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A brief introduction of my journey from Christianity to Islam.

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The speakers discuss their church's history and their desire to follow their father's footsteps and become religious leaders. They also talk about their experiences studying the Bible and the importance of understanding the revelation of Jesus Christ. They explore their journey to plant seeds for guidance and their belief in peace and liberty. They also discuss the church's stance of peace and liberty, the holy spirit, and the concept of the Trinity. They mention confusion surrounding Jesus' ability to be in the middle of the night and how he can be in the middle of the day, and a program to encourage people to ask any dollar related questions.

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. It is always such a great honor to meet everybody here and to come to this class in particular. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Peace, blessings and mercy upon you all.

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In order for me to share my message today, I think it is appropriate again, to just give a brief introduction as to who I am, where I come from, and what my reversion story is, because it is clinical to the message I want to leave with you.

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I was born and raised in a Christian family. My mother, beautiful singer, and my father, the pastor of our church, from a very young age have been nurtured by the names of the great prophets from Abraham and his sons, Noah, Punisher, and Moses with his remarkable courage to lead his people to safety. As I reached my mid teens, I was met with a burning desire to follow my father's footsteps, to become a religious leader. And thus, I dedicated myself to this cause, and soon found the platform upon which I could share my passion for God. And what I then believed is untainted revelation.

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As I reached my early 20s, or farmers offered a position of leadership at my church. However, as my independence, career and religious freedom to cold, I started asking questions which were often left on answered by my religious leaders. It was during this time that my mother had found a copy of the Quran, due to a business relationship that had led her to this revelation. Thus, I questioned her quest for additional knowledge. And I started to debate with her with love and compassion that I have. She is my mommy, we often had beated debates regarding Islam. And I did not fully understood why she wanted to go on this quest. And so I realized that my desire to follow my father's footsteps

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was starting to wither apart, that I should reevaluate who I want to be in life, and what I want to become.

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And so I decided to go overseas to work for Royal Caribbean cruises abroad. It was at the airport, when I was about to leave for my flight, that my mom helped me to close, embracing hug.

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And she prayed a prayer to a new God named Allah, which I will never forget.

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She held me close. And she played this Allah to send a big angel with me, to guide me, and to protect me.

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And as I left my flights, and I landed upon Australia, and I boarded my ship, I opened my bag, I realized that my mom had left with more than just to pray.

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She had left me with a copy of the Quran.

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And on the very first page of this book, she wrote a little note, and she said, that if I wanted to bait against Muslims one day, I need to understand the revelation, I need to understand the belief structure, and I need to know where they come from.

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And so with the love that I have for my mommy, I dedicated myself to reading at least one page every day. And seeing one page turned into two, two into three. And I found myself completing the Quran from cover to cover.

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This was the point at which my battle began,

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where my heart and my soul in life was torn,

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separated countries between myself and everything that I held there.

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I felt lost. And yet I knew I was exactly where to be.

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I felt betrayed by my religious leaders that had guided me for so long. And yet I knew there was still something that was guiding me.

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I felt like I did not really know God.

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But I knew he was right there beside me, to give me guidance.

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I've been completed the complete Quran, reading about all the prophets that I've internalized for so long, and reading about the message of Jesus Christ within this revelation, something struck me which was remarkable

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that all these things that I've now learned, is in correspondence with what we're what I've been taught, and yet there is a difference. And so I went back to the Torah and the Gospel to start a comparative study within the Quran.

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And what I discovered astonished me that there is more cohesion between these revelations than what there is separation from the very core principle of Islam and in the Quran, that there is only one God worthy of worship, echoed through the Torah and autonomy, chapter six, verse four, when Moses peace be upon him says, Here is around the Lord our God, the Lord is one. This being confirmed by Jesus Christ is what came before him and what was often in Mark chapter 12, verse 29, where it says here, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one

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as we find Furthermore, in the Torah, where it says that nothing in the heavens above the earth beneath the waterline

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The earth will ever resemble God. But there's nothing like unto him, confirmed by Jesus Christ peace be upon him as he stands before his followers and the Pharisees where he says that you have never seen the shape of God. Neither have you ever heard his voice.

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It was as if I've been reading a new revelation. Now this is not where my journey and this is only where it began, where I was able within my heart and within my soul to find and renew myself to make the Kalima Lyla Illallah, Muhammad Rasulullah,

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that there is only one God worthy of worship, who has no partner nor equal, and that Muhammad peace be upon him is his messenger. It was at this time that I realized that my mission is to work for Allah, that he had guided me from childhood, in a religious home, which was from a Christian background. And he had removed my complete Foundation, and he had to rebuild me as to who I am today and where I stand.

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The organization I work with now in Dawa is called era and we work with, with with an approach in Dawa, which is called the girl rap method. And inshallah, during the course of the next couple of weeks when I'm invited again by Mallanna, I would like to take you through these steps, because there's an easier approach to perform down, because we know that in ourselves is an obligation placed upon us to perform now, Allah subhana wa Allah tells us in the Holy Quran in chapter number 16, verse 125, he says, invite all to the way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching,

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and argue with him in ways that are best and most gracious.

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Look within yourself and ask yourself, when is the last time that you invited somebody towards the deen of Allah? When is the last time you sat down with someone and ask them who is the God that you believe? Please tell me more I want to know. But allow me to also share my belief with you so you can understand where I come from.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us the Holy Quran in chapter 41, verse 33, he says that, who is better in speech, then he who invites towards Allah and God's righteous deeds, and says that I am of the Muslims. Let us take this up and understand that this obligation that is placed upon our shoulders is no easy task. But obligation is merely to plant a seed might it be to hold somebody close in an embrace and to pray, pray with him? Might it be to plant a seed such as putting a Quran in somebody's bag, at the end of the day, you never know what that seed might sprout, it might lead them towards Allah and towards his Deen, as it did with me.

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within the organization, the first part of performing Dharma is to speak about the existence of God. Now we know in our existence, we have numerous different molecules and things around us that have come together to form certain things that we have in this life. For instance, if I were to pick up the cell phone,

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and I were to tell you that this phone formed itself over millions and millions of years, due to the fact that it's formed by carbon, it is formed by silver, nickel, it's a little bit traces of gold in here. It is formed with lithium, the batteries that it holds. If I were to save this, sulfur rationally formed itself, you would think that I'm crazy, because it is absolutely impossible. And yet, if we look at our creation, just with something so simplistic, our most important sense our eyes, if we take the eye and we look at the mechanics behind the eye, and its miraculous design, there are some people in this world that can say that that must not come from a creator.

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But how can we say that? Because if a phone cannot form over a million years, how can we expect an AI to form just out of habit?

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It cannot be. And if we go back to the very points of creation, we understand that every cause has something that is putting it into motion. We know that Allah subhana wa Allah as he says, In surah class in chapter 112 was wonderful, that he is uncreated, there is absolutely no return, and that there's nothing like unto him.

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So we know that if every creative thing has a creator, then surely there must be a creator, that put everything into motion. And as we have this phone, we know that it was created by something. And therefore we know the due to that process that we must come from equator.

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During my time

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growing into this team, my belief in God was so stable, but there was still something that was holding me back. And that was the concept of the Trinity.

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In the Trinity is believed that there is only one God, but that this God exists in three different personalities, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. It is believed that these three are one that all three of these entities are co eternal.

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equal, and that all of them are all powerful, all knowing, and absolute, omnipresent. And that has always been that always has been. However, through my comparative Religious Studies between the Torah, the Gospels and the Quran, I found that I could no longer believe in this concept, but there's only one Allah for numerous simple reasons. The very first is this creator of this being that is believed to be the Trinity is to be omnipresent. And yet Jesus peace be upon him says that he is a man. He asked his followers and he says that here and the man standing in front of you, therefore he cannot be omnipresent, he cannot be everywhere at once he is bound by flesh. Now

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Christian missionaries would argue that nodes due to the fact that he's still bound by flesh, but once he died, his spirit was lead free, and therefore he's immortal. However, is it not that we have an immortal soul that was created by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what is the difference between us and him? He was a man.

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The second point is that this entity, all three, this part, these parts are all knowing.

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Jesus peace be upon him says in Matthew chapter 24, verse 36, he says, that of the final day in our notice, no one, not the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Therefore, he did not have all knowledge, he does not know when the final day would occur. As every prophet before him, when they were asked that question, it was attached to their Prophethood, as Muhammad peace be upon him was asked that very question by Angel Gabriel as he sat in front of him in the in the masjid, that is the test. He was not all knowing, then therefore, how can he be co equal to the Father?

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The final test is that they are all powerful, the Father, the sun and the helicopters. And yet we know that Jesus peace be upon him says in john chapter five, verse 30, out of my own self, I can do nothing.

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As I hear, I judge and my judgment is just for seek not to please myself, but only him who had sent.

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Therefore it is illogical to believe that the Trinity can be one God, because Jesus peace be upon him declares that he is subservient to his God, as he says that the one that is sent by his master is subservient to the one that had sent.

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And finally, Jesus Christ peace be upon him makes it unambiguously here. In the book of john chapter 17, verse three,

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he says,

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This is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God and me whom you have sent.

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If Jesus peace be upon him, utters upon his lips, that there is only one true God and that's true God had sent him. And the way to get to this true God is through him as a prophet, then how can we believe that He is a God himself? We cannot. The concept of the Trinity is a flawed creation of man. And it was only instituted in the year 325 in the Council of nicaea, by Roman Emperor named Constantine, for the first 300 years after Jesus peace be upon him, the concept of CO equality between the father and the son was non existent. There is not a single church father that writes that Jesus peace be upon his co equal to the Father, it did not exist for the first 300 years, yet

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they work on mind, yes, but they will not be equal. They were taken into Unity as we would take into Unity of profit and the rod, our Creator, our sustainer. Because we know that the way to get to our Creator is to be following the footsteps of the prophets that were sent to us and are hungry like we were given the pacing Prophet,

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Muhammad peace be upon him. And it was from that moment that I've internalized this lifestyle within myself, that I had learned how to perform down and how to speak to people. Because all too often we believe in ourselves that we need to be an Ahmadi that or Zakir Naik in order to perform down. That is not the truth. Yeah, you have an example of a cell phone, to bring people to the creation of Allah, to bring people to his concept to bring people to His Majesty and then this

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year, we have the concept of the Trinity that is a fallacy that did not exist for the first 300 years. And inshallah as we can complete this program that isn't gonna read the next points being the revelation, and then the prophethood. We will discuss this in further detail, and inshallah we can even go into every single one of these points and flesh that out, to allow you to go out there and to invite people to the way of law and please sisters, I try and ask you now, as my mommy just took one simple step of

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putting into random my back.

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Truly generalize that your footsteps and this is the truth. For me, gentle light in the footsteps of Manami go out there, invite your family, love them, take care of them

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and enjoy

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Allah, Allah will grow that see that you place within there and

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I would like to give you an opportunity to ask any dollar related question anything that might have happened in my past fits personal questions feel free. I'm not opposed to answering anything and then you're more than welcome to Ask any related questions and I will try to answer to the best of my ability inshallah chicken so much for this opportunity, as always Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh