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The Bible is a powerful source of information and success for its use in various fields. parables are often used in English to describe actions and emotions, and learning Arabic is important in political and political climate. The importance of being prepared for potential challenges and the need for a strong workforce is emphasized, along with the importance of being prepared for anything in life. The holy Bible is viewed as a powerful source of information and success, and listeners are encouraged to use it in their language.

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Bush rock,

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try to study a short a short study of one aspect of this great book that we have which is the miraculous Koran. I will try to go over the aspects of while Quran is considered a miracle. When we Muslim speak of the miracles of our profits in the law he was saying them we first thing we say our biggest miracle is Al Quran. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did have miracles that were physical miracles where Allah subhanaw taala documented that even he split the moon for the profits on the law how to use in them, but yet when we claim a profit of we reclaim a miracle as Muslims, we speak of Allah Koran. So inshallah we will try it in this session to start in this session and

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through the month of Ramadan, we will have shala three sessions to study the miracle of the Quran.

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The Quran Karim, as sola sola Hari, you SLM said, is an interface intercession for us on the Day of Judgment, that on the Day of Judgment, the Koran and the cm, will come and intercede for us before Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah and the CM will say I prevented him or her from their food and drinks. And let me intercede for them and Allah, Allah would accept that intercession and Qur'an would come and say I prevented them from sleeping at night, as they were reading the Quran and reciting the Quran. And Allah Subhana Allah would accept this intercession and Allah Subhana Allah spoke of this Quran and called it Huda guidance and work for many bajo De La Jolla, yes, those who follow this

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guidance, they will not go astray and they will not be distressed they will always be in quietude and a state of comfort in this dunya with the man and then the ACA was the reward was the pleasure with meeting a loss of Hannah which at

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the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said of this Kryon on the authority of Allie mobiola Hawaiian and this hadith is narrated in a drama and he say, he said terrible life he he never kubla Khan there are the news the the history of those before you well how about oh my bad outcome and the news for what is to come there's a lot of prophecies in this Hold on. We have seen some of it and also have seen some of it like what the beginning of Sora to room when the the room the Roman were defeated by the Persians and the Orion comes few years earlier to predict the victory of the Romans the Byzantine over the Persian will lead back to the room of Vietnam oddly, while humming badly of LLVM

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70 Boone FEBC Nene, and that happened but there are prophecies and predictions that inshallah we know it would be realized as a loss of Hannah with Allah promised, who will phosphorylase have been hesitant is serious. There is no joke about it the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said then taraka hoomin Jabbar in Kasama Hola. Person of might and power and transgression if they leave this Quran behind Allah Subhana Allah will wipe them out. woman who fell Who does he lay the heat of Allah, Allah and those who see guidance in something else, Allah Subhana Allah will let them be led astray by our hablo ye Mateen that is indeed the strong rope of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, wa who

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was the cruel Hakim and it is the mention of Allah Subhana Allah that is full were filled with wisdom. Wa Siracusa.

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And it is indeed the straight path, while we let the letter Z will be law, that it is the one that does not follow the desire and when the person follows the book, then the Caprice does not take hold of that person, while sl tembisa v Hill elsina and there is no confusion when the tongues read the Quran, Allah, Allah Allah, and the scholars are never associated with the knowledge that is in this book, while I aku and Capra words and it doesn't get old, as much as far as much as you repeated as many times as you read it, it never gets old and Muslims have been reading the Koran for 14 120 and 1400 and more than 30 years and it's not it will never get old. What are some of the ajiboye its

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miracles will never cease? While we're living in Anita Hill genuine in semi hollow in SME, Anna Karenina, Java, even the Djinn and this is the headin when they heard this forum they said we have heard a wonderous horror on wonders mentioned men Halevy, sadhak. Those who speak of the Koran, they are saying the truth woman How can I be here I then and those who rule by the Quran, they are ruling with just this woman, Angela d o gr and those who work with it, then they will get the reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala woman de la hoodia Allah so often mustafi, our Heather Illa Swathi mustafi and those who call quits way, then they are calling for the right path. This is the book, this is

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the miracle. So what aspects of miracles we will be studying in this book and this?

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First one is a miracle. How do we define something as a miracle? First, as the scholar said, it is an extra ordinary event. It's an event that breaks the habitual environments that we live in. And then it has to come from a divine source to see a shuttle tunneling through the skies. It's an extraordinary event, but it's not a divine event. It's a man made event does it's not a miracle it made the miracle of science and etc. But to qualify in the religion as a miracle has to come from the divine source of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It cannot be replicated. It cannot be replicated by humans. The roots of the word March is a miracle in Arabic means more jeiza. And the roots of the

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word is agita, is could not do something that you cannot do something that is beyond your reach beyond you're doing and that is the root of the word Marchesa. And that means nothing, nobody, no one can replicate this miracle. And we will see that the characteristic of the Quranic Kareem will apply to all the characteristic of the word Marchesa. It has to be challenging. Marchesa doesn't come for showing, it's not for entertainment, it's challenges people, it shows them, here's what a law can do. Worship Him, obey Him, you cannot do what Allah Subhana Allah is doing to show of power, and it has to dare people. Another thing that comes after the prophecy, like the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam had dreams that would come true, had many things that were right before the verse that there are called iroha sod. They're called pre drone of the message. They are not called Marja until after the death, these are the conditions of something to be called Marchesa. So is this an Omar jeiza.

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The other thing that Americans the marriages that comes for when Allah Subhana Allah, Allah sends His Messenger and he sends a miracle, he sends the miracle designed to challenge these people in something they excelled at, when I was with Alison Musa alayhis salaam, with miracles when he would throw his half and he turns it to snake when he puts his hand into his armpit and he comes out white when he hits the sea with his half and it breaks down into two. These are miracles just like magic, but then much more than magic, and who did Mussa challenge.

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This boys with this miracle he challenged around well what is the strength of around a Sahar, the magician's. That was the thing that the pharaohs Excel that the old Ancient Egypt was excelled in sorcery and magic. And that's why when Pharaoh and wanted to challenge Moosa, he said, call the magicians call the saucers. And that's why we see the miracles of mustachian appropriate for his time and for the atmosphere around him at that time. Well, he said alayhis salam came to the Jews, the Jews who had massive

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scurry in the more arts of medicine, they the art of healing, and they would heal the diseases. And Isa came to heal diseases that are really incurable, like vitiligo like blindness, like he would wipe on the eyes of the blind and they will see, and he even would call on the dead, and they will come to him, he cannot cure death, or any physician knows that you cannot cure that. But there is a cane, to show the healing of Allah subhana wa to Allah is miraculous. And that was the miracle of a salad, his Salah, when Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came, the Arabs at that time excelled in their language, their language was their art was their daily living, and the Arab world at that

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time, you can take a tribe to a state of honor with the poem, and you can put people down with a poem, and it made a lot of difference. And the words in Arabia made their daily living worth it. And even they would take good poems and they would hang it on the Kaaba, they would take a special poem, and they would hand those poems on the caravan they call it Elmo, I love art, meaning the ones that are hand so to take these poems and make it secret by putting it in the holiest place for Arabs and holiest place for Muslims today, and we know what these words meant to these people. And that's why when they heard the call, and they knew, they immediately realize the miracle of the Koran, when

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hundreds have been up banned in another narration and what he did mean molera sack was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited one verse in the movie.

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He mentioned that verse, And the man came out of the of the presence of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he said in Aleppo Leela Holla Holla Holla la la, la la la misma. Well in esta la hula mugdock

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La La Hoya

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when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told Khalid or in another narration and relativement Malila in the La Jolla movie.

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To Allah enjoys justice and doing good while he tries to connect with your kinship went hand in hand Lucario and belly and he prevents and prohibits the fascia, the fornication, the moon card, the bad deeds and the bubbly and the transgression. Yeah, I will call my last 100 to Allah advise you and admonish you that Allah come to the Kuru. And you as you remember Allah subhanho wa Taala these words, and when they were mentioned by the Quranic linguistic, stunned this man who was very well versed in Arabic literature, and when he came out he said, these are not the words of a human being. They had immediate realization that these words cannot come from a human when I'm on

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the line when he was going to kill the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he entered the house of his sister and beat her because she was a Muslim, and then he holds the page that says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Haha, man's Allah Allah.

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In Latin Kira Lima, yaksha,

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Bhutan, Ceylon, min

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, and he read those verses, and his heart turn, and his heart turned into Islam and he became a Muslim just by listening to the words. This is the miracle that we will try to study and to understand. The Quran as a miracle is very much different from the miracle of other prophets. When Musa alayhis salam split the sea open, only the people that were there and then could realize the magnitude of that miracle when they saw the rich sea splitting apart. When he Sally Salim called upon the dead, and they came walk into him, only the people that were watching could feel the true magnitude of it. But the miracle of the Quran is not limited by time, and it's not

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limited by place. And we can sense that miracle. Today, 14 120 years for 350 years after the passing of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, just like the Sahaba could feel the miracle of the Quran when it was revealed to them, the Koran and combines a message and a miracle at the same time. And that is one of the no other Prophet was given such honor, that his own message, the embodiment of the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is this book and it is his miracle at the same time.

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The miracle of the Quran extends beyond just the linguistic part, but inshallah we will be studying language of the command tonight and we will study other aspects of this miracle. inshallah, in other sessions

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we said one of the aspects of the corollary any miracle that it has to come from a divine source, and that has been challenged by many people that wanted to put doubts in the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam could not have come this far and could not have been scripted by the prophet sallallahu wasallam and Allah subhanho wa Taala in his own vocal cords, and he says, Why it could not be from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam number one the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was illiterate, this was a known fact and it was known fact in history that he could not read, he could not write, even when he was writing the solar davia and he wanted to wipe out the

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words of rasuna law, and I did not want to wipe it out. The Prophet could not say he said, Just show me what it is and he wiped it out. He could not read and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who taught humanity he was an illiterate man and Allah subhana wa at the ad and saurik langkah booth says in verse 49, one Confederate looming up leaning keytab in the hoopoe, bionic is an illusion. And you were not able to recite a book before this before this book came, nor were you able to transcribe, it's with your right hands. In fact, in that case, indeed, with the talkers of vanities have doubted me There is no doubt How could he learn this? How could he come with this eloquence

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with this miracle that is standing the test of time.

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The other thing is, it could not have been scripted by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because the Prophet had no control over the revelation. And the example of that is what happened when the calamity hit the house of the prophets Allah wa hottie he was said that when his own beloved wife, Aisha was accused with falsehood, and he was one famous event of the falsehood. The Prophet was for one month, waiting for a word from Allah subhanho wa Taala, to put this straight, and nothing happened. for a whole month the house of the Prophet was shaken with this calamity. And then until Allah Subhana, Allah wanted the revelation in Surah, the new king, so the king not to the

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schedule to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he could have profits on the lot in Salem was the one who is writing the Koran. He would have just resolve the whole issue the second day, but it's a whole month Allah subhanho wa Taala tested His prophets. Another thing is the Qur'an came in a disagreement, in some ways the Prophet sallallahu wasallam actions, one of the very well known events when I believe Nomi Maktoum, the blind man came because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was concerned in spreading the Dawa, and the blind man was asking the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for knowledge. And then this man was keep repeating and arguing and urging the Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam than the Prophet sallallahu wasallam frowned, and the revelation came to criticize the position of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when Allah Subhana Allah says Allah so Allah insha Allah Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said, the prophet found and turned away because their caves in the blind man interrupting, but what could what what could tell you, but the productions he might grow in spiritual understanding, or that he may receive admonition and the teaching may benefit him Allah subhana wa tada had to critique for his profit, and that event, another event when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and there is multiple aspect of this story but Sora is very clear. When Allah subhanho wa Taala disagrees was the Prophet decision of making something haram the witches Hillel, he said yeah, you unloving you limit to how many marks La la la

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la la hora en Rahim O Prophet, why do you hold to be forbidden word which our last panel with Allah has made lawful to you. Allah subhanaw taala disagreed with his prophet. A very famous events is after vendor when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam took the prisoners a foreign beggar and he left them free and he gave them or let them teach people how to read and write and he sent them free. And Allah subhanaw taala disagreed with that. Allah subhanaw taala and said mark and Elena de acuna

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Jr. engineer to return out of junior low or lower as he is on hacking you. It is not fitting for profit that he should have prisoners of war until he has thoroughly subdued

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The land. And this was when I describe the state that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, I walked into the situation, and I saw the tears on the face of the Prophet and I saw him and Abu Bakar weeping, because it was their opinion that those prisoners should be like free.

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So how can this this book be scripted by the prophet sallallahu wasallam and had criticism to some of the position that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam has done challenging is this miracle a challenging miracle? Well, if you open the book and you read the facts, and you go on into Alif Lam mean Danny Kalki tabula rasa see, that is indeed the book there is no doubt about it. It challenges from the very first pages of this book, people there is no doubt this is the Book from Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala challenge of humanity and the jinn and the super v the parallel world of the jinn that live with us, he said and manage them and ensue engine Allah Yeah, to be me, Thiago and

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Elijah tuna Denis de Cana Baba homi Bhabha, I said indeed of the whole mankind and the jinn were to gather together to produce the like of this Quran. They could not produce the like they're off, even if they backed up each other with help and support. And the challenge maybe was too much then Allah subhanaw taala needed less. He said, I'm Yoko Luna Farah. Toby Ashley's who are in mythos actually saw a move that is in Miss Lee. Wonder Woman is actually sure actually saw a nickname if that is what the woman is departamento de la

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pena se je vous la

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Nila one La la la la. Allah Allah Allah who fell into Muslim moon, Allah subhanaw taala said, so they may say he forced it say bring you then pin SourceForge we have said just bring me 10 suitors that are forged and along with accepted like unto it and call to your aid whoever you can, other than Allah if you speak the truth, but you can't and if then they would will your false gods answer not your call. Know you that this revelation is sent down with the knowledge of Allah subhana wa tada and there is no god but He will you then even submit to Allah subhana wa Taala and if that challenge was too much 10 Surah hensler they could not do then Allah subhanaw taala made it less of

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a challenge. He said then Jaco Luna Farah confirmed to be surah na na casa facility in

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just one surah mean we are to be so ultimately what Roman is departamento de la?

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Or do they say he fortunate say brings in a surah like unto unto it and called who ever you want. And beside Allah subhanho wa Taala if you do speak the truth, and that was a challenge to the co founder of McCann, Sora Kunis, which is a matki surah when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam migrated to Medina, there were people of knowledge there were the Jews who claimed the knowledge of the book and a lot of pieces of the challenge in many surah in Surah Al Baqarah. He said one couldn't write any malasana Latina

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Shahada coming down the line could be a challenge in Mecca and a challenge in El Medina. And he said bring one Surah no matter how short it is, why this challenge still stands the test of time, many people tried and tried and many people today try you will see on the internet some imitation, but how do we know that this cannot be like the Quran? If we know the miraculous aspects of our book, if we know why is this for Annie sockeye, he thought when he met his face versus a soul tie together, you can now replace one litter in the Quran and we will see why inshallah.

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So the language of the Quran the linguistic aspect of this vertical as well when Charlotte tried to study tonight, and what is left in our time, the Arabic language, the Arabic language is without a doubt the richest vocabulary known to human being. This is the science of linguistic this are not a bias of Muslims, or a bias of an Arab. This is what the sciences of linguistics say this is the richest vocabulary, and it is one of the most flexible languages known to man from one route in Arabic, he can take 40 different words. Each of them has a different meaning 40 different words out of one route, which is usually three letters in Arabic or four white letters in rare occasions. And

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of that if you compare that to English, the routes you can take a route Spanglish and the maximum you can derive

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About that is 12 words in Arabic you can get 40 and it's the poetic language they are mastered by the the co founder and the Arabs before Islam and we said like they have their poems on the Kaaba

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and Allah subhana wa tada described his book as the book that was descended with this language that Allah Subhana Allah chose for his religion chose for his book and he chose for the people in agenda in sha Allah and inshallah we speak fluent Arabic or not in agenda we will Allah Subhana Allah said why now Latin zero bill alanine nasolabial masala amine, lb kallista akuna Minal moon zerene de San in Albion Ruby, he said it is indeed was descended to your heart and mind that you may admonish them and the prescription was Arabic perspicuous Arabic tongue and in more than nine position in my nan places in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala nine times this five in the Quran as the Arabic book in

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Nan's Allahu Allah via La La Concha loon waka daddy cancela Hawkman Arabi albia

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for an RV

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for an RV and he was in

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an RV and Nicole Mineola moon in an RV Yolanda Kentucky lone worker Danny kohana. And Albion listen

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to her

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on the sand and Albion Latina Valentina Bouchard in masini in the Arabic language is the air the language of the Quran and we will see why Allah subhanho wa Taala inshallah will try to shed some light about POC Allah subhanaw taala chose for his book

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number one in this court and there is no word that can replace another word you there is a good incidence in history when I lost my one of the Great's color of the language I lost my in Arabic is more than Shakespeare in English. He is the man of the language and one time he was reciting this area that came from supercollider he said was Sarika sorry, Tao idea Houma design de la casa de la la la la hora Rahim is the way he finished it and in and a man who is illiterate who is an Arab and Nomad Arab was sitting there he said, Who said this? And last night said Allah and he said, this cannot be the words of Allah.

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Because the last night I finished this I have I sent a love a photo Rahim. And the people started beating the snowman and they said, How can you How would you dare challenge the last night? And he said I can't because that does not sound right. And last night, I said don't beat him just bring him sore at night and let him read it. And then when they read so at night, this Nomad was right, because Allah Subhana Allah said was sad, of course, Saudi Arabia who matches me na casa de la la, la la, la la la Aziz, Hakeem and they said the man How did you know that? The last night he was resigning wrong? And he said because he said before Rahim or forgiving, All Merciful, but the aim is

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punishment for those who steal Allah subhanaw taala said MacAllan severe punishment and you tell me Hold on Rahim is not a position of Knoxville and his position of reserve and Hickman and this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala said it is as easy on Hakeem. And then when we look at the Koran, let's look at these two verses. One of them is sort of a soft Earth. The other one is sort of user two of them about profits telling the people that we sold read, Youssef said Allah is calling us to fairly usefully

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cover. And Ibrahim said Allah Buddha in Iraq in milania. Nearby Hulk, can we take in niara and replace it within your eyes and either worse and why not? Think about that for a minute while I read the translation?

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Brahim said oh my son I see in vision that I offered the and sacrifice that I'm I offered the sacrifice I see in ER in the arts, the present tense, and then use upset to his father or my father. I didn't see 11 stars and the sun and the moon. What is the difference? And can we say can we replace it? Can anyone replace that? The answer is no. Because it tells the exact thing that happened to you set us up in one time in his dream. He saw the stars he saw the planets

00:29:40--> 00:29:59

kneeling down to him and he saw the sun and the moon Ibrahim, he was repeatedly watching the same dream over and over and over again. And the first time he would think it is not true. It is a black swan. He cannot be stopped during his own son but it kept happening and happening.

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happening and this word is what tells us that that was the case in the era is different from India right? And if Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is paying attention to these details, then it is absolutely impossible. And we will see how that is true. The other thing there is that internal music in the Koran, this rhyming, and the beauty of it you don't need to understand one word when you listen to a good reciter like our brothers here in our here and check myself when they say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim or shamcey wabo ha ha, ha Merida Salah one, either.

00:30:40--> 00:30:43

One lady either you're sure what's

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gonna, what do you wanna for ha ha

00:30:51--> 00:31:03

ha ha ha ha taqwa to the end of this verse is just that music that seeps through your soul. And not only that, it comes with the meaning if you look at

00:31:04--> 00:31:05

our law.

00:31:07--> 00:31:09

Now, the first part,

00:31:11--> 00:31:35

the first part of these verses, and you don't need to know a word of Arabic of also you really know the theme. It is a duty to learn Arabic, but you can just listen to the rhythm when Allah subhanho wa Taala talking about the plentiful bounties that he gave mankind. Allah subhanho wa Taala said that young is an inner pani

00:31:36--> 00:31:38

sabella, the

00:31:40--> 00:31:42

oboe Shaco

00:31:44--> 00:31:51

he had the wine of Aqaba was a tuna wanna holla what

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the matter? I like him when he asked me Can you see the stretch of the sound? I wasn't I said, this is the how I stretched the boundaries for you limitless, all these are bounties that illustrate for us. And then all of a sudden we were deciding

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An event happened. You just feel it in the words, something happened, everything stops. And that is the day of judgment.

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He saw

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yo macaroni Morrow mean, he won't be wasana wasafi Betty, you have any liikanen remine homeodomain nguni anxiety you feel the anxiety of the Day of Judgment, just for the rhythm of the words. This is a miracle of the Quran. And then when he speaks of those who are happy, listen to the letters, yes, the soft letters that Allah subhanaw taala uses with Julio made

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Sheila, he saw the happy faces of the believers. And then listen to the other part, the ones that are not happy, the unbelievers will Julio met, he didn't Allah yo la da, da, da da ha ha ha Katara. See the letters, the harsh letters, because it describes you the harshness of those voices of those of those faces. Hola, Erica homolka, fortune, federal. This is the internal music of the Koran, and many people that just listening to the citation, they feel their heart shake with the Koran.

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Just get our attention to one very important thing as we speak of these miraculous aspects of the Koran, we have to understand that the Quran is everlasting miracle, and many aspects that we consider miraculous and the 21st century were not even known, and the 19th or 18th century or the centuries before, and that is actually one of the aspects of the miracle of the Koran is, in every generation in every age, and in every country. It has a miraculous aspect. And we tried to shed the light on some of it. So don't go home with the thoughts that this is it and whenever we know about all the aspects of the miracles of crime, because it will never happen.

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Audio send them in the head is that we decided last session he said, let them call big enable His miracles, the miracles of the Quran, its miracles will never cease. It's going to keep on coming and coming and coming. And we spoke last time before a quick review for the brothers and sisters that were not with us. We spoke of the miracle the onset for anything to be a miracle that emerges that has to be an extra ordinary event. Something that doesn't happen usually has to come from it.

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Divine Source from Allah subhanho wa Taala it cannot be replicated by humans the source of the word the roots of the word merges or is as it means cannot do something that cannot human is able to do. And it has to challenge the whole purpose of emerges as a challenge. It's a, it's a daring event to challenge people is this is what a lot can do. Show me what your gods are, what you can do. And then it comes usually after the beginning of the prophecy, and we said come to challenge people in matter that they have mastered and one of the one of the aspects of the miracle that he came to challenge the Arab tribes in their language was in that what they take pride. And, and, and they they had a

00:35:46--> 00:35:56

lot of respect to the linguistic abilities of people where they actually got to hang some of their poems on the Kaaba, and they call those poems and mala hearts.

00:35:58--> 00:36:45

And to prove, when we went over some of the evidence and the proof that this is not scripted cannot be scripted, we know as Muslims, that this could not be scripted and it's not scripted by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and somebody may say why are we saying these things over and over again and bring proof to people who are actually believers. And the the example of that and Allah Subhana Allah has the best in with you. When Abraham has Allah subhana wa tada dr indicator Hinata on our limbs, in color Bella will actually apply Nickleby Allah Subhana Allah asked abraha masala Show me how you revive the death. And Allah subhana wa tada said, didn't you believe that I

00:36:45--> 00:36:55

can do that and said yes, but like my heart settle, but my heart settled down with a smile. And that's why we always have to remember remember and remind ourselves.

00:36:57--> 00:37:16

So this could not be scripted because the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was illiterate, he could not write or read. He had no source of knowledge to get all these beautiful all these authenticated stories of those people before us and to get all this senseless knowledge. Well not content that loony oddly enough

00:37:17--> 00:37:57

to be anemic, isn't that terrible saloon. And the Quran did not come according to the request or the knees of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he spoke of the event of the falsehood when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was in dire need for one to just settle things in his house and his wife has been accused of the utmost crime and she's innocent and waiting for just the revelation to come and waited a whole month because for our incomes according to the schedule of Allah subhanho wa Taala not according to the schedule of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when it came to critique the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actions many times like in Surah gathers episode

00:37:57--> 00:38:18

with Elijah who Yama and we said another example of that sweated. So how do you interview him? So having a la la la la, la My mother has what he called La La food over here and a third proof is in the verses of lm fell after of us with better McKenna Nina DNA akuna la who has

00:38:19--> 00:38:22

nothing a lot who do not have a heritage anyhow Allahu

00:38:23--> 00:39:08

Allah horizon hacking, and then it was a challenge in miracle I see Allah Subhana Allah challenge the ends that humans antigen to bring to bring something like the Quran, and they could not then the challenge went down to only 10 Sula, only 10 sewer mukarat forged sewer bring any any for sewer I like like the strength of the climb, and it could not happen then the challenge went down to one sewer ring one sewer I like the shortest sewer line now pineapple cosa casalini Arabic on how English Ania COVID aka bring one Surah that has the solid, the solidarity and has the authenticity of the Quran. And it could not happen in in this challenge was in sort of Kunis which is in that

00:39:08--> 00:39:24

key. So the challenge was again so that's a call which is another nice sutra on the Muslims interacted with the people of the book that had the knowledge of before so the challenge remains lines in Configuration Manager now to be sure I can meet the evolution

00:39:26--> 00:39:27

in control quality.

00:39:28--> 00:39:59

Allah subhanho wa Taala said about this for an Alif Lam ra he tells him at some level selectmen level Hakeem and hubiera this verses have been perfected and held tied together by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Who is alakina Kabir the language of the Quran is what we started with. inshallah, we'll continue this aspect and try to finish some of it tonight. And this is the Arabic language is chosen by Allah subhana wa. Allah is the language of the people of agenda. It is the richest language in vocabulary.

00:40:00--> 00:40:16

From the Arabic one roots in the Arabic language, you can derive 40 words. If you compare that to English, you can derive only 12. And that tells you about the richness of this language. And it's a poetic language. And when we saw that, and some examples, last session,

00:40:18--> 00:40:31

he got to the point of explaining some of the miraculous aspects of the linguistic aspect of the miracle of the heart. And one of these things is the tight, composed.

00:40:32--> 00:40:55

A lot of times Allah said, he traveled, he met ayato, you cannot really change one letter in this court and keep the integrity intact, you cannot keep it intact. And we saw how each word serves a particular purpose. Like we brought two examples. One of them when Ibrahim said about a dream that he saw to his son when he saw that he was slaughtering

00:40:56--> 00:40:59

it's night and he said up, he said, Call

00:41:00--> 00:41:16

me and he has backup fumble. No, that's all and when you sub saw a dream he saw to his father, yeah, that's in your eyes. So I had a lot to cover. Can we replace these words and the meanings stay the same? Can Can Brahim say you have a right to think that

00:41:17--> 00:41:19

I can move I can use upside Yeah, but

00:41:21--> 00:41:58

the meaning will change. Why is that because the dream that Ibrahim saw kept repeating itself he kept saying it over and over and over again. The same message is coming to him call us hello to Allah. And that's why Allah subhana wa tada to describe that he was in ER, it's icy It's a present it's continuous something that is happening again. Simple, simple present, if you will, if you want to do a parallel to English, but use of saw that green one. And that's why he saw I did see 11 stars I knew it too. I had that I can I can cover and you cannot replace this for that and keep the meaning the same.

00:41:59--> 00:42:28

We spoke of the rhythm of the Quran. How's the rhythm not only when when Venus is here, and recited from one of the karate one of the recycles of the Quran, we hear the beauty of it, our hearts reacts with it. And sometimes even if we don't understand the meaning of the word, our hearts still react to it. There is that rhythm internal rhythm of the hand that is miraculous. It's unbelievable. Listen to these verses. how's it gonna shake on your regime?

00:42:32--> 00:42:32

And now

00:42:39--> 00:42:42

that he had the wine

00:42:44--> 00:42:45

was a tuna

00:43:01--> 00:43:02

yo may have

00:43:03--> 00:43:06

been happy while he

00:43:08--> 00:43:14

was he that he was any liquid livery in homeodomain

00:43:15--> 00:43:22

when you're with me, would your hooey I will not eat him. Pharaoh bow.

00:43:23--> 00:43:27

Shira what would you do not easy not a

00:43:29--> 00:43:34

pharaoh hakuho katella hula aka human Catherine said your

00:43:36--> 00:43:41

translation therefore purpose, you saw the first soul section when we are

00:43:42--> 00:43:50

speaking about spending the bounties on expanding why for us given us more or less hakala use the net

00:43:51--> 00:43:57

fact in NASA as of the semester or Basha.

00:43:58--> 00:43:59


00:44:00--> 00:44:13

Allah has given us more expanding and you see the rhythm is going to show us that and then when the Day of Judgment Can you hear sudden stop? Everything sees Hey there, there it is.

00:44:16--> 00:44:19

Six motions not obligatory

00:44:20--> 00:44:34

six motion that you have to do it that way. everything stops. Oh, thesis, you hear that in the rhythm of the plan. And then you hear the anxiety of the Day of Judgment. Y'all may have heard rumor owning a thing while

00:44:35--> 00:44:59

everybody's running around. If you hear her insane feel that and then when you hear the words that are describing the faces of the believers, you hear the smooth letters who do honey Elena is in moose Farah noosphere. And when you listen to the basis of the the unbelievers, Allah make us of the believers who do who yell Nathan Allah you have dada dada

00:45:00--> 00:45:00

Who have

00:45:01--> 00:45:29

difficult words difficult flavors coming because that's the state they are in, they are in a very difficult state and that internal rhythm is miraculous. And there is no book that minutes and come close to even be in like the rhythm of the heart. The other thing is some of the words have the pronunciation of it have the feeling the same thing, like when Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Yeah, you are levena lunella comida

00:45:30--> 00:45:32

roofie serene in

00:45:33--> 00:45:34


00:45:35--> 00:45:47

is some heavy and it means that all you who believe what is the matter with you that when you are asked to go forth in the cause of Allah, Allah you cling heavily to Earth.

00:45:48--> 00:45:49

Allah subhanaw taala said Linda

00:45:53--> 00:46:06

and that is some some aspects of the miracle of the the other thing is each letter, each letter has a very important purpose. Look at these two verses. One of them came in look man

00:46:09--> 00:46:13

Allah subhana wa tada said Yahoo nothing is solid

00:46:14--> 00:46:56

yeah pulling you up in his solar while moving narrow if you want him Can he was there Anna also back in the canyon as neelu Asan established regular player enjoying what is Justin COVID what is wrong and bear with patient as for Allah masala constancy whatever afflicts you for this is firmness of purpose resolution in the conduct of the fair, he has already come in as we know more. You read the second verse, while he knows about our para, he can learn in as many lemon eyes no more. So first one is Nina as me no more. And the second one is learning as we learn more Why is that? What is the difference? Listen to the lips.

00:46:58--> 00:47:44

But indeed of any show patience and forget, that we're truly learning is for emphasis that is truly indeed certainly be an exercise of permanence of purpose resolution, and the conduct of affair why a lamb came here and it did not come there. Because the X in the first hour is an act of patience, and patience on and we'll see that we'll say guys afflicted, it happens things that happen you are afflicted by the will seek out death. afflicted by will see that disease affected by an earthquake afflicted by famine, General will see that. So we are patients this is indeed mean as we know more it is of of the of the firmness of purpose and of the resolution. But when there are forgiveness

00:47:44--> 00:48:02

involved dwelling on sobre la or if somebody actually caused this disaster to happen, and then you forgive in that case, a lot more stress, a lot more resolution and a lot more firmness. And that's why Allah Subhana Allah said one month sober off up

00:48:15--> 00:48:16

another example.

00:48:19--> 00:48:41

Look at these two verses. first verse Allah. Allah said Coca Cola tallow at Lu colocado. At Luna carbonara bukem Allah, Allah to Sri COVID lanisha kwabena le Dania Santa what to do, I will add that to mean in laughing not not Zuko Kumar, Yahoo. Cola, Taco Bell, lakisha. Navin, how am I bought?

00:48:43--> 00:48:46

The second verse, Allah Subhana Allah said, while I talk to you and why

00:48:48--> 00:48:52

not, you know Zuko, whom ye yaku in Nakata, whom can

00:48:54--> 00:48:57

two verses speak of the same thing of killing children

00:48:58--> 00:49:43

because of poverty, but there is subtle differences there. Listen to the first verse, first verse said, kill not your children on a plea of poverty, when you are hit with poverty Do not kill your children. That's up to the older community in LA, the state of poverty is there people are poor, and unless kindness Allah said do not kill them, we provide sustenance for you and for them, and you came before them. But when you look at the next one, that's up to you I will ever come Harsha in LA, knocking your children for fear of poverty, we will shall provide sustenance for them as well as you them came before you. Why is that? Why in the first verse, Allah, Allah said, we will provide for

00:49:43--> 00:50:00

you and will provide for them. And in the second verse, Allah said, we will provide for them and we will provide for you because in the first verse, it's the state of poverty is there and what kind of Allah is reassuring people who are in the state of poverty, we will give you something

00:50:00--> 00:50:34

It is I will also give you a children system. So don't, don't don't kill them from this state. The second one is people feeling if they have more children than they will go into a state of poverty. Then all those handout I said, Don't kill these children, the sustenance will come with them, we will send the sustenance to the children like we are sending it to you. Now who knows why Jaco will give them their sustenance even before they come and see the delicate and then people say the author of the Quran is our Villa Mohammed Salalah alayhi wa sallam.

00:50:35--> 00:51:23

And then look at Surah alkaff look at you know, oh learn about the story of the learns man, the knowledgeable person about insulin that had a meeting and we know the story was Musashi, Salah. And what look at the conversation and the lectures that Allah Subhana Allah, the verbs of Allah Subhana, Allah used to kill this conversation. First he said, Allah in mechelen, pastafarian is a bar, you cannot be patient, you cannot endure you cannot persevere with me. The hover is telling us moosari center and does not mean you cannot you will not be able to enact and enforce yada yada. And then the next time when Moosa objected to the first action, he said, an icon in the column for Sophie is

00:51:23--> 00:52:06

over. I didn't I tell Didn't I say that you cannot be patient with me you cannot persevere. And then when he objected the second time, then he said, Allah Allah, Allah put up a letter in like an apostrophe. And if I didn't, I'd say to you Didn't I tell you? So God look up more firm with this just two letters lukka in like an uncle Sophie Anaya, Sabra, but look across kafir here, and then when he started explaining to him the third time he said, Have your Apple baby you have a nick so Nabeel Kavita really nylon testifier la sobre. La became a stopper. And then when he explained everything he said, then he cuts out we knew nylon,

00:52:07--> 00:52:19

or a Sabra three word staining, very same meaning but why the difference in the why the difference in the use of the verb bestaat See, that's tougher and tougher.

00:52:20--> 00:53:01

Because the first words is difficult. That's not fair. Right? The second was Elizabeth easier cast off. And the third one is the easiest one because when Lucia was seeing all these mysteries, it was very difficult for him to be patient. Very difficult to to really not stay silent and not um, why didn't you kill that boy, that innocent boy, it's very hard not to keep the hold back. So the word to describe that action came Kasparov here, he said, You will not be able to do that in Atlanta software. But then when he is going to explain to him things are getting a little easy number one there more, no more tests, you're not going to have to endure more. So things that come easier, and

00:53:01--> 00:53:25

I'm going to explain to you so he said plan press papa, papa, it's really easier than what you thought. And then when he explained everything and things became very clear, and it's so easy now to understand. The verb came very, very easy nylon prosper. La sobre. So look at that, look at this true choice of letters and words. And look at Allah subhana wa Taala his ability and miracle the

00:53:26--> 00:53:50

the other thing is the Quran can bring meanings of the words by using repeated syllables that are being repeated syllables. Can you repeat it action like the verb says Allah says Allah Zara, the zombies earthquake and Samsung shaking the earth. But Zen zen, Zen Zen the same syllable is repeated twice meaning shaking over and over again. And the other one is I don't want

00:53:51--> 00:54:37

to be in sorrow Sorry, sorry. Sorry. keep pounding them, pounding them pounding them. It Yeah. And then you see these these reviews the verb there are many verbs in Arabic and the descriptions of the wind but lots of times Allah uses this one that has repeated syllables to let you know that it is a repeated action. And then it was was the shaitan that whispers in the ending in the in the hearts of people and letting us resume was was he does it over and over and over again and you never let you go well that's a pantalla could have said Allah Danny Suki Salinas one that whispers in in the hearts of people that he said us we sue for know how persistent she thought is just by using that

00:54:37--> 00:54:38

one verb.

00:54:39--> 00:54:59

And then sometimes the to put emphasis on one letter in the verb, Allah subhanaw taala tells you that you do this action repeatedly, like the pull off to going around the cabin, or going between Safa and Marwa Allah Subhana. Allah says in the software will not rely on beta or gamma but I do not have a yo

00:55:00--> 00:55:45

Hola Hina not any upou Fadi Hina and you have tawa meaning that you have to do it more than once had Allah subhanaw taala said and you have to Fabien at one time would be enough, but your power, you have to do it repeatedly. And when use a paladin Salam walked into that room filled with the women and they had knives in their hand. Hell, that's a parent gotta describe that scene and he said fella ballerina who at the bottom now who was a do not Katana, the uponor and Katana Katana. They cut their fingers once. But they were so stunned with the handsomeness of use of that they kept cutting their fingers over and over again. And that just that one emphasis on one letter in the plan gives

00:55:45--> 00:55:48

you that meaning this is the power of the whole heart.

00:55:49--> 00:56:34

Then the last thing I want to talk about today or before last thing if we have maybe five or 10 minutes is the sum give examples of the parables of the Koran, the parables, the suddenly feuds that are given to us in Nepal, for the symbolic use of the Quran by themselves our miracle of Allah subhana wa Taala number one, they're timeless, these parables that are brought to our attention 1400 years ago, are still just as valid, as valuable, as futuristic today as they were 1400 years ago, and they accurately portrays the ideas and the goals behind it. And they understood regardless of cultural or ethnic background, I mean, when when I want to give an example I use say things from my

00:56:34--> 00:57:23

environment, I use things that are real pertain to our situation. But here's a lesson kind of without us sending parables that are accepted everywhere by every group of people over time. See this this is the miracles of December fuse in the parables of the command. Let's get some some examples. When Allah Subhana Allah wants to give a parable for a chance for the son, Allah Subhana Allah describes it as a Siraj garage, meaning a lamp, a candle, a candle or a lamp. It's something that emits heat and light. So here's what the lesson said when he's talking about both the moon and the sun, or jahlil Hama rafina, Nura pachala Raja Sabha Kela de jalebi sineva Raja Raja Raja camara.

00:57:23--> 00:57:50

munia, when the moon is described is described as a light. Because the moon does not generate or emit light, it reflects light that is in light, it's an object that is liking the sky because of reflection of light. So the moon is light, but the sun is a lamp lamp, which is the origin for a hairdryer hajra. And we have made a lambda candle that will have it glows. It glows with heats and lights.

00:57:52--> 00:58:37

And then you see this parables of the people that spend their money, but they follow their money with Agha and men with reminder and heart. They are believers. They are believers. They are believers, but they have the yeah and you thought they have the two diseases, of showing off or pretending and of hypocrisy. Well, he has a villa and he is what Allah subhanaw taala described these people as they're similar. And then we will see a parable of the people that actually spend it when they are generous and wanted though the cause of our last panel God, Allah, Allah said, You Allah Dena Amanullah to produce a Ducati company menu and other kalevi up whom Allahu Allahu Allah

00:58:37--> 00:58:46

He will Jolla will occur from Italian who cannot Elisa, one in La, La La saga who are below taraka who Sol de la la la

00:58:48--> 00:59:12

la la Playa Del Carmen Capri, Allah con con that said the syndicate of these people that among among the other believers, they are just like believers. Why is that? Because their parable is like a hard, barren rock on which there is little soil, that soil is the mask that they show people around. So when you look at that little land that is really hard.

00:59:14--> 00:59:54

is only a little soil on top of it, you may think it's fertile, you may think it's a great piece of land. This is a very good place to really play. But let's see what happens when they are tested. When the rain comes, when they will when following up on, on on it's called heavy rain which leaves it just a bare stone, bare stone there is nothing the truth has been shown. But when you look at the parable of the Muslims or the moon in Macedonia, you know coonawarra home to Mr. bartylla for the pleasure of Allah what beats I mean ambition cannot agenda can be arroba I saw that however you know.

00:59:56--> 00:59:59

Then Lemelson, however you follow me not Allah universe.

01:00:00--> 01:00:42

series like a garden of elevated land fertile. Now we know elevated land that is full, this hilly land, not solid rock, but just all soil land has the best land. It's not in the flood zone, right? It's an elevated land. It's not a low land, and that's the best land for agriculture. And unless I found out it said, When heavy rains come, then it doubles it harvest but if even little rain come, it's still good. Even if the woman gave a little bit with faith, he's still good. But if they give more than Allah Subhana Allah doubles the reward. And this is what Allah Subhana Allah has given us about these pair of parables.

01:00:43--> 01:01:32

And we sometimes we talk about the timeless parables, this this time, this parable of, of people who try to shield themselves from Allah subhanho wa Taala to try to protect themselves from Allah. Allah listens Allah, Allah says about them, not only Latina Taka dooming de la jolla Can I can Lanka booty Chaka that data in our hand and boo Sheila Baker and Caboose low can we add a new variable of those who take protectors other than allies that have a spider who builds to itself a house, but truly the flimsiest of houses is the spiders house is gay, but new. And this is a fact this is scientific fact. The flimsiest of houses is the house of the spider, and it's still out there to challenge

01:01:33--> 01:02:18

then another parable, a parable that the parables that actually not only show you the acts or things that people do, but tells you about their internal psyche, how Allah subhanaw taala gives you parables to tell you about how people feel. And here is the parable of a person that a lot of henrikh Allah gave them knowledge and given the message of this lamb, the Messenger of Allah subhana wa tada and they rejected it. They don't want it. And that's kind of how that tells you how much they're tormented, and stop, how much doubt and suspicions they have. They cannot rest they cannot settle down. And I can keep on and on trying to explain to you the psyche, but listen to Allah,

01:02:18--> 01:03:07

Allah Allah gave you this timeless similitude he said his signature is that over golf, very ugly to lucky, not the solitude itself, but the person that has been given the example. If you attack him, he pants so they are being chased, or run after they pass. They're being heavily on if you leave them alone, they still pants, they can never rest. They can never really settle because they rejected what can bring settlement to their hearts, and you listen to that miracle. And then another miracle of those another silly feud of those who little bit on the fence. I'm a Muslim, but I really don't want to do that. I don't want to wear hijab I really like to go to do this. I like to gamble I

01:03:07--> 01:03:28

like to drink I whatever, then they they observe some worship with Allah Subhana Allah but look up Alessandra to get on the fence. Just a little bit and they fall out and here's the simply cute one in a nesina Yaba below Hannah, how on verge like they're on the cliff.

01:03:30--> 01:03:36

There is not tested, there is no test come to their face. They're fine. Why not?

01:03:37--> 01:03:48

The first trial, the first of your nation. Hey, Colorado, just a fall off that cliff. Has your gun Yeah, when they lose the duty and they lose the aka Jericho upasana movie.

01:03:50--> 01:04:07

He thought was lucky enough to select me lead on hacking in Kabir. This is so tight together. I'm sorry for a little bit more time. But I'm going to leave you with a final thought when you need versus we have always to look and understand.

01:04:08--> 01:04:27

There is a theme behind those verses of Quran. And Allah give you an example that we almost most Muslims recite every single Friday. And I would just like us to reflect a little bit. Can we see miracle? Anna with Alec and we see Allah ties those together.

01:04:29--> 01:04:29

And that's

01:04:31--> 01:04:31

what's in store.

01:04:32--> 01:04:53

Everybody knows red cap, right? There are four stories and basically, right there is the story of the use case. Those who are persecuted and robbed away from persecution. There's the story of the two friends. One of them was wealthy there and arrogance and then said, mouth No one said either Have you ever come out.

01:04:54--> 01:04:59

I denied that you're after because of the state of well he was in and the

01:05:00--> 01:05:11

As the most knowledgeable man, well the story started musalla hlm was asked who's the most knowledgeable person? And Musa said, Hi. So I was

01:05:12--> 01:05:23

sent him to meet somebody who's more knowledgeable. And that's a different story. Well, the story is the king that had Mike and power well as

01:05:24--> 01:05:36

he answered other that he had of everything he had technology, he had well at armies, he had power cliche, I wasn't happy so he gave him everything that they know

01:05:38--> 01:05:40

so what what is the connection there?

01:05:41--> 01:05:46

What What is connected these four stories? What is the theme of this one?

01:05:49--> 01:05:51

I look her name was not arrogant.

01:05:53--> 01:05:59

Those that were run away from the war, not arrogance. What Why is

01:06:02--> 01:06:03

this what

01:06:06--> 01:06:06

he said,

01:06:07--> 01:06:10

was a man of your life if you know what he's like,

01:06:12--> 01:06:19

memorized in verses of the beginning of cavalry from the false messiah from the super late Why, why?

01:06:21--> 01:06:22

Why should I

01:06:24--> 01:06:25

know that will occur?

01:06:30--> 01:06:35

Because floors, toys we heard this toys.

01:06:36--> 01:06:38

These are what kinds of

01:06:39--> 01:06:41

human being look at the explanation of that.

01:06:43--> 01:06:51

They were kidnapped by religious persecution. Many people have been tortured, turn away from religion.

01:06:55--> 01:06:58

And they leave religion behind. That is one of

01:07:00--> 01:07:00


01:07:02--> 01:07:06

torture people will kill people. And another thing is well,

01:07:07--> 01:07:23

money and power. That is a fitna and that is what happened to that man that said Muslims had caught him. He was afflicted by this sickness. The third type of fitna is somebody who has knowledge to think that their knowledge of some

01:07:24--> 01:07:27

arrogance because of the knowledge when he left

01:07:28--> 01:07:57

and this is what how Allah, Allah is teaching prophets is Do not be do not look at yourself and don't be proud for what Allah Subhana Allah has given you. And the fourth is trial by my power many people what when they are giving the mic and power, they become pirates. So now it's more clear to us how these four stories tied up together why the four stories I got through four times of fitness and why you know, you would

01:07:59--> 01:08:19

have taken too long and I would like for us inshallah to continue next weekend. There will be a Notes section because of the fundraiser the weekend after that, because of the school fundraiser, and inshallah we'll pick up from where we left and we will go into some of the scientific miracles of Angela

01:08:22--> 01:08:23

Allah Allah