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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of various names and their significance, including Aladdin, Aladdin, and Allah. They also discuss the meaning of "well being" in various fields, including alarm, law, and the Queen of Sheba. The concept of "by default" is discussed as a reflection of actions and decisions, and as a way to achieve success. regret and remorse are emphasized as ways to achieve success, and knowledge and reality are key drivers for success.
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to another episode of the 99 names with a model shoukry and yours truly, I set on my econ Long time no see, I know this must have been a

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must have been like a four month hiatus

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or or you're just watching all the episodes. You just discovered it and you've been watching us like a marathon? Yes. On some road trip somewhere. Which would be awesome. That would be that would be awesome. That would be very cool. Or while eating pizza. Your home

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while eating pizza or you're on your daily walks. Pizza is the official food of the 99 names of the last series. Oh, come on. This is official for the Ninja Turtles. New York, baby. That's right. And you got you got to go and meet lovers. Make sure you got some of that. Beef pepperoni. Excellent. And some a little bit of salami in there. Beef salami. I know salami on that chicken, although it will go with the meat lovers. But enough banter we're going to jump right into the next name. And the next name is Ellie, a lamb and an island. That's three names. Yes, exactly. Aladdin, Aladdin and Allah. You know what's really interesting to me about these names, they all call go back to a lot of

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knowledge, a lot notes a lot knows a lot knows. And what's the difference between the meaning of these three, we're going to get to that in one second, but they all go back to a lot knowing and so

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and knowing everything, one of our, you know, Xu here, Chef, he is a philosopher from Austin. Yes, he's in Austin, Texas, from SoCal. He's originally from SoCal. Because it's just fuzzy.

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Originally Before that, he was in Virginia, but nonetheless, yes. And he's also Sudanese, our goal isn't to give him he's Eritrean, actually, but we're not intended to go through a bio.

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But he's awesome. He is awesome. So the idea here is, he told me one time, he said that there was a pastor who had read the Quran from cover to cover, or he might have been a priest. I don't remember which one, but it was either a pastor or some kind of religious figure, yes, but read the Quran from cover to cover. And so she asked that I asked him and he said, what was your main takeaway from it? What did you notice? And he said, the thing that I noticed the most was how much Allah knows. Okay.

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And so when he was reading the Koran, he was just, that's what became apparent to him how much God knows a lot knows a lot knows about knows and so appropriately when I was reading on this, I was surprised, or I found it to be consistent with his reflection. That allele is the name of a law that is mentioned the most. Hmm, Really? Yes. Okay. It is mentioned in the form of a lollipop.

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Yes, in the form of an ID okay. Not like a combination of all three. No, okay. And it by itself is the name that's mentioned the most so we're not even adding the combination of alarm and an island. Not only that, but other than the name Allah. Okay. Allah is the name that's mentioned the most for sure. Okay. But Adam is mentioned 157 times after the name of law, there's no other name that's even close. When we're talking about the name of a law. Are we talking the name a lot? Are we counting the Bismillah? No, we're not counting the vestment of Allah, the name of Allah more than the robe? More than Yes, more than bene. Yes. Aladdin is mentioned the most really rub

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you could say a lot bit more. But that's that's it's not coming in that form. Like rub.

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You could argue that

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you don't see that in the Quran is more like an attribute. Exactly. It's not just that it's an attribute. It's, it's not coming in the form of the Elif lamb so somebody might not have a proper name like it is but I deem is coming as a proper name like that it's not coming as a description is coming as a proper name.

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And the lies are being allowed in comes so many different times in the hold on it comes more than anything else. It comes from more than a man it comes more than a lot of hate. It comes more from a hammer in the best metal. We're not counting the best metal Okay, you would use you know, an introduction to the chapter. So

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except for perhaps maybe in fact, the best Mullah only insulted them. Okay, because last night no means today man. The story of today mana law says no.

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Pilot Rob be

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in your sila la Kitab. And Kareem in the homie pilot. Yeah, you know, in LA Kitab and Kareem in Omitsu de mano no Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Okay, or in your sea life forgetting the verse But Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim is coming in the middle of sort of the knock, okay. Okay. And so what is it like what like, what's the sort of sort of random number?

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Okay, so

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In the story of the Queen of Sheba Yeah, the best mela comes as

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quoted in the letter that suit a man sends to the Queen of Sheba. Okay. Yeah, you had Melo in LA Kitab. And Kareem that's how it goes. In no human suit a man Oh, no. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. It is from Saudi man and it is Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. So the best metric comes in that complete form as a part of sort of the number other than that it's not considered a verse, okay. And Allah knows best now. When we go back to Aladdin, Aladdin is mentioned in 157 places in the whole lot. Okay. And so a lot as we get knows. As for Aladdin, Aladdin, and I love Okay, okay. So you have Aladdin. Yeah. And Adam is the one who knows.

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Aladdin is the one who knows it is talking about someone who knows much. Then you have ally limb, which is the most logical Yeah, when you when you when someone is an island, you indicate that that person has reached a level of expertise, okay? mastery, a depth of knowledge. Okay? Yes, and mastery. As for alarm alarm indicates the expansiveness of this person's knowledge.

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Someone's okay encyclopedic, breadth of knowledge. Because you can have a person who has depth Yes. And I love his breath. Yes. Oh, okay. Interesting. And so even, you know, even now, when we talk about someone who's a llama that's used Yeah. Adam is someone who's a scholar in a particular field called nama a llama? Because he was a very broad

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coverage of expertise in his field. Maybe I don't know his his bio, too. Well, I know he is a poet. Yeah. But he was also like a philosopher. He was a scientist, he was like, I guess a lot of these things. Great. And so generally, in the Scottish tradition, now you'll find that a llama is someone who has like,

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a wide variety of

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subjects that he is a master in or she's a master in gotcha. So the most knowledgeable in breath and Li lm is the most knowledgeable depth. And Aleem is the one who knows and though lame is the one who knows. So we have an alley now a lot of agendas in a lot of knowledge.

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A lot knows the past knows everything that has happened yet past the law knows everything that will happen in the future. But there's also another aspect to his knowledge. And that is, he knows what didn't happen if it happened, how it would happen, alternate realities and the Doctor Strange scenario and the

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exactly all of your comic book scenarios, you know, what would have happened and the fact that he knows what could have happened, he knows what could have transpired, what didn't transpire what's going to transpire what has transpired and all the alternative, infinite possibilities and realities that exist, or could have existed. And if we tie that back to his name, Al Hakim, and that means out of his greatest wisdom, what manifested is the best reality? Exactly. Now, you're gonna have to play that back to understand what I just said. But he's right, which is all of the different scenarios that could multi vs exist people? I don't know about that. But the idea is, is that, I mean, if you

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just think about it, the way that I like to think about it, which is in a very simplistic way, which is every single day, you know, there are 1000s of choices that you make, if not millions. And if you if you don't make 1000 choices, you are affected by millions and millions and billions of choices all around you every single day. Yeah, you're affected by the weather, that person decides to check their phone or not as they are pulling up behind you. Right, which affects whether they're going to rear end you or not, you are affected by whether that person on the street decides to say hi to you have a sequence in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Have you seen it? No. There's a scene where

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he has a wife or girlfriend, whatever. But she gets into a car accident, but the way he's describing it is like if she left a little bit earlier, or if that driver had not had paid attention, it's like a sequence of so many different things that had that not happened, and then the accident would not have taken place. So my question is, knowing that a lot knows all of those scenarios, yeah, perfectly. How does that make you feel about where you're at right now?

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I mean, that's the kind of Well, I mean, I guess one should feel safe, I suppose. But then at the same time, where one is at its, you know, the paradoxical question is, is the, the situation in which we're in right now, is it a result of our own decisions and actions? Or is it a result of comedy because it's kind of like the idea that okay, you are going to be governed for the decisions that you make? Yes, right. But at the same time, they say that time is kind of like a river. This is where the theory of

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Time Travel kind of go. How about this? Okay, how do you feel about the fact that you are beloved Han born to the parents that you were born to born in the generation that you were born overall grateful? Okay.

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Grateful is good, also comfortable. Okay. And the reason why is because I want more, that's fine. That's fine. But recognizing that, you know, what, all of the things that have happened to me in my life, yeah, up until this point, that they were destined by the one who knew how every sort of outcome could have played out.

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There's a difference between looking back at your life. Yeah. And looking forward, okay. And a person when they look back at their life, they should feel that they understand that they are a person that they understand that this design is done by rallying, okay. That they don't feel sadness over what's transpired that they don't feel, you know, because there are two things that a person should avoid, and that's sadness and anxiety. Okay, sadness over the past and regret over the future. Yes. Regret avoiding regret, because of what we have is by the will of Allah will be it. It was also by the decisions that we made. Like we chose a particular career. Yep. Right. Granted,

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there might have been circuits that chose a particular path at some point in your life. Yeah, all of that. But that's passing. That's you move forward from that. So one idea that I have, we don't let it burden for you and anchor you and, you know, stop you from moving forward. But how do you reconcile that with the idea that okay, the mistakes you made? Right, the sins you committed? Okay. You ask a law for repentance, but you don't let us shackle you. Okay? So the some of our some of our even with our sins, we shouldn't be regretful, you shouldn't feel or sad. No, you shouldn't let them by regret. There's a difference between regret and remorse, not remorse, but a person shouldn't feel

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they shouldn't be hampered by it. Okay? It shouldn't be a deadweight, it shouldn't be a dead weight, it shouldn't be something that, you know, stops you from moving forward. Some of our great scholars in our tradition came from pretty bad backgrounds. Okay. You know, I've laid me out as a highway robber who knows what the same type of things that he did. He was literally a highway robber, he became a scholar, he became a scholar, he became one of the great worshipers and you know, asset acts of earliest not. And so he became someone who we take our religion from, okay, and yet he was a highway robber and all that. And, you know, he was actually on his way to do a lot of horrible

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stuff. When he repented. Yes. And so the idea is, is that you don't, you don't let it become a shackle for you, and that you don't let it you know, contaminate your your self worth, you know, and who you believe yourself to be, okay, you move forward from that the future ideas that whatever is possible for you in the future, and whatever you could achieve and the gifts that you could receive should are not itself necessarily governed by your emotions. And the example of that is Adam alayhis salam and his debate that he had with Musa Okay, the prophet SAW said and told us a story in my heart, and he said that where was this debate? Who knows where it was, okay. It was this on this

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robot altar and we're not okay. But the province of centum told us to add intubated muslin, by the way, this was a

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a exact question that one of the Hooda asked, I believe it was hold on little sheet. And they had asked themselves, you know, they heard that story. And they were like, Where did I them? You know, they got in touch with their inner blood, and they said, Where did I need to be? And then he kind of just stopped himself.

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Because he didn't need a monitor side of him to say to him just calm down.

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But he just thought, it's an authentic idea. Who cares where they debated?

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But the problem is, I'm looking too much into the blog. Yeah. So Adam and Moosa debated and Adam Moosa was kind of,

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you know, rebuking Adam, and he said, You ate from the tree and you took us out of Gen nine, you did this and knew this. And so Adam responded, and he said, Are you going to hold me accountable for something that a lot wrote 50,000 years before he created the heavens and the earth? And then the product competent? And he said, So Adam, debated Mussa Adam debated moose, or Adam won the argument either won the argument, because Adam was basically saying, Hey, man, it was written, you know, you're not gonna hold that over my head. It was written and it passed. And that's it. he repented. So can you Yeah, also so you know, you know, like Mako, Max himolla says,

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when he was talking about, he himself was talking about going to jail and all of that. Yeah, he's like, if people try to people try to tell me that you went to jail. Like, there ain't a * in America who hasn't gone to jail. You say you're, you're using the wrong stick. I don't feel that stick.

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You're using the wrong thing. You're trying to hit me with that. Like, I don't feel that stick. you own your I guess your own your alleged shortcoming. Yeah, you own it and you move on and you don't let it again, you don't let it burden you and hamper you from becoming a better version of yourself the next day and believing

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You can, nonetheless, with regards to the name, Aladdin, what is the major action item from this the major action item from an ID, among others, among many, but just one takeaway is to ask Allah for knowledge. Okay? Is there a specific there's a specific law I mean, it'll be in your

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local law Laura is in MA. Allah says in the call and say, My Lord, increase me and knowledge and so for you to say, Allah b z, the ni ilma. O Allah increase me in knowledge or a lot increase my knowledge. And to recognize that knowledge is a light that a lot casts into the heart of his believing slaves. He chooses whoever he wishes, it's not a matter of I need to do this particular program. And I need to study with this particular mentor, and I need to study like the idea of color, don't let school and get in the way of your education or exactly, but aqsiq education is acknowledged, you seek knowledge, but the first and the last that you seek knowledge from is

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actually a lot because no matter what institution you end up going to there's some people who ask the question, you know, where should I study Islam? Where should I study Islam? And they're spending years asking that question, where's the best place for me to study now, paralysis by analysis is the best place for you to study

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is to ask Allah so just to guide your heart and to ask a lot to grant new knowledge because it's not about making these are all secondary things primary action, where and who and what the primary action is to ask a lot to grant your knowledge because if he decides to open up your heart and grant you the ability to understand and gratitude the ability to grant you the commitment to seek it, then there is no door that will shut you out. And that is an idea Mashallah Thailand we end here and, and guys, if you're listening to this on a podcast and not watching us on YouTube, then

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we are in your mind.

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And if you ever see us in real life, please don't be shy. Say hi. So Mike nice

In this 38th episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – Alaleem / Alallaam / Alaalim


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