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The importance of human forgetfulness is highlighted, as it is a divine attribute and comes from the discovery of the Prophet's words. The speaker discusses the use of "by" in the Quran and the importance of practicing Islam to remove suffering. The history of the Prophet's Prays is also discussed, including his recitation of the holy month and the use of bait and muck to convince followers to forget the holy month. The importance of finding excuses and finding a way to get rid of the shadow of death is emphasized.

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About the Brothers and Sisters in Islam, as Salaam Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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The prophets of Allah azza wa jal are human beings.

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Things that happen to human beings do happen to them as well.

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They starve, they feel thirsty, they get sick, and they become healthy. And also, they remember things, as usual and sometimes they may forget

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our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not an exception. He also sometimes forgot things. And he said, as reported in Bukhari and Muslim, I am a human being like you, I forget, like you forget.

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And this shows us that our role model forgets, therefore, if

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our loved ones or friends or colleagues, our subordinates

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forgot something. We shouldn't consider this to be the end of time.

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Things like this happen, we all forget, and this is part of being human.

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And this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah azza wa jal has uplifted the burden upon my OMA whenever they make an error, or forget, or they are forced and oppressed to do something against their will. It's part of human nature. And this is why Abdullah have not best may Allah be pleased with a man with his father said that a human being is called a human being in Arabic is called insan

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due to the fact that he was given a pledge and he forgot Nessie.

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So the word in Arabic in sand is similar, similar to the verb to forget, which is Nessie.

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And no one

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among the human beings is exempted from forgetting things. Because this is a human nature.

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Allah the Almighty does not forget, because this is a divine attribute of him as our gel, or my cannula book, and I see your Lord does not forget.

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But humans, they tend to forget,

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it was reported in the authentic hadith, that

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when Allah azza wa jal created Adam,

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and wiped over his back.

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There fell from his back, every single soul that Allah would create until the day of judgment.

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And they were displayed, to add them and allow them, saw them and said, What is this? So Allah told him, these are your offspring.

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And he saw a man

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with sparkling eyes. And he liked how he looked, and he said, Oh Allah, Who is this?

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So Allah said, this is one of your sons, that would peace be upon him, the Prophet of Allah,

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and he will come at the end of time,

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at the last of the nations, so Adam said, and how is he to live? How long is he to live? And Allah azza wa jal said 60 years.

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And in another narration, Adam asked, and how long will I live? And Allah said, 1000 years, so he said, Give him some years of my age. NARRATION said, 20 narration says 40.

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when Adams time was up, and the Angel of Death came to claim his soul, he said to him,

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don't I have like 40 years left in my lifespan?

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And the angel of death said, didn't you give it to your son, Dawood?

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The Prophet says Alessa Sam.

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Add them denied

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and his off

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shrink, denied like him, meaning this has become in their DNA. And Adam forgot. And his offspring also forgets. And Adam sinned

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while eating from the forbidden tree, and so would his offspring.

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And this denial is not due to

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rejecting what is truth because we know that prophets don't lie, but he forgot. So many times people say, give me some money said, Well, I don't have any money. And I swear, thinking that I don't. And then when I put my hand in my pocket, and I find that there are money, or there is money, so I didn't lie. I thought I did not have and this is a form of denial. Denying something and forgetting something

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with a Prophet alayhi salatu salam, his

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forgetfulness is not related to laws of Sharia, unless Allah wills it so that it becomes a role model to his Oma. Allah says in the Quran, we will make you recite all Muhammad and you will not forget except what Allah should will. So, the norm is that the prophet does not forget Allah has heard some special, especially verses of the Quran except when Allah wills it.

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I Isha may Allah be pleased with her says that the prophets Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam once heard the man reciting the Quran in the masjid.

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And he listened to him and then said, may Allah have mercy on him, he reminded me of a verse so and so I had forgotten it from Surah. so and so.

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And this is normal. Allah has mentioned this in the Quran, when he said, we do not abrogate a verse, or cause it to be forgotten, except that we bring forth one better than it or similar to it. So the verses of the Quran can be abrogated,

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and can be made forgotten to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but Allah pledged to replace it with something better or similar to it.

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And we've spoken about abrogation in the Quran so many times. And this is related to Allah's divine will. He decrees something, because that is the best for the time, and for the people. And then after the need is gone, Allah abrogates it and the abrogation can be

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by uplifting the ruling, and the verse remains in the Quran we recited but the ruling is not applicable.

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Or by abrogating the verse itself. It's not in the Quran. But the ruling remains or by abrogating both. The verse is taken out of the Quran, and the ruling is not applicable. Any more.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a handful of incidents, maybe one or two, forgotten either during prayer

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or dramani may observe. May Allah be pleased with him says that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam once skipped an ayah in Fajr.

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And when he concluded the prayer, he didn't feel right. So he asked, Is obey of niqab

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among the worshipers who are praying with us?

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Who's obeying a car obey of niqab is one of the four great companions whom the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam ordered us to learn the Quran from them

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because they perfected memorizing and studying it.

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So obey even a cab said, oh prophet of Allah

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is verse so and so? Was verse so and so abrogated. Or you were made to forget it? And the Prophet said, No, I was made to forget it. And this is

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a polite way of relating forgetfulness to the Quran. It is inappropriate to say I forgot I so and so I forgot

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The Surah of so and so I forgot a portion of the Quran. This is inappropriate and inadequate. The Prophet said, Don't say that. Rather say I was made to forget it.

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Don't attribute forgetfulness yourself as if you've done it deliberately, and you're boasting about it. Rather you were made to forget it.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam sometimes forgot

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things in solid.

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So once he prayed vor, five records, meaning he added the fifth tracker.

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And of course, when he was notified afterwards, and it was brought to his attention, he offered the two prostrations of Sal, as we all know that there are two prostrations of set who have forgetfulness, we compensate whatever we either neglect, forget fully, or add out of mistake to our prayers. And this is not the time to explain. You can find that on YouTube in sha Allah on my channel. So once he prayed five for guys, and the Companions, he didn't know what to do, because he was the legislator, he would say that loiter store cars, or phone records, or tender archives. So they followed. But after he finished, they brought this to his attention. That prophet of Allah, has

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the prayer been increased in records, instead of four or five. He said no.

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They said to him, You prayed five records. So immediately he faced the tabler offered to prostrations of forgetfulness of course, they followed him and offered Salam afterwards and he said that I'm merely a human being like you, I forget like you forget. So whenever someone of you forget and does something similar to this, he should compensate that by prostrating to prostrations or forgetfulness. Now, if you praying behind any meme,

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and the Imam stands up for an additional raka that was not intended,

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it is not permissible for you to follow him. So for example, in telawi, many times the imam prays Torah guys, and instead of offering the sitting position and to shareholder in the salutation upon the Prophet in the salaam resorts, he stands up for the third Drucker

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so the followers don't know what to do, no, you should remain seated and Say Subhan Allah Subhanallah repeatedly, so that you would notify him of him of his mistakes so that he can come back and sit down. You must not follow the Imam

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if he shortens the prayer, or prolongs the prayer, instead of praying Asana for records, he sat on the third rocker, you should say subhanallah if he doesn't listen, you stand up and pray on Iran.

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Also, the prophet once prayed us or took us and offered salah.

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And the Companions again, brought this to his attention. And he came down and prayed the third and the fourth chakra, and then offered Salam then offered to prostrations of forgetfulness and offered another Salam, once he prayed Maghrib to records and offered Salam. And once

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he did not sit in the first Tisha hood, indoor or an ASA prayer, so he stood immediately to the third rocker. And when they said Subhanallah, to bring that to his attention, he

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signal to them to stand up, and he offered sudo, the sudo before the Salaam

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and this shows us that

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the forgetfulness prostrations should be done either before Salam, or after Salam depending on the mistake. And in order to know how to identify this, you can go back to my YouTube channel and when you find these incidents and situations and scenarios,

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explained to you bathe Milazzo version

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even before salah the Prophet may forget once the karma was given, and the Prophet came to lead the prayer, and he's telling the congregation still to delu payments, so fufa Comala totally Fu and all of a sudden, he

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to his home telling them as you are

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and in couple of minutes he came back with a

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He had dripping water. So

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he prayed with him. They, he prayed and they prayed with him. And he explained to them that I came to the salaat forgetting that I was in the state of major impurity, and I just remembered, so I went and performed also and came back and this indicates that the prophets, the prophet Alison, can't forget, can't forget. And also it tells us that his hustle was only a couple of minutes. Not like those people with OCD and with mental illness would probably spend half an hour taking ghosts and washing themselves and scrubbing themselves like crazy until they have a rash or they develop some skin disease. This is not from the Sunnah. This is not from Islam. Don't ever claim that I'm

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practicing Islam, what by what I'm doing, this is a different religion. Go back to the basics and follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah so salaam, you relieve yourself from such OCD and you will please Allah azza wa jal.

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The Prophet once also forgot to pray the Sunnah of the hall, which comes after the door prayer. And he made it up after us her prayer, as per the hadith of him selama may Allah be pleased were there. And he told us not to do this after officer. But this is something special for him. He was

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engaged with convoys who came to give the Pledge of Allegiance and was preoccupied until the whole time was up and he did not remember to pray. This sunnah. Also, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was made to forget when les little other was. So in the beginning, the prophet knew exactly when Leila to Qatar was, but then due to two of the companions, arguing and raising their voices in the masjid, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam blamed that on them. And he said because of their argument, and raising their voices in the masjid, I was made to forget it. And likewise, he forgot the hour on a Friday, when Allah azza wa jal answers your dua for certain.

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And we know that there are different views of the scholars. The most authentic is that it's the last hour of the day, meaning the few moments before sunset of a Friday but the Prophet new Italia is loathsome before but was made to forget it.

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Likewise, the prophet one Salah has salatu salam forgot that he had some charity, gold in his house. So immediately, after remembering it, after a prayer, he went, and quickly after the conclusion of the conclusion of the prayer, he went to his house, and came back and told them because they were frightened, what had happened. So he calmed them down and said, I remembered that I had some raw gold nuggets in my house of charity, and I did not spend it where it should be. And I was terrified because of that. So immediately, I went and distributed it. And finally, things of natural things. In our daily lives, the prophet can forget those as well. So things you see, you may forget.

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It happens, where you placed your keys. Whether you did this or you did not do it, it happens. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam after the

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miraculous Night Journey, where he went to Jerusalem and then to the seventh heaven, or he went to the seventh heaven, then to Jerusalem and came back to Mecca. In the same night. The idol worshipers challenged him

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to describe to them

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bait and muck this

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the Mosque of Jerusalem. So he started

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describing it to them. And then they asked him about things that he did not pay attention to. So he was a little bit

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Then saddened like he had never been, because now it's the moment of truth and they're asking him so that they believe Him or say that he's a liar. So Allah azza wa jal and this hadith was reported in, say him, I'm Muslim. Allah raised bait and muck this for me to see. And I started telling them exactly brick by brick.

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Whatever they had asked me about, and Allah azza wa jal made me truthful in front of them. So

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we have to

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cut each other some slack. If we were to forget something, if your wife forgot something, if your husband forgot to bring something back home, it happens. It happens with the best of people. It happened with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So let's not jump the gun. And let's pardon one another, and find excuses for one another. And this is how we would find the sweetness of life with the grace of Allah azza wa jal