Importance of Adornment To Elevate Your Prayer

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying in relieving oneself and not losing one's old strength. They also mention the use of praying to describe oneself as beautiful and to protect oneself from evil behavior. The speaker emphasizes the need for personal preference in the way a person looks and feels.
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not praying while needing the bathroom. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says that a person should not pray if you held off a thumb, if you held it all the time, well, I will hook you up button. And while the two basically what they need to use the restaurant

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that a person does not use the that a person does not pray while they're in need of relieving themselves while in need of relieving themselves. A lot of people have the opposite instinct. And that is when they feel like Oh, I'm going to lose my old due soon or I need to use the bathroom. Let me go ahead and take advantage of this will do and let me go pray whatever this prayer is the horror or whatever issue if I did or what have you. But that prayer is not going to be a good quality prayer for persons needs to use to relieve themselves then what kind of focus are they going to have? So the problem is a little light SLM is telling us that no, you go relieve yourself, remove

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your renew your will do and then come and pray a prayer that is undistracted that's the name of the game. That's the goal is to pray a prayer that is undistracted so our first item is to not pray wandering to relieve yourself. Number two, the second is to beautify yourself

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to beautify yourself wearing beautiful clothes. Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, Bunny Adam, hello, Xena TOCOM and the coolie masjid, oh, Children of Adam and salt, a lot of chapter or salt, a lot of verse 31. Allah says, Oh Children of Adam, adorn yourself in every place of prayer. And so, you know, I know of

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God told us of this, this one lady who memorize the Quran as in her later on in her life in her 50s or 60s. And when her children are asked how, what's the what's the secret or what tips does she have or what have you and her children have basically said that she has such a beautiful relationship with Salah she has such a beautiful relationship with her a bother her worship in general. She has a prayer place that she's always keeping perfumed, she has her a garment that she keeps for Salah that she always keeps just for Salah. And she's, you know, irons, it makes sure that it's nice when and always in its most beautiful form, always taking care of it always clean, making sure that it's

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clean, so that when she dawns it for her Salah that she feels fresh, comfortable, beautiful. And for some of us our the way that we look affects the way that we feel. Some people I had a manager once who

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told me he said

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that when he was feeling his worst, he wasn't Muslim, but he was just telling me it's like this is just a personality thing. He said when he was feeling his worst he would go and he would put on his best suit before coming to work. And it just made him feel so much better. And so there are some people who their their, the way that they look is connected to how they feel. And so if a person beautifies themselves, before entering into the Salah, it might be a better experience for them and even adorning perfume as well. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam loved perfu and there are some pairs where the province of the licen I'm told us to do and perfume specifically the Juma prayer. The

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province of the lady said Allah mentions the etiquettes of of the Juma prayers that a person goes a man goes darling their perfume with women

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they're not allowed to wear perfume that travels beyond themselves outside so

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you know something where

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the entire radius around her smells her scent for example, but is she allowed to wear that which is like body spray? Obviously deodorant things you know shampoo that's fragrant and all of that type of stuff. Yes. If it's something that a person would not be able to smell, except if they came into her personal space, then that is something that she would be allowed to wear. But again, it's not supposed to transcend beyond her with regards to men but

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at home I mean she can wear whatever she wants, she's praying at home she can she can be as fragrant as she likes as fragrant as makes her happy inshallah Tada. So these are all things that a person can experiment with, for their prayer.