09 Muslims And Infidelity

Special guest Haleh Banani joins the Baba Ali Show to discuss: are practicing Muslims really having affairs? what causes people to cheat red flags to watch out for baby steps people take to infidelity the different types of cheating advice for those dealing with this issue

08 Shame Grenades And Fitna Bombs

Special guest Omar Usman joins the Baba Ali Show to discuss: Muslim trolls on the Internet exposing the keyboard warriors that start fitna on social media the negative impact of shame grenades the psychology behind why certain people who act like trolls the lack of productivity when shaming people into guilt  

07 Joking In Islam

Special guest Sheikh Yasir Qadhi joins the Baba Ali Show to discuss about joking in Islam. It covers the following interesting areas: How the Sahabas and the Prophet ﷺ made jokes The fiqh when doing comedy What lines we should not cross when we’re joking around What type of jokes are not allowed in Islam

06 How Not To Make Dawah

Special guest Eddie from the Deen Show joins the Baba Ali Show to discuss: how some Muslims push people away with their Dawah how Muslims carry themselves online and offline never judging a book by its cover the mannerism of those giving Dawah the importance of having good character.

05 The Muslim Dowry Bubble

Special guest Sheikh Navaid Aziz joins the Baba Ali Show to discuss: the 1 million dollar dowry story the impact of high dowries on the Muslim Ummah is the dowry issue cultural or religious? advise for those looking to get married the concept of dowry cheap men and greedy women parents trying to get a … Read more

04 The Ummah is growing sideways

Special guest Nadine Abu Jubara joins the Baba Ali Show to discuss: why we have so many overweight Muslims, including most Imams being overweight and how she lost 65 pounds launching her fitness DVD to inspire others the double standard between men and women when it comes to staying in shape how to get an amazing … Read more

03 Muslims, Sex, Islam, and Intimacy

**Note: This episode is NOT suitable for children. Special guest Usman Mugni joins the Baba Ali Show to discuss: when to see the Imam vs when to see a Marriage Therapist what Islam says about sex what each gender wants in the bedroom the differences between men and women and how they’re wired the negative impact of … Read more

02 Muslim Youth, Dating, and Drugs

Special guest Shaan Baig joins the Baba Ali Show to discuss: growing up as a Muslim Youth in America dealing with Muslim parents exposure to alcohol and drugs choosing the right friends can make an impact being inspired after attending an Islamic camp

01 Don’t let your critics be your CEOs

Special guest Omar Regan joins Baba Ali in discussing: what it takes to be a Muslim comedian what happens when nobody laughs the differences between Muslims do and Islam teaches dealing with critics and criticism some of the challenges behind making his new film, American Sharia.

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