Who says the British are Reserved

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Nigeria who's Nigerian here? All right, what else?

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Yeah, man who's from Yemen. All right.

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Sri Lanka who's from Sri Lanka

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Pakistan who's from Pakistan

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okay Pakistan

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is that everybody?

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It's funny like people always say like the British are really reserved. Just get them to shout out their countries and they will lose their mind.

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It goes like this. A lot of signs my hometown, and Jerusalem is my heart. I flash madagascariensis smile.

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I've been Egyptian from the start. My kindness comes from Pakistan but my style

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my kindness comes from Pakistan. My style is Sudanese, Yemen and Somalia. Join two continents at my knees a

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Tunisian mind a Tunisian mind. Algeria and legs but Arabian disposition, Moroccan passion, Moroccan passion

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ah oh Moroccan passion, Sri Lankan fashion and Malaysian precision. Wherever allies worship are my people I conclude English esteem, French cuisine, American attitude.

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I have history and I have history in

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I have history and Irish soil and Nigerians and a future shining from what I saw and my present is where I stand my eyes pier from Kashmir.

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My spear from Kashmir that's India by the way.

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My eyes tear from Kashmir towards a Malaysian rising sun. My body is indivisible. I'm an omen of one