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Dr Bashar details the lives of the four greatest men who lived after the Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him), the Caliphs of Islam, the rulers of the Islamic Empire that swept across Arabia, Asia, Africa and even so far as Southern Europe.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah hamdulillah Hamza Karina shaqiri Hamza us in Yama, Hawaii Casio Merci de pasar Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Allahu Allah and found no finer VENA lantana was it nine men also configurable and slow Rockman Rahim we continue sha Allah, Allah study of the second successor of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and follow

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me Allah be pleased with him. And we remember how Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke of the dream that he saw how he was drinking out of a bowl of milk. And then in that bowl, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, I drank until I was four. And I saw, it's filling my body and fill it, it's about to come out of my fingernails. And then in that bowl, there was some left and I gave it to a mop. And the Sahaba asked prophets a lot in the salon, what is your interpretation of this dream Muscle, Muscle, Muscle and he said, this is the this is the knowledge that the last hunt Allah puts in the hearts of the Muslim This is the knowledge of the religion, this is the knowledge of

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Islam. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said about this great Muslim, the great star in Islam Omar, he said that before you the nation's before you had people called mo had the phone there they lost pantalla inspire them does not reveal in Quran or ye to them, but inspire them and if there is one in my nation, it would be alone. And and I started the study study group of these two examples, because when we read and study over the life of Mr. Cobb, we stop at certain things and certain opinions and fairness situations was panela the vision of this man is way beyond his way ahead of his time. And in our session today, inshallah, I will try to touch on few subjects. And we see how

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Mr. Bob's vision was so vast and so inclusive of so many things that are related with not only related to government, but related to life in general and how he would connect these issues that some some of them not even did not take place in many other nations till the 20th and 21st centuries, and he would crystallize these these ideas, and he would work on it in advice people with it. One of the things is his interest and his recommendation towards how Muslims how people should take care of their own health, their own well being and use some of the stories that are narrated and the historian reported upon our model,

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admin Josie narrative that one time for a man who has a belly who has who is obese and has a big belly, maybe like mine, and he asked him he said, What is this he said my head that is this sitting here. He said how he Baraka told me no law, this is blessing blessing from Allah. He said this is this is my daddy's blessing from Allah. And Ahmad said Bella daba Nina la This is tournament. This is Thurman from Allah. What are you trying to do to yourself? And then said au hetnet Yeah, c'mon ditmar this beware of obesity. Way of becoming fat. whiny Tom this Be careful what you eat. Saying that ham acceleron Annie Sala it makes you lazy when you come up for prayer it makes you heavy you

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don't do as much math certainly Disney racetam the suck me that it is it's Paul's your bodies and it makes it more prone to develop diseases I mean so Halliwell How did he knows that how see that vision of this man that the things that we now know today about overweight and obesity. So canola and then he said well I can well I can add a comment.

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Below i can i can cause difficulty can the be moderate be modest, what you eat. The slide is being moderate, being careful of what you what you eat, the naming of Salah whatever I do mean itself. It is better for your righteousness. And it makes you not an extravagant person. You see, don't eat too much and indulge in that in that pleasure. Aqua la vida de la jolla xojo you'll be stronger in your worship to Allah subhanho wa Taala as you will sleep less and you will be more active and you can do piane, Leyland and etc.

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And then he said, Well I

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don't have to tell you, what the who Allah Dina that the servant of Allah Subhana

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A slave of Allah Subhana Allah Allah would not perish, meaning that he will not not do good and was a last turn to Allah. And unless he prefers his own pleasures and food is one of the pleasures of life. He prefers the pleasure over Allah over the pleasure of Allah Subhana with that,

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and one of the things that pop spoke of general health of public health issues, if you will, is quarantining people with contagious diseases. One time he saw a woman and msgid and she had a skin disease known as a Jew them Arabic and that that skin diseases contagious, and he overheard that woman to stay at home. And he said, You should not come to the masjid. Why you have this disease and she obeyed them up? Well, she actually after she was killed, she continued to be at her house, she would not come to the masjid. And then Mr. hapa dies and a man came to her and he said in the loving manner occupied not the one that prevented you is dead. And she said, Well, welcome to the Hiawatha.

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He made it. And I would not obey him while he was alive. And this obey him after his death. And she continued to not actually come out and see people fearing that she may spread disease that she carried that one time.

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Then a lot of local farms in public health issues as well. He emphasized general activity he emphasized the the workout to have a sport and he said I know Allah Docomo loudly, Maria Maria home selia, Cebu Island Haley was about he said, teach your children swimming, and teach them every night at the target shooting, and asked them to jump on the back of horses that mean, teach them how to ride horses. So just teach them the skills that will keep their bodies healthy, and it will be beneficial for them later on. They can stronger to protect their religion and protect their families. And then he also continued he said what a homemade jumbo lemon a shell that teach them the

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beautiful poetry to teach them what is poetry that has wisdom in it, meaning the general education as well is he also then only emphasized the the teaching of religion. But he also emphasized teaching outside that ditch people have also have to learn other things that would be beneficial for them in their daily living. And this is just a small synopsis of what Omar has emphasized and recommended and enjoined upon Muslims during his time for public health, general education and taking care of, of their own bodies and their own families. And I also had some social recommendations for people in their own social gathering and he like that people not have exclusive

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clubs, did not like people with small groups of people and not not letting other Muslims or other people in into these circles have closed circles of friends.

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And he did not like people to have classes that do not that are not

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that are basically based on social status, not not on anything else. And advice directed upon Omar that he said to people, of course, then

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that asuna majelis I heard that you have special gatherings and they would have special sort of clubs, naturally, so it's 99 hypokalemia. For her that if we learn that whenever two people sit together they say this person belong to such and such circle a friend that other person belongs walaikum salam rahmatullah wa barakato belongs to that other circle of friends happened to me as a journalist that that now you are divided into into certain clubs and certain classes. And he said, Why Why? In the Heather sorry on fee Dini comm sorry on fee shahbazi comm sorry, op that he dinickel This is dangerous. He said this is bad for your own religion, and it is bad for your honor. And it

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is bad for your brotherhood amongst each other. It separates you It makes you weaker, and subsequently it makes your religion weaker as you cannot defend it as one as one group. And he said to me, lumen Academy demon Yachty bad karma could have you fula Nakata, Kasama Islam, Sona. He said after you people will come and they will say we follow the opinion of that gathering and we follow the opinion of that gathering and we will be dividing Islam into sections

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sections of Hanawon. He had this vision that that some of it become became true later on.

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As he will naturally say, combiner come He said, Be together, sit together, do not divide your majelis do not divide the your your gatherings

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with a jealous man and sit together to do a movie at home. It is better that you would love each other and enjoy each other's company more. Well, I will come finesse and it is it gives you more status among people among other nation if you will become more

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more not feared is not really the word I'm looking for. But But people will will you'll know that you're gathering to be reckoned with as as one nation and was no one. One was a one oma.

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more respect, yes, well respected among people just like a locker.

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So these are the things that he had that type of vision and that type of felon that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam spoke off. And you see that pop had this opinions that that we see that that 1400 years ago, we still see that they're right. And they're filled with wisdom. And and and we take it into today's life and the 21st century, that then we know that that is the right thing to do.

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But the main issue that we inshallah will study today is something started earlier on on the days of Abu Bakar, may Allah be pleased with him, and continuing into more formal shape, and on the days of former Maha pop, and it then became a department and the Muslim government later on on the days of the whole affair, and who Maria, Maria colada, and then I basophil. So later on, and this is the matter of

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what is that in Arabic And if I have to translate it, if I have to choose one word, I think it would be accountability. And this

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is what exactly equals to inspector general today is somebody who can check on the government and can check and review the things that the government does. Yet they have also responsibilities to check on people in general, including the authorities and making sure that people are doing what needs to be done and the government is supervising that way and in a manner that is acceptable to the system which was slammed in this particular example. So this has been

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something that

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has established as a department and he started that on an Indian in an individual basis. What I'm what I mean by that is he took matters into his own hands. Number one, the Muslim Ummah, at that time was small, and his smaller place of emphasizing and applying his system of government was in Medina, which was not a great big, big city at that time. So he would do things and think things and think matters into his own hand. But his system and his plans and his method of doing hisbah became the example where the rest of the ones that follow that followed

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that wanted to apply this they follow the example that are set in place.

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And this his that is

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his review of that lots of hands on with Allah in a suit and head

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over the alone the shape of a gym, in the levy limit can now fill out of the homes salatu wa

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said in verse verse 41 had this if we sit over women on earth that means that they have established their government the rule on Earth, now they have an entity and meaning the Muslims, then they will do that for last time Darla said a comma Sala, they will establish a solid

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zeca and they will provide the zeca Well, Mr will be not a woofie one how an uncle, which is most of his guys enjoying enjoying the good deeds and forgiving and prohibiting the bad evil deeds of slap and the system of VISTA will provide divide that into small things that are multiple things that I tried to do to respond to our last kind of Alice call and this particular verse of silhouette and hedge as now he established and he's establishing the Muslim Ummah and wants to do the things that last panel at the Allah ordered for those who want to establish a number. So the first thing is comet the heat is the heat was

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Our last panel with Allah purely and for the sake of Allah, and not associating anything with all was kind of like Anna, which is the most important first pillar of Islam. The second thing is establishing the worship. So first the faith of tawheed second establishing the worship. Third, he started establishing the system and the marketplace, and and how people deal with each other, and in the market in the marketplace was the economy of that wisdom on that. And he wanted to organize that and and did the hisbah system on that particular entity, and then has check and how he

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emphasized to check on his own or young subjects and to know that they're doing the things that he enjoined upon them to do, and they are actually cared for the way he wanted them to be cared for. So the first thing that we will speak off is that the hate how am I protected the religion of the heat of making sure that La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah is applied, emphasized and, and practiced, and in the government that he had

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one story that is narrated on top his history was a head on one with the black stone of a cab, that he wanted to make sure that people understand that they're not coming to the fabric, where should the stones of the cabinet or to worship the building of the cabinet. He makes sure he wants to make sure make sure that people understand what they're doing. When they come and do the rituals of Hajj and Umrah and he came to a hedgerow is what came to the black stone. And he kissed that head on this wood following the symbol of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and then he talked to the stone. Of course he's not talking to the stone, he's talking to everybody else, watching him, what

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what he is doing and what he wants to teach his subject. And he said in the alum, Natasha, I know you are a piece of rock

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that you do not bring benefits and you do not harm anybody whatsoever. And you know a ton of Julius

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Malema compelled to he said, Have I not seen the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had I not seen the Prophet kiss you I would not have kissed you. And he's making sure that people understand that what they're doing is they're following the prophets in them, not respecting the hedgerows, they're respecting the way of the Prophet, they're respecting the orders of Allah Subhana what to add, not make good in that respect to the to the stone to the hydraulic is what

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another important thing that he did this remember when upon the time of day, I have some idea that the Sahaba when a man was late, and I'm not gonna go to the story too much inshallah. We studied that during our Sierra sessions, as man was late and the Prophet sallahu wa Salaam heard the rumor that this man was killed. And now Muslims that are coming for the unlock, are being attacked and their messenger according to the rumor was being killed. So now they're in jeopardy. And the Prophet gathered the Muslims under the tree, a big tree and a lot of data in the Medina you by your own Natasha Dora,

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senior you buy

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this story was mentioned in the Quran that Allah is pleased with the Muslims with the notman that gave you the pledge under the tree. Well, things went on and the tons of other people started respecting the tree started coming to this monument of this important event that is mentioned in the Quran. And this they added is called the sledge cobia to shovel up that tree was there and people started coming praying and they started respecting putting some marking on the shovel and making them to add the shutter at this tree. So on top of all the dishes are these three to be cut. Because a slam doesn't have symbols don't create things that are lost in Canada. We were not innovators in

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the religion, we don't do things that Allah Subhana Allah did not ask us to do or made it clear for us what to do. And then he prevented this this thing that was that started in his time and cut that tree and it is really a very important symbol it's very important message for us is we adhere to what a lot of what Allah has wanted us to do and not elevate anything that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam did not do.

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Another thing that happened as they were

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There was a tune and place called to start. And as far as I know, that's the place and, and and in Palestine, that but I'm not sure so if anybody has any information about that please

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pitch in. But this place was the people said that this is the grave place to have Danielle or Heather alehissalaam, the man, the righteous man that was with Moosa and the sort of calf and people that come and respect and pay respect and worship at that graveyard. So he wrote to Abu Musab lashari, who was the governor of Sham at that time. And he asked him to dig up that tomb and to dig 13 other graves and take the the tomb and take the remains, and put it in one of them in one of these 13 at night, so nobody can see where where the remains would be. And then to bury everything and mask it where there is no no sign where where the graveyard was, so nobody can can come and try

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to find out whether these remains are whether that was a hugger or not. But he wanted to make sure that people does not do not come to a grave and worship Allah Subhana Allah to Allah at a grave which is which is a clear that the Muslim Subhana Allah fall into a lot these days and you see how they take the some of the graves of people they they respect and they call righteous people and they start worshipping and paying respect to the dead people and they sometimes stuff Allah they make prayers to these people and naked like an intercession between them and Allah subhana wa tada Allah and this is this is if it is not a form of Shahrukh I don't know what what this is. So Pamela

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and in the book of Isaiah Tao have been telling me this other story was not at that top. So people on a caravan stepping out of the caravan and go into a place and they will make sell out there at the time of there was no sell out to be made. I mean it was NFL obviously. And they would come back and join the caravan. He asked what are these people doing? And they said, well, the profits allowed to sell and trade here once. So these people are coming here to pray, where the prophets Allah to send them prayed. He said in nema halochem and Colonel kubla Khan viharaya said this will destroy your religion these things that you're doing in Lahore, Taka do a thorough MBA him the surgeon there

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they took from the relics of the prophets, places of worship. So we don't do that in Islam. He said men at the rocket was solid and usually those if it is time for Salah, make Salah wherever you want, what 11 jambu or go ahead and go on your trip.

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Another thing that he emphasized though he that he wants always to make sure that when something happens to Muslims, Muslim thing of Allah and then us is there is no intercession when Allah or Danes and a lot decrease for something to happen, then that's what we believed that will happen. At the time of holiday when Volleyed was moving from one victory to the other, from a red deck to fattest, to a sham when when Aveda ninja asked for help in a sham, and we will study all of that in details in sha Allah. I'm not gonna send him highly generally with few soldiers as a support as great military leader. And people started talking, oh, we did not we were defeated. Khalid was not

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there. We are victorious because Khalid was there. So they started associating Khalid with the cause. And and and the reason for victory. And

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what he did is he demoted Khalid is he took Khalid away from leadership, and he put a verbatim in Java in general leadership of the audience of a chef. And he said, and this is NLP LD day when the hell I live in Katia, he said in the azido, Harley den and soccer petenwell, a piano he said I did not demote Harley that did not take him out of his position, because I'm angry with him or of out of betrayal, betrayal, or because he did anything wrong? Well, I think the NASA 40 new people are now being tested by Holland, and they are admiring Khalid for that too. And yeah, lm and navaho Sonic, I wanted them to know that Allah is the one that gives victory and Allah only is the one that takes

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victory away from people.

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One time he saw a group of people from Yemen and they were sitting in the middle

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Good and all day and not doing anything and he will go to his work and come back and they're sitting there and worshiping and and doing good things and he came to them he said man, who are you? They said nationally with our qilu we are the ones that rely on online online a lot for our was Rosa para line Allah. He said bill and Nutella qilu. It said you are the ones at the corner that employment with tequila, you are the dependent. You are not relying on Allah you are dependent you're you're not doing your part. And then he said in my memory para que una manual habitants will have the word Allah. He said the very person that rely on a lot of time to Allah is the one that takes the seed

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and planets in the earth and then rely on Allah Subhana with Allah so he will do that part that Allah Subhana Allah other than the work, he will plant the seed you have to go out you have to do something.

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And one of the things that Todd has emphasized as we saw that he is not an innovator he would not come up with something that is new and a religion that would not be in addition to what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has left for this omen.

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He said that

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he as soon as those who are enemies of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam are yet to look ahead, this one Yahoo has to FLV him. They did not try hard to memorize and seek the Hadith of the prophets allottee and send them to know what the prophet sallallahu Sallam has any ruling in this. For him, they gave their own opinion. While there is a prophet opinion that they did not know that they did not try to seek and they did not say we don't know it from a value they lost their way and they misguided other people. Hello, Teddy, Teddy, that we follow, and we do not start things that are not from the Prophet sallahu wa sallam opinion. When I said the overland and we follow we do not

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innovate. Men are the Lumet and a secondary effort we will not be lost as long as we adhere to the prophets and the law, how do you send them opinions and to his son.

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And his views of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is obvious in that 30 that we said about kissing the the black stone, there is another story about and head itself that we know and the first and pull off. And in the beginning of a class we make sort of a fast walking or semi jogging type of of gait. That's how we walk in the beginning. And then people make the bat which is exposing your right shoulder to show muscles. And remember that happened in America. When the Muslims came to Mecca, and the kuffaar the pagans of Mecca said that the people the Muslims are weakened by the fever of Medina and now they're, they're weakened so the prophet or of their his companions, to walk in this

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vigorous type of walking to show their strength and their health and to show their muscles to share the muscles of their wide shoulders while they're doing this. But this is the center now and people are doing this. And Omar gave his opinion about this. He said Thema Milan Walker bahara amarula Why are we doing this? And Allah Subhana Allah Allah has empowered slam and no slam is dominant over Arabia and at that time most of the known world. He said, Well, I can show you and couldn't identify to whom out Rasulullah sallallahu hottie He will send them that we do not leave a ritual accustomed that thing that we do with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So that was the emphasis of apob upon following the Prophet sallallahu you send them orders and sin and I know that may bring some discussion later on inshallah we'll, we'll talk about that. The second thing after tawheed and After establishing the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is his emphasis on la vedettes. On the worship of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, the cornerstones brothers of Islam of holy man is now part of an old or sub the whole Amman is we have to let the man settle in the heart we have to look like a llama soak into our own soul. And then this has to be experienced and translated into actions into deeds. And one of the things that Muslims do to

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emphasize Laila halal was the acts of worship. And Allah be pleased with him know the importance of these acts of worship.

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And what the most important point of this is what a solid and alladhina makhanda. In the counselor the counselor is the first thing that Allah Subhana Allah said in these verses of surah Hajj that we just narrated that first thing that these people do when they take power over their own affairs is they start and establish a solid and and when of his letters to the governors of M four of the of the conquer territory. He said in Morocco India Sala the most important issue with me is of Salah Simon happy blah ha ha for ya happy Bodine. Whoever protects his salah and carry on his Salah on time, then he will be protecting his own religion. Woman by yaha whoever wastes the solar or

00:30:52--> 00:31:08

neglects the solar cell Hawaii merci wha for the rest of the religion affair he will be even more neglecting. If somebody neglects the matter when it comes to our health. A lot of our salah and his show is his his his

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worship and his

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humility humidity with Alaska Canada with the lF Yes, I think we can call it that is known as he would we know about had somewhat of a rough personality and his tears are not easy to come by, except in these situations. And Abdullah Omar, his son said sunlight to confirm personnel to hanina hoomin wa ala t so forth. He said his tearing and his weeping was heard three rows behind him as he was making this issue on this indulgence in worship and on what was in his solar. And one time he saw a man making a salad and moving too much making too many movements and and too many things and he said no Harsha Calvo has a shadow of His heart is making sure that his he would not be making so

00:32:05--> 00:32:09

many movements and his body will will make crucial

00:32:10--> 00:32:15

and He will teach people the manners of salah and respecting the masjid

00:32:17--> 00:32:24

and underground knowledge upon the authority of Abdullah Muhammad may Allah be pleased with both of them. He said can I

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call him in Yeoman Juma

00:32:28--> 00:32:33

was on the main door making the football on the day of Juma today Hello Julian.

00:32:34--> 00:32:36

Julian and in US Javier rasulillah

00:32:37--> 00:33:04

salam O Allah, me send me he said a man of my dream of the first Mahajan. He was a prophet sallallahu he was going to the masjid and Omar was already on the minbar. Now, Emma was here, these types of Juma. Mashallah, we will be all in trouble. He said, Fernando Omar, I you say I didn't have that time is this. He came late to the flag because the names already on the member, Mr. Cactus. And he asked him

00:33:05--> 00:33:22

why are you late basically. And the man said initially, he said I was busy fellow colleagues in the Senate. He He said I did not get home I did not arrive to the house until I heard the event. factor as

00:33:24--> 00:33:40

well as enter a boss. He said I'm a boo boo and I came to the masjid. So he said he will get himself out of trouble. He told me I was busy and I went home and I made you do and I came here fast. He said, Well, we'll do a one you made. We'll do only one.

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Movie Listen, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam enjoined upon us to make listen to make the bath shower you have to make listen on the day of Juma. He said not only you're late, but you're also late to a gym and you have not made your listen for Juma. Also, this is how important he didn't care of that for Javi. That cane is one of the elite of Sahaba and mohajir. Women are well known he was one of the of the beginners of Islam one of the settings for Islam

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and sabnzbd narrative another story about the respect of Majid Nawaz Omar, he said who to call mentioned Miss Judy for her seven year old when he said I was in the masjid

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and a man through a small walk on me for an hour to five Faiza ama, it was Omar that through small what he wants to get his attention for Carla. When I looked at him, I said what do you want? He said it had fettuccine beheading. He said he pointed to two people in the back of the masjid. He said, Bring these people to me. He said for the heck to fit a paper who the human he said I went and I brought the students to him.

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And he said, Man, Angela, yeah, so who are you? These two people they said men

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At least five said we are from the five from the sockies. From the people from the city of

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Omar said local to them in the head and Bella de la tecnologia tokuma he said I would beat you. Had you been of this city if you've not been guests coming from a five I would beat you up right now. turfan takuna Themis Gd rasulillah he said you were talking loud

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at the masjid of the prophets, and had you not been guests have you not been not know what this is all about? Then I would beat you. He said you he was going in them to beat them. But since they are from a five and they don't know the manners and you've tried to teach them he said next time basically you will be beaten if you raise your voice and the mustard of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And one of the things that are not top is one of his wives and it's not and this is inside Buhari. This story is from Sahih al Bukhari. So it's got strong authentication, that premises wives and it's not named. The washer was not named, to suddenly feel invested. She used to come to the masjid to make Salah. And Omar said in like he literally said, you know what I what I write, he does not want her to come to the masjid.

00:36:19--> 00:36:59

For harlot will law he learned that he had that and she said, I will not stop coming to the masjid until you order me not to do it. But to Mr could not order her not to come to the masjid because the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said either stated that had Akuma at the hotel and Petit unlisted, Li and na. He said if one of you his wife, asked permission to come to the masjid then one should not prevent the woman from coming to the mystic. Then he said, I will not prevent you from coming. He said, You know that I like is for you not to come to them as dead but I will not ask you not to come. And I have Ethan Bahati continues on he said for 40 now, we're in a hell of a mystery. He said

00:36:59--> 00:37:01

the day he was stabbed. Today he was

00:37:02--> 00:37:10

assassinated. May Allah be pleased she was in the masjid. And she was there. So she continued to come. And he would not

00:37:11--> 00:37:16

do something that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam did not clearly order not to do

00:37:18--> 00:37:21

his emphasis on the Salah as we continue on in this subject.

00:37:22--> 00:37:25

Papa was seen and he was

00:37:27--> 00:38:12

many Times reported that he would stay at the masjid at night, and he would make pm he would pray at night. And sometimes Sahaba would narrate that he would come to the masjid and you will see nobody except one man and they would come closer and it is all about having the cellar at night. And then he would say and one of his things that he would do is he would continue on his cellar at his house. And then at the end at the the later part of the night he would wake up his family and ask him to sit down with him. And he said a sauna, a sauna and then he would recite what more athletic and is Salatu was stubborn Allah Lana's Luca is Morocco Kerala pivotally taqwa he said he would moderate of

00:38:12--> 00:38:13

130 to

00:38:14--> 00:38:30

order your your family for salah and be patient and endure upon Salah. We don't ask you for sustenance, we provide us a lot of data provide sustenance and reserve for his servants. And the reward is those who are who are virtuous.

00:38:32--> 00:38:33

One of the things that

00:38:34--> 00:39:29

he wished and and loved is to make sure that he wants he knew what's in event what kind of reward and calling event and he would say they'll come to Atlanta as he laughs at the event. He said if I can do the the duties of event with the duties of khilafah then I would become the more than he would want to take this honor to himself he wants to be the one to call and then all the time. And he also emphasized the duty and the worship of of praying to Allah Subhana Allah and one of his known to have known prayer. I love him Magellan le cola who saleha wedge and Julio jika, sallisaw Valletta Jalali hadn't finished he would pray to Allah make all my deeds only to you and for you and

00:39:29--> 00:39:40

make it righteous and naked right? And then do not let any do not make any association in my deed and my worship to anybody other than you are lost kind of with that.

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

And one of the things that he would say in me, let me know him and each other, or in Canada, say that you to draw for in Java. He says I don't worry about the response of Allah subhanho wa Taala for da because Allah subhana wa Tada. So me

00:40:00--> 00:40:24

On caribou Buddha, Allah responds to the DA he says I worry about the drive itself. If unless 100 Allah inspires me to move to the last panel to Allah will respond to my door. So he says that I'm not making enough dua for Allah Subhana Allah and I know if I make dua, then Allah certainly will respond to this door.

00:40:28--> 00:40:38

As we continue on the subject of Salah one of the known things about a pub is the issue of a taraweeh the fallout from Oban tarawih.

00:40:39--> 00:40:41

And the way it was noted,

00:40:43--> 00:40:50

that owner macapa Takara jeffie La La, La La Romana in unlisted Paden. So I was there on

00:40:51--> 00:41:35

Sunday Rajamouli. Let's see what you saw. Roger, thank you. Suddenly, the seletti hear what he said one time, I'm working on an item from a bond to the mystery of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And he said people in small gathering and then individuals making this pm all by themselves. And we have also to remember not everybody at that early time, knew how to recycle and there were so many levels. There were many foreigners that came to Medina that could not recite the Quran very well. And they would follow an email who was making this clear in the messages, but they were small gathering and there would be many of them at the same time. And then Omar said in urology not to lie

00:41:35--> 00:42:25

at a party inviting the candidate and he said I see if I gathered them on one reciter one one person one decided it would be better. Then he started doing this that are we and he gathered them on valuable cap value blue cap was known was one of the authorities on cryin and good reciter. And he started doing that. And then one time, Todd came and he saw the cap, and they saw the tarawih. And he said that you had one Latina Muna and her Bella Mulan met yaku. He said the part that they sleep in is better than to tell the part that they pray in. That means people do taraweeh early after a shot, but he said the part that they after they go house their homes and sleep is the better time

00:42:25--> 00:43:12

for making this clear and making the story. And some people say well, here's an innovation. He was something that thermo Amar emphasized that he's not an innovator, he would not make something that it's not from the profits a lot. He said no, but here is the issue of factory. So how do you explain that? Well, the scholars said that the AMA was did not start the issue of a tarawih It is known that it started at the time of the Prophet summon lohani usnm and this is the Hadith that that actually explains that I know you have to do Zubair and shutaura de la barra does not record on the authority of the police whether that the prophets Allah to send them Roger de la let him mean jiofi Lady for

00:43:12--> 00:43:54

sunlife invested or some the return on the seletti. He said one night the former bond profits on the money within them, went out to the masjid and started praying and people gathered behind the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they prayed with his prayer with his night prayer. And then these people went home and they told others that the Prophet is praying in the masjid at night. But still no extra mean home. He said the second night there were more more people and the prophets a lot in Salah prayed as an email, and they prayed with him. Fell into castle I will miss the demon a lady fairly. She said the third night the mystic was four people came to do taraweeh was the Prophet sallallahu

00:43:54--> 00:44:17

wasallam fell in the hood for Harada for karasuma in Somalia send them the third night he came out the first night address and mosquito and La the first night the masjid was full and people started being beyond the masjid everybody almost in Medina came to Talia. phenom Yehuda Russell. The Russell Somalian salon did not come out for this story.

00:44:18--> 00:44:32

And then he came out for salata Silva, he came out for a federal, federal, federal aka Bella Island nasty fetish ahead he came to people and start explaining to them after Shahada and he said another thing that

00:44:34--> 00:44:59

I'm not bad for profit somebody you send them said I saw what you were doing. I saw you were waiting for me all night when I can use a sheet 124 ballet attaches one, but I was afraid that this would become a fourth. If we started doing this I started doing this off every night with you. It will become a fourth form of bond and it will be hard for you so I did not come out. So the idea of having the ynab and do it

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

The Sala of taraweeh as a gathering in the masjid is a similar from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and it's not something that just invented and came up with Yes, he revived this later on. And he after this was not something that we need to worry about to be Halford because after the Prophet sallallahu Sallam died, there is no new film. So the reason why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam stopped doing the tarawih is gone. So Omar thought it was a good idea. And he made this he had that we still follow till today that we should do as a Torah we as the profits on the lawn he listened them did for these three nights.

00:45:50--> 00:46:11

We continue on with the bad debt, other than the smaller. The second a better is as a cap, we will show our saved as a cat time as we will talk about Islamic economy and financial affairs of the Muslim at the time of Omar and that will be Sharla a separate issue. But the other evader the term of organized and worked with was a head

00:46:12--> 00:46:56

of hedge. He emphasized so much that he said I'll probably never be pleased with him. He said, knock on him to an attorney general and you know, heard him saw a young guru Eden and kenanga who Giada telomere hood, Federico LA is here. He said, I was gonna send messengers, people to absorb to the states to the, to the new territories, and they look for people who are rich and capable, and they're not making hench, then they will be taxed in jizya. There will be those people who are not making they're not Muslims. He said those who have the wealth and the health to comprehend, and they're not coming when they should be paying jizya

00:46:57--> 00:47:41

This is how much he emphasized the matter of intent. And then another thing he encouraged people to do is to make our own law in throughout the year, which is actually now it's one of the things that we that Muslims do all over, but it was not the way of Muslims before on the days of Abu bakkar people did their own law during the month of Hajj during the months of Hajj they will do the AMA and then on top and enjoined upon people and encourage people to make Umrah all around the year. So the question How long will always be full with the people on during the pull off and making the umbrella and and wearing the home all all year around.

00:47:49--> 00:48:39

Other than his interest and his his emphasis on worship. He wanted to organize the affairs of Muslim in the marketplace. And the job. Now trading and being merchants and doing the job was the the occupation of the time. Muslims and mostly Arabs at that time were not people of industry. And they were not people of agriculture, but they were merchants. So we have to extrapolate his ruling of T Giada. And two other affairs because this was the backbone of the economy at that time. And whatever he said about trading bears apply to trading in the Muslim football but also can be extrapolated to other professions, as this trading was the as I said, the backbone of the economy and the most

00:48:39--> 00:48:42

common things that Muslim did at that time.

00:48:43--> 00:49:17

When things are organized and emphasized in the marketplace is one of the earliest antitrust laws known to mankind. It was an anti monopoly governor, he would not let anybody monopolize the marketplace. And it was known with with many stories, one of them was our narrative on Muslim and agenda. He came to Medina and he said there was time in Medina where food was scarce. There's not much food at that time. And then a caravan came with food.

00:49:19--> 00:49:31

Medina tea time on Sahara Suki, la de facto, the richest merchants of the marketplace went out and they bought the caravan. Now that was the

00:49:32--> 00:49:45

so they basically monopolized most of the food that is in Medina, and Omar came out to them. He said that he is swapping that as your own value monopolizing our markets, are you doing that actually could

00:49:47--> 00:49:59

you either associate other people's you trade you have to sell to everybody, you cannot just do this monopoly in your trading or leave or leave the market and then he said

00:50:00--> 00:50:46

Law courtesy subpoena. There is no monopoly in our markets. Whenever I'm on duty jamming the ad him fubu as having United's kola nuts. evisa hakima, Karuna Elena. He said those who Allah gave them this extra good this extra money and made them rich, they can and use that money to monopolize our market. And he prevented that practice. And if that was not really the principle of all antitrust laws that is practiced in the marketplace today to protect the economy that I don't know what is, I mean, see how the vision of America pop how early is I mean, this is 1400 years ago, and a man who was a shepherd and a small merchant in Mecca, Subhan Allah.

00:50:47--> 00:51:40

One other thing that he did is he would sometime prevents people from selling their goods at high prices. Yes, it was a free economy and a free market, but it has as we are studying has rules and regulations. And a man came with oil, he had oil, and he started coming to the market, and he was selling it in an expensive price. price that is not usual price for all at that time. So I'm I came to him and he said amantha drbc. So you have two choices here. You can either sell your oil with the market price for price for that l y nantahala. And Sophia, are you take her all and leave them alone, would you Good, okay, LSL, I'm not gonna set a price for you said, I'm not going to tell you

00:51:40--> 00:52:10

how much you're going to take for it, that you can either do this, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna take that oil from you and sell it with the price at all, like it's your oil, but you either sell it with the fair market price, or you leave with your oil from this market. So he made sure that nobody will do this, because this monopoly, and nobody would monopolize and manipulate the prices in the marketplace.

00:52:11--> 00:52:24

And another thing that Bob did, and this is something that is well practiced, and it's one of the highest practice in the economy in the marketplace today is he would

00:52:26--> 00:52:42

obligates people that are trading to new knowledge about the the marketplace, about trade itself, and about the rules of Islam of trading. So those who wants to become merchants and work in the marketplace. He said they have to know

00:52:43--> 00:52:47

they have to know the rules of trading in this marketplace.

00:52:49--> 00:53:05

He said la Jaco doofy suki ban la Fabrica, those who do not know the rules of usury do not know that through the age, they have death, they cannot sell and trade in our marketplace, because they will fall and make people fall into this pit of freedom.

00:53:06--> 00:53:06

And then

00:53:07--> 00:53:18

he would, he would, when he hears about something that people did that is similar to that he would go there and hit them himself with his own stick. And he said lay a voc sukima.

00:53:20--> 00:53:44

Nobody can trade in the marketplace unless those who are learned. Those who have knowledge about the marketplace, were in the economic pressure and other Otherwise, they will eat usury, they will eat the interest, whether they like it or not, it's going to happen to them out of malice or out of ignorance big just simply because they don't have the knowledge of trading in the marketplace.

00:53:45--> 00:54:22

And this is in a way, similar to what chambers of commerce do today is they want to make sure that the marketplace is well organized and people that are trading, know what they are doing. And they know what what the market rules are. But take that to a higher level of Islam, where the rules of Islam and the rules of football has to be known by people that practice that particular profession. an extrapolation of that can apply to any profession, to to people to teachers, to people that do

00:54:23--> 00:54:34

handiwork I don't think because they know that they have to know the rules of Islam, they have to know that the good work has to be provided to the fullest. I'd also love to send them

00:54:35--> 00:54:59

an annual an informational interview. Whatever you do, you do your best when you're providing your work. That is the rules of slot is if you are a teacher, you come to the classroom, you do your best. You You put everything you have in it. If you are a gardener, then you go and you do the best. If you are a physician you do the same whatever you you profession is is you have to do your best and you

00:55:00--> 00:55:43

In your work, and these are actually rules of football. This is a slang This is not a recommendation to make more money. This is how Muslims should practice every religion and every profession. I mean they have and and that's one of the contribution of Mr. Pop to the market and the economy of Muslims. And we see that the economy on the days of Omar took rockets took a steep rise, and Muslims became so rich, and that continued to go on until the days of I'm opening up there Aziz may Allah be pleased with him, when people would live the gold on the camels and they will take it from one city to the other looking for the poor person, and the camera will go back to the treasury of Muslims

00:55:43--> 00:56:21

intact. Not one piece was missing because there were no poor people in the Muslim world. And this is not fiction. This is not an imagination. This is something that happened following the rules of Islam. This is something that the Prophet sallallaahu Selim predicted in Hadith that the Father cousin money will go around from door to door in the entire Muslim owner and they will not find one person who is needy enough to take from that I will stop inshallah he had an open the floor for any comments, any additions anything that are made mistakes up and if any questions that you may have in sha Allah, Allah

00:56:25--> 00:56:25


00:56:26--> 00:56:27

Allah what we

00:56:28--> 00:56:37

can do you can just few minutes like the we started that. The question is how how would Amato is doing a great job, and you will see he will do a lot of these things.

00:56:38--> 00:57:23

That that may seem that yeah, this is great effort. But this applies to one or two situations to one market, one house, one woman that he would help. But I'm number one, he was sending an example. He was teaching through actions. He was telling his governors his role is that his job was what to do and how to do it. He's telling generations to come of Muslims whether or not things of these rulings of these things that as a panel, I just before Sala, we were discussing for 15 minutes, some of the rulings of Mr. mahapatra about marriage and other things that he is doing is setting an example. This is how you do this, he prevented people from monopolizing the market of Medina, but the lesson

00:57:23--> 00:58:08

of that applies to every market, and the Muslim Ummah, for generations to come not only for that particular market, and that's why we have this enum. Another thing you would write, as you said, and that's exactly correct, is he would write these rulings. And many, many of these things came from his letters to his rulers and governors in the territories, and how to do it what to do, and we see when some of them would do something wrong here, bring them back, and He will punish them, like what he did to the son of honorable ours when he transgressed and he took the he wronged, Christian person and other other many stories, that he would emphasize that and he will make that a law of the

00:58:08--> 00:58:17

land, and how we would do this thing. So it would actually transpire it will go above and beyond the small events that that he would use to do.

00:58:19--> 00:58:19

Yes, brother is

00:58:21--> 00:58:28

the question and brothers money and Allah knows best is what sort of backlash from rich people to the

00:58:30--> 00:58:38

top was doing to them? Is he was preventing monopoly we're doing this antitrust things, and he would tell him how things will be.

00:58:39--> 00:59:25

And and I think part of the and correct me if I'm Miss reading, the question is, we know that people with money are people with power. And usually the way we see these things today are people with money control the government, it's not the government that control people with money. And this is what we see in the world today. And how to get away from it not be subject to that was was was there a backlash? Was he? And the answer is no, he did not. Number one. The rules of thumb are our rules of law and the rules of Islam. I was not inventing things and applying things out of his own figment of imagination or his innovation. He was interpreting the rules of Islam and the teaching of the

00:59:25--> 00:59:43

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam into the marketplace, and that is very strong. That is very powerful. The power of faith that that he was applying the rules, he was saying the laws of freedom, those who do not know rebel cannot do this. So who can argue with that? Who can have

00:59:45--> 00:59:45


00:59:47--> 01:00:00

Who can have a backlash against something like that? And those who did, he knew how to discipline them very well. That's what I said he would go and beat them personally. Those who would, who would? Who would? This is actually

01:00:00--> 01:00:38

Tonight It is He will take his stick and he will go and share the whole market with this, you know that this person is going to suffer if they don't go along with the rules. And I think the the the problem was the wall today is people with with money think they have a lot of power because the stick has been very short. Nobody has used power to discipline people with money and let them know that that's not how you rule the world. It is the morality, it's the religion. It's the laws of the last 100 ad that should rule the world and not the rules of the market. And whenever that happens, then then a must find data to help us. Yes.

01:00:40--> 01:00:42

But the question is,

01:00:44--> 01:01:00

brother said that amount of fraud did not allow some of his governors to wear fine clothes or ride fine horses did not want him to have this luxurious look of the Prince and the governor and all of that. That's correct. And we know the story of Malia Malia came

01:01:02--> 01:01:11

but he wouldn't. But you know, what he did was Malia. Malia came to America and he This is the governor of a sham, the richest

01:01:12--> 01:01:29

principality at that time and he came in he was wearing some of the fine clothes of a sham and the Sham was known for for the clothes so he came in and salam alayka ameerul momineen came to the messiness of Omar take his stick and start beating him

01:01:31--> 01:01:50

I've been running and and the Sahaba teams stop what are you doing this as a hobby? He said I saw some pride in him I saw a shadow fire against so I wanted to help him he said to an NFC So no, he would not allow these things to happen. Yes.

01:01:52--> 01:02:32

Then they show inshallah and we ask Allah subhana wa to Allah to make this Charla more than entertainment and to make us follow these lessons and the rules and the wisdom in sha Allah that we learned from the life of American Football Club and the Sahaba and the remember that this, this slide that is shined through the the life from afar is nothing but a reflection for the teaching of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was so follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam adhere to it like these people did, and inshallah will be with them and the Day of Judgment me with hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad in all areas

01:02:34--> 01:02:35

as analgesia