Ammar Alshukry – 99 Names – EP 40 – Alhafeedh

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of preserving intellectual and physical property, as well as avoiding cultural norms and achieving fame. They also emphasize the use of media and technology to promote one's own brand and the importance of praying five times a day to obtain the commandments of Allah. The speakers stress the need to learn to accept and protect people's ideas and emotions, as well as their use of media and technology to promote their own brand.
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages Welcome back to an episode if this is your first time watching Welcome

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to another episode of the 99 names. I am here tagging along with our mother Shockley. I said I said up and yours truly blouse on In this episode we are going over Eid haffi of hafley illa. Like HAF e th, er have fat. Yep. What? So is different from Allah? housel? Yes. Is that another name of Allah? The name is that Haffield? Okay, but is there a name or attribute of a lot of unhelpful?

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I don't think so. Okay. Although it could be, again, controversial. Because it's agreed in different formats, the different formats are usually you'll have one that's

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stronger than the other. Okay. And then the other one will be something that some might hold, but it's still it might be a weaker form.

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So I'm going to put her in, it's an attribution. Okay. So I'm going to put that as a question mark, versus a half.

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So it comes from the word health, okay. Which means to preserve, Honey, what do you mean, it's a natural preservative, that I

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wasn't being funny, because when I went to Hawaii, we went to this one farm, the guy would grow Mac nuts, as they call them. They're really they're macadamia nuts. And so they would dehydrate them instead of roasting them to maintain this nutritional value. And then to ship it out, he would ship it out by putting them in the locally grown honey preservative in Arabic is actually called hafizullah in the feminine form. Why is it in the feminine form? Who cares, man? Why does it matter? I'm just curious.

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So hafizullah is a preservative. So honey is the whole fella. Watch it make sense? You know, Hey, honey, I want to share that with the missus later. Okay. Enjoy.

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Milan, his his technical romance life.

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No, technically you are a half of it because honey is a preservative.

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Again, I wrote for that but nonetheless, so I feel it's an exaggerated form of health with and it means the preserver and health is preserving something headedness preserving something from loss or forgetfulness. Okay. And so a half is we call health memorizing, obviously is considered is called health, because you're preserving it preserving it from what you're preserving it from forgetfulness.

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You know, it just kind of

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because sometimes we do work. It's this, this brings me back to Mike userland. He is the executive producer of pretty much everything that's been Batman,

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after the TV series, because he was a kid, when the TV series came out, he obtained the rights to Batman, he produced the 1980, what 485 movie, then everything even up until today, even Lego Batman. Now he was talking about how he grew up in New Jersey.

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And his dad was a Mason. And they would build houses and they would put the bricks on the houses that make the bricks and stuff. And the thing was that he was comparing the work of his father to the work that he's done. And he's talking about how celluloid, which is, you know, the old school method of shooting movies, which is film,

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it lasts maybe 100 years, right. But even by the time it gets to being 100 years old, is already starting to wear and that's why you put them in these climate controlled, you know, type of cool places, but even then, it's not gonna last that long. And that's why there's a movement going around to scan a lot of the digital, a lot of the negatives and the films into digital form. But even the digital stuff, it's not it's like it's it's intangible. Right. The question is, how long would it last if if something crashes, data crashes, or some sort of blackout, whatever? Is the data preserved? And he was reflecting on that. He's like, you know, what, my stuff as cool as is and

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working on Batman all this stuff? Probably 100 years. Nobody's gonna nobody, huh? Right. But he's like the work of my dad and building these houses. Like these houses, you know, they stay for a while. Very interesting. And you could see all around, like, the neighborhoods that he's helped build and things like that. And what that does is it reminds me of a statement of I've never thought of who said that the worth of someone is in what they excel at. The worth of someone is in what they excel at. So for example, you have someone who is a world champion.

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Yo, yo,

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would they call them athlete? I guess so. Okay, so you have a guy who's a world champion yo yo tricks. He's the greatest yo yo guy in the world hash tag, nobody cares, right? Because at the end of the day, he's mastered something but he's mastered something insignificant, okay? And so the worth of

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A person. So if you're going to master something, Master something that's significant, because your value is going to be in accordance to that. And so even in our culture, right now, you are really encouraged to master some form of art or some sort of athletics, because you will make a lot of money off of that, and you'll get fame off of that. But at the same time, go to go back to your Batman guy.

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20 years down the line, you talk to your kids about, you know, that band or that athlete who you literally captured your imagination and you got, you know, society worshipped, they rolled their eyes, they could care less. You know, and so I've heard this argument before, and I found that to be true that

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the most famous people in the world are the scholars of Islam. Yeah, I think it was the words of wisdom from 2008. That if somebody can find that video, he says the same thing. He says something like, hey, look, if you want to live for a short time, or do you want to live for a short time? Or do you want to live forever? Yeah, right. Like, and then he mentioned something like how, you know, movie stars and actors, whatever. It's like, Who remembers? Even the kings of the past? throughout England? Yeah, right. You might hear a Queen Isabella and Ferdinand because of, you know, their reconquest of Spain. But even that isn't about how many times a day do you have people mentioning

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their name? Right, exactly. But then you have like, he goes, behati will live forever.

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Every single day people are saying Buhari And not only that, but they're saying Bahati Rahim, Allah. Yeah, right. So he's just getting every single day, most of them, my mother, a couple hanifa. These people are just getting, they've lived for so long. Because of what they attach themselves to, and what they excel that the value of every person

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this brings is going My mind is is going sci fi right now. Because the whole idea of a book is that you have stored your intellectual essence, into a medium outside of you. And now, as long as that media exists, you will exist intellectually. And it's like they're talking about how they're How can you record? And can you map your entire cognitive essence right now into a machine and AI? So that way? They're talking about how potentially capturing the essence but I'm realizing how is that different from book just a little bit more sophisticated? Yeah, because what you're doing is you are giving yourself and that's why writing is so difficult. And that's why speaking is so difficult,

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because when you do so you're you know, you're giving you're letting people yeah, you're letting people access your heart. Yeah. And that's very challenging to do. So to go back to the name i'd haffi of a lot preserves, what does the law preserve? There's different levels of protection, and preservation. There's the first level which is the general preservation and that is the preservation that a log is all of humanity, right? The instincts that he's put into our hearts, we all know what is good for us and what isn't. We know the survival instinct. Yes, the survival, preservation of life, the preservation of life, isn't that a principle?

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The preservation of life is the principle of Shetty out similar, but we're not talking about that right now. We're talking about just the instinct that a person has in themselves, okay to preserve themselves.

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That's the first level of preservation and then there's, that's general for all of mankind. And then we have another type, which is

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a specific preservation that a lot gives to his believing slaves, and that is preserving their religion as well. Okay, right. And not only that, but there's another another level of physical preservation that they receive a loss of support and aid and all of these types of things.

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And one of the most striking examples of that is with regards to preserving a person's religion is

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that a lie? Is it in their moments of self doubt and their moments of crises and their moments of difficulty in the moments in which many people will slip? Yeah, a lot will make them steadfast because of their sincerity from before. So in the story of garbage pneumatic, he had procrastinated and he didn't go out onto the campaign if to book even though the Prophet had made it individually obligatory on every single person, so Saba is related to field support and yes, a lot preserve some people by giving them support. Okay, of course.

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Now with GOP story is that he had not gone out he had procrastinated, he was a sincere Muslim. In fact, he had participated in every campaign with the province I said up until that point, even budget except for budget because but it was voluntary. So there was no problem with anybody who didn't attend but it's not like as people who attended the Battle of butter they had kind of had like a blanket immunity of everything, right? Yes. But but it was more like hey, we're gonna go raid a caravan who's free right now? Yeah.

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So everybody and then plans changed because they missed the Well, a lot positioned and maneuvered everyone around for that to happen. Yeah, but they were going to rate a caravan. Yeah. And so some people receive their pirate some people didn't even go now when the province level like they send them commanded everyone to go to a taboo. Yeah, they

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guy but just kept delaying and procrastinating, you know it was it was the harvest time he's a farmer. Yeah, he's just enjoying it when the Prophet sent him was going to come on the way back because the booth didn't end up having a battle. Yeah, they just surrendered, right? No, there was no there was nobody there. Oh, it's like, oh, you show up for a football game. But the other team doesn't show up for a fight after school and the kid doesn't show up. Okay. All right. And so they that happened with my football team during a post hurricane. I forgot which one it was. But with that, the next day, this I think was Sunday, we were supposed to a football game. The other team

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decided to show up to the field and they automatically got the when we got to forfeit? No.

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We were We were to and like nine that season. So then the province was setting them comes back and 80 of the manassa been in Medina, they all lie to the prophecies and they'll Lie, lie, lie lie. I gathered my exes. I talked to my family. My family's like, Listen, just make an excuse. The prophet will make the offer you he'll be alright. Yeah. And God says, you know, that's what I was thinking about. That's what I was planning. And then all of a sudden those ideas vanished from my mind. He just went he just owned up to it. But he says the ideas just vanished from my mind. So the question then becomes who made those ideas vanish from your mind in that moment, where everybody's telling

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you to go left? I thought would be so like, Yeah, yes. And he says every all of a sudden he's like, I just realized that only the truth would save me. That's a lot protecting a person protecting their religion and preserving their vision and that's it. So what's the takeaway action of this? There's a very powerful Heidi's have been a blast reported by Timothy. Very famous Hadith, the prophet so I said I'm using the words false. Okay. Preserve. And he says, follow the law. Yeah, for like that, for the law. Did you do to jack he says, preserve the commandments of Allah, Allah will preserve you preserve. Or rather, he says preserve Allah, Allah will preserve you. How do you preserve a law,

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that's where the scholars put in between parentheses and they said, what he means here is preserve the commandments of Allah. Okay, preserve a large religion in your life, preserve the commandments of Allah in your day, and Allah will preserve you preserve the commandments of Allah, you will find a lock with you digitally to jack, you will find a line in front of you. And so how do I access the name of half if I access the name of Haffield by making sure that I preserve a loss of that in my times of difficulty and neat I find a lot with when you talk about preserving the commandments of a law we talk about basically the five pillars and the do's and don'ts. For what what does that mean?

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You talk about everything, okay? Whether it's the commands of Allah with regards to faith, okay, I preserve what a lot commands of me with regards to faith because a lot of Oh, this is why a lot of the attentions half of a quarter or half is because they're preserving the Koran, not just preserving the hold on but preserving the belief. Okay, right, because a lot of the contention and the challenges we'll come to, that are facing Islam now are theological. They're not even just, you know, it's not just a matter of it comes down to the creed and it comes down to the core and essence of it, preserving the religion, okay, preserving the, the beliefs of the religion as it was intended

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to be preserved. And so I preserve that I preserve the hold on I preserve the authority of the sun, I preserve all of these things, preserve the belief with regard to the components, I preserve all of these things. And yes, I preserve the pillars I preserve the do's and don'ts I preserve

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the lifestyle that Eliza has

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designed for me to live. And if I do that, I will find a lot as they're dead with me. Okay.

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So that's the action item. Yes, it's a great action item. And if somebody like like, Okay, so

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let's say somebody who's new to the game, right?

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What would be specifically?

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Good for them? To preserve the commandments of Allah. So pray, start praying, absolutely. Okay. You pray five times a day and you do what you can. And that's the reason why it's hard for me to just say one particular thing is what you need to do. Yeah, because everyone's at a different stage. And so they need to do as best as they can. Oh, I got I got one. I got one. You guys are watching the series, right? 99 names come to know the names and protect the names. Oh, great. One of the names you can start with is preserving the name of a field. There you go. There you go. So that's it. We end here. So a lot isn't uncommon to identify with synonym conceal

In this 40th episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – Alhafeedh


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