Poem a Day – A Prayer at the Kaaba

Ammar Alshukry


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A speaker describes a situation where their father is with them and they are looking after him. They mention that their company is better at something than their father but they do not want to share their thoughts until they have moved on. They also talk about their experience walking with their father and their desire to have their mother and father look at them.

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Oh ALLAH. Last time I was here. My father was with me. He was a youthful heart and aging body. I chase after him amongst the pilgrims and looked after him the best I could. Now he's with you. And your company is the best company I know that you are better for him than me and better for me than him but I see his shadow in these places and I hear his Televisa still. The baker la Humala Blake, Allah we've placed in this earth, mothers and fathers and siblings and best friends and spouses and loved ones of all kinds, envelop them in your mercy expand their graves as far as their eyes can see.

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They held our hands and taught us to walk to you. And those hands, those beautiful hands, we will never let go until we walk with them again until we walk with them home