Building Mosque By Bricks Or Blocks

Assim Al-Hakeem


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Question about building mosques by bricks or blocks. I could not understand the question. But if I were to think of a reason, maybe because someone would say at the time of the Prophet RSL, salaam, they had only mud, and they had only the trunk of palm trees and the leaves and the branches. Nowadays, if you build new mosques with blocks and bricks, and cement, that would be an innovation. Maybe I'm not sure if this is his point of view and the answer would be no, this is not correct. You can build the mosque with any material, because this is not related to rabada. This is a means for worshipping Allah azza wa jal. So having lights, having an air conditioner, having microphones,

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having loud skips, speakers, all of these are not related to the prayer itself, meaning that if one of them is not there, the prayer is invalid or is not accepted. No. These are things that are accessories they complete. They help, but they're not of the essence of the event itself. So whether you build a Masjid with wood, or with bricks, or with blocks made of cement or with clay, there is nothing wrong in that in sha Allah and Allah knows best