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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 29th episode he talks about the name of Allah – Alafouw

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The speakers discuss the use of the symbol " Easter" in culture, including the history of laws and deeds erasing, and the concept of purifying oneself for life through various actions like reciting a photo on the community or attending a day of judgment. They also touch on the concept of "Grader's Day" and its concept of forgiveness, including the importance of forgiveness of sin and deeds. The speakers emphasize the need for verifying actions and recounting them to achieve a "hasn't happen fast."

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Welcome to tagalong discussion on the 99 Names of Allah we have here with us our motto shoukry and yours truly without Han. We are covering. Allahu Allahu Allah for No. Which is different. I'm sure we covered over food All right, yes, we did we did a photo of food and, and love it. I love it. Yes. Okay, so the last the last song so you love We are now at our food. And our food is mentioned in the Koran five times. And I mean, okay, but wow. I mean. Wow. Got it? Yes.

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So allies are just as in LA Karna. Our full one has a full raw, okay, Allah is our full and over four. Okay, so how does it differentiate? And whenever you have these two, or you have something that's paired together like that, that indicates that there is a difference between them. Okay? They're not

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identical, right? There's a there's a difference. This is obviously the symbol for identical

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to do right.

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Alright, so you need a sock or something and turn it into a kid's puppet show. So, is the difference of if and or fraud. Afu means the removal of the trace of a sin. Okay.

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So the removal of any evidence, yes. Meaning it gets erased from your book. Okay. You're not going to be questioned about on the digital because it doesn't exist anymore. Gotcha. So we should call it the eraser.

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It's gone

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off on is to protect you from the harm of the sin. Okay. Still there. But you're not going to be harmed by it. Okay.

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I don't get it.

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Okay, helmet.

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Oh, so there's impact. Okay, but you're not gonna be here. Got it. Okay. You're as opposed to there not being any impact at all? Yeah, there's no, it doesn't exist. Okay. There's no car accident. There's nothing. Okay. Right. But so that's like another one of those alternate reality type things where car accident after boom, whatever, right. And then the guy wakes up. There's no car accident. Yes. If you guys understand what bilad said, we'll keep it moving.

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No problem. But yeah, that's the idea is that milk will fly. You're not known as the helmet. Yes. Okay. Well, Fran is you're okay. You're not going to be harmed by it still exists? It's still.

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Where's apple? is it's gone? Without a Trace, okay. Right. So, APU is, is beyond right, or fraud. So higher level analyzer then knows best. So

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how do we get our sins erased? You know, this question of Allah as a being an alpha. We've talked so much about these different aspects of a law being forgiven. We've talked about it before. We've talked about the web. These are all beautiful. How do we get sins erased? Like a person commits a sin? we're all sinners. What can we do? How our sins erase, they're erased in a number of ways. Four of them happen in the dunya sins get a race the first way. Okay, in the dunya is, it's the fall. Okay, you seek Allah's forgiveness. Love forgive since they go. The second is Toba. We talked about Toba when we talked about a toe up okay.

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When a person repents to Eliza, yet, Allah forgives. And in some cases, like we mentioned, sins can become transformed into good deeds. Okay. All of that is comes with the goodness of Toba. The third person has committed a sin, they want it to be gone during the deets. Okay, Allah says that's your General Accounting principle.

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What is that?

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So if you had a loss, right to make up for that loss, you need some profit.

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Yeah. Okay. That works. Yeah. And it has an attractiveness as the law says, Good Deeds erase bad deeds. And the story for the revelation of that verse is that a man came to the province of colitis and him having kissed a woman

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stressed out about it. The province of Allied said the woman wasn't his wife. Yeah, she wasn't his wife.

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Some brothers are stressed out when they do kiss their

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this woman wasn't his wife. That's why he was stressed out about it. He did. He came in he prayed with the profits of the light. I set it up. The money came to him to tell him the prophet SAW Sam said, Did you pray with us? And he said, Yes. Right. And so he told him that good deeds erase bad deeds and so the process of license them the message episode was this just for me this versus it just for me.

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And the profitsystem said no for my entire room. So we have this concept when you go to hedge

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Good Deed races every year since the province that I sent him said we will erases your sense the prayer one prayer to the next one Friday to the next, right? They all erase all of the minor sins that are in between them. Okay? So this concept is well grounded in the religion everywhere, okay? Then you have the fourth, which is calamities that strike you, you're purified for the pricking of a needle, you're purified for your sickness, your sadness, all of these things that happened to you, for your patient. That's why we say test, save and blah, blah, okay, seek the reward of it with a lie zone. Okay. And all of that is purification as well. Number three, doing good deeds in and of

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itself would be a form of this gear.

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In the sense that a purify so Yes, okay. Absolutely. Right. The more good deeds that you do, the more you're being purified for sure. And Allah as he mentioned, it's almost like purify yourself for a level purify youth losses take from their wealth, hoping I might even sell the pot take from their wealth, charity that will purify them, okay, right. That's why we call it zeca. Right? Because it's it purifies you so Zeki.

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So somebody named Zeki would that make him the one who's pure? Zeki? There's zacky Okay.

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Hold on one second. Let me think about that.

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It does.

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Zeki means the one who is pure.

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No, I believe it's zacky zakat. Yeah, I don't know. I have no idea.

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Because it also means intelligent. But I don't know if that's

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I don't know if that's modern, Standard Arabic or if that goes back to the so. Okay. I have no idea. Fair enough.

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But where was I? We were talking about number four, when a calamity strikes you you get purified? And I was asking? Well, so therefore you should purify yourself before someone pure. So before I love purifies, but the name is EQ is definitely related to purification. Okay, for sure. But what it means the one who has pure I have no idea. Okay. Law knows best. So, back to what you're saying. Though, you said the four things and dunya calamities, so then you have three after a person passes away. Okay.

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The first is the prayer of the believers. So the prayer of janazah.

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The second is the tournament of the genesis for the one who passed not for the one who's alive, or the one who's alive receives reward, but definitely it's for the person who got I thought it was just like, you know, making off for him. But the Jimnez is a photo on the community. Okay, it is an obligation on the community, it's an obligation on the community to take care of this person. Okay. Right. It's obligation on them to bury in them and to fulfill their last rites. Got it.

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Then you have the The second is

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what what? So then the second is the torment of the grave itself. That was that, that's purification, okay.

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Some have said, you know, the throes of death. They've categorized that as after, but I would believe that that's part of your calamities in your life. So when they say last calamity that you experienced, so when they say to recite?

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Was it so to such? And such was the second one.

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There's too soon as it protects you from the calamity to the grave?

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I don't know of I know sort of Tabarak. Yes. Yes. I'm said that it

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interceded on behalf of it's the person who was reciting it. Okay. So we're still subotica soltamox. Same, right? Yes. Okay.

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Then you have the third. I just realized it's 38th. Right? Yes, I did.

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And I a day You got it. You want to read it daily? No, I'm just saying to memorize. Okay. Yeah. And 30 days you complete it. Then you have the third which is

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the righteous child, okay. The righteous child praying for you. This is specifically to a child or it could be somebody else. It could be somebody else. It could be that just the the general. So why is it specific to child, the province of the license editor then Heidi, okay, but it's known that it's not just restricted to the child, okay. Then you have the four in the on the day of judgment or the Day of Judgment. So we so janaza determine the grave and watch yourself. That's it. That's Yeah. Okay. Then you have three on the Day of Judgment. The first is the tears of the Day of Judgment. Okay. That in and of itself is verification for a person they see the sun falling in the oceans of

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Blaze and people walking like they're drunken but they're not drunken, the punishment of your Lord is severe. And again, to just bring these things close, like if you hear a sound in the middle of the night, in your room, you're totally disoriented, you're disoriented. You just won't realize way of saying scared.

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People are scared. Okay, you hear sounds and you hear you don't you don't know like

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Is it outside my door? Or is it in the attic? Like, where's this coming from? Is it right? Do you get scared? So when you are disoriented, coming out of the grave, and it's just all of this imagery, all of this, and it's real, it's happening. Yeah.

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That's terrifying, right? It's the greatest tear and so on the day of judgment that will be purification for you. And then, beyond that is the intercession of all those who intercede, okay? prophets will intercede. The martyrs will intercede. The memorizes or the hold on will intercede. The believers will intercede on behalf of each other, the angels will intercede on behalf of the believers. So all of all of these intersections will take place. And that's also purification of the sin. So there are people who will be interceding on behalf of the intercessors.

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What do you mean? Yes, people intercede on behalf of each other? Okay, for sure. Then you have the third and the greatest of the forgiveness of sins is the half of a law. Okay, forgiveness of law.

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For law, allow us say the prophets have interceded and the angels have interceded, right, and then allies are gentle people and erase their sense. If a person goes through all of these methods of purification and has all of these and gets through all of these stages, and they still have since that person will be purified in the Hellfire for a period of time.

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But people will be purified before they can enter into paradise. And that's why the angels will say to the people of Paradise, we'll see if Allah Deena taco Obama's agenda tomorrow hotter Elijah who have had a Baba the angels will welcome them saying that I'm an IRA come clip to you've been purified. Okay. You become please, right click off to foolhardy to enter into paradise in eternal residence. But this purification process has to happen. Well now, okay. How many of these things these 11 things that you mentioned are under your control?

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The use of all of them? Well, it's the heart over the good deeds and well, not the calamity work. Exactly. Well, you can see calamity. You can what you can seek calamity. Yeah, that's not a bad idea. But that kind of falls into the good deed area, like the white helmet, folks.

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These are all of a sudden you're talking about Star troopers to me, White Helmets. What are you talking about? These are? Like, these are refugee type.

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conflict zone. Volunteer helpers. Okay. They were white helmets. They're not? That's what they're known as now to show that they're volunteers. Yeah, I suppose. I mean, it'd be kind of become that brand. But they basically even then they're not seeking out calamity. No, none of them is looking to get shot. Right. Exactly. They're doing good deeds. Yeah, they're in varying risk. But it's no different. I mean, it's at a higher level, but it's no different than what we do putting their own lives on the line to help other people but it's not like they're seeking to get hurt yet along the way. So it's really the first three okay. When you commit a sin, what you have under your control is

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seeking forgiveness towba and doing the deeds. So every single one of us should hold on to these with vigor.

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Gotcha. So when you say Africa janaza the phenomena the gay the righteous child, what about the whole Hadith about the one who built the masjid or whatever? Good deeds? That's what that falls under. Okay.

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Well, I didn't understand what you're saying. Well, they say the things that count for you after you have died. Yes, right. The province of the lot is and then he said South Dakota and giardia, continuous charity, but we're talking about we're not talking about reward. We're talking about the forgiveness of sins, but it doesn't reward add to the removal of then you're going back to good deeds race. Okay, got it. Okay. Fair enough. Okay, so we end here in Charlotte data with enough hope metalizer just forgive us, although simple behind us and how much it assignments into sympathy.