah, which had given him

01:10:11--> 01:10:29

he had completed the verse of the end which reminds him of Allah's mercy. He had completed the verse, which guarantees entrance into paradise, which guarantees forgiveness for he was a person with deep regret, and then did repent, and then did follow it up with the good deeds. And now image Allah subhanho wa Taala.

01:10:32--> 01:10:33

After that time, brothers and sisters,

01:10:35--> 01:10:44

he became famous. But nobody knew his son, because he had told a friend who was telling us the story, never to say his full name to anyone.

01:10:46--> 01:11:02

And his wife, his wife, who did not know what had happened to him. And his father. They said to him, oh, dear brother, because she tells the story. Tell us what happened to our son, and to my husband, when he came back from the trip, we came with a different person.

01:11:04--> 01:11:16

And then our friend said, all I could say to you is that he had a very, very different and that very differently in brothers and sisters. Do you know what it was? There is the closest companions all

01:11:17--> 01:11:37

the closest companions are the closest companion, which is the only solution and the only means of bringing tranquility and peace and peace in your heart. The only thing that can bring you happiness in this way, and in the hereafter. It is email. He has lost his most beloved companion

01:11:38--> 01:11:40

photo than email.

01:11:41--> 01:12:07

And his wife said, after he returned back from his trip, but could never see him smiling properly, or sleeping properly. Until this day, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, what are we going to learn from this lesson? What are we going to do with what we have just heard? Are we going to go back? And forget everything that we have heard tonight? Are we going to go back home? And forget the wonderful verses of the Quran which give us a

01:12:09--> 01:12:52

brother or sister who has committed sins all of their life? Are you going to forget that repentance acknowledging that Allah forgives you is a sign of Eman is a sign of true piety to a lot. And you're going to forget that asked me to forgive you came in the night and seeking is out and crying for Him to forgive you that this acknowledgement in itself is in fact feeding itself. Are you going to go back home and convince your sins over and over again? Are you going to close the doors Oh, brother, and then go back and look into the pornographic films, and welcome to the pornographic magazines. And you go back and think about giving your phone number and calling your beloved boyfriend or

01:12:52--> 01:12:57

calling your girlfriend or going out to dinner, or going out

01:12:58--> 01:13:13

or going out to still humiliate others and destroy the lives of others by slandering and by gambling and by backbiting and by harming Are you still going to do that after all of this? After all of this? Are you going to forget the loss of

01:13:15--> 01:13:16


01:13:17--> 01:13:19

forgetting your prayers leaving you're

01:13:20--> 01:13:20

not even

01:13:23--> 01:13:34

even abandoning your kinship and abandoning your parents. After all this you find that people decide that parents insisting and insisting on doing so after all of our loss

01:13:35--> 01:13:36

of hope

01:13:41--> 01:13:43

for a person that can make hoodoo and go to the

01:13:44--> 01:13:55

go to the mosque, Allah gives you the opportunity for every step that you take to give you 10% and to forgive 10 seconds after all of this

01:13:58--> 01:14:12

after all this and after hearing this you are going to make your homes and abandon them and make them into a graveyard but not recycle them. of all this are you going to go back and listen to the music and listen to this series.

01:14:16--> 01:14:23

To the companionship of those that will make you end up in Alpha Omega drink alcohol

01:14:24--> 01:14:25

to the opposite sex in

01:14:27--> 01:14:29

omega and they go and spend time in the hello

01:14:32--> 01:14:40

and then make you fall into that of your religion itself and make you a copycat and imitate step after step foot after foot until

01:14:41--> 01:14:59

the whole of the lizard to follow them to choosing the Christians and the West. Are you still going to do that? Are you still got to copy them in every way and every opportunity that you get because you think that that is what is famous because you think that is what is cool because you think that is what will make you rich your success. Nobody

01:15:00--> 01:15:09

Brothers and sisters, the only success is through a loss of our Tyler. The only success is through your religion, the only success is through the way the person just

01:15:10--> 01:15:13

read about you know about him see what he has said.

01:15:16--> 01:15:52

And he will finally realize and recognize that it does not come to captivate you are to make life hard for you. But in fact for Allah to forgive you, in fact to make your life even better for you, the people of the West and they live a life of agony, stress, pain, anxiety, grief, sorrow, even if when we think that they are successful, they are still in this state of anxiety and distress, because they are always afraid and fearing that they will lose this success when they they fear that they may lose this world which they have, they fear that one day they will lose this happiness whereas for Allah subhana wa tada to continue

01:15:54--> 01:15:58

following the way in which our lives commanded him and prohibited him

01:16:00--> 01:16:01

is one that depends on the boss

01:16:03--> 01:16:15

knows that whatever he receives from whatever law prevents him from is only the will of Allah so he was being patient and because of patient it will still get rewarded. This is the state of a movie My dear brothers and sisters in Islam

01:16:16--> 01:16:19

and completed by saying the love of

01:16:22--> 01:16:22

the Quran.

01:16:26--> 01:16:28

Jean Bismillah.

01:16:37--> 01:16:40


01:16:43--> 01:16:45

to toe.

01:16:51--> 01:16:54

Are you believe, repent to Allah.

01:16:56--> 01:16:59

Repent to a lot of sincere repentance.

01:17:01--> 01:17:02

A sincere repentance.

01:17:04--> 01:17:08

And Allah subhanho wa Taala also says in the Quran, what to

01:17:16--> 01:17:18

repent to Allah

01:17:19--> 01:18:08

so that you can reach success. repent to Allah subhana wa Tada. Brothers and sisters, do not despair. This is what you have done. Repent tonight. Go back home, cried one last time. Ask Him to forgive you. obey your parents, follow them with good things, reap. reconnect your family ties which you have lost, reconnect your justice towards your wife, and towards your husband and towards your children and towards your responsibilities and follow the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala I guarantee that you will find a happy life. This is the life of a woman the status of a woman and handled in that voice then 111 merciful God for forgiving Allah for a forgiving creator for a

01:18:08--> 01:18:30

Merciful Creator, the one that we did not need to seek intercession for in any person through any man through any graveyard through any granting of a righteous person or anything at all, but directly directly just by turning yourself right now or in a second and saying Oh my Lord, forgive me as Allah says, walk out the door

01:18:32--> 01:18:43

and say to the Mohammed supplicating asked me how as they praise or condemn a bad idea and say to my servants in the Caribbean,

01:18:46--> 01:18:54

I am close to I will respond to the call of n equals out to English equals out to me is the God when you intervene.

01:18:56--> 01:19:09

So let them respond to me and believe in me so they can reach proper guidance and success occurred only had our stuff a lot and they were looking for stuff to subhanak along or will be handed a shadow and

01:19:11--> 01:19:15

stuff to do like a thank you for listening brothers sisters of cinematic

01:19:24--> 01:19:25


01:19:32--> 01:19:35

is the Sisters of trauma business answering these questions.

01:19:36--> 01:19:47

When again I would like to say that my answers are not the ultimate answers and they are not the last answers. So if I give a good answer and show

01:19:49--> 01:19:50

them please take it in.

01:19:53--> 01:19:59

Otherwise, you can also ask other people who are well learning remember the four

01:20:00--> 01:20:23

Did he follow just from before and the sooner? And also, some people like to ask the question when they already have the answer? And they know the answer. But they keep asking and asking us to someone can give them a verdict that would suit them. And this is how this is because you have made that person Your God.

01:20:24--> 01:20:28

and do not ask questions, if they are clear to you, after you

01:20:29--> 01:20:37

go by, abide by them, follow them. Do not if you don't like them, and they are what the law says.

01:20:38--> 01:20:43

Then don't ask for other verdicts. It's absolutely clear. For example, I

01:20:45--> 01:20:50

can I get it I can I get you a candidate even It was so it makes them feel good about it a little bit.

01:20:52--> 01:21:01

Because some of them want to fight they're conscious, not want to fight. The guilt of the men don't want to fight the conscience, the column.

01:21:02--> 01:21:03

So people like that.

01:21:06--> 01:21:08

So we'll begin with the first question. And it says,

01:21:09--> 01:21:10

If you

01:21:11--> 01:21:17

drink alcohol in this life, and if you're bitter from the food and the wine the next.

01:21:20--> 01:21:20

If you repent to

01:21:22--> 01:21:27

Allah forgives you, you're not forbidden from the food from the wine of paradise.

01:21:28--> 01:21:31

Because especially a shed, the young

01:21:34--> 01:21:43

people, the young repenter is the Beloved of love and prevent the person in paradise from the things they design, the people who will be prevented

01:21:44--> 01:21:57

from the food of the gentleman and the help and the work. And the wine of gentlemen, if they do, if they do committed here in this life, are the ones who died with that sin. Without making the necessary means of forgiving.

01:21:58--> 01:22:06

I will discuss the necessary means. So if you die with these things, you say if you're a Muslim, these things that make you into

01:22:07--> 01:22:24

any campaigns is helpful forever. But if you commit these things, you'll be punished, either in alpha, alpha alone, I forgive you. But you'll be prevented from the wind and killed agenda for a time and then you will get them back. But after a long time.

01:22:26--> 01:22:28

Remember, a single dig inside of alpha.

01:22:30--> 01:22:34

A single second or single day is equivalent to about 1000 years of our time.

01:22:36--> 01:22:45

Another question, do the Muslim brothers who have been accused of rape in Sydney recently what is the best advice you could give them in general

01:22:46--> 01:22:51

I would like to say to the brothers who are in jail, what has happened now to you?

01:22:53--> 01:22:54

You cannot

01:22:55--> 01:22:57

repair you are now in jail.

01:22:59--> 01:23:08

Allah subhana wa tada has decreed that you end up in jail and you're doing your time. However, you're important.

01:23:10--> 01:23:14

Your important concern right now brothers is number one,

01:23:15--> 01:23:19

to pass a loss of forgiving another man just like that

01:23:20--> 01:23:31

rate is not only in a major sin, adultery or fornication with the agreement of the opposite sex is a major sin. So what about with the disagreement of the opposite sex

01:23:32--> 01:23:34

There is even a greater of a major sin.

01:23:36--> 01:23:50

So you must be critical deeply not because you have ended up in jail. But because the people now know you as being people right mister his children up Michelle what it is not. But if it is true about you, then you are to worry about what love is.

01:23:52--> 01:23:56

And then ask Him to forgive you as if he is in front of you. Although you cannot see

01:23:58--> 01:24:00

like a person who loves their power.

01:24:01--> 01:24:09

And then they come to their wallet and steal their money. And then the father finds out that you stand in front of your phone. How will you feel about what you do?

01:24:11--> 01:24:18

More than that feeling you should feel it towards Allah subhanho wa Taala I advise you to be concerned about the love for giving you about

01:24:19--> 01:24:27

more than anyone else. Because if you can do that, then you shall love loving them. And then you do the necessary means make Darwin

01:24:28--> 01:24:32

cold towards them and gentle. Praising God jail

01:24:33--> 01:24:59

called your brothers in this man and I know in general you are different. You separate depending on the national nationality. In terms of the letters of the letters and some charts, you're not required. Even if you had to struggle, a lot of the system and you will come out. One who is in sha Allah has been forgiven, your sins will be forgiven. And if you die in jail, you will at least die 100 in a moment. And Allah and Allah will forgive all those things.

01:25:00--> 01:25:11

The past, this is my advice to you brothers, do not worry about anyone elses. And if a lot of that gives you a lot will make your reputation better than what it originally was before.

01:25:13--> 01:25:25

unconditioned that you never intend to repeat such an act of follow this footsteps that leads you to such impact, such as getting phone numbers, talking to girls in seclusion, and so on.

01:25:28--> 01:25:43

There was one question here about a sister asking, have you wearing the hijab for about four months? And I cannot handle it anymore. So I took it off for a while. Now I put it back on.

01:25:45--> 01:25:50

What do I need to repent? And what can I do to ensure that this doesn't happen to me again?

01:25:51--> 01:26:02

The answer is very big system. And I may not have the direct answer, but I can give you a general sense and you can work on it and share a lot with the assistance and help of the Muslims in

01:26:05--> 01:26:07

Islam in the event of a loss of

01:26:10--> 01:26:11

sometimes it's not an easy thing.

01:26:12--> 01:26:16

And that's the whole that's the whole point.

01:26:17--> 01:26:27

The whole point of Allah commandment is to do things and prohibiting us from doing from not doing things is in fact a struggle and a test. Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran,

01:26:33--> 01:26:44

demand think that it was sufficient enough to for them to stay with their tongues, I believe in God without being tested, to see whether they truly do believe in Allah. Because if you believe in Allah,

01:26:45--> 01:26:53

it means that you trust him. It means that you trust Him, it means that nothing else matters more to you than him being pleased with.

01:26:54--> 01:27:03

And when interest Allah has commanded you with is absolutely the best form, no matter what anyone else says, no matter whether you understand.

01:27:05--> 01:27:23

And then if you love to love, then you'll do the things that he wants that he commanded to do. You will know that by doing a commandment of Allah is in fact preventing you from falling into major things and bad consequences in your life, it will increase the connection between you and your husband have

01:27:24--> 01:27:37

the pleasure that he has have to keep this in mind, you have to always remind yourself of these things you see, if you get them, you won't be able to hold on to the hijab, as the praying of five daily prayers into the fasting, all like

01:27:40--> 01:27:54

if you keep them in mind, you recite the Quran every day, you listen to tapes that will remind you, and then you will be charged to acknowledge them in your heart and make only a first concern, you will understand that remember this for example system

01:27:56--> 01:28:25

is in fact called Asia and Asia in Arabic means a god or a god, a security, a security from what you may not understand the intensity, the value of the project, maybe the Word of God, maybe you may take it for granted. But it is in fact more than what you think. Think about this, when the western women, Elton was striving for worldly needs, and the only matter in front of them is money and wealth, fame or fortune,

01:28:26--> 01:28:44

you will find that they have become inevitably and as a consequence of that desire. They become servants and slaves to society. However, what the society teach us to do, and universities and schools, the West television magazines, they keep.

01:28:47--> 01:28:48

They keep on

01:28:49--> 01:28:54

filling us and stuffing us and stuffing us with information

01:28:55--> 01:29:12

with things that would make us follow what society once it tells us to do such a thing, you'll lose access to such a thing, you lose your fortune, fame, wealth. Inevitably you become a slave to that whatever the magazine tells you or question today, you follow

01:29:14--> 01:29:28

it it tells you that this day and age. If a woman wants to get a job, for example, she has to work a certain way, you will find yourself really struggling and having no other way to dress and look like that and talk like that. And just like

01:29:30--> 01:29:43

the West teaches their women and makes them servants a slave to society in that way. So that every five or 10 years as society changes, fashion changes, fast change. Right? The woman will also change

01:29:44--> 01:29:47

even sometimes when she doesn't want to change she has to change.

01:29:48--> 01:29:54

The Western women out there those are the Muslim women are become servants and slaves to society.

01:29:56--> 01:29:59

They find themselves getting up for example in the morning every morning whether they have been

01:30:00--> 01:30:00


01:30:01--> 01:30:12

whether they feel right or don't feel right pregnant or not pregnant, they still have to wear a dress the talk the same way society depicts for them otherwise. And it's only if the Muslim puts in their mind.

01:30:13--> 01:30:57

The fact of wanting fame fortune in society before anything, you put in your mind that if I don't do this, all I'll be accepted into society, I cannot handle she says to herself, I cannot handle the fact that I'm going to go up. And I'm not going to be as accepted as others, or reach certain goals as others. So she rules out the possibility of depending on a lot, some kind of a dialect. And then as the dress and walk and total, you find about 50 different pairs of shoes in the closet, we find these different types of fashions, which is $60 $100 $200 $300, for children away for lunch, and then change it and never wear it. Again. You think she likes going out this Western woman and having

01:30:57--> 01:31:06

to put the makeup on two hours before going to work? Before going out? Only because society depicts this border, she has to do with a Muslim woman who is

01:31:08--> 01:31:09

she is suited to society.

01:31:10--> 01:31:19

You have to think about it that way. You have to understand that you are a servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala, in fact makes you independent.

01:31:20--> 01:31:26

The independent woman is one that goes out and says what she wants to share with her body. That in fact is the great news.

01:31:27--> 01:31:28

What is it?

01:31:31--> 01:31:43

What is it just walk around naked? If this is what freedom means, if this is what liberation means, no, but she would not do that. Because she knows there are limits, because society has placed these links,

01:31:44--> 01:31:54

you will find also think about this, when was the last time you saw a billboard, or an advertisement on a television or magazine, advertising a certain product, male or female product.

01:31:56--> 01:32:06

available. In fact, let's watch the era of television. And see the so called the arbiters with women who are advertising products with their vision

01:32:09--> 01:32:17

that packed on makeup, that if you have to take it up there first and then wait a little bit goes to about 400 brands.

01:32:18--> 01:32:35

So the goddess mask on Netflix, or you want to follow this thing, pick on the makeup on your face and go I want to serve society by changing the form of the face, such as, you know certain singers, who did operations on the eyes, and in the end, they came out crooked light.

01:32:37--> 01:32:42

Or Michael Jackson, the men. So a while ago, before his Facebook.

01:32:44--> 01:32:45

So you see what happens to this table,

01:32:47--> 01:32:53

you will find that a woman that will end up on billboards, advertising products and making a business grow is in fact the plot.

01:32:55--> 01:33:07

And the propaganda plays by men. You see, men acknowledged and found out they knew that women's minds and brains are wicked enemies. So they thought, well, we can't

01:33:09--> 01:33:24

you know make them service because they're going to sort of make themselves miserable, and so on, then maybe we can trick them into making them service. And so they tell him your body is free. Like this veil, forget about ancient prehistoric times.

01:33:25--> 01:33:34

What do they do with it? They make ends up on billboards. What was the last time you saw a car being advertised without a woman wearing a bikini or something?

01:33:36--> 01:33:49

You know why? Because sometimes if a car does not interest the man, at least the woman would draw his attention to it. Do you want to be that? Or do you want to be an individual who is independent away from the society?

01:33:52--> 01:34:09

So this is the lifters knowledge and understand that your project is in fact, an honor for you. My wife, once she we entered into this place and she wants to buy some Moscow and I'm talking about Moscow impressionable. And she said well, you know,

01:34:11--> 01:34:15

women come in here and you buy these nice dresses and pants and so on. But you never win

01:34:16--> 01:34:24

the lottery and I buy them so that I can look good for my husband to attract my husband. And I have a cup of tea in my chest.

01:34:25--> 01:34:29

And my beauty I went in the eyes of many men.

01:34:30--> 01:34:42

So I'm going to share my my beautiful message and think about it and excuse me for saying this. But I have to say and I've never said it before. It may sound rude, but it's true. Maybe this will convince a brother and sisters.

01:34:44--> 01:34:50

I will not let my beauty be sent to a magnet to attract him to get to know the rest of it. While I was thinking about it.

01:34:51--> 01:34:52

So the wicked minute.

01:34:53--> 01:34:59

I have one. I will show my visit to the my husband. My wife said I'm going to show what you did to my husband

01:35:00--> 01:35:03

What she says is, first of all, because God,

01:35:05--> 01:35:06

let's just raise

01:35:07--> 01:35:10

your modesty just so that your husband can really love you and say, Oh,

01:35:13--> 01:35:14

this is what she's my queen.

01:35:16--> 01:35:16

This is what

01:35:18--> 01:35:27

happened to you as well, and alumnus. So finally, how beautiful is that? Your husband decorates himself for you and decorate yourself for him.

01:35:28--> 01:35:42

You know, the husband looks at you, and also the other husband thinks he thinks of Pamela, and touching a pure, pure woman, who only guards with modesty, for my likes and for my desires. For me, only for unpacking,

01:35:43--> 01:35:48

and then he begins to respect you and only you have a better relationship, your children are raised better,

01:35:49--> 01:35:57

a lot better make your life better. Because a good relationship in the marriage life. Allah says in the Quran, a Guru fukada

01:35:59--> 01:36:18

if America will uphold through the good marriage as allies with ended, Allah will make them rich. And I've seen many I've witnessed this in my life many times with, with a lot of people and myself, Me Myself, I saw 3d swatches marriage has opened many doors for me. I promise

01:36:20--> 01:36:24

that when I was single, it was difficult for me to, you know, save up.

01:36:25--> 01:36:26

America was

01:36:27--> 01:36:29

able to save up a lot of 100 women

01:36:30--> 01:36:38

in righteous and good marriage. One of the means of making a righteous marriage is the Guardian What is this? It's not only for your husband, think about it that way. It's a special thing.

01:36:40--> 01:36:46

So maybe that will help and shed a lot and fear a law maybe that will also help

01:36:49--> 01:36:49

you honey.

01:36:52--> 01:37:09

Last dynamic Punisher Forgive me alone knows this. But the prophet SAW Selim said, I saw when I was descending to the struggling rush to the heavens, I saw a group of women in alpha, which I had never seen before, just to get an idea, and I needed to

01:37:12--> 01:37:19

learn from them. ginetta Willa engineering, I saw your father group of women, the clothes but at the same time, they are still naked.

01:37:20--> 01:37:29

They walk Magneto moumita journey they walk from site to site the seductive way, inside the cabinet for something like that. But also

01:37:31--> 01:37:58

and there the fashion and the hair is made in such a way that it's like humps of camels, or in other words that make it a very fashionable way to attract them into they will live into they will not enter Paradise, nor will they smell its fragrance from some selling sectors. This means that when everyone is paradise in the beginning, they will not enter in the beginning, after a long time, whatever it straightens. So how do you innovate on the day of judgment when this is

01:38:00--> 01:38:03

you can die tomorrow, you can die tomorrow.

01:38:04--> 01:38:10

You can die in 10 years time you can get into society. And that

01:38:12--> 01:38:13

will begin to

01:38:15--> 01:38:24

see the result of what happens to pious women and see the result of women integrating themselves much stronger then compare it and choose which one you want to take

01:38:26--> 01:38:41

another question, will I be punished for going to university? It is a mixed environment. I did not sit with the opposite sex and I did not talk to them I still incurring sin upon myself. I like this question because I don't know if it's a male or a female that just about to say

01:38:45--> 01:38:49

I personally did not see the university environment has been

01:38:50--> 01:38:56

so adamant, say personally go to university for female or a male as being.

01:38:57--> 01:39:37

And in fact, I encourage them to go if the conditions are met. And these conditions are not only for university, but for anything else. That if this premix in which you're talking about you are involved in a frequency in seclusion without need, then it will be hard for you to continue University unless you stop them. If you can wait. Another interrupt your religion and do your classes go out not needing to seclude yourself with men and talk foolishly with the men and wanting to go into the river then I'm talking about Greek projects, for example, like when you have to be with guys from the same class and sit together during the system. I suggest that you choose a better

01:39:38--> 01:39:59

course than that. And I advise the women that they can find a better alternative than me to do of course, off campus studies. And I believe there are a lot of them out there that certainly are much better such as teaching off campus or other other certain courses which you can read about off campus is really good you can in fact do exams in front of the jaypee

01:40:00--> 01:40:00


01:40:01--> 01:40:19

feel more comfortable, and then you have to go to school to uni to do exams, essentially walkthrough assignments, everything enough to meet the teachers, and the environment of the school that gets to a stage where you find yourself, or if it is at a stage where you know that before going in, and you're going to end up like that.

01:40:20--> 01:40:52

Then my dear sister, I say, to find an alternative, find an alternative. What's the use of having an educated system that talks about the waste? Excellent, the waste just as like the restless, what's the use of them, we have no need for them. We have no need for a woman or a man who is educated it does. Susan I think first now, practices, nothing of Islam, the man is drops down the mentality and attitude is changed, we have no need for them. They're good for themselves not good for a lot, and not good for for any other people

01:40:53--> 01:41:01

shall look up your cell phone falling into this, my personal opinion, and I'm not saying that others should say this is a shell logo.

01:41:04--> 01:41:08

Otherwise, become another. And this is the alternative objective.

01:41:09--> 01:41:10

And it shall not have some children.

01:41:12--> 01:41:14

Teach your children educate your children

01:41:16--> 01:41:18

is that the shotgun

01:41:20--> 01:41:30

approach says a woman is a school we can prepare the chicken prepare a wonderful, prosperous generation to come up the man, the woman, the mother.

01:41:33--> 01:41:35

If you have no need for university system,

01:41:36--> 01:41:37

there is no need to go there.

01:41:39--> 01:41:41

But get married and have children

01:41:42--> 01:41:49

and educate them. And remember you have a great job. If you have some education, assist the Muslim women and avoid the

01:41:50--> 01:42:09

baby. Another question is cinnamon bacon. Okay, so it says I want to know what the conditions of when someone wants to repent is a good question. It was only touched on the scholars with the lien from the Quran and the Sunnah, which I cannot go through the details. There, the conditions are four, and five.

01:42:12--> 01:42:14

The first condition is for you to regret.

01:42:16--> 01:42:25

You feel bad about what you did you feel bad, because people don't know you feel bad because Allah knows it. And because he can do it.

01:42:27--> 01:42:34

When you feel this regret, it doesn't stop there. It's not enough. If you regret something, you feel bad about something, it's not enough

01:42:35--> 01:42:40

that I feel bad about is not enough. The second step that you have to take

01:42:42--> 01:42:47

is to sincerely ask a lot to forgive him alone. Going in front of the people

01:42:48--> 01:42:52

and sincerely asking from your heart, this sincerity, the key word sincerity

01:42:54--> 01:42:58

is that you did not intend sincerely to commit that sin again.

01:43:01--> 01:43:04

And if you do it again, then repeat it again.

01:43:05--> 01:43:07

But you don't have the intention to do it.

01:43:09--> 01:43:15

And you say to a lot of causes. And secondly, I have a lot of promise that I won't do this. Again. I'm talking about making sense.

01:43:16--> 01:43:17

third condition.

01:43:18--> 01:43:23

You exchange your medicine with good things, pray a bit more.

01:43:25--> 01:43:31

memorize a verse from the Quran, donate from your love, go to the mosque, do good things that will help.

01:43:33--> 01:43:34

The fourth condition

01:43:35--> 01:44:16

did not return back to it into intention to not return back to an intention. Like some people they say Alaska love to forgive me. But really, subconsciously, you're thinking here, but I'm going to do it again. And most likely am I'll just ask the Lord to forgive me again. No, you can't think like that. You have to think I inshallah will not do it again. But if I didn't do it again, I will repent but I intend to do so that sincerity. Now the fifth condition applies to those who have wronged and someone else by backbiting that will slandering them or have stolen from them. Or in that, in that you must return the debt to a person if you have borrowed it from them. And you sit for example, I'm

01:44:16--> 01:44:19

gonna give it back after a month, and then five months passed a year passes.

01:44:21--> 01:44:52

Right? Then you have to return that to them and give a good name to those who slandered and asked him for forgiveness if you want or if you can otherwise, say good things about. I'll go through this last question very quickly. It says here. I'm currently talking to a sister I intend on marrying her. But my father has not accepted is a parent for me to talk to her especially if I have an intention to marry her. Brother. You're not allowed to talk to her without the permission of her guardian of the wedding dinner. What is mainly her father the father is not present, then.

01:44:53--> 01:44:59

Then the grandfather grandfather the brothers if they have reached over here, that's the first thing

01:45:00--> 01:45:11

Try to convince your father that he had the intention to marry the necessary means by going to her father, and you don't really need the permission of your father to America, she needs permission of her father for you to marry her.

01:45:13--> 01:45:53

However you try to speak to your father in a nice way, in an obedient way, and take his advice for he knows more than and he then advices in Islamic advice, and you say that, it is a good advice, then any inshallah try to follow this way. But if you love this girl, and you really want assurance, inshallah she's a righteous killed, go to her father and try to establish connection with her father, and then I'll show you how they insist on her. That way, Shirley father wants the best for you. And but just about talking to her, you know, you know, talking talking to her in public is not hard on but when it's about marriage, you see can lead to have, a lot of people fall into her own

01:45:53--> 01:46:07

rhythm. Because obviously, you're talking to because of marriage, which means that you love, which means that you are attracted to her. And these are familiar preliminary steps of getting into when you want to talk to her secret garden.

01:46:08--> 01:46:32

What are the steps of repentance? And we've mentioned that when one passes away, does one have three days or 24 hours to bury the dead? No, the only thing when there is a process. So let me explain first of the person when he passes away, you must bury them as soon as possible, as soon as possible. And then three days or 24 hours in any such limits for, you know, times that that Islam talks about.

01:46:33--> 01:46:57

I have been having been unable to wake up something from and sometimes they're scary is this due to things that I may have committed, it could be due to a lot of things it could be due to the gym is trying to come and not make you wake up. However, I teach you something which you can save before you go to sleep. There's a drop, if you know the last 10 verses

01:46:58--> 01:46:59


01:47:00--> 01:47:17

the last 10 verses recycling and showers, you'll be able to wake up also when you sleep reciting your palms, in fact, how clever ministers will be put up the level the hypothetical cusi, unemployment, whatever your body three times, slip on your right hand side if you can. And if you notice, don't say

01:47:19--> 01:47:22

you say this Monday, let me show you.

01:47:26--> 01:47:26

I also say another

01:47:29--> 01:47:30

thing, another big part of the

01:47:31--> 01:47:35

sleeping shadow like that. And if you were unable to wake up,

01:47:36--> 01:47:37

then he shut up

01:47:38--> 01:47:41

and put the alarm clock on For God's sake.

01:47:42--> 01:47:58

Tell someone to wake you up. The other means which should which can help them shut along. Maybe it's just your routine your body likes to sleep in, but the alarm clock really heavily. And if you can't wake up for pleasure, for example, then whatever time you wake up, so when you're done this is

01:47:59--> 01:48:01

another question. I'm embarrassed to say. But what?

01:48:03--> 01:48:04

embarrassed to read this question.

01:48:08--> 01:48:18

No embarrassment in Islam says I'm embarrassed to say that what do I do? If I've committed masturbation and don't want to be humiliated in front of my future husband?

01:48:19--> 01:48:21

is a question from one of the sisters.

01:48:23--> 01:48:25

On my business division has led to loss of virginity.

01:48:27--> 01:48:28

I won't answer that.

01:48:29--> 01:48:31

But I will answer the fact of this act.

01:48:34--> 01:48:40

Sister if it's you know, something might add in a shout a lot, you can keep it as a secret, you don't have to say it.

01:48:41--> 01:49:05

You don't have to say it at all in the future husband. After telling this actor she had been committing a call. Nothing in the shadows says that she will continue this act however, the Sharia law says that we are obliged to tell him about the fault which has been and so that was the husband's fault, which is Indian. And that means that you know some gifts is no longer the bridge or anything. It's the right it's the right of the husband.

01:49:06--> 01:49:10

He shot one shot a lot of you don't get humiliated and asked a lot

01:49:11--> 01:49:13

to repent to a loss of data if

01:49:14--> 01:49:16

you know a major thing has happened.

01:49:17--> 01:49:24

Otherwise keep it a secret system unless you are asked and unless you have a false

01:49:25--> 01:49:37

another question how do I make my image stronger than what it is? Now this is a very long answer. There is a cassette tape which I have done in the past. It's called How to strengthen your email. Go ahead with that and listen to it.

01:49:41--> 01:49:59

For 40 years and recently I have been having different feelings towards my husband. I am no longer attracted to him and I don't feel I love him anymore because of his oppression and the way he treats them. And I don't reveal any of this to anybody. What do you advise me to do? The system depends on the oppression or at someone

01:50:00--> 01:50:00

They think that

01:50:02--> 01:50:02

if he frowns

01:50:04--> 01:50:23

enough, for example, you know, doesn't say some nice words to or, for example, let's say shouted at one time or doesn't wake up to sister with a baby is oppressing them, or, you know their students depends on the oppression, some women, they see smaller pressures as being bigger pressures and in the house for the boss and so on. And so

01:50:24--> 01:50:56

as the love grows and goes down every husband and wife, none of them are perfect, the husband's mistakes, the woman has mistakes, the birth of faults, we should advise each other that which is the best reminded her sister of the court and tell him what his journey is towards you. And that which is good. Some women that are never approached their husbands, and they come up to them. And they say, and they begin to shout and talk in a challenging, remember this word challenging, the husband does not like to be challenged, if you want to end up twice.

01:50:57--> 01:51:05

That's how the husband's the nature of the men. So you have to come in another way, you have to come through his emotional way. And you know, that way you have to learn

01:51:06--> 01:51:17

and try to advise him in that way. When you share that feeling, and you are nice to him and explain it to the net, which is honorable and best, then you shall be nicer to you than the level of growth.

01:51:18--> 01:51:27

If he's really oppressing you beyond things and I'm talking to proper oppression, which man oppresses his wife when she is innocent, when she's innocent, and does not deserve it.

01:51:28--> 01:51:28


01:51:31--> 01:51:32

ask Allah subhanaw taala to assist you.

01:51:34--> 01:51:55

And talk to him, bring people to talk to him. If it gets to the stage, get a chef to talk to him. Get someone who he respects such as older brother or someone to talk to him indirectly present him with a gift. Take, for example, come and wrap up this type of example and leave it on, you know, near his bedside table a nice book

01:51:56--> 01:51:58

to read about the rights of husbands and wives.

01:52:00--> 01:52:02

Try your best in these manners and in these meetings.

01:52:04--> 01:52:06

Hopefully inshallah will your love will increase

01:52:07--> 01:52:13

and hospital hospital system. But you're not telling anybody. There's a very noble thing. It's a very noble thing

01:52:15--> 01:52:21

to use. It's a very virtual thing, a noble thing for a wife, not to mention the fault of the husband. Not many women do that.

01:52:22--> 01:52:47

Another question, I've been told that if a child is born out of wedlock, it doesn't carry the Father's name, and he isn't entitled to inheritance. Why is that the burden is on the mother and not on the father? No, the burden is still on the Father, the father must provide him and sustain him. Oh, yes, no one ever said that the burden is number five blocks. It's the opposite. However, it does not hold the name of the Father. Yes, it does not have the right to the name of the Father.

01:52:48--> 01:52:54

This is because here's the name of the mother in Islam, and he has no right to

01:52:55--> 01:52:57

the father's number to give his

01:52:59--> 01:53:06

while in establishing scores of differential. Some said that he doesn't have the right to hold the Father's name

01:53:07--> 01:53:13

for love, and this is the curriculum, but he is burdened with providing him and sustaining him or her and so on.

01:53:15--> 01:53:36

I don't know about inheritance law. And is it also true that if the couple do end up getting married and have children in holiday, they will not be considered brother and sister. But after wedlock can be unconsumed. wedlock is committing fornication? Yes. This is what it means isn't a brother's. Someone not? Is it? Okay?

01:53:37--> 01:53:39

If you get married,

01:53:40--> 01:53:41

you know, brother and sister

01:53:44--> 01:53:49

or your children, but you repent to a hospital data from that which has happened in the past.

01:53:50--> 01:53:51


01:53:52--> 01:54:06

the brother, if whether it's before marriage, or after birth, they still are brother and sister and they hold on to marriage. It's got nothing to do with that. But you have to repent from the major sin. It's got no connection with you marrying afterwards. There is one here but whispering of shape on and so on.

01:54:07--> 01:54:30

It's a big question, a big answer. Maybe somebody that some brothers here, they know how to read a poem for you something called Tokyo. So let me show they can do that. Otherwise, there are other means and they'll teach you those things. One last question. One brother asked the question here. They said, Brother, I've committed fornication with the guilt. He says and I've made her lose your virginity. Some people told him that he must marry him as a result.

01:54:32--> 01:54:41

As far as I know, there is no condition in Islam that states that you must marry a woman or a girl which you have made her lose your virginity because this is a very agreement to anyone.

01:54:42--> 01:54:54

And it is partly the fault as well as much as it is yours. The damage has been caused to her is partly their fault as well. However, my personal opinion, and some of the other chefs who have

01:54:55--> 01:54:59

said that it would be better customarily and not have listened to them.

01:55:00--> 01:55:04

To marry her, so she's not humiliated in front of a family.

01:55:05--> 01:55:10

On condition, they said that they repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Sincerely.

01:55:11--> 01:55:15

They really what they did. The issue here is what does the law think about?

01:55:16--> 01:55:17

And Allah says,

01:55:18--> 01:55:50

Allah wants you to wants to forgive you and doesn't want you to fall into these harm. So you will not make yourself burden. burden yourself with things which Allah has lightened is taken away from you. This is why a lot of it's step by step things that lead to fornication. This is one and then when when something bad happens like this, what kind of solution can we find? The best solution is this. If he wants to marry can married, and they can marry each other. The best solution, as far as I'm concerned, will love rather than being humiliated in front of a family or reputation.

01:55:51--> 01:55:55

But if they get divorced one day, and someone else wants to marry her, she has to tell him

01:55:58--> 01:56:05

that she is no longer in a girl or she doesn't get married and someone else comes to ask what she has to tell.

01:56:08--> 01:56:10

Thank you for listening Solomonic.