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Dua After Eating and Drinking

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Assim Al-Hakeem

Channel: Assim Al-Hakeem

Episode Notes

The dua to recite after eating & drinking

Episode Transcript

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Is this authentic? Allah Alhamdulillah Higgledy apartmani was a Pani wa Jalla Neiman and Muslim. This is a well known, but it is not

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authentic in the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. We have two doors that are authentic. The first one is simply after you finish eating or drinking you say Alhamdulillah. The Prophet said Allah, Allah, Allah the Almighty is pleased when his servant eats, or drinks and he

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praises Allah and says at hamdulillah

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in Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Creta, O ye shall we shall better metta who Allah, so the minute you eat or drink something and you say and hamdulillah Allah is satisfied, Allah is pleased with that. And this is one of Allah's beautiful attributes that he provides for us that He gives us that he supplies all the systems we need. And once we consume it and praise him, he's pleased with that.

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And the longer virgin is to say Alhamdulillah the Amani hada was a honey Mira Hola, Mineola, Pooja, all praises to Allah as origin who had fed me this and he has provided me with it without any mite or power from my site. So these are the two authentic

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dryers that you see after you drink or eat. To my knowledge